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The Holy Week Visit

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It was a sunny day. It was the Monday of Holy Week, and most of the kids were at home with their parent. The Flying Nun was walking around the ground, noticing how quiet it was without the sounds of children running and playing. The Mother Superior walked toward the nun. She stopped near her.

"It's a good day, today. Most of our students are with their parents. Many of our sisters are going to visit their families. What are you planning for this week, sister?" asked the Mother Superior.

"I have no idea. My parents has been dead for years. I haven't heard from the rest of my family for years," answered the Flying Nun.

"How about spending time with Carlos? I know that you have been spending time with him. He might see you as a pest, but if he get in trouble, he knows that he can count on you to get him out of it," suggested the Mother Superior.

"It might be a good idea. He one of the few people who knows my secret," said the Flying Nun. she felt the winds blowing toward the town where most of the students live. She allowed it to pick her up, and flew in the direction that it allow her to do. The Mother Superior wish her luck. Knowing Carlos, she'll need it. To be continued.

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Soon, she reached the yard of her friend. She wondered if he'll be at his home. The wind was dying down as she landed softly on the ground. Even to this day, she couldn't explain how she could guide though the wind. She walked toward the door. She rang the bell, hoping that he will answer it. The door opened and she got a shock. The person who answered the door was a dark hair female with red skin. She smiled, when she saw the Flying Nun.

"Please, come in, Sister. Carlos warned me that you might come in, while he was out. He's visiting his relatives in the mainland, and thought you might be coming," said the Indian maiden. She decided to walk inside.

"Who are you? Carlos never mention you to me," wondered the Flying Nun, as she closed the door. She wondered if she could trust this strange woman.

"My name is Walking Sense. Carlos hired me to look after his house, while he was away. You could stay as long as you want while I'm here," offered Walking Sense.

"Why are you named Walking Sense?" asked the Flying Nun, wondering if she could be trusted. Then, Walking Sense offered her right hand in friendship.

"You will have to ask my parents that, although I believe that they have a warped sense of humor," answered Walking Sense. Then, the Flying Nun took that hand and shake it. She doesn't know it, but it will be an interesting week. To be continued.

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It was the Tuesday of Holy Week. Walking Sense and the Flying Nun were walking though town. People were opening their shops as they were getting ready for the Easter holiday. Since the Flying Nun was wearing civilian clothes, no one there thought she was a nun.

"Have you seen this before? The people in this town are getting ready for Easter," said Walking Sense. The Flying Nun has to agree with her although she seen this before.

"I been here for years. This is nothing new to me," said the Flying Nun. She have this feeling that this was the first time Walking Sense has been to town during the Easter season.

"I've never been here before. I wouldn't be here if Carlos didn't hire me to watch over his house," said Walking Sense.

"Where have you met Carlos? He never mention your name to me," wondered the Flying Nun. Walking Sense began to look worried.

"Is there something wrong?" asked the Flying Nun. To be continued.

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"I was thinking about how I met Carlos. I was in depression when I first met him. I lost someone close to me at the time, and Carlos felt sorry for me. I did something that I'm not proud of. It was a good thing that he has a condom on when I did him, or I'll be carrying his future child, right now. I think he hired me in the hope that I will meet you, sister," explained Walking Sense. The Flying Nun got this feeling that this Indian maiden felt guilt over what she did to Carlos. She wished that she could help Walking Sense get over the guilt.

"This is the Easter season. I was taught that it's the time for forgiveness and second chances. I'm here to listen and give you any advice that you might need," offered the Flying Nun.

"I do need to confess to someone about what I have done. I didn't mean to do it, but I couldn't help myself at the time. Carlos offered himself to me and I took it," explained Walking Sense. Hearing that made her think. Did Carlos took advantage of a woman who was feeling depressed to have sex with her? Is that why he offered himself to her? Did he felt sorry that he did it after the act? It might explained why he hired this woman to housesit his home while he was away. He was hoping that she would come and help this woman. She hoped that she could. To be continued.

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Soon, it was Good Friday. She hoped that going to the foot washing, the day before, help Walking Sense to forgive herself over what she did to Carlos. Both women attended the Good Friday mass around 3 PM. When it was done, they walked out of the church. Walking Sense was very thoughtful.

"A penny for your thought," said the Flying Nun. Like Walking Sense, she wore civilian clothes. The wind was blowing. Without her nun uniform, she was unable to fly.

"I was thinking about the price that Christ paid, to clear us of our sins. I'm not so sure that I could do the same," answered Walking Sense.

"Not many people could. I doubt that I could give up my life as well. It took him much bravery to allow himself to be nailed to the cross. At least, he came back to life on Easter Sunday. I believe that he's the only one to do that, so far. Legends said that he will return to bring people back to life someday in the future," said the Flying Nun.

"Do you believe that he will come back to bring people back from the dead?" asked Walking Sense. To be continued.

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At that moment, the Flying Nun was trying to put in words, what she believe about Jesus Christ. She always believe that her ability to fly was a gift from God. She is always grateful that God gave her that gift, even if she have to keep it a secret from most people. The Mother Superior and her fellow sisters knew about it, but they agreed that the rest of the world isn't ready to know the truth about her.

"I know the promise that Christ made to his men when he left Earth, ages ago. While I have no idea if I'll still be alive when he come back, that promise gave me and other Christians hope that he'll keep it. On that day, I will be giving a new body that will never die. It's all that I can do," said the Flying Nun.

"I wish that I have your faith, sister. I don't know if he'll forgive me of what I did," said Walking Sense.

"I know that if you ask Him with a open heart to forgive you, He might give it. You need to have faith," said the Flying Nun. Walking Sense looked up to the sky.

"Please, God. Forgive me for what I did at a moment of weakness," prayed Walking Sense. The Flying Nun hope that it will be enough. To be continued.

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For the next day, the 2 women was getting Carlos's house ready for Easter. They clean the house and cooked the Easter dinner in the small hope that Carlos might want to spend Easter with them. Then Easter came and the 2 women help themselves to the food that they cooked, the day before. They waited for Carlos to come until their stomach told them that they need to eat. After finishing dinner and washing the dishes, they help themselves to the cake they has baked for the day. They save a piece for Carlos, and saw the sun was setting.

"Are you going to stay here or going back to where you live and work?" asked Walking Sense. The Flying Nun looked up to the darkening sky and realized that flying back to her home might not be a good idea.

"I may have to stay for the night. It seem to me that going back now doesn't seem to be a good idea," answered the Flying Nun.

"I'm glad that you came here, sister. Talking to you have help me a lot," said Walking Sense. She put her right hand on the right shoulder of the Flying Nun. It was at that moment, that the Flying Nun knew that Walking Sense will be alright. She gave a quiet thanks to Jesus Christ and God that she could help Walking Sense with her problem. That's all that matter to the Flying Nun. So, on the next day, after she left Walking Sense at Carol's place, she return to where she lived and work though the winds that allow her to fly. The end, for now.