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After Skull Island Sank

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Skull Island has snuck into the sea. Carl Denham couldn't believe it. most of the people on the island has drowned. He and his friends would have drowned also, if they didn't get picked up by a nearby ship. Hilda walked toward him. She stopped near him.

"Did you think that Baby Kong has saved us? We would have drowned if he hasn't gave up his life to save us," said Hilda. Hilda may be a sweet girl, but she must have a big imagination to believe a giant ape is as smart as a human.

"He's just an animal. He's not as smart as a human," answered Carl. It's what he believed. He didn't want to think that another is as smart as a human. It would mean that there were have to be changes, if there are creatures as smart or smarter than human. He looked down at the sea. hilda noticed that he was sad.

"Is there something wrong?" asked Hilda. Carl lifted his face to look at her. He didn't have any idea of what he should say to her.

I guess that I'm doing a lot of thinking. I have no idea on how to put it down in words that you can understand. They frighten me, and I don't know how to say it in words that you would understand," explained Carl. Hilda looked at him. She wished that she knew the words to get him to talk. So, she stayed quiet, put her right hand on his right arm, and stand with him, on their way back to New York. The end, for now.