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Take A Walk With Me

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Take A Walk With Me
By SisterWine

His SAT-phone rang from the nightstand, prompting a series of deft fumbles from across the queen-sized bed and underneath a twisted and rumpled bedsheet. One pillow had been carelessly tossed to the floor while the other was cock-eyed and propped up against the tall, oak headboard. He had carved his bedroom furniture himself. His hand reached out from under the endless sheet and grabbed the small fold phone. A breathy "hello" broke the silence. He lay on his stomach, diagonal on the bed and made no attempt to sit up or uncover himself from the sheet.

"Hey, you up?" Remy's voice called from the earpiece.

Logan pulled the sheet from his head and turned to the glowing numbers on the alarm clock, on the opposite nightstand. "Rem, it's the middle of the--"

"Mornin." Remy finished. "Take a walk with me." From behind him a car door shut and the car drove off, leaving a trail of white steam to rise in the cold dark air. He stood there, in the cold and listened for the sound of movement from the other end of the line. "C'mon, we're bot' awake, s' quiet, early mornin walk will do ya good. Sides, somethin' I gotta tell ya."

Raising an eyebrow, Logan yawned. "Aside from it bein' 40 degrees out, yer refusin' to notice the time difference thing, now you have somethin' to tell me that couldn't wait a few more hours?"

Remy grumbled under his breath. "So, de sun is up in New York an' not in Vancouver. Get ya butt outta bed an' take a damn walk, will ya?"

Grumbling and groaning as he pushed himself to sit up and finally toss the sheet off of him, Logan sighed. "Let me get dressed." When he was away on his retreats, Logan felt no need for modesty when sleeping so he usually slept in the nude. Pressing the cell phone to his ear and holding it there with his right shoulder, Logan slipped on the pair of jeans he had draped over the arm of the chair, beside the window. He dressed in the dark, the only light had been that of the moon shining through the cracks of the full and heavy clouds. Lace curtains on the windows brought in the silvery glow of the moon's reflection from the dark clouds and left the room in just enough of a romantic hue that Logan wished Remy wasn't across the continent. "Hang on a minute, puttin the phone down." Tossing the cellphone onto the bed as he finished pulling a sweatshirt on and then sat down, on the side of the bed, to numbly shove his heavy boots on, he clocked himself at two minutes before picking the phone back up and saying, "yea. Where am I goin?"

Logan wiped a hand over his face and headed for the door, phone in one hand and flashlight in the other. He started down a long trail to the bottom of the hill and paused, briefly at the fork in the road before turning left. With the beam of light shining the way, he listened to the sounds of Remy breathing, as he walked. "So, what do you have to tell me?"

There was a long pause before Remy cleared his throat. "Finished de assessment training an' ran into a bit of bad luck wit' Cyke. He an' Stormy been runnin' everyone ragged since de Prof left. So, told Scott to take a flyin' leap, den walked out. Ain't been back since. T'ought Remy needs some R'n'R, aussi, non?"

"So,-- what? Yer in New Orleans?" Logan was confused.

Remy smirked and Logan could hear it on the other end. "Non."

Logan stopped. He stood in the middle of the trail and listened to the breeze blowing in the high trees. "Yer still in Massachusetts?"


Sighing, again, Logan thought about turning around and going home to finish the conversation, yet something told him to continue on with the separate walk. "Okay, so, where are you?"

Remy gave a short laugh, "Just keep walkin' and I'll explain." Remy continued up the dirt road he was on, shoving the canvas bag back onto his shoulder. "After, I left de school, I went to Fargo to clear up some slobbery muck wit' a certain amphibian. Den, I went to Milwaukee for some food fest."

Logan stepped over a fallen tree trunk that blocked the road and paused to look up as he had thought he felt a few drops of rain. "So, you're in Wisconsin."

"Non. Little more West of dere."

"West, huh?" Logan walked on. "As in California? Gettin' ready to hit the beach?"

Remy smiled and shook his head, "non."

Rain was falling at a more steady pace, by now, leaving the trail muddy. Logan crooked the phone between his ear and shoulder, again, to check his watch with the flashlight. Daylight was a few hours off and Logan was still unclear about why Remy chose the late hour to "go for a walk." Stepping over a few dead branches and a mostly covered rock, Logan flashed his beam of light down the wet trail. "Alright so, if yer not in Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, or California, mind tellin' me where the Hell you are and why I am walkin' in the rain, in the wee hours of the mornin'?"

"Non, I don't mind."

Logan sighed. He was getting annoyed..... and soaked. "Gumbo, if I have ta ---" He paused as he spotted a quick flash of light coming up the trail, darting back and forth.

Remy smiled. "Oh, please, spank me, cher. I reeeaally like it." Holding his own small, flashlight up and pressing the button off and on several times, he smiled as they continued on, towards each other. As they came closer, phones still to their ears, their silence spoke in their smiles. Stopping five steps from Logan, he finally had the courage to hang up and stood there, grinning widely, waiting for the welcome of the man he had longed to see. "Surprise."

Snorting in disbelief, Logan shook his head and smiled back. "C'mon, there's some hot coffee and dry sheets you can slip into, back at the cabin." Hanging up his own phone, Logan waited for Remy to join him before escorting them back to the cabin. "And then, yer gonna tell me just how you managed to find this place."

Laughing, Remy shook his head, "not a chance."