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    Many questions abound in the aftermath of Love on the High Seas #2: Isle of New Beginnings. Questions such as . . . What could bring together the greatest enemies of Angel, Spike, Faith, Jack Sparrow, Xena, and Elvira's family? What could the Pirates have done to anger the Goddess Discord so greatly that She joined forces with these enemies and led the two ships to the Pirates' island? Why were Jack Sparrow, Xena, Lex Luthor, Delvira, James Hook, Sean Cassidy, and Elvira all left behind while their loved ones and crew mates were taken away? How will they be able to rescue their people when their ships have been destroyed? If they can find a ship, will they even be able to reach them in time, and can they trust the Gods Aphrodite and Ares and/or the Wizards, Albus Dumbledore and Charles Xavier? Huge multi-crossover with such fandoms as Ace Ventura, Angel, BtVS, Charmed, Dawson's Creek, Disney, Excalibur, Generation X, Happy Days, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Peter Pan, The Pirate Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, ReBoot, Sabrina, Shrek, Smallville, Sons of Thunder, Special Unit 2, Starsky & Hutch, 10th Kingdom, Touched By An Angel, X-Men, Xena, Zoolander, and more!