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Accidental Journey

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Jeckrow was already there with another glass of wine.  Syndara gulped it down, unable to take her eyes off her friend.  “This is impossible.”

Tal crossed his arms again.  “Evidently not.”

“When…when did this happen?”

“A few days after accident,” Kaoranerk replied.

“I see.”  She didn’t know what else to say.  How did a shugo that had been transformed into a human ascend?  She didn’t know the criteria for ascension, nobody did.  What had Tal done to meet them? 

“Pink-haired daeva will help new daeva?” the inventor asked hopefully.  “Teach him daeva things while Kaoranerk does much, much research into problem?  Maybe she will help with research too, while not fighting brave battles against the Balaur?”

“Of course she…I mean, I will,” Syndara replied, still a bit overwhelmed.  And if she was feeling that way, she could only imagine how Tal felt.  And what about his family?  “I’ll help in any way I can.  You can count on me.”

“Excellent!” Kaoranerk proclaimed.  Tal looked much less enthusiastic about the prospect, but smiled weakly anyway.  “Kaoranerk will figure out how to change Talerinerk back, and will perfect the translation potion too!  Oh, so exciting!  Cannot wait to hear about all the adventures new daeva will have!”

Tal regarded the (other) shugo dubiously, then rolled his eyes.  “Bartender?” he asked, holding out his glass.  “Need another.  Now.”