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How The Force Should Have Awaken.

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Luke was waiting for his sister and brother-in-law to come and visit. CP3O and R2-D2 was with him. He gave out a message that he need to see them in person. He smiled when he saw a blue spaceship come toward the planet. He knew that Leia and Han were inside the ship. Chewie was piloting the ship. The ship landed near him. A latch came down and he saw Han and Leia came down it. Lando was also came out of it. They walked to Luke. The 3 stopped near him.

"It's good to see all 3 of you again. I didn't expect to see Lando with you," said Luke. He was telling them the truth when he said that.

"I was with Han and Leia when we got the message to meet you. I decided to go with them," defended Lando.

"Lando was meeting with us when we got the message," explained Han. Luke remembered that Han and Lando are partners in a cargo moving business.

"What is important that you need to meet us in person?" asked Leia. It was like Leia to get to business as soon as possible. It serve her well when she was the first leader of the Reborn Republic.

"I got a force vision of someone who could tip the scale between the Jedi and the Ren Knights. I don't know what he or she looked like, but our side need to find him or her before the Ren Knights does," warned Luke. To be continued.