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Monthly Second Week Celebrations

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December- Stargate SG-1
Monthly Second Week Celebrations
Holiday: National Write a Friend Week

Warnings: Another yearly celebrations series.
Genre: Gen
Characters: Daniel Jackson.
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 460
Summary: Daniel Jackson writes a letter to an old friend in Cascade Washington. His name is Blair Sandburg. *Grin* (This isn't a crossover, just a letter to him.)

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When Daniel saw it was National Write a Friend Week, he knew he had to write to Blair Sandburg. They hadn't talked in years. It had probably been about 6 years since he had written to him. But, after he read about Blair and what he did about his dissertation, he decided it was time to write and set the record straight.

Daniel had some down time and knew he could concentrate for more than five minutes, so this was going to be a short but good letter. No, he decided it was going to be a great letter.

He pulled out his nice stationary and started to write.

Dear Blair,

I just got done reading about you in the Cascade Times and knew I had to write and tell you exactly what I think about you and the article. You're a bad liar. I know that you found a Sentinel and were only trying to protect him, but did you have to ruin your life in the meantime? No one that knows you well is going to believe this shit. I knew I didn't and I was excited for you to find your Sentinel. I recognize this has always been a dream of yours. I sure hope that he's worth it, Blair. You have to write back to me and tell me what he's like, this Jim Ellison. I'm anxious to see what happens to you in the future and think you would be a good fit for Colorado, where I'm stationed. It's a government job, but so interesting that even you would be hooked after one day. Let me know if you need help in any way. This is National Write a Friend Week and I couldn't let this occasion go by without writing to you. You will be in my thoughts this entire week. Please write back to me. I want to hear all about your Sentinel. Take care of yourself and be well. I miss talking to you and seeing you. You have my address, so don't let me down. I expect to hear something soon. Bye for now.

Best wishes,


Daniel got up, addressed the envelope, put a stamp on it and decided to mail it that very minute. This couldn't wait. He really did wish the best to his good friend. And hopefully he would hear something soon.

The end