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Discussion About Superman

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Bruce Wayne looked over the men and women that he has gathered to speak about this new Superman. He knew these people for many years. He trusted some of them with his secret life as Batman.

"We need to talk about this new Superman and the damages that he has caused in Metropolis. Is he on our side, or is he an enemy that must be defeated?" asked Bruce.

"We know little about him. We have no idea if he's a friend or foe," said Lucas Fox, a middle aged brown skinned male.

"There has been rumors about a superhuman who has been working in secret. Many people call this superhuman, The Blur, because he too fast, no one get a good look at this person," said Dick Greyson. Bruce smiled as he heard Dick talk. Dick Greyson has serve him as his first Robin before he took on the code name of Nightwing.

"Wasn't there a superhero who took on the code name of Superman back in the 1970s?" asked Barbara Gordon, a red haired female who once took the code name of Batgirl before the Joker gone to cripple her. To be continued.