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Magnus has not been seen for least three weeks by anyone in the Sanctuary.

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Will realizes, to his astonishment, that he hasn't seen Magnus for three weeks. Worried, he gets up and goes to see where she is. When he gets to her office door the door is open and he finds that Magnus is not in the office or on her couch sleeping. Will is worried now, and begins to think that something has happened to her. He heads down to the lab were Henry is and looks around.

"Will?" Henry asks. "What's wrong? Is everything okay? Anything I can do to help?"

"Yeah, have you seen Magnus at all recently?"

"No I haven't," Henry realized. "Why?" he asked curiously.

She is not in her office now or sitting on the couch in the office either.

"That's not really like her to just disappear and say nothing to you or me. Why are you looking for her?"

Well for one it's odd that she hasn't asked to see me in three weeks, and two her and I surely have had a fight or argument over something I did wrong if she was avoiding me now."

"What do you need from me, Will?" Henry asked.

"What I need is for you to help me find out why she is not in here in Sanctuary, and where she could have now gone without telling either of us about it," Will told him. "As of now you and I are on detail to find Magnus."

"What? Wait a minute Will," Henry protested. "What makes you think she's not out on her own and doesn't want us to find her? She has gone on covert ops before, you know."

"First, I know something is wrong, and the second thing I know is that she is not out on her own. Get Kate, then Big Guy, and meet me in her office. Bring some radios, too," Will ordered.

Henry, Kate and the Big Guy all walked into Magnus office and found Will sitting in the chair at her desk looking through the paperwork that was there.

"Ok, Will," Kate said. "What is so important that we all have to come to see you in Magnus' office?"

"Have a sit and I'll let you know," Will told them. "What's so important you ask me? Why couldn't it wait until later? Because I went to find Magnus, when I realized how long she had been gone, to see if she was back and possibly needed anything this morning. When I got to her office the door was open and she wasn't in the office or on the couch, either. So I decided to ask Henry if he had seen her or if he knew where she was. He told me that he hadn't seen her or heard anything from Magnus, either. I thought that was really odd because she is at least always in her office or in Henry's lab or in the abnormal cages area during the day if she hasn't mentioned a mission. The worst part about not being able to find her is that as I was just now looking over her paperwork I found this note to all of us. It says Dear William, Henry, Big Foot, and Kate. To whoever finds this note I have decided to leave the Sanctuary for a long while and not come back. If you are asking yourselves why I never told any of you this, well, it's because your new boss Dr. William Zimmerman is standing in front of you and will be taking over effective immediately."

"What?" Henry shouted. "How can she do this to us?"

"The bigger question is why she did this, and what or who made her do this," Will said.

"What do you mean Will," Kate asked.

Will sighed. "Kate, I don't think she had a choice in the matter, and if she didn't, then someone forced her to leave everything behind. We need to get to the bottom of this, and find out who would have anything to gain from doing this to her," Will explained. "Henry, I want you to go through Magnus' hard drives and look for anything that might look suspicious. Kate, I want you to talk to all your outside contacts and see if they know anything at all about this. Big Guy, I want you to check on the abnormals and tell them nothing for now and that all is ok," he ordered. "Also, if Sally starts to think there's something wrong, tell her to talk to me ok. Other than that I don't want anyone outside the Sanctuary to find out about this, or know anything that turns up. Kate, I'll get back to you as soon as I can and let you know if I find out anything."

Will took a moment to finish gathering his thoughts. "Henry I know I'm asking a lot of you, but I need you to get on this right away. Big Guy, I want to you to make sure all the doors and any possible entrance points and exits are locked up tight."

"Ok, I will get on it right away," Big Foot replied.

Let me know as soon as you can if you find anything," Will finished. "I'm going to talk to Sally now and see if she's seen Magnus at all."

As Will was walking down the hallway to the Elevator to see Sally, he ran into Ashley heading out of her room.

"Hi Ashley," he said. "Sorry I can't talk to you, but I'm in a hurry right now. I'm on my way to talk to Sally to ask her something important."

"Will, what's going on with you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about Ashley," Will replied. "I'm ok and there's nothing going on with me. Plus, if there were, you're not the person I would be talking to about it. Ok? So, if you don't mind I have to ask Sally a lot of questions about someone and see if she knows where the person is."

Will paused and thought of something. "Ashley, if your thinking of asking Henry, don't. The Big Guy or Kate, also." He paused again and then realized how ridiculous it was to try and keep her out of the loop. "Ashley, What is going on is that we need to find out if something was really bothering Magnus when she disappeared."


"I don't want you talking to them at all until I find out what is going on around here. If you want to tag along with me you can, but just remember to stay out of my way and don't say anything or ask me questions, either, Ok?"

Ashley didn't like it, but she acceded. "Fine, I won't ask you anything, but I am going to ask you after this is all over. And I am going to what answers from you."

Will nodded and then radioed Henry. Nodding, he looked at Ashley. "He says that he might have found something."

Magnus was still missing and Will was getting even more worried about her. He wondered where she could be and why she hadn't contacted then or at least tried. He picked up the radio and asked Henry if he'd found anything out on his end.

"No, nothing yet, but I think that I'm on to something and you might want to come to the lab and see this Will. You should bring Kate and the Big Guy with you, too."

"Ok, I'm on my way."

"I'll be waiting for you three to show up."

When they all got there Henry asked a question. "Are you sure we should really keep looking for Magnus? She could just come back to the house, or she could have gone away for a long while?"

"Henry, I know Magnus a bit better now than you think I do, and I know she would not have left without saying something to all of us," Will glared.

"Ok, Will, but I just want to make sure you're not going to get crazy on the rest of use if you find something you don't like, or want," Henry replied guardedly.

"Kate, did you find out anything from any of your contacts?" Will asked Kate.

"Well, I have some bad news and some even more very bad new to tell you," Kate began. "First off, the bad news is that if Magnus left on her own, no one saw her go at all. She is very good at coming and going. The very bad news I got from one of my contacts today is that the Cabal and several other organizations are now looking for her, as well"

"Ok," Will grimaced. "Thanks, Kate. Keep looking for her everyone. I know you are all going to tell me that she is gone for good, and I know this, but as I told you I have to know for myself and find out for myself to really be sure."