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The 10 Years Later Mystery

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It was 10 years before, as Mister Nearby was about to get his house ready for his Halloween party. He was inviting the elite of Los Angeles society to his party. His household butlers and maids was working to get it ready for the guest. Angela, a red haired female who was one of the maids, was tidying the room, when she came to what she thought was a mirror. She never saw this mirror before. She walked to the mirror, and stopped near it. She looked at her refection. She was shocked to see a brown masked figure appeared in the mirror. It was a greater shock when the brown masked figure grabbed her, and pull her into the mirror. Then, the both of them disappeared into the mirror, leaving the room clean and empty.

"Let's see what you looked like without any clothes on," said the brown masked figure. He sounded like a male, as he removed Angela's clothes. They were in a dark room, as he dragged her naked body on the floor. Soon, they reached a barrel of beer. He put her naked body into the barrel. Then, he nailed it shut. Angela was trapped inside and would have drown inside the beer, if she didn't notice the pocket of air in the barrel. She put her nose and mouth in the pocket, as she noticed that the barrel was moving. She couldn't see where it was going. The coldness of the night went thought the barrel. Her body was become cold. Then, it stopped moving.

"There is your new plaything. She's is this barrel full of beer," said a male voice. The lid was being opened. She couldn't see the person opening it. She was shocked when two hands reach into the barrel and lifted up her body.

"Let's see what you can do, my new playmate," said the voice of the person who lifted her up. She looked into the eyes of an elderly female. On that day, Angela became the sexual pet of a rich elderly female. To be continued.