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Bizarre and Unique Holidays Monthly

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December-The Pretender
Bizarre and Unique Holidays Monthly
By PattRose
Multi-fandom Series

Summary: Jarod has a line open that Miss Parker will never be able to trace and decides to give her a call. He wants to ask her if she's ever heard of a monthly holiday called Universal Human Rights Month. While he has her on the line, he also brings up her smoking.
Genre: Gen
Warnings: None
Characters: Jarod and Miss Parker
Word Count: 974
Notes: Holidays
Universal Human Rights Month
National New Year's resolution to stop smoking



Jarod was all set up for his phone call to Miss Parker. It was her birthday and he wanted to let her know that he was thinking of her, even if she could care less about it herself. He had set the phone line up so that she'd never be able to trace it, so he was safe for awhile. But it didn't matter, he was on a boat and could move quickly and easily if he had to.

He sat on the deck and pulled the phone out and dialed the number. After two rings, Miss Parker answered, "Parker."

"Happy Birthday, Miss Parker."

"I should have known it was you on the line. No one else remembered it was my birthday, including me. What are you doing calling me. You know they're going to start a trace on it right away. Are you living on the edge these days, Jarod?"

"Actually, we have some time to talk, Miss Parker. Did you do anything nice for your birthday? Did your dad at least remember your special day?"

"He's out of town and probably didn't get a chance to call me."

"If you were my daughter I would find time to call you. You're not my daughter and I still found time to call you. Guess what this month is, Miss Parker?"

"Oh just tell me for God's sake. What?" She sucked in the smoke that she had just inhaled and blew it out in disgust.

Jarod smiled at the thought of making her insane already. "It's Universal Human Rights Month and I thought that would be a good holiday for us."

"Oh, please tell me you don't think I'm going to give up looking for you because of a month, right?"

"It didn't hurt to try. I know you're human and you have rights, I just wondered why I don't have any."

"Jarod, you know why you don't have any. You're too important to the Center to leave out in the real world. You don't know what to do with yourself, I'm sure."

"I know exactly what to do with myself, thank you."

"It's your opinion, Jarod."

"I have another monthly holiday to talk to you about. It's National New Year's Resolution to Stop Smoking Month. You sure don't want to end up like Mr. Raines, do you?"

"Oh, stop being so dramatic. I'd kill myself before I would drag around a tank of air," She said.

"That's just it, Miss Parker, you are killing yourself with each puff that you take."

"I like smoking, so just shut up about it."

"Do you like breathing through a tube of oxygen? Because that's what you'll be doing if you continue to smoke like you do. Remember that I have medical training. I know these things, Miss Parker."

"You have medical training but you're not a doctor, Jarod and you seem to have forgotten that part."

"I save lives from time to time, Miss Parker, what can you say about yourself?"

Parker was quiet for a moment and she said, "I follow orders, Jarod. You know this about me. They can always count on me to do what they say."

"There are people out there that would call that a sickness."

"And there are people out there that think it's wrong to pretend that you've something you're not. Let's just agree to disagree."

Changing the subject totally, Jarod said, "Do you still love chocolate?"

"Of course I do. Why?"

"I just wondered if you had changed that much since we were children."

The doorbell rang in the background and Jarod knew it was his gift for Miss Parker.

"Hang on Jarod."

Jarod could hear her talking to the delivery man and giving him a hard time. This was so typical of her and it made Jarod smile even more.

Returning to the phone, Miss Parker looked confused. "I take it you sent me a gift," she said, as she started to open the box.

"I hope you like it, Miss Parker."

There was quiet on the other end of the line and Jarod wondered if she had disconnected. She finally said, "Where did you find this?"

"I special ordered it about two months ago. So, don't bother trying to figure out if I'm still in that city or not. I saw it and it reminded me of your mother."

"A chocolate angel reminded you of my mother?"

"She was an angel, Miss Parker. She was so missed by a lot of people when she died. But, I especially remember the chocolate bunnies she used to bring in for us when we talked and played."

"I remember those times too, Jarod. I miss my mother every day."

"I'm going to let you go and let you enjoy your angel. Have a Happy Birthday, Miss Parker."

"You know what Jarod, I already have. Thank you. But don't think I will stop looking for you. But this was nice of you. I'll remember it always."

"Goodnight, Miss Parker." Jarod hung up the phone and looked at it sadly. If only she could be stronger and more like her mother, Jarod could have a supporter in his efforts. Jarod sighed and looked up at the stars and smiled. He hoped that Miss Parker had a good birthday. She deserved just one.