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The Talk About Spock's Siblings

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Spock walked toward sickbay. He looked inside to see if Leonard McCoy was in. When he saw him, he walked inside. McCoy heard him come in and turned around.

"Is there anything that I can do for you? You don't look sick," asked Doctor McCoy. He smiled when he saw Spock.

"I need to talk about my brother. As you know, there was no record of him. It was believed that he was killed some time after he left Vulcan," reported Spock.

"I read what happen to your adapted sister. She died saving the Federation from its enemies. In spite of some of her mistakes, she did died as a hero to the Federation," reminded McCoy.

"I believe that it was my fault that he rejected logic. He saw how I was having trouble keeping my emotions in check," confessed Spock.

"It isn't your fault that he rejected logic. I believe that there was something wrong with him, before he saw your trouble with logic. He can't help being what he is," said McCoy. Spock gave some thoughts about what McCoy has said. There was logic in what he said.

"Thank you for your time. You gave me something to think about," said Spock. Then, he walked away, leaving Doctor McCoy with a wide smile on his face. The end, for now.