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How The Force Should Have Awaken.

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Luke was waiting for his sister and brother-in-law to come and visit. CP3O and R2-D2 was with him. He gave out a message that he need to see them in person. He smiled when he saw a blue spaceship come toward the planet. He knew that Leia and Han were inside the ship. Chewie was piloting the ship. The ship landed near him. A latch came down and he saw Han and Leia came down it. Lando was also came out of it. They walked to Luke. The 3 stopped near him.

"It's good to see all 3 of you again. I didn't expect to see Lando with you," said Luke. He was telling them the truth when he said that.

"I was with Han and Leia when we got the message to meet you. I decided to go with them," defended Lando.

"Lando was meeting with us when we got the message," explained Han. Luke remembered that Han and Lando are partners in a cargo moving business.

"What is important that you need to meet us in person?" asked Leia. It was like Leia to get to business as soon as possible. It serve her well when she was the first leader of the Reborn Republic.

"I got a force vision of someone who could tip the scale between the Jedi and the Ren Knights. I don't know what he or she looked like, but our side need to find him or her before the Ren Knights does," warned Luke. To be continued.

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"How are we going to find him or her?" asked Han. Luke doesn't blame Han for asking that question. He doesn't know that Luke has already send one of his best student to get her or him.

"I'm sending one of my best students to Jaku to get her or him before Snoke could send his student or one of his knights to get her or him," answered Luke. Leia could sense who Luke has send to get this person.

"Is that person, Janya, my daughter?" asked Leia. While her head told her that Janya can take care of herself, it doesn't stop her heart from worrying about her.

"Yes, it is, Leia. She is one of my best students. She has proven herself time and time again. She isn't alone in this mission. Poe is with her," answered Luke.

"Don't worry, Leia. Poe and Janya are two of the best pilots in the galaxy. I was the one who taught them to fly," said Han.

"I know that, you big lug. I also remember that you also taught Jance to fly as well, and he has joined the Ren Knights. He is as good as Janya and Poe," reminded Leia. To be continued.

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The bad news is that Snoke has found out about the person who could tip the scales between the Jedi and the Ren Knights. He has send his student, Jance Solo, who now goes by the name of Darth Cadius to Jaku to find this person. He drove a black painted Tie fighter spaceship toward that planet. This was the planet where the Reborn Republic forces fought and defeated the weaken Empire forces. What was left, which wasn't much, fled to the Unknown Reaches where they woken him from a very long sleep. It was easy for him to take over what was left. It took him many years to rebuilt it as the First Order.

"Darth Cadius is on his way to find the mysterious force tapper," reported Hux. Snoke turned to look at him.

"We should follow him. He heading toward Jaku, where I send him. I sensed that person to be there. We need to get there. We'll need both our storm troopers and Ren Knights. I sensed that the Jedi is sending their best knights there," said Snoke.

"I will do as you ordered," said Hux. Then, he walked away to do what Snoke wanted. Soon, Snoke was alone with his own dark thoughts. To be continued.

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Inside their white painted spaceship, Poe and Janya was trying to lose the black Tie Fighter shooting laser at their ship. The spaceship moved out of the way of the many lasers tht was trying to hit it.

"How are we going to lose it?" asked Poe. Janya didn't blame him for asking it. The black Tie Fighter was piloted by someone who knew how to pilot a ship.

"I'm going to try a trick that gotten me out of a close call many times," said Jayna. She used the Force to try to cloud the mind of the pilot of the Tie Fighter. She discover that it's the mind of her brother.

"I have bad news, Poe. My brother is the one piloting the Tie Fighter. He know how to block a mind cloud," said Janya.

"I have a bad feeling about this," said Poe. Poe knew how a good pilot that Jance Solo could be. He also know that he very good at tapping the force.

"We're going to get to Jaku, Poe," promised Janya. She pulled a lever causing it to go into hyper space. Darth Cadius was getting angry. He has been tricked by his sister, again. Then, he remember where his sister was heading. So, he pulled a button on his ship causing it to go into hyper space as well. When he got out, he saw that he was near the planet Jaku. He sensed the unknown Force tapper. He could sense that he or she are on the planet. So he head toward the planet, hoping that he beat his sister to the planet. To be continued.

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What Jance aka Darth Cadius doesn't know is that Poe and Janya has already beat him to Jaku. They were looking for the mysterious Force tapper.

"How can we know when we find this force tapper?" asked Poe. Janya smiled when she heard the worry in Poe's voice. In many way, Poe remind her of her father.

"When we near him or her, the Force will tell me. We must find him or her first," answered Janya. After answering Poe, she opened herself to the Force. Then, she sensed this person.

"She's in this town," said Janya. She took Poe by the hand and led him to a market place. When they got there, they saw a brown haired girl fighting 3 alien looking males. They looked stronger than her. She was giving as good as she was being hit.

"We got to rescue her," said Poe. He was about to go to her aid, when Janya blocked him. He saw the brown haired female was holding a rod with her right hand.

"We have to give her a chance to defeat her foes. If she seem to lose the fight, than that will be the time when we goes to her aid," said Janya. Poe has to admit that Janya has a point. Then, a wind caused the 3 alien attackers to separate from her. Then, she ran away from where she was fighting. Janya and Poe followed her until she stopped and faced them. She has both of her hand on her rod. They could see that it was made of steel.

"Why are you following me? If you come to attack me, I should warn you that I know how to fight," said the brown haired female. To be continued.

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"Please be calm. I mean you no harm. My name Janya Solo and the guy with me is Poe Dameron," said Janya. The girl wondered if this new female could be trusted. She decided to see if she could trust this new woman.

"My name is Rey. I don't know my family name since my parents left me here. I'm waiting for them to come back," said Rey. Janya didn't know if she should feel sorry for Rey.

"I hate to say it, but they might be dead. How long have you been here?" asked Janya. She was trying to learn more about this woman.

"I have been on this planet for many years. I have been living in a crashed spaceship. Do you want to see it?" asked Rey.

"I would like to see where you live. I have an offer for you. I hope that you'll take it," said Janya. Poe was wondering if Janya was using her Jedi mind trick to calm this woman down.

"Then, come with me," said Rey. Then, she walked away, with Janya and Poe following her. The 3 of them walked a little while until they got to a crashed spaceship that has been there for years. Janya felt that she has seen pictures of this ship before. She doesn't know how right she is. To be continued.

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Rey show her 2 guests the inside of her home inside the crashed spaceship. They were amazed over how she was able to make a home out of it.

"I'm surprised that you were able to turn this into a home," said Janya. Rey beamed when she heard it. It made her feel good.

"My teacher was the one who taught me how to make it my home. It was a gift from him, before he has died," said Rey. She was proud over how her teacher taught her how to survive in this world.

"Who was this teacher? Is he the one who taught you to fight?" asked Janya. Rey looked down to the floor of the ship. It was a sad memory for her.

"We didn't mean to hurt you. We want to know more about you," said Poe. Rey looked at him. Then, she noticed that Janya looked up. There was a panic look in her eyes. Then, Janya turned to look at Rey. Rey felt that she won't like what this woman will say to her. She was right.

"I'm afraid that we may have brought danger to your world. I can sense that Snoke is nearby and heading toward this planet. I think that he's after you, even if he doesn't know who he or she is. We need to get you off this world," said Janya. There was a worried tone to her voice. Rey may not know it, but her life is about to change. To be continued.

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Janya was preparing to get Rey to her and Poe's ship, when she sensed her brother on his way. She turned to Poe.

"My brother is close by. We need to get out of here," said Janya. Rey looked at the both of them. She was puzzled and wanted answers.

"Who is your brother? Why are you worried?" asked Rey. She saw the scared look in their eyes. Janya took out her lightsaber. She pressed a button, and a green beam out out of it. Then, she walked toward the door.

Her brother is Jance Solo. He also goes by the title of Darth Cadius. He and his followers has already killed many people. It didn't help that he sided with a group known as the First Order. They are a group that want to bring back the destroyed Empire," answered Poe.

"Can your friend handle him?" asked Rey. Poe walked closer to the door. He saw Janya walked out and closed the door.

"The two fought before. It always end in a stalemate," answered Poe. Hearing the answer didn't make Rey feel any good. To be continued.

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Janya was outside of the crashed ship. She saw her twin brother Jance walked toward her. She has her green lightsaber out. Jance took out his lightsaber, and pressed a button. A red beam came out.

"You can't defeat me, Janya. Give me the Force tapper and I might let you live," said Jance. She could see that Jance has took off his helmet. That was smart of him to do that.

"You know that I can't do that," said Janya. She decided to let her brother give the first blow.

"Then, we fight," said Jance. He ran toward his sister. He swing his red lightsaber. Janya blocked his red beam. Their sabers separated, and went toward each other. Their beam struck each other again. They kept doing that. It gave Poe enough time to get Rey out of her home. He held her right hand.

"I don't need a man to hold my hand," said Rey. Poe let go of it. He saw the two siblings fighting each others. He knew that he must get Rey to his and Janya's ship.

"We can't stay here. Jance is a skilled fighter. You can't defeat him on your own," argued Poe. Rey saw the fight and sensed that Poe might be right. She turned to Poe.

"You made your point. Let's get out of here. I will follow you since you know where to to go," agreed Rey. Poe smiled when he heard that.

"Come with me," offered Poe. So Rey followed Poe to where his and Janya's space ship was waiting. To be continued.

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Poe and Rey got to the ship that he and Janya were using. When they got there, there were 3 storm troopers and 3 Ren Knights waiting for them. The 3 storm troopers wore white armor, while the Ren Knight wore black armor that look lighter than the armor of the storm troopers.

"Surrender the girl and we might let you live," said the lead storm trooper. Poe was wishing that Janya was here with him and Rey.

"There is not going to happen," said Poe, as he reveal a blaster from his pocket. He aimed it at the 6 people trying to stop him and Rey from entering the ship. A blue beam came out of it, and struck at the lead storm trooper. He would have fallen to the ground, if it wasn't for his armor. The other storm troopers took out their blasters and aim at Poe. Poe has to be a moving target to keep the blue beams from hitting him . Rey wisely hid behind the ship. She wished that she was armed. The Ren Knights took out their light sabers and pressed a button. A red beam came out of their light sabers. They ran around the ship to face the frighten Rey.

"Surrender to us and no one will get hurt," said the lead Ren Knight. Rey didn't believe him one bit. She back away from the Ren Knight. They tried to get closer. Then, a sand storm appeared and hit Rey from them. the sand would have gotten into their eyes if their helmets hasn't shield them from it.

Meanwhile, the sand storm began to reach Poe and the storm troopers trying to target him. They were almost blinded by the storm. Poe took his chance to get into the ship. Rey followed him afterward. Then, they sat down and put their seat belt on. Poe closed the door and send the ship into the air. The sand storm somehow didn't get into the ship. Soon, they were flying toward where they left Janya. To be continued.

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Poe was drving his spaceship, as BB8 roll into the bridge . He gave out a beep. Rey turned to look at the droid.

"What is it, BB8?" asked Poe, who kept looking though the window. BB8 beep again. It caused Poe to wonder why he didn't take 3-PO with him. 3-PO could have told Poe what BB8 was saying.

"I think that your droid wanted to alert you to something," said Rey. Then, she sensed a dark mind coming toward them. She looked though the window to see a very large ship come toward them.

"I think that we're in trouble," said Rey. Poe looked at the large ship come toward them and has to agree with her. He send his ship down toward the ground. BB8 beeped in panic mode. Rey felt that she has to panic too. Then, when the ship was close to the ground, he lifted the ship up into the sky. The large ship was now far away.

"What have you done? Can you teach me how to fly like you do?" asked Rey. Poe smiled when he has heard that. He knew that he has impress her.

"Let's get back to your home and hope that Janya has defeated or stalemated her brother," said Poe. To be continued.

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Inside a large spaceship orbiting Jaku, Snoke wasn't happy. He couldn't believe that the commander of that ship was stupid to bring his or her ship into the sky of the planet. That person's stupidity allow the ship with the force tapper to escape, since it could move in ways that the larger ship couldn't. In his anger, he used the Force to destroy the larger ship in the sky. He turned to General Hux.

"Tell my student to get back to the mothership. We need to get out of here," ordered Snoke. Hux looked very worried.

"What about the force user?" asked Hux. Seeing his boss this angry frighten him. It made Snoke happy to sense that fear.

"We have to get far away from this planet before the Republic Army get here. We can't used the Starkiller Base since it's not here," explained Snoke. Hux knew that Snoke have a point. He didn't like it, but he turn the radio on to contact Darth Cadius.

Darth Cadius wasn't getting any headway against his sister. They kept sparring until Cadius heard a beep. He sensed that it wasn't good news. He discovered he was right when he heard Hux's voice from his speaker

"Snoke want you back on the mothership. He believe that a Republic spaceship is on its way," said the voice of Hux. Cadius knew that he can't keep fighting his sister. So, he used the Force to cause the ground between them to exploded. It blinded Janya for a while. When her eyes recovered, Her brother was gone. Janya knew that it was another stalemate. Then, she saw her and Poe's spaceship come toward her. She waited until it landed near her. She wondered what she is going to tell Poe. To be continued.

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Darth Cadius was not happy as he drove his ship toward Snoke's capital ship. He saw the other ships head toward the capital ship. Snoke must have recalled them as well. He wasn't looking forward to tell his teacher about his failures.

Later inside the bridge of the capital ship, Snoke was listening to all the people he has send to Jaku. He wanted to punish them, but he knew that it would be a waste of time. When they has finished with their report, Snoke opened his mouth.

"It's a pity that the Jedi has send their agents to get the force tapper. It seem that they has beaten us to this force tapper. We are in no shape to confront them, this time. We will have to retreat for now," said Snoke. Then, a First Order officer, a black haired male, found something coming toward them.

"There is a ship coming toward us. Should I contact it?" asked the officer. It didn't hurt to ask for their leader's permission. Then, Darth Cadius sensed who was on that ship. He turned to Snoke.Snoke saw that his student looked worried.

"What is it?" asked Snoke. He has this feeling that he may not like the answer, but he needed to know.

"My father and my uncle is on this ship. They are planning to ram their ship against us," answered Darth Cadius. Snoke knew that he's in trouble. How will Snoke save himself? To be continued.

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Snoke was in panic mode. He has heard a lot about Luke Skywalker since he has woke up from his centuries long slummer. Then, an idea came to his mind.

"We need to get out of here. I will give great honor to the commander who keep the enemy's ship from crashing into this one," said Snoke.

"Send this ship to the outlander space. The other ships will join us when they stopped the enemy," said Hux. The officers pressed a button to send the capital ship into hyperspace. The other ships tried to destroy the enemy's ship. Two of them have gotten blasted into pieces, before a third ship crashed into the enemy's ship. It destroyed both ships Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are now dead. Then, the remaining ship flee into hyperspace. They knew that the battle was over.

"My father and uncle are now dead," said Janya, as she felt a headache. Both Rey and Poe ran over to her. They were worried about her. Janya recovered after the headache was over. Then, a tear came down from her right eye.

"Are you all right, Janya?" asked Poe. Her tears dried up. She tried to seem strong, although her heart was breaking.

"I'll be all right when we leave this planet behind," answered Janya.

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"I need to stay here. I'm waiting for my parents to come back. They left me here many years ago. They promised me that they will come back for me," said Rey.

"How long ago it was when you last saw your parents?" asked Janya. She needed to get Rey off this planet as soon as possible.

"I was a little girl when they left me on this planet. I haven't seen them since," answered Rey. Janya get the sense that they might not be coming back.

"I'm afraid that your parents are now dead. They might been killed before they could return for you. If they are still alive, it's best to leave this planet and search for them. If you come with me and Poe, I promise to find out if they are dead or alive," said Janya.

"I'm afraid that Janya might be right. If you come with us to learn how to handle your powers, I'll search for any signs of your parents," promised Poe.

"The Ren Knights and their allies know about you. They won't leave you alone. You would need to learn how to control your powers. You won't be safe from them until you do," argued Janya. Rey has to admit that Janya has a point. She has to accept that her life will never be the same. Can she do that? To be continued.

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Rey walked into the crashed spaceship that has been her home for many years. Janya followed her inside. The two women looked around.

"This has been my home for many years. My teacher used to live here before he died and passed it to me," said Rey.

"I know it's not easy to leave a home, but you can't stay here. You need to learn how to control your powers. The Ren Knights won't give up until they get you to join them," said Janya. Then, Janya felt something about this ship. Then, she saw the ghost of her father. How could that be? He was smiling. It seem that his spirit belong there.

"Is something wrong?" asked Rey. Janya didn't know how to answer her.

"Does this ship have a name?" asked janya, turning her head toward Rey.

"I don't know it full name, but my teacher used to call it the Falcon," answered Rey. Could this be her father's old ship? She knew that it crashed on Jaku.

"I thought that you want to leave this planet. If I can't stay here, I like to get to my new home as soon as possible," said Rey.

"You're right about that," admitted Janya. So the two women left the Falcon, join Poe outside, and entered the spaceship that gotten Poe and Janya to this planet, Then, the spaceship lifted off and left the planet. To be continued.

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Inside a room inside the First Order Capital Ship, Snoke was mopping. He knew that his people has failed in getting this new force tapper. He should have known that the Jedi would have gone after her as well. The Jedi may have won, this time, but he knew that this girl could be tempted into the dark side someday in the future. For now, he is going to focused on defeating or destroying the outlanders. When the outlanders are defeated or destroyed, the Reborn Republic will be next.

Rey was quiet as the Jedi spaceship head toward the headquarter of the Jedi. Neither Janya nor Poe was speaking. They were busy with flying the spaceship toward the planet where the Jedi are headquartered.

"We're almost there," said Poe, as the spaceship got close to the planet of the Jedi home base. Rey looked out the window to look at the planet.

"So, this planet will be my new home," said Rey. Janya smiled when she heard that. Rey is beginning to accept that her life will never be the same.

"My uncle may be dead now, but there are people who can teach you how to be a Jedi Knight. It will be long and you might get tested, but if you're successful. you might be the one to tip the scale between the Jedi and Ren Knights.

"I hope that you're right. I don't want to end up tipping the scale with the Ren Knight on top," said Rey. Janya felt that Rey was worried. She doesn't blame her. Janya knew that the Ren Knights will try to tip Rey toward the dark side. She pray that they will fail to do so. That battle for her soul will happen years in the future. She hoped that Rey will be strong enough in the force to resist going to the dark side. That is all she could do, for now. So, Janya did just that. The end, for now.