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Julie's Recovery

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She slowly opened her eyes. As her eyes opened, she saw a fellow Number Eight looking down at her. She looked worried.

"Are you all right? You fell asleep after you part from the library computer," explained the Number Eight with her. Julie was recovering from what the library computer was showing her. She tried to dismiss what she saw as fiction, but it wasn't easy to do so. The truth was that it really has happen. The human race has enslaved their metal creations. It was no wonder that the Cylons later rebelled against their creators.

"I guess that my mind put my body to sleep to accept what the library computer was showing me," said Julie. It was the first time that she talked, since she woke up in her recent body.

"What was the library computer was showing you?" asked the Number Eight with her. It was the first time that anyone heard this newly reborn Number Eight talk.

"The history of the Cylon people," answered Julie. To be continued.

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"Why did you need to see our history?" asked the Number Eight with her. It was a shock to hear that from a fellow Number Eight. Julie knew that this woman deserve an answer, but it can't be the truth. She can't tell this Number Eight that she was once a blonde human female named Julie Parrish until her mind was placed inside this 'new' body of her.

"Those stinking alien lizards has tampered with my mind before my 'death' that I've forgotten how to be a Cylon," lied Julie.

"It might explained why you're not connected to our hive mind. The damage done to your mind might have destroyed your connection to the hive mind," guessed the Number Eight with her. Then, Julie got up and walked away from the bed where she was laying. She walked toward the door and opened it. When she was out of the room, she realized that she was walking unaided. The Number Eight with her followed her out of the room.

"You are walking and standing unaided. Your mind must have gotten used to your new body by now," said the Number Eight with her. Julie realized that her fellow Number Eight was right. It might be a sign that she is becoming more comfortable with her new body. Somehow, she learn how to speak the Cylon language and walk without holding on to anything. The library computer might have taught her how to do so. She doesn't care about that, now. She knew that she need to learn more about the Cylons, if she want to keep on living. So, she promised herself that she'll do that no matter how long it take. The end, for now.

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Diana wasn't happy to get the message from John. She walked to John's office. She pressed a button and the door opened. Diana was shocked to see Martin in the room with John.

"What is Martin doing here? He was ordered to stay in his room," said Diana.

"This is Inspector General Philip. He came here to defend the officers that are going on trail," answered John.

"Why did he came here wearing the same human disguise as Martin?" asked Diana.

"Martin is my twin brother. He called me to help defend him and his 2 co-workers. He told me about what has happen at sickbay," answered Philip.

"I already show him the video of what happen at sickbay. He will defend them as best as he could," said John. Diana was angry to hear it.

"Their guilt is as plain to see. They let an invader take the body of a dead prisoner, protested Diana.

"You did not do a good job in keeping her from taking that prisoner. They could not stop her from taking the dead prisoner from sickbay," reminded Philip.

"THEY ARE GUILTY OF NOT DOING THEIR DUTIES!" yelled Diana. She slamed her fist on John's desk. He wasn't in the mood to let Diana get away with it.

"You listen here, science officer. I am in command of this mission. If the Inspector General want to defend his brother and his friends, I am going to let him," warned John. His voice was calm and dripped with menage. Diana get this feeling that she better not push John, this time.

"I will let you defend these 3 officers for now, but if you fail to convince the jury that they do not deserve to die, you will join them," threaten Diana. Then, she let the office.

"I am sorry that you have to hear this from Diana, but she wanted these 3 dead for their failure. You will have a hard job of convincing the jury that they are not guilty of not doing their duty," said John. He sounded sad.

"I has not failed before. I do not plan to fail in defending my brother and his 2 co-workers. You can count on that," promised Philip. Then, he left John's office to prepare for the upcoming trail. The end, for now.