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Harry Potter and the Lost Heritage

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The tears rolled from the haunted eyes. Unlike the rest of the castle who were celebrating the completion of the second task of the Tri Wizard Tournament, one resident of Hogwarts had little to celebrate.

Seamus clutched Theo Nott’s hand as he dragged his boyfriend up to the Astronomy tower for some alone time.  They had both been hiding their relationship from their respective friends, worried about how their friends would react.  As soon as they reached the top of the Astronomy tower Seamus pulled Theo into a tight embrace and captured his lips, they were disturbed by the sound of crying.

Following the sounds of the crying Seamus found his dorm mate, Ron Weasley.  “Ron...” Seamus said tentatively, “What’s up mate, want me to get Harry?”  Ron shook his head.

“I have caused Harry enough pain being a bastard, why Seamus... why was I the thing Harry would miss most?” Ron begged.  Many people under estimated Seamus, they did not appreciate exactly how sharp his mind was. 

After the second task Ron had spent every waking moment looking at his behaviour.  Ever since he had met Harry that fateful day at King Cross, Harry had offered him unquestioning friendship.  It seemed that the only person who had a problem with Ron being poor was Ron.  Ron though about the look on Harries face every time he had visited the Burrow.  Ron knew full well what Harries life was like outside of Hogwarts and yet Ron took everything for granted.  Everything Bill had tried to teach his younger brother now began to make sense.

After the first task Harry had opened up to his dorm mates after Seamus had asked Harry why the Death Eaters were always after him.  He had told them everything that had happened since starting Hogwarts, the tears in Harries eyes was unmistakable when Seamus, Dean, Neville and Ron all swore that they would stand with him.

After telling Seamus what had been bothering Ron finally noticed who was with Seamus, “Knott.”  Ron said guardedly. “Unlike my other housemates I believe it to be rude to refer to people by their family name, my friends call me Theo.” The Slytherin said as he held out his hand.  Ron looked at the hand in front of him.  Ron knew all to well that Deatheaters didn’t just come from Slytherin.  He also remember the pain in Bill’s eyes as his big brother had tried to explain that there was also good people in Slytherin and that his first girlfriend had been from Slytherin and that they planned to live together after Hogwarts, however she had been killed by her father when he had found out about the relationship.  Seamus smiled when Ron reached out his hand.

After Seamus and Theo had told Ron how they had met Ron stood up.  “It's time I grew a pair and talked to Harry, have fun.” He said with a smile.  “We will mate.” Seamus shouted back.

Rather than go back to the tower a thought occurred, “DOBBY” he called out, with a pop the elf appeared, “How can Dobby be helping Harry Potters Wheezy?”  Ron snorted at what Dobby had called him, “Dobby I need you to ask Harry to meet me in the room of requirement please.”

Nodding his head vigorously the elf replied, “Dobby does this for Harry Potters Wheezy.” With a pop the elf vanished. 

As Ron walked past the room of requirement Ron thought of a room where he could talk to his best friend.  Opening the door Ron saw a comfortable room with a roaring fire, in front of the fire was a plush rug with comfortable looking sofa.  Ron didn’t have to wait long for a worried looking Harry to arrive.

Ron couldn’t hold back anymore, he opened up his feelings hoping that Harry would stop being his friend.

By the time Ron had finished he was pacing anxiously.  Harry got out of his seat and walked over to his friend, standing on front he put his hands on Ron’s shoulders.  “Ronald Weasley, what you have given me is more precious than every piece of gold in Gringotts, no one is perfect Ron, despite what is going on outside of Hogwarts we are only teenagers, we screw up.”

Harry pulled Ron into a hug.  It was to very relieved friends that returned to the common room.  A week after getting caught by Ron, Seamus decided to tell his friends.  Harry looked suspiciously at Ron who was not ranting about Slytherin.  “How come you’re so quiet?” Harry asked,

“Well as you explained there are deatheaters from other houses, we know that Riddle is not really dead, until he is we need as many allies as we can get.”  Ron said nonchalantly.  “Besides Theo is the only one who can challenge me at Chess.”

Dean had no problem accepting his best friend’s choice, Seamus never doubted Dean’s friendship.   After Sirius heard what Ron had said to Harry, Sirius decided to thank the youngest Weasley, it was a good thing that his Birthday was only a week away.  Harry had also told Sirius to see if his contacts could get his present for Ron as well.

Harry was sitting in the Shrieking Shack, “How much do you want to spend Harry?” Sirius asked his Godson.  “I don’t have a clue, I don’t even know how much is on my vault.” Harry replied

Sirius looked shocked, “How the hell can you not know, you have your trust vault and the family vault as well, don’t Gringotts Statements?”  Harry shook his head, “No, I have never got a statement.”  Sirius’s anger began to grow, “I bet that old fool is blocking it.”

“Harry, I know allot of people think Dumbledore is perfect, I don’t fully trust him.  He knows I am innocent but has never tried to call for a trial, even in my absence ever since you caught that rat.” Sirius and his Godson spent the afternoon examining exactly how much the headmaster had interfered in both of their lives.

“Pup, I will go to Gringotts, as I was never convicted the Goblins won't accept what the Ministry say, once I am inside the bank I will be safe as the Ministry have no powers inside the bank.”  After saying goodbye Harry returned to the tower to discuss with his friends what has been said. 

“To be honest, I completely agree with Sirius.” Neville announced, “I find it creepy how much notice the headmaster shows you Harry, my Gran can't stand him.”

The dorm room had become a far more enjoyable environment since the five friends had decided to trust each other.  To everyone enjoyment and hilarity Seamus kissed Harry soundly when Harry said he would let Seamus use the map.  Harry stood shocked with his eyes a wide a dinner plates as his friends were rolling around laughing.

Theo would have to thank Potter next time he saw him for letter them use the map, Seamus was glad to have the map when he nearly bumped into the headmaster, Seamus was surprised to see Hermione out of the tower standing with the Headmaster.  Seamus quickly his in the shadows behind one of the large tapestries.

“Miss Granger, what do you have to report, as Mr Potter spends so much time out of the castle I rely on you to keep me informed, whilst in the castle I can rely on the Portraits to keep me informed of what is going on.”

Hermione looked guilty as she replied, “He spends most of his time with his dorm mates, and he is hardly ever in the tower, they have been reading a book that Bill sent Ron, I only caught the title, it's The Debrett’s Guide to Magical Britain” The Headmaster frowned, he did not want Potter to delve into his family, it was vital that he remained ignorant so that Dumbledore could mould Harry into a role model that the Purebloods would accept once the Dark Lord was dead. “You must keep me informed, if you have the opportunity bring the book to me.”

Seamus waited for the Headmaster to leave before he rushed back to the tower. As he entered the common room he saw Harry getting slaughtered in a game of chess with Ron.  Harry looked up, he was surprised at the angry look on Seamus’s face. “Harry we need to talk upstairs.”  Seamus announced as he nodded to the other dorm mates, once they were in the dorm room Seamus handed the map back.

“Guys we have a problem.” Seamus began as he explained what he had heard.  Harry looked devastated at the thought that his so called friend had betrayed him.  Ron however was not that surprised, truth be told, if it wasn’t for Harry he wouldn’t had been friends with her.  “Harry” Neville began, “I am not surprised, she is fanatical about her adulation for teachers, despite how much a bastard Snape is to me, she still defends him when I say how bad a teacher he is, the younger years can't stand her.”

Ron looked at his best friend, “Harry, you are the only reason I am friendly to her, I know I can bunk off home work at times, but she does my head in bossing me around, I have had to stop Ginny hitting her more than once, don’t forget she nicked you firebolt, there is no way she could have got in here without the help of a Professor.”  For the rest of the evening the friends didn’t leave their dorm room. 

With the help of his friends running interference Harry snuck out of the castle the day before Ron’s birthday to meet Sirius in the shack who was waiting with a portkey he had brought from the Goblins.  After Sirius had explained how Harry had never received any of his statements the Goblins almost declared war on Dumbledore who had been receiving them.

Sirius laughed as Harry landed in a heap, “Hello Axegrinder, this is my Godson.”  The goblin turned to his old friend, “Greeting you mangy mutt.”  Harry looked on in shock.  “Harry, Axegrinder has been a friend of mine since I ran away, he is in charge of the accounts for the Black family.

“May your gold flow freely and your enemies die painfully” Harry said to the Goblin in the traditional greeting.  Harry was thankful he had read Ron’s book before coming.  Sirius ruffled Harries hair as he smiled proudly.

“And yours too Mr Potter, it would seem your Godfather may have been telling the truth, however I have some grave news.”  Sirius and Harry took a seat.  “After your Godfathers visit I spoke to my boss, you must understand that to Goblins whilst we may be viewed as greedy, we despise dishonesty, since the loss of your parents Dumbledore had a new account manager appointed, it would seem he charmed the Goblin in charge of the assignments, normally Goblins are immune from most wizarding magic, however the Goblin he charmed was very old and was more susceptible, he died not long after your parents.  The Goblin that was appointed has been feeding information to Dumbledore; he has been arrested and will be executed.”

Harries emotions were still raw from Hermione’s betrayal, the pain only grew after hearing what the headmaster had done, they were disturbed by a Goblin who looked hundreds of years old entered the room.

“Chief Ragnok, I am honoured by your presence” Axegrinder said, both Sirius and Harry bowed their head in respect.  “The Goblin nation has wronged you Lord Potter.” The aged Goblin announced.  Harry tried to protest until the Goblin held up his hand. “The Goblin Nation were entrusted to guard your vaults, we betrayed that duty, I have ordered a complete audit of you account, there also needs to be a new account manager appointed.”

A much younger Goblin came into the room with a stack of parchment which he handed to the Senior Goblin who snarled.  “Before we can continue, I will need you to drop some blood on the inheritance parchment.”  Axegrinder handed Harry a jewel encrusted dagger who pricked his finger.  As the blood dropped onto the parchment the page began to fill with scripted writing.


Born: 31 July 1880, Godrics Hollow, Wales

Heir Primus to the Grey Thrown

Lord Azkaban, Grand Duke of Azkaban, Master of the Grey Mages, ruler of the Charmed Isles

Heir Primus to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter

Heir Presumptive to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black

Heir Presumptive to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Gryffindor

Harry dropped the parchment, “Siri, how come I am the Heir to your family?”  Sirius smiled, “When you were born I asked your parents, they agreed and you were designated my heir, but bloody hell Harry, you are Lord Azkaban.”

Ragnok could see the confusion, “Allow me to explain, the Prison on Azkaban is only a small part of the Island, the Island of Azkaban is the biggest of their islands, together they are called the Charmed Islands, the population of the Island have been in seclusion since the death of the last Lord seventy five years ago, the island is inhabited by the Grey Mages, they are a fearsome race, they last went to war with Britain during the reign of King Stephen who was a Squib, King Stephen saved the life of the then Lord Azkaban, the grey mages joined the war, they only fought against wizards, as thanks Stephen gifted the Charmed Isles to Lord Azkaban, in 1723 the Ministry went to war with the Grey Mages, Magical Britain was almost destroyed, the Ministry surrendered, the Grey Mages withdrew to their forces back to the islands, all the demanded was free trade with Britain and that all prisoners convicted were to be sent to the prison.  The fact that your Godfather was sent there is a breach of the treaty, however as the last Lord had died they got away with it.  If you would allow me to notify the Azkaban Council?”  Harry nodded his head.

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When the message arrived on the Island the council appeared like an ants nest that had been knocked over.  The Lord Marshal and Chancellor went to Gringotts.  As soon as Ragnok introduced them to Harry they both dropped to their knees, “My Lord Azkaban, long may you rule.”

“My Lord Azkaban, My name is Ulric, I am your Chancellor, or as the Muggles would say Prime Minister, this is Gregory, your Lord Marshal, he commands your Army, we have much to discuss.

When Ulric had explained how the grey mages were dying as they were linked to the wards, the wards needed a Lord to control them.  As much as Harry hated the thought of becoming more different, he could not live with himself at the thought of the grey mages dying.

“My Lord Azkaban” Ulric continued, “Once you assume the Grey throne you will be completely immune from the Ministry as you will be the Head of State, we have not informed the population yet.”  Harry could see the concern on the faces of the new arrivals as the thought that Harry may not take the throne.

“Do not worry, I will not allow you to die, but this is a huge thing for a 14 year old to take, I need to be prepared before I take over, can I take on the wards first though so no one else gets ill?” Harry replied.

“Thank you my Lord, as soon as you place the Lords ring the wards will find you even though you are not on the island, as the grey mages can shadow jump it would be simple for us to meet you at Hogwarts.”  Gregory explained how the Grey Mages could jump to any place that had a shadow.  “Dumbledore is going to hate this.” Harry announced.

With a snarling grin Ragnok spoke up, “He does not need to know, he has tried to have himself appointed your guardian, however as your godfather was not convicted and the headmaster was not named in your parents will he cannot take that role, as you are the last Potter we can use the Goblin treaty to meet you at Hogwarts.”  “My Lord” Ulric interrupted, “Once you place the ring on your finger your mind will also be guarded against intrusion and will protect you from most know curses and hexes except the unforgivable.”

A thought occurred to Harry, “Is it possible to get more rings like mine, I don’t trust the Headmaster to pry into my friends minds?”  “Indeed it can, the Goblin Jewels smiths can do this, as restitution I insist you allow the Goblins to pay, how many you need?”  “Would six be ok?”  Harry asked.

Ragnok waved his hand, “It is the least my people owe you for betraying your families trust, I will have twelve made, shall we say in two weeks?”  Once they had picked up Ron’s presents Ulric took Harry back to Hogwarts as they shadow jumped into Harries dorm room, “FUCKING HELL” Seamus shouted when Harry arrived with the stranger.  Harry couldn’t help but laugh.  “I will leave you for now my Lord.”

Harry called Dobby to round up the others.  As soon as Harry explained Ron rushed to get the book that Bill had given him.

There was a whole chapter on the Grey Mages, “This is wicked Harry, as the Grey Lord, you can take back control of the Prison, that way no one can escape or buy their way out... what about being Gryffindor’s heir?”

The five friends spent the rest of the evening discussing what they had found out.  Ron was the last down for breakfast.  As he sat down Hedwig flew towards him with a box held in her talons.  Ron knew that whatever she carried was a present from Harry.  Ron fed Hedwig some bacon before he ripped the paper to reveal an oak box, polished with a brass plate.

To my best friend and brother

Thank you


Inside was a brand new pristine chess set with the chess pieces represented by characters from the Arthurian legend. Before Ron could examine his new chess set another one arrived.  Stuck to the rolled up parcel was a letter from Sirius.

Happy birthday Ron

Be proud of who you as others are proud of you

Hope you like your present.

Ron sat in shock as he saw a mint condition copy of Quidditch through the ages from 1892, the last time the Canons won the cup, as Ron opened the cover he saw that the entire first team had signed it.  Ron handed the book to Dean who whistled when he saw what the book was about.  Ron just looked at the poster in his hand.  The poster was of the current first team who had each signed the poster.

Both Viktor and Cedric were both Quidditch fans so they could both see why Ron treasured his presents; it was a strange sight for the rest of the school to see Cedric and Viktor sitting at the Gryffindor table discussing the finer points of Quidditch.  “Harry...” Cedric began, “I know you wouldn’t have put your name in the Goblet, I am sorry about what my housemates did.”

Harry held out his hand to his rival seeker, “The tournament is supposed to help build bridges.”  Whilst the Head of Gryffindor looked on proudly the headmaster frowned, Potter was becoming more and more independent.

Harry met with Ulric and Gregory every night in the Gryffindor dorm room along with his dorm mates who bombarded the Chancellor with questions about life on the island.  He smiled indulgently as he tried his best to keep up with the questions.

The night before the Goblins were due to arrive Ulric was joined by Gregory who wanted to update Harry about the progress of the wards.

“My Lord, the citizens know that a new Lord has been found, they are keen to see you my Lord, they wish to rejoice.”  “Hey Harry” Ron called out, “After the Goblins come, why don’t you say that Lord Azkaban is your guardian, then over half term you could visit and we could all come with you, as wizards can't visit the Island without a personal invite.”  Ulric laughed, “Mr Weasley, you are truly remarkable; with my Lords permission I would gladly hire you after you finish your time at Hogwarts.”  Ron blushed at the praise.  “I gladly agree.” Harry announced.  It was agreed that Ulric would arrive with the Goblins to announce the guardianship.  The Archivist of Azkaban had found that Harry was descended from the Last Lords youngest nephew, the Last Lord dying childless.

After signing his own Guardianship papers which he gave back to Ulric Harry challenged Ron to a game of chess.

The Great Hall was filled at Lunch time as the doors to the great hall opened to see Griphook approach followed by a squad of Security Goblins, behind them was Ulric, Gregory and four Azkaban guards, their faces hidden, but the Azkaban crest was clear to see to all the purebloods who had no problem recognising the crest.

“Headmaster Dumbledore.” Griphook announced, “Under Article 273 of the Goblin Treaty of 1796, I am ordered by the Goblin High Council to seek an audience with one Harry Potter of Gryffindor House.”  Dumbledore struggled to control his anger, he knew that he had no way to stop the blasted goblins, “I am sure we can discuss this in my office.”

“No....” Griphook replied, “What I have to say is private and not the concern of Hogwarts and relates to the private affairs of a Most Ancient and Noble House.  I also have the consent of Mr Potters Magical guardian.”

“I am afraid that it is impossible for Mr Potter’s guardian to agree, he is a wanted criminal.”  Dumbledore replied.  Ulric lower his hood, “You are mistaken, My name is Ulric, I am the High Chancellor to his Grace Lord Azkaban, Grand Duke of Azkaban, Master of the Grey Mages, ruler of the Charmed Isles, as Mr Potter is descended from the Grey throne his Grace assumed guardianship.  Now would you please show us to some where private?”

Dumbledore had no idea that Potter was related to the Grey throne.  He stood and let the group to the side room where the champions had met when their names had been announced.

Before they entered Ulric turned to the Head of Gryffindor, “Professor McGonagall, as head of House for Mr Potter I have been instructed to request your presence.”  “That will be unnecessary; I will inform Professor McGonagall...”  Ulric glared at the headmaster, “My Lords instructions are not up for debate, we can either deal with this hear or I am ordered to remove Mr Potter.”

You could hear a pin drop in the normal loud great hall as they listened.  Once they all entered the room Ulric bowed his head to Harry before turning to the Headmaster, “First we will deal with the guardianship.  These papers attest to my Lord’s right to claim guardianship, a copy has been delivered to your Ministry, however they cannot be disputed, Harry Potter is a citizen of Azkaban by right of birth.  As my Lord has pressing matters of State to attend to I will act as guardian in all matters.  As such under the provisions of the Hogwarts charter all private meetings with Mr Potter will cease immediately, you are to have no contact with Mr Potter unless it strictly relates to his conduct at Hogwarts and only then when I am present.”  I must protest” the Headmaster cried out.

“You may protest all you wish, my Lords orders are non-negotiable, otherwise the Azkaban army will remove Mr Potter, now if you would bother leave Mr Potter has matters to deal with.”  Dumbledore tried to object, however Ulric clicked his fingers as the two guards approached revealing their staffs.  The powers to the grey mages were well known to the Headmaster who had tried repeatedly to get them to support the order.  Once the two Professors left, Ulric held up his hand as the two guards destroyed the monitoring charms and secured the room.

Griphook placed a box on the table, “With the best wishes of Chief Ragnok, War Leader of the Goblin Nation.”  Inside were the twelve rings, they were small signet rings with the Potter crest.  “The audit has been completed, with the aid of the traitor Dumbledore has removed 100,000 Galleons which we have traced to have been used as bribes, as the transactions were not authorised we can seize these funds from his own account, even with the money he has managed to steal you are still a very wealthy young man, here are the audits for the House of Potter and Gryffindor.  By virtue of you assuming the Grey throne you are for all intense and purpose’s an adult and can therefore assume the head of these families.  Once you assume the Head of the Gryffindor house you could assume control of Hogwarts.”

Whilst Harry was discussing the visit to the Islands there was a rush to the Owlry letters were sent around magical Britain.

“The Ministry have been complaining that we have taken over control of the Prison as you ordered, however the Dementor’s have been destroyed, when our troops arrived they attacked the garrison as we were fighting the garrisoned Dementor’s their brethren arrived from across the country, none survived.”  “But what about their children?” Harry demanded.  “My Lord, they have no children, they have no genders, they were created by a dark Lord two hundred years ago, the wizards have no known way to destroy them.  I would suggest you release a statement to the press before the Ministry start with the lies, I have taken the liberty of preparing a statement for you to read my Lord.”  Harry read the parchment, “That's fine, is everything all set for everyone to visit?”

“Indeed my Lord, the father of the Weasley’s, Finnegan, Thomas and Guardian of Mr Longbottom have all consented.

As Ulric left with Griphook to the waiting coaches the two guards escorted Harry back to the Gryffindor Tower.

As soon as he entered he was rounded on by his former friend “Harry Potter what in heaven’s is going on, how dare those people talk to Professor Dumbledore like that.”  Everyone in the common room looked on, Harries friends saw the anger growing.

“Hermione, who the hell are you to talk to me like that, you are in no way related to me so but out of my affairs.”  Harry said in a cold steely voice.  Hermione was momentarily taken aback as was several other Gryffindor’s.  It did not go unnoticed that Harry was followed up to his dorm by his friends.

Harry handed each of them a ring to put on.  Harry was going to surprise Ron and Ginny that Charlie was going to join them as well as he had been at home when Ulric had arrived to speak to Arthur who was worried at first, but agreed when Ulric offered to take Charlie as well.

The five friends returned to the common room to relax.

By breakfast everyone knew what had happened when they saw the headlines of the Daily Prophet.

Lord Azkaban returns and seizes control of Azkaban Prison

Boy-who-lived, Harry Potter named as ward of Lord Azkaban

Shocking events were seen at Hogwarts yesterday.  High Chancellor to Lord Azkaban arrived along with representatives of Gringotts, eye witness have reported that the Goblins invoked their rights under the Goblin Treaty of 1796 to speak to Harry Potter, Heir Primus of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, Ministry records show that the Potters can trace their heritage back 2000 years.

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore risked war with the Goblins by objecting claiming Harry Potter’s guardian, escaped criminal Sirius Black was unable to consent, it was then that the Chancellor announced that Lord Azkaban was exercising his rights as Harry Potter is descended from the Grey throne.  Ministry sources were unable to confirm if this was the case.

Albus Dumbledore then tried to refuse to allow the meeting.  However the Headmaster along with Professor McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor house then went into a side room for a private meeting.

Following the meeting the High Chancellor made a public statement.  For a full transcript turn to page 2.

For a history of the Lord Azkaban and the Grey Mages turn to pages, 3,4,5 & 6

To the People of Magical Britain, Salutations from his Grace the Lord Azkaban

The Grey Throne is empty no longer, many years ago our peoples made peace followings years of bloodshed in which both sides lost brave brothers and sisters.

One of the terms of the peace treaty was that all convicted prisoners of Magical Britain would be sent to the Azkaban Prison and all prisoners must be convicted in an open trial.  At the risk of war the Ministry of Magic broke the treaty when they sent Sirius Black to Azkaban without a trial.  The Lord Azkaban has ordered an investigation by the new Governor of the prison to check every witch and wizard at the prison before taking action against the Ministry.

When His Graces forces exercised their lawful right to reclaim the prison they were attacked by the Dementor’s, foul dark creatures created by a wizarding Dark Lord, however they were no match for his Grace’s forces and have all been destroyed.

Long Live the Lord Azkaban

The Ministry of magic refused to comment about the threat of war with Lord Azkaban.  Searches of the Wizengamot Archive have so far been fruitless in locating any trial records of Sirius Black.

Dumbledore was absolutely furious; he was greeted by a letter from Gringotts when he arrived at his office that morning

To Albus Dumbledore

Evidence has been found of your theft from the vaults of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter.  As restitution the full sum of 100,000 Galleons has been removed from your personal vault.

His Grace the Lord Azkaban as guardian of Harry Potter has been informed of this matter.

If you wish to challenge this decree you must present proof of your right to access to the vaults in question within seven days.

Be warned the Goblin Nation does not take kindly to your actions and will be playing close attention to your affairs in the future.



Ulric had left Harry with several books about the Islands and their inhabitants.  Ron was excited when he read that the smallest of the islands which was the size of London was a creature sanctuary.  After finishing breakfast Harry walked over to Ginny and asked her to walk with him outside.

They were met in the courtyard by Ron.  “Gin, you are my friend, because of what has happened you are at risk.”  Ron and Harry explained to the youngest Weasley about the Headmaster.  “To protect you, I would like you to have this ring, it will help protect you.”  Ginny stood on her tip toes and kissed Harries cheek.

After breaking the news to Ginny that she had been invited to the Island over the holiday the friends returned to the tower.

The common room was empty except for a group of first years who were struggling with their DADA assignment.  Harry walked over to the sofa and fell back with a sigh.  He knew that things were going to become very stressful at Hogwarts.  He was disturbed by one of the first years, “Hello, my name is Harry what’s yours.”  The first year replied it's Joseph Downer, but you can call me Joe, all my friends do.”  Harry smiled, “Well thanks Joe.”  Harry replied to the beaming first year. “Professor Moody said you were the best at DADA, would you be able to help me and my friends?” Harry looked over to the three remaining first years.  Harry got up and walked over.  “So Joe, introduce us then.”Harry said playfully.

“This is Daniel Sandberg, Samantha Murray and my best friend James Ward.”  Joe announced.  “Well it's good to meet you all, so what is this problem you have been having?”  Harry asked as he pulled up a chair.

Harry spent the rest of the morning getting to know the first years.  As his new friends were chatting happily Harry sat back and realised how he had never got to know the younger years.  He was disappointed in himself that he had never tried to help them as Oliver had helped him after the Quidditch nut got to know him.

Draco sat in the Slytherin common room reading the letter from his father.  Like a dutiful son of a Senior Deatheater Draco sent a letter to his father after the news broke about Potters heritage.


Our Lord was most pleased with you detailed letter about the events of last Saturday, whilst your fellow Slytherins also wrote to their parents, I was pleased that yours was the most articulate.  You are to meet Peter Pettigrew in three days who will have your orders from our Lord.

You are to continue to monitor the situation


Draco shivered at the thought of that vile person meeting, every time Draco had met the rat faced wizard his skin began to crawl. Draco was sitting in his favourite seat at the far back of the common room, from his vantage point he could see the coming and goings of the Slytherin common room.  He raised his eye brow as he saw Theo Knott looking around surreptitiously.  Whilst Theo’s father was one of the Dark Lord’s lackeys, Theo had never expressed any views on the future his father had planned for him.  Whilst Theo had the bulk of Goyle, Theo also had a true Slytherin mind.  After Theo left the common room Draco quickly summoned his invisibility cloak and followed his fellow Slytherin.

Draco was confused; he didn’t know Theo was seeing someone, the only reason to be going to the Astronomy tower was for a secret rendezvous. Draco bit his lip to stop him crying out when he saw Theo and the Irish Gryffindor embrace passionately.  “I missed you Paddy.”  Theo said playfully.

“I missed you and your lovely snake as well.”  Seamus replied.  “You are so lucky Seamus going with Harry to Azkaban Island.”  “I can ask Harry if you can come if you want, you know he likes you otherwise he would have hexed your balls off by now.”

Both friends’ laughed, “Very true, this may sound bad, but I just wish my father would get captured of better yet killed so I don’t have to hide anymore.  I want to be friends with who I like and not to hide how I feel about you.”

 Draco looked on sadly at how he wanted what Theo obviously had.  Draco silently left to do some thinking.  He had no illusions as to what was expected of him when he left Hogwarts.  He had grown up with his father telling him that Malfoy’s bowed to no one and yet his father did just that.  It was now obvious that Potter was no longer the old fool’s pawn.  Draco knew all about Pettigrew betraying Potters parents to the Dark Lord and how his cousin was blamed for it, if he planned this correctly he would have a peace offering to Potter.

As Seamus has said Harry had no problem with Theo going with them as long as he came up with a cover story.  With Harries prompting the other Gryffindor’s began to help the younger years.  Hermione walked into the common room, she was annoyed that none of the younger years went to her when she had far better grades than the other years.  She walked over to where Dean was sitting with two pureblood second years helping them with their muggle studies project.

“That's incorrect.” Hermione announced rudely.  “Has no one told you it is rude to interrupt a private conversation?” Christopher Gibson replied tersely.  “If I wanted to be bullied I would go and ask a Slytherin.”

“Granger.” Dean began, “No one asked for your opinion so mind you own business.”  Hermione looked at Anthony McGee the seventh year prefect, however he didn’t intervene.  “Are you not going to say something?” Hermione demanded. Anthony turned to Dean, “Well said Dean... Granger, your behaviour is exactly the reason why no one will go to you for help despite your grades, you should concentrate on your own studies rather than interfere in others.”

The night before Draco was due to meet Pettigrew the young Malfoy approached Theo, “Theo, may I have a moment of your time?”  Theo looked up suspiciously.  “What I have to say is private and I do not wish to be overheard.”  Whilst Theo knew that he could hold his own in a duel with Malfoy, he did not underestimate Malfoy’s dangerousness.

They walked down to the Quidditch pitch, once Draco was sure no one had followed he took out his wand.  Theo immediately drew his wand and pointed it at Draco.  “I Draco Malfoy swear upon my magic that everything I am about to say to Theodore Knott is the truth, on my magic I swear this.”  He was surrounded by a dim glow.  Theo slowly lowered his wand.

“You should be more circumspect Theo when meeting your Irishman.” Draco said with a trademark smirk. “It is obvious that you have no intention of following your father... do not be worried, I too have no intention of sullying the Malfoy name.  I was always told that a Malfoy bows to no one.  We both know that there is a war coming.  We must all chose a side, if the Dark Lord was so great he wouldn’t have been beaten by Potter so many times, the Ministry are completely useless and in my father’s pocket, Dumbledore is an old fool who will sell you out if it serves his purpose, as much as it pains me to say this, the greatest chance our world has is with Potter.”

Theo knew that whilst he would never have expected Malfoy to say what he had just said, he knew that as he had sworn an oath on his magic and was still alive that everything was the truth.  For the first time in his like Draco was truly honest.

It was a quiet Theo who made his way to meet Seamus, after some heavy petting Seamus rushed back to the tower.  “Harry” Ron began “If Malfoy swore an oath on his magic and lied he would be dead as a wizard cannot survive the loss of his magic, if he swears on his magic then I will believe him.”  Neville and Ron explained to the rest of their dorm mates how magical oaths worked.

That evening Harry used his cloak to visit Myrtle.  As soon as he entered the girls bathroom he cast a privacy spell, “MYRTLE” Harry called out.  “Hello Harry.”  The ghost said.  “I wanted to thank you for your help with the egg, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Chapter Text

Harry spent the afternoon getting to know the ghost.  “I can't stand bullies Myrtle, when I was young my cousin would play hunt Harry, I will never be horrible to you.”  Myrtle floated down, “I never thanked you Harry for killing the monster that killed me.”

That afternoon Harry made his way to the great hall having had a pleasant afternoon chatting with Myrtle.  After dinner Harry sent a message with Dobby to let Theo know to meet them in Myrtle’s bathroom at seven o’clock.  After returning to Gryffindor tower Dobby found Harry chatting with the other Gryffindor’s, “Dobby, what’s wrong?” Harry asked at the sight of Dobby looking at the floor. “Now bestest Harry Potter is Lord of Assiban, Dobby wants to serve Harry Potter Sir.”  “STOP” Harry cried out as Dobby began to twist his ear.  Harry got off of his bed and knelt down in front of Dobby, “Don’t you like being free?”

Dobby shook his head, “Dobby likes not serving bad master, but Dobby’s magic is getting weaker, Dobby be proud to serve Great Harry Potter.”   

“I don’t want a servant Dobby...I want a friend” Harry said,  “Harry Potter calls Dobby friend.”  “If you want to work for me there are some rules, you must never ever let anyone hurt you, I know you can do magic, so you must protect yourself, your are not allowed to punish yourself, 5 Galleons a week and two days off.”

“Dobby not be taking 5 Galleons a week, will take 5 Galleon’s a month with two days off a month.”  The elf replied.  “You drive a hard bargain but no more wearing a pillowcase, you must dress smart, you can design a uniform.”  Harry said.  “Dobby agrees... Harry Potter sir is good to Dobby, wills Harry Potter Sir take Winky as well?”  Dobby explained that neither he or Winky had bonded to the headmaster and that they both remained free, the remaining elves were in fact bonded to the castle and not to the headmaster.

As Harry drifted off to sleep he was greeted by a young woman dressed in white, “Greetings young Heir, I am the spirit of Hogwarts, I have been waiting for an heir to walk these halls, you do not need to wear the family ring for me to recognise you as the heir to Godric.”  The Spirit of Hogwarts explained that Harry would now be able to command the castle.”

On Azkaban preparations were being made for Harries arrival, a new lease of life had come over the inhabitants, soon to be free of the interference of the useless Ministry of Magic. 

Draco was tense the whole day whilst he waited for the vile rat.  Since arranging the meeting with the Gryffindor’s Draco had avoided them rather than risk the olive branch by petty name calling, he was thankful that they had returned the favour.  Draco had no appetite at dinner time, Harry and Ron saw Malfoy leave the great hall on his way to meet Pettigrew.  They quickly made their way back to the common room; Hogwarts had explained to him that she would create a passageway from their dorm room to any part of the castle thus avoiding the portraits.  As soon as Ron and Seamus found out they both asked Harry to create a permanent passage to the kitchens, to the merriment of the rest of their dorm mates.

Draco waited in one of the empty classroom down in the dungeons; he quickly drew his wand as Pettigrew turned into his human form. “It is good to see you again” Pettigrew said lecherously.

With lightning speed Draco cast the Immobulus spell.  As Pettigrew fell to the floor Draco quickly cast a spell to turn him into his animagus form.  After making sure the rat was secure Draco covered himself in his invisibility cloak.

Myrtle was keeping an eye out to make sure no one could interrupt the meeting.  Taking a deep breath Draco opened the door to the bathroom.  “Seamus keep your hands to yourself for one moment” Harry cried out as Dean and Neville began to laugh.

“We are here are you requested Draco.”  Harry said as Draco removed his cloak.  “Thank you, however it seems a strange place to meet.”  Harry chuckled as he walked over to the sinks and spoke in Parseltongue.  “How do you two want to be the first Slytherin’s to go into the Chamber of Secrets in fifty years?”  Both Theo and Draco stood in shock with an excited look on their face.  Harry and Ron jumped down the tunnel and waited for everyone else.

“Bloody hell” Theo cried out, “This skin is worth a fortune, Basilisk Armour is very rare.”  Theo and Draco were looking around with glee in their faces.  “Harry, you should ask Ulric if they can harvest all this stuff.” Ron announced.

After overcoming most of his shock Draco turned to his once nemesis and repeated the oath.  “Now that that is done.” Draco said as he repeated what he had said to Theo, “whilst my personal view is that I don’t really care about Muggle born and half bloods, I do not want our world put at risk with more witch trials.  You have defeated the dark Lord several times and you are a half blood, not to mention Granger.”  “Actually the Dark Lord is a half blood” Dean announced.  Draco and Theo gasped in shock, “As you have shared information so will I” Harry began as he explained exactly who Tom Riddle was.

“To show I am sincere, I have brought you a peace offering” Draco announced as he handed over the cage containing the still stunned Pettigrew, “That BASTARD” Harry cried out when he saw who it was.  Harry quickly used his signet ring to summon some guards, however due to his anger the signal was more powerful than expected.  Everyone looked round as Azkaban soldiers filled the chamber as they appeared from the shadows ready to battle anyone who would threaten their Lord.  “MY Lord.” Gregory cried out.  “This is Peter Pettigrew the real betrayer of my parents, can we have a public trial on the island when we visit.”  Gregory snapped his fingers to summon two guards, “Take this waste back to the island, make sure he does not escape and is alive to stand trial.”

“FUCKING HELL Potter” Draco cried out, “You’re Lord Azkaban.”  Gregory looked around and began to conjure chairs for everyone.  “Gregory do we have people on the Island who can render this Basilisk, there is also a full shed skin in the other chamber.”

With a hearty laugh Gregory replied, “Indeed my Lord, the Master of your Graces Creature Sanctuary Ronan with think it is his birthday and Christmas all at once.”  “Yes Draco, I am.” Harry replied grinning.

The two Slytherin’s came up with a plan for their absence from the castle.  As the senior Malfoy had written to Draco so say that he was going away on business, Draco would be alone at the manor, so no one would notice his absence, if anyone asked Theo would be going with him.

That night Draco sent a message to his father to inform him that Pettigrew had never turned up.


I have grave news, I waited as instructed for Pettigrew, however he never turned up, there was a commotion earlier with the Mudblood Potter.  As the old fool was not involved I think Potter went behind his back.

I will let you know as soon as I find out more.


The elder Malfoy read the note worriedly as he made his way to talk to the Dark Lord.

“My Lord, I beg an audience, I have grave news.”  Lucius said as he bowed.  The Dark Lord waved his hand. “My Lord, my son has just written to me to say that Peter never arrived.”  Lucius said with his head bowed as he held out the letter.

The wizard currently possessed by the spirit of the Dark Lord roared with anger. “This is a minor setback, make discreet enquires at the Ministry, I will make enquires with someone at Hogwarts, now get out all of you.” He said angrily.

The Wizarding world woke to the shocking news of Pettigrew’s capture.

Order of Merlin recipient Peter Pettigrew found alive

Late last night the Azkaban Government announced that they had Peter Pettigrew in custody.  Peter Pettigrew was believed murdered by the infamous Sirius Black following the murder of Lily and James Potter which left the Boy-Who-Lived an orphan.

The Daily Prophet has continued to press the Ministry to comment about the absence of any record of a trial of Sirius Black.

Under the treaty with the Grey Mages the Ministry of Magic agreed that only convicted criminals would be sent to Azkaban Prison.

A representative of the Azkaban Government made the following statement.

“At the moment his Grace, The Lord Azkaban has held back declaring the treated as broken, I can confirm that hostilities have not yet broken out between our two Governments, however my Lord Azkaban has said that he patience is wearing thin.

Sirius Black has surrendered himself to My Lords mercy and is assisting in our investigation into his illegal incarceration by your Ministry.  As it is clear that your Ministry is complicit in deliberate breaches of the treaty a full trial will be held for Lord Sirius Black, as your Government is directly linked to illegal activities My Lord Azkaban has agreed that the presiding Judge shall be the Chief Warlock of Canada so as to ensure the impartiality of the trial.”

As soon as we here at the Daily Prophet was made aware of these shocking events attempts were made to get a statement from the Ministry of Magic, however the only response was no comment.

Up in Gryffindor tower Ron was reading the same article, “Wow, Ulric really did a number on the Ministry, sounds like Lord Azkaban is having a real bitch fit.”  “Oi you cheeky wanker” Harry cried out indignantly as the other dorm mates were laughing. 

The Gryffindor’s made a point of entering the Great Hall from the side door next to the head table.  As everyone saw Harry walk in the hall hushed.  “Well Ron, all I can say is that Lord Azkaban is obviously more competent than the Wizengamot, really makes you wonder what the old fools do all day.”

“That is quite enough Mr Potter; the Wizengamot is made up of distinguished members of our society.”  The headmaster said angrily.  “If that was true Headmaster, Sirius Black would have had a trial; after all doesn’t the House of Black... and Potter for that matter have a seat on the Wizengamot.”  “Come on Harry” Ron said, “Politics is not a conversation for the breakfast table.”    Seamus and Dean then struck up a conversation about Quidditch as they went to take their seats.  A black Raven flew on to the hall and dropped a scroll in front of Harry.  After reading it's contents Harry stood and walked up to his head of house.

“Excuse me Professor, but I have been summoned to appear at Pettigrew’s trial.”  Harry said as he handed the summons to the Transfiguration Professor.  “Very well Mr Potter.”

“I do not think it safe for you to leave the school grounds Harry” the Headmaster said kindly.  “Are you saying I should ignore a court summons Headmaster?”  Harry replied as he took the letter back from Ulric.  “Lord Azkaban will send a coach to collect me with some guards, so I am perfectly safe.”

As soon as Harry took his seat Hermione started with her rant, “How dare you talk to the Headmaster like that, you should show more respect.”  Harry slammed his hand down on the table with a loud bang attracting the attention of the whole hall.  “Granger, I know you understand English, but as you seem to be so thick I will say it again, mind your own business.”

That evening the Gryffindor boys, along with Draco and Theo were in the room of requirement along with the three other Champions along with Ginny.  Gabrielle was sitting next to Harry who she had adopted as her big brother after he had saved her during the second task.  They were all discussing the Charmed Island.  “Harry, Luna would love to visit the sanctuary, I bet there are all sorts of strange creatures.”  Harry began to get increasingly angrier when he heard about the bullying.  “I will ask her if she wants to come with us tomorrow at breakfast.”

Both Winky and Dobby made sure that there was enough snacks for everyone.  Harry had noticed how quiet Viktor seemed, far more so than normal.  By late early evening there was only Harry, Viktor, Ron, Theo and Seamus left.  Theo and Ron were engrossed in a game of chess with Seamus torn between wanting his boyfriend or dorm mate to win.  Harry smiled as he walked over to Viktor.  “Is there something bothering you mate?”

Viktor had seen how the relationship with the loud Irish boy and the Slytherin didn’t seem to bother Harry and that he even joined in the playful flirting.

“Vat do the muggles think of same sex relationships?” Viktor asked apprehensively.  Harry shrugged his shoulders, “It's a mixture, there are some who hate gay people as much as the purebloods hate muggles, but as far as I am concerned a person can't help who they are, why?”

“I haff been seeing someone for the last six months, however we were caught and someone threatened to tell the newspapers about me.  If my father finds out he will kill me, I am not sure but I think he is a supporter of the Dark Lord.”  Harry could see how the quiet Bulgarian was worried.  “Who is blackmailing you?”

Theo and Ron were disturbed from their game by Harries shout, “THAT FUCKING BITCH”  Seamus put his arm around Viktor’s shoulder, “We will back you up mate” Seamus said emphatically.  The others went back to their chess game, with a playful smile Harry asked the Bulgarian, So do I know this mystery wizard?”

For the first time since Hermione had caught him Viktor laughed, “Indeed you do, it is Oliver Wood.”  Harries chin dropped, “You lucky sod, he is hot.”  Harry said without thinking, Viktor was clutching his ribs as he laughed the sight of Harry blushing so furiously.  “Oliver used to tell me how he used to put on a show when he used to catch you watching him in the showers after practice.”

“I am going to kill him next time I see him.” Harry said playfully.  It was a more light-hearted Viktor who snuck back onto the ship, he best friend having charmed the pillows to move as if they were a breathing body in Viktor’s bed.

“Viktor my friend” Andre said as Viktor got ready for bed, “I am pleased to see you smile again.”  Andre and Viktor had been friends since before they started Durmstrang as both their fathers worked for the Bulgarian Ministry.  They both had complete trust in each other.  Viktor told his friend what had happened that evening with Harry and how he had been invited to the Island. “Viktor...” Andrea said shyly, “Do you think your friend would allow me to come with you?  My father has said that I will be inducted as soon as I finish my education.”

Viktor hated to see his friend so upset, “I promise it will not be a problem... as we are both of age, would you like to come with me as I intend to ask Lord Azkaban for sanctuary.”  “I would like that, although we do not have the same blood, I could not have asked for a better big brother than you.”

Leaving the ship as soon as the sun rose, Viktor and Andre made their way to the castle.  As they walk towards the Great Hall Viktor saw Neville leaving the greenhouses, “Morning Viktor, I didn’t know you Quidditch stars got up this early.” Neville said playfully.  Viktor laughed, “Don’t make be fly off with you and drop you off my broom, can you please let Harry know I need to see him about something important.”

Neville nodded his head, “Of course Viktor.”  The two friends walked up to the castle with Andre following behind wondering why Viktor wanted to talk to the Potter boy.

Viktor and Andrea were waiting on the steps outside the huge doors leading into the castle.  “Walk down to the Quidditch stand” Harry whispered in Viktor’s ear whilst under his invisibility cloak.

Once they were all hidden from sight Harry removed the cloak, “Hey Viktor, Neville said you needed to see me, with all the death munchers in the castle I didn’t think you wanted to be seen with the boy who lived.”

“Thank you my friend, Harry, this is Andre Ivanov, by best friend, he too is expected to join the death eaters when he finishes his education, I wondered if he can come with me to visit the Island and hopefully if I can convince him to ask Lord Azkaban to let us move to the island.”

Harry smiled, “Nice to meet you Andre, it seems Viktor has been hanging around the twins, My name is Harry Potter, I am also Lord Azkaban, if Viktor says you are such a good friend then that is enough for me.”  Harry used his ring to summon the guards he knew were watching him.  “Can one of you get Ulric for me please?”  “As you command My Lord” the young guard replied.  Harry didn’t have to wait long.

“How may I serve you my Lord?” Ulric said.  “Ulric, this is Viktor Krum, the big Quidditch star and this is Andre Ivanov, Viktor must finish the Tournament, after the final event I want them both granted sanctuary.”

“It will be done as you command My Lord, as they cannot shadow jump, might I suggest the use of your carriage, they will be safe once inside.”  Andre could not believe his ears.  “Harry, thank you so much my friend”  “Do not worry Viktor” Harry replied.

“You may speak in front of Viktor Ulric.  How is everything for the trial?” Harry said.

Taking a seat on the tree trunk Ulric explained the preparations, “The trial will be held in your audience chamber of the Castle, one way portkey’s have been created to bring the delegation from the Ministry to the castle, they will then be given a one way portkey to take them back to the ministry, there will be that asinine fool Fudge, and a person named Umbridge, Director Bones and a Weasley?”  “Yer that must be Percy, Ron’s older brother.” Harry replied

“We have already had several messages from your Headmaster asking for an audience with Lord Azkaban, he sent a missive asking for an alliance with his Order, when we did not reply he began to floo, he is such an infuriating old windbag.”  Harry laughed at the description of the Headmaster.  “My Lord, might I suggest that we offer an olive branch to Director Bones, your intelligence operatives.”  “I have intelligence operatives?” Harry asked.  With an indulgent smile Ulric replied, “Of course My Lord, Azkaban is an independent state and has all the same departments as any other government.”

“Ulric, the notes you gave me said there was a werewolf village on the Northern peninsula, do they use Wolfsbane Potion?”  Harry asked.  “No My Lord, there are only half a dozen people in the whole of Britain who know of the recipe, they make sure word does not get out which is why they can charge such a high price.  That was one of the problems of the Island shutting it's self from the rest of the World.”

“I will see if I can get the recipe before you pick me up for the trial, can you get me the head of the werewolf village, in fact bring him with you when you come to pick me up to take me to the trial.  But do not mention the potion; I don’t want to get their hopes up.”

Later that morning in History of Magic Harry had the chance to ask Draco if he knew where he could get the recipe.

“Snape has the recipe” Draco replied, “He makes it for Lupin every month, as he allows me to use his potions lab I can copy the instructions.  I will have an owl deliver them to you tomorrow, the parchment will be charmed with the same password as your map.”

Chapter Text

That evening the headmaster held an order meeting at Grimmauld Place. Sirius however was absent as he sat with a glass of brandy telling Ulric of the exploits of Harry since he started Hogwarts.

“Thank you friends for coming to another meeting of the Order of the Phoenix.” The headmaster said.  “As you would have heard Sirius Black will be having a trial tomorrow on Azkaban Island.”  “Who will be attending the trial Headmaster?”  Sturgis Podmore asked.

“Lord Azkaban remains an isolationist, they are allowing one way portkeys to take members of the press along with the Minister who has been allowed to take a delegation however it has been restricted to the Minister and five people, Direct Bones, Myself, Delores Umbridge and Percy Weasley and Kingsley will be going, I have made several attempts to make contact with Lord Azkaban.”  “But Headmaster, do they not use Dark Magic?” Molly asked.

Several of the members also feared the same.  “Lord Azkaban and the islands inhabitants are Grey Mages, they have phenomenal power.  They have never supported a Dark Lord on the mainland, they dwell in the space between light and dark magic.  I will attempt to speak to Lord Azkaban.  Now we may have a problem with information that may come out in the trial.  Sirius has often been reckless.  We must be prepared to limit the damage Sirius may cause.”

Kingsley schooled his features; he was well aware of Sirius’s innocence and was shocked that Dumbledore did not use his role as head of the Wizengamot to get a new trial.  He was well aware of the childish games between the Minister and Dumbledore; however Dumbledore had the power and law on his side.  Kingsley couldn’t risk his assignment as Director Bone’s spy within the order by voicing his views.

Kingsley kept quiet as Dumbledore tried to hang Sirius out to dry.

Harry was sitting at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall when a school owl dropped a roll of parchment.  Harry looked up and saw Draco nod his head slightly.  Harry quickly rolled it back up and finished his meal.  It would seem that Draco had come through again.

Taking his time, Harry got dressed in his dress robes with the crest of the House of Potter on his chest.  Before he left the common room he was stopped by Colin Creevy. “Wow Harry, you look great, would you mind if I got a photo Harry?”

Harry knew that Colin and his brother Dennis meant no harm at all, it just seem that they had sugar running though their veins rather than blood. “Sure Colin, why don’t you get your brother and we can get Neville to take the picture?”  Colin ran off to get his brother, “What you up to Harry?”  Neville asked.

“They are harmless Nev, me throwing a hissy fit is not going to stop them asking, there is no way in hell that I am going to turn into a Lockhart... you laugh and I will punch you.” Harry said smirking.  “The likes of Colin and the press are not going to stop, if I work with them then I can at least have some kind of control when I am not on the Islands.”  “Wow, ickly Harrikins is all growing up.”  Fred said from the bottom of the tower stairs.  Harry flipped him the bird as Colin and Dennis arrived.

Neville took a picture of Harry smiling with Colin and Dennis on either side.  “Colin, Lord Azkaban is sending his coach to pick me up as it’s safer, how would you like to get some pictures?”  “Thank you so much Harry that would be great.”

Colin and Dennis followed Harry down to the court yard.  The Headmaster felt the arrival of the Azkaban coach reaching the courtyard shortly after Harry.  Ulric got out of the coach, “My Lord Azkaban is looking forward to meet you Harry.”

Dumbledore allowed his aura to pulse slighting in an effort to show his power, however it was lost on Ulric.  “It was very gracious of Lord Azkaban to send it coach.” 

“You are mistaken Headmaster, the coach is for Mr Potter and other VIP’s to be collected, you will be arriving with the rest of the delegation from the Ministry.”  Dumbledore looked affronted, did Lord Azkaban not know who Albus Dumbledore was.  His mood was not improved when he heard several students sniggering at being put in his place.

“Excuse me Ulric” Harry said.  “Colin is a Gryffindor like me, he is keen on photography, would you mind if he got some pictures of the coach?”

With a smile Ulric replied, “Not at all... oh by the way Headmaster, here is a late summons for Ronald Weasley, he will be travelling with Mr Potter.”  By now a large crowd had formed, in which Hermione was pushing her way to the front.  “I have not yet received a summons.” Hermione announced arrogantly.

“I am well aware of that, you are not needed.”  Ulric replied.  “But why are Harry and Ron needed, I was there as well.”  Before she could be reprimanded by a mortified Transfiguration Professor Ulric shot back.  “If they were there then there is no need for you as well, besides, My Lord Azkaban does not justify himself to an arrogant little school girl.”  Hermione bristled as several Ravenclaw’s and a fair few of her own housemates sniggered.  “Miss Granger, you will return to Gryffindor immediately and cease embarrassing your House and School, ten points for your disrespectful behaviour.”  Hermione rushed off determined not to cry in front of anyone.

“I do apologise.” Minerva began.  “You must be the esteemed Professor McGonagall; Mr Potter speaks most highly of you.”

Minerva raised her eyebrow, “I trust you have not been embellishing your tales Mr Potter.”  With a straight face Harry replied, “There is no need to embellish anything Professor when one speaks the truth.”  Dumbledore turned and stormed inside after being ignored.  As soon as Ulric, Harry and Ron were inside Ulric cast several privacy charms as they set off.

“My Lord Azkaban, this is Alfred Hastings, he is the werewolf village’s representative on your council.”  Ulric said in introduction.  “It is a great honour to meet you my Lord.” Alfred said.

Harry held up his hand, “In private it is Harry, it is good to meet you, I am keen to hear about the village, one of my closest friend has had a terrible time in Britain as he was turned as a young child.  You will be able to meet him after the trial.  I understand that there have been several attempts to get the recipe for the Wolfsbane.”

With a frown Alfred replied, “Indeed My Lord, we have several links with the werewolf community in Britain, I have a petition prepared that I was going to give you my Lord... Our estimate is that there are around 45 innocent men, women and children who are werewolves wishing to seek sanctuary.”

“If there are 45 werewolves, how many family members want sanctuary?” Harry asked.  Alfred gave a sigh of relief when his Lord did not outright refuse.  “My Lord there would be another 30 people.  Our Werewolf community is centred in our village and two other Hamlets over the Charmed Islands.  Our community can take in this number without it being a drain My Lord.”

Harry sat in thought for a moment.  “Mmmm, an interesting proposal, perhaps you should read this.”  Harry said as he handed over the instructions for the Wolfsbane potion.  Alfred could not believe what he held in his hands, without even being asked his Lord had done something no one else had been able to done.

“My Lord...” Alfred whispered tearfully, “Is this the Wolfsbane?”  “Indeed it is, speak to Remus as he has been taking the potion, now Ulric, get with Gregory, get everyone out of Britain who has not deliberately bitten another and make sure none have the Dark Mark, once they are safely on the island announce that the potion will be free to Citizens of the Charmed Isles.  Any who have the dark mark or work for him can suffer.”

“Hey Harry, I bet Draco would be able to help with that as well.”  Ron said.  Harry explained to Ulric Draco’s change of heart.  “Harry before we get there, I am not dressed for Court.”  Ron said shyly.

“Do not worry Mr Weasley, I know how you hate dress robes, but for today we have a set with the Weasley crest.  My Lord you must do something about Gregory, he has been like a little child on a sugar rush having spent all day in a sweet shop since you asked him to dress up as Lord Azkaban.”  Harry laughed at the antics.

Once the carriage reached the island Ron looked out of the window, “Bloody hell Harry, look at the castle.”  Ron small cried out.  Harry look out at the huge council atop of a cliff.

Chapter Text

“”The portkey’s are taking everyone straight into the court chamber; the council would like to meet you first.”  Ulric said, “My Lord” Alfred said, “Might I be excused, I am keen to give the good news to the villagers.”  Harry smiled, “Of course.  When I come back for half term I will come and visit the village, get with Ulric who is planning everything as I want to see as much as I can.”

As soon as they reached the castle Ulric led Harry followed by Ron into the council chamber so that they could all swear allegiance to their new Lord.  As soon as Harry had arrived he felt the wards accept him and pulse once more, the wards filling ever inch of Harries body with energy.

“Once you return for the holidays you will need to take on the wards fully My Lord” Ulric said.  After meeting all of the councillors Harry met with Gregory to go over their plans for his masquerade.  Harry could hear his godfather coming even before he saw him.  “REMUS, you have said that already.”

“Harry” Remus cried out, “Did you know there is an entire village of werewolves here?”  Harry smiled, “Yes I did, I have been chatting with their councillor.”  Harry told Sirius and Remus of the plan for the werewolves.  “Cub... thank you so much, I hate to think how the Ministry would treat the innocent.”  Harry let his informal godfather to hug him.  “After the hearing why don’t you get with Alfred.”

At the front of the of the court room was a high platform where the judge would sit, normally there was the crest of Azkaban, however as the Canadian Chief Warlock was sitting as the Judge on behalf of the ICW their crest adorned the panel.  Rather than a Jury box like the muggle courts there was a public section, on the Judge’s left was the desk where the Minister and his Prosecution would sit, rather than Sirius being in the dock he would sit on the right, he was being represented by the Chief Magistrate of Azkaban.  Harry and Ron would sit behind him. 

Dumbledore sat unhappily with the Ministry delegation, he had tried every bluff he could to try and leave the court room but had been stopped every time.  After the Captain of the guard threatened to have him expelled he sat down grudgingly.

Harry walked in with Ron to take their seats.  Harry copied Draco’s trademark smirk as he smiled at the Minister.

“Oya Oya” The court user called out.  “All those with information for the Special Investigation of the ICW into the detention of Lord Sirius Black, Patriarch of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black draw near, Chief Warlock Charles Drake of the Canadian Chamber of Justice presiding.”

Once the Judge had taken his seat he called for Sirius, “Bring in the defendant.”  Sirius walked in followed by the Chief Magistrate and Gregory dressed as Lord Azkaban.  The room was filled with the sigh of flash bulbs going off.  “BLACK is a wanted criminal, he should be restrained.”  Fudge said pompously. The judge banged his gabble, “SILENCE, Lord Black’s criminality has not been proven, as he surrendered himself to these proceedings a fool would think he would abscond, not sit down.”  Fudge bristled at the rebuke.

Sirius stood as the clerk read out the charges. “Lord Sirius Black of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, you are charged this day with serving the British Dark Load calling himself Voldemort.”  The Judge rolled his eyes as the British wizards and witches flinched, the clerk did not bother paying attention to them, “, you are charged that you did aid him in the attack upon Lord James Potter of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and Lady Lilly Potter wife to said Lord and heir to His Grace the late Lord Azkaban, you are further charged with the murder of thirteen muggles and of Peter Pettigrew, you are further charged with the escape from Azkaban Prison, how do you plead?”

“I plead Not Guilty to each count your worship.”  Sirius replied confidently “Very well, Magistrate you may begin.”

Sirius sat down as the Chief Magistrate began.  “ In 1981 Britain was in the throes of an Insurrection by a self proclaimed Dark Lord, on the night of All Hallows Eve, the Late Lord and Lady Potter of blessed Memory  went into hiding with their young son Harry Potter, in an effort to increase their safety they were hidden under the fidelous charm, the plan was for the secret keeper to be Lord Black, however as he would be the most obvious choice this was changed to Peter Pettigrew, following the murder of Lord and Lady Potter in a fit of anger Lord Black went after his once friend, in a confrontation Peter Pettigrew exploded a muggle gas line, after cutting off his own finger he turned into his unregistered animagus form of a rat and escaped.”  The Magistrate waited as he saw the reporters busily writing everything down.  “Then in contravention of the International Statue of Justice to which the British Ministry is a signatory Lord Black was taking into custody by Bartemous Crouch and kept without trial in Azkaban Prison in contravention of the treaty between His Grace, my Lord Azkaban.  Whilst the current Minister was not in office at the time, he was at the time of Lord Blacks escape from his unlawful custody, when offered with evidence showing Lord Blacks innocence he simply dismissed it.  Lord Black was then kept under practical house arrest by Albus Dumbledore, Chief Warlock of the British Wizengamot and Supreme Mugwump.”  Both Fudge and Dumbledore tried to object to spin the events to their advantage.

“Minister Fudge” The Judge began,  “You will answer the questions without any blustering, were you offered evidence of Lord Blacks innocence?” 

“No I was not, I was shouted at by two school children who were obviously suffering from trauma at the hand of Black who had spent ten years in Azkaban.”

Dumbledore knew his back was in a corner, if the trial had been in Britain he could have controlled it, however to much information was becoming public.

With the testimony of Pettigrew, Dumbledore knew he had lost.   The Canadian Chief Warlock was in no doubt, the traitors testimony was enough.  “In my many years service with the ICW I have never encountered such corruption as I have seen in this trial that infests the British Ministry, I will recommend to the Grand Chamber of Justice that the ICW institute sanctions against the British Ministry.  Firstly the matter of Lord Sirius Black, I have no difficulty in finding him not guilty of all charges, however he is fined 50 Galleons for being an unregistered Animagus, as restitution to the House of Black I award the sum of 100,000 Galleons per year that he was unlawfully detained, the sum to be taken directly from the Gringotts account of the Ministry of Magic, Cornelius Fudge for the attempted murder of Lord Black I fine you personally 50,000 galleons, the money to be kept in trust by Gringotts, it is only your Immunity that prevents me from tossing you in the same cell in which you left Lord Black, Albus Dumbledore for you complete dereliction of duty, I order your removal as Supreme Mugwump and bar you for life from re-election.  As your appointment as Chief Warlock is a matter for the British Wizengamot I cannot remove you from that.  It remains to be seen if you will face the consequences for the kidnapping of Harry Potter as you were never his lawful guardian”

“I must protest this travesty, I was acting in the best interest of our society” Dumbledore said as he stood up.  “You may protest all you want; I will ensure that the transcript of this trial is made public...Lord Black, you are exonerated and are free to go with the thanks of the court.”  Sirius nodded his head respectfully.  “I must insist that as Pettigrew is a British Citizen he be handed over to the British Ministry for trial.”  Delores said pompously.

“I am well aware of the British Justice, you allow the guilty to go free for galleons then rob an innocent man of ten years of his life, as Lady Potter was by right of birth a Citizen of the Charmed Isles then he shall remain here for the remainder of his life.  Peter Pettigrew you are found guilty of material participation in the murder of the late Lord and Lady Potter, as such your life is forfeit, you shall be taken from this court to a place of execution.  The proceedings are adjourned.”  The Judge stood and waited for everyone to rise before leaving.  Harry ran over to hug Sirius.

“Lord Azkaban.” Dumbledore said as he walked over to the disguised Lord Marshal. “Might I enquire if you were passed my messages?”  “I am well aware of you incessant communication, you will cease these.  Now Director Bones, might I prevail upon your to meet with me?”  Gregory said.  “As the Minister of Magic I would like to be present along with Delores Umbridge who will be my ambassador.” 

“Do not presume to give me instructions Fudge, do not forget you are a temporary guest here, I have no desire to be in your presence any more than I have to, yet again you try to break the treaty by appointing one of your cronies, I suggest you read the treaty before I declare it in abeyance, it would be regrettable if hostilities were to break out, under the terms of the treaty I will chose the ambassador, GUARDS... Escort the Minister, his lapdog and Dumbledore off of my island.”  Four Azkaban guards came forward.

Gregory led Amelia and Kingsley to the Lords Private apartment.  It was only due to her training that Amelia had schooled her emotions as the shocking turn of events.  Once they were in the apartment Gregory removed his hood, “Lord Azkaban” Amelia said.  Gregory chuckled, “I am afraid I am not Lord Azkaban, I am his Lord Marshal... do not worry, neither of you are in any danger, however before my Lord Azkaban reveals himself I would ask for a vow that you will not reveal his identity.”

Amelia and Kingsley swore to keep the identity secret.  “Please stand for His Grace Lord Azkaban, Grand Duke of Azkaban, Master of the Grey Mages, ruler of the Charmed Isles.”  As Harry walked in the room Gregory and the two Guards dropped down to their left knee.  “How is this possible?” Kinglsey asked.  Amelia frowned at him for daring to offend the Azkaban people. “Hey Baldy” Sirius called out as he entered the room.  Kingsley laughed as he greeted his old friend.

“I think I better explain before Director Bones hexes Sirius and Kinglsey.” Harry said.  “Please do Lord Azkaban.”  Amelia said tersely. 

“Directory, my mother is descended from the Grey throne, the last Grey Lord died several years ago, now the main question I am sure you want answered is the Treaty...  No the Army will not attack Britain.”  Harry could see the look of relief on the Director’s face.  “I am glad to hear that your Grace.”  Harry held up his hand, “Harry please... now Azkaban Prison, I have taken back control, you do not need to worry about the Dementor’s, when my troops took back control they were foolish enough to attack them, the Dementor’s have all been destroyed.  No one will be allowed in or out of the prison until we have checked everyone and interrogated them.  Nothing can convince me that Lucius Malfoy was under the imperious curse.  No one else will be able to buy their way out.”

Amelia could not believe what she was seeing and hearing, the leader of one of the most powerful magical force on Earth was nothing by a 15 year old boy who was acting far more mature than many would think.  “Now Director, I will agree to you sending Auror’s to participate in the interrogations, but I will not allow Fudge to send anyone.”

The amount of intelligence that she could gain was very enticing.  “the only members of the Ministry who will be allowed to visit the prison are those with a charmed order from yourself, anyone else will be arrested as a spy, do we have a deal?”  Harry asked.  Amelia had no problem in agreeing.  “Now Harry, it seems there is one other matter.”  Amelia said.  “Allow me pup” Sirius said as he explained how he had worked with Kingsley.

“Now Amelia” Sirius said to his old boss, “I want nothing to do with the Dumblebore’s order, I am going to empty anything of value from Grimmauld place, I will allow the order to use it.”  Amelia sat back and thought.  “Director, the Grey mages can shadow walk, they can dwell anywhere there is a shadow, so we can still keep informed of what the order does.”  Amelia looked concerned at the threat the Grey Mages posed.

“Director, Sirius and Remus have spoken extremely highly of you, you have my word you will not be spied upon.” Harry said reassuringly.

“That is reassuring to know, as long as we can share intelligence would you be agreeable to Kingsley representing me in the interrogations?”  “That will be fine, Gregory please get Kingsley and the Director a permanent portkey ring.”  Gregory bowed his head, “As you wish My lord.”

“When my troops took back control we closed the floo connection between the Ministry and the Prison, the ring I am going to give you will allow you to cross the wards without any harm as you are not Grey Mages.  It will also show any guards that I know of you as they have a bit of a hatred for the mainland wizards after what they did to the island and me.  Now would you like to see the changes to the prison before I have to get back to Hogwarts.”

Harry led everyone down to his carriage that was waiting in the courtyard.  Amelia was shocked when the guards stopped the carriage and ordered everyone out so that it could be checked.  Gregory saw the shock on her face.  “Security will be no good if we allow exceptions, My Lord has said that the security checks apply to everyone with no exceptions.”

“We have placed anti animagus wards around the prison, each cell has it's own magical suppression charm rather than a prison wide one, this way if something was to happen the cells would be more secure.  There are magical detectors in the waters around the prison in case someone tries to arrive that way.  We have also placed muggle motion detectors around the prison and it's approach.”  “Doesn’t magic distort muggle technology?” Kingsley asked.  Gregory shook his head, “Not at all, the Grey Mages are more adept at working with Magic.”

Amelia was greatly relieved at the improvements made to the prison.  As soon as she returned to the Ministry, Amelia made preparations for the Wizengamot hearing the following day.  As expected the Daily Prophet had spun the events of Sirius’s trial with little said about the actions of the Minister, instead they made their view of the Headmaster known.

When Harry and Ron returned to the castle they made their way up to their dorm room to change, after getting out of the dress robes they went to relax in the common room.  Hermione returned from the library.

“I don’t know who that person was but their behaviour was atrocious, I have never been so embarrassed.”  She said to Harry who barely looked up, “Did you hear me, I just spoke to you.”  The occupants of the common room looked on.  “You did not talk to me Granger, you talked at me, you are nothing but a short sighted little school girl and that was exactly how you were treated, here is a news flash, your nothing special, now go away.”  When she no one was paying attention she stormed up to her dorm room.

“Harry” Ginny began, “I spoke with Luna, she would really like to visit the sanctuary.”  Harry looked at the person who for all intense and purposes was his little sister.  “That will be fine Gin, at least now you won't be the only girl there with all the guys.” “Ewwwww, boys are sooo ucky.” Ginny said playfully.  Ginny sat with Harry telling her about Luna.

Chapter Text

Colin walked through the door way, “Hi Harry how was Azkaban Island, it must be great, so little is known about the Charmed Isles, thank you for getting me those pictures Harry, want to see them?”  Harry had finally began to realise that by his own actions there were many in the school who saw him as a role model, when he complained about it in his dorm room Neville replied, that he should stop bitching that if he didn’t want people to look up to him then he should stop getting involved in hair brained adventures.  Harry sat in shock as Ron, Seamus and Dean were howling with laughter.  Neville just sat back looking smug.

“Sure Colin that would be cool.”  Harry replied.  “Harry, it’s so sweet how you treat him.”  Ginny said.  “As someone very wise pointed out to me that I complain when people simply see me as the boy who lived, so I shouldn’t whine when they see Harry Potter, the boy who does stupid things.”  Ginny burst out laughing.  “So very true.”  Harry pulled a chair over so Colin could sit down.

“Colin, I spoke with Lord Azkaban when I was on the Island, he said that if you would like to visit over the holiday with me it would be ok.”  Colin’s smile was so wide it was a surprised his jaw didn’t get stuck.  “Wow Harry you are great, I would really love that, would Dennis be able to come as well, he doesn’t have many friends in the muggle world.” Colin said sadly.

“Of course he can come, he is a member of this house so he has plenty of friends, I don’t have any friends in the Muggle world either.”  Minerva entered the dorm room to update the notice board, she had noticed a remarkable change in Harry Potter of late, she knew how he hated the fame that came with his name, however she was pleased that he had taken such a keen interest in the younger years, there was no doubt he got the caring from his mother who went out of her way to help the younger students.

The following morning at breakfast everyone noticed the headmaster’s absence.  Whilst he was at the Ministry for the Wizengamot meeting trying to garner support Sirius was at Gringotts setting up a vault for the damages from the Ministry.

“Icepick, I would like to hire a team of cursebreakers to search Grimmauld Place, I want everything of value to be boxed up to be sent to Azkaban Castle.”  Sirius announced.  “That is possible Lord Black, there will of course be a fee.”  Sirius agreed to the fee and signed the contract.

As Bill was in the country on leave from Egypt he was called into Icepick’s office.  “Mr Weasley, I am afraid you leave must be cut short, one of our most prestigious clients requires the services of a Curse breaker.”  Bill was not happy at having his leave cancelled, but at least he would still be in the country.  “Lord Black here requires the services of a team of curse breakers.”

Because of the antics of the twins, Sirius had a fondness for the Weasley clan.  Sirius took everyone to his family home.  The only person in the house was Tonks who had guard duty.  “Hey Cuz, mum was so happy when she heard the news.”  Tonks announced happily.  Whilst Bill and the Goblins were busy Sirius went with Tonks to see her parents.

The Wizengamot were already in an uproar over the revelations from Sirius’s Trial.  The front page of the Prophet had centred on the actions of the Chief Warlock

Albus Dumbledore removed as Supreme Mugwump following the kidnap of the Boy-who-lives Harry Potter and refusing Lord Sirius Black a trial.

Meanwhile the Quibbler had not pulled any punches in their reporting.

Lord Sirius Black proved innocence of all crimes, Ministry fined 1,000,000 Galleons, Minister Fudge himself fined for attempted Murder, Albus Dumbledore removed as Supreme Mugwump.

“Witches and Wizards welcome to the Emergency meeting of the Wizengamot” Dumbledore said, “This session has been called to discuss the recent events with the return of Lord Azkaban and the seizure of the prison, I have asked the Archivist of the Wizengamot to update us on this.”

A wizard who looked twice as old as Dumbledore walked into the chamber, “Members of the Wizengamot, after the last war with the Grey Mages the Ministry of Magic entered into a treaty with the then Lord Azkaban, the Ministry forces were on the brink of surrendering, once hostilities ceased all Azkaban forces returned to the Charmed Isles, the Ministry agreed that all witches and wizards convicted in the Wizengamot would be sent to Azkaban Prison and that no one would be sent there that was not convicted.  Lord Azkaban agreed that if ever the Grey throne became vacant the Ministry would assume control of the prison; the actions of the current Lord Azkaban are legal under the terms of the treaty.  By breaking the treaty the Ministry is at risk of declaring hostilities against the Grey Mages.”  The old wizard announced.  Augusta was furious at the risk of that harlot Lestrange getting out of prison, “What is being done to make sure those animals stay there?” she demanded.  Amelia stood up.

“Following the most embarrassing day for the Ministry after the trial I was invited to a meeting with Lord Azkaban and his Lord Marshal, I have personally seen the improvements they have made to the prison, you have my word that those justly sent to Azkaban will not be escaping, as we speak every prisoner is going to be interrogated by both members of the Auror corp and the Azkaban department of Intelligence.  I assure you that after Sirius Black spent ten years in prison Lord Azkaban is keen to make sure there are no other innocent people in prison and that no one else can escape.”

“Amelia as Chief Warlock I should have been informed of this agreement.” Dumbledore said.  “You are mistaken your role as Chief Warlock is allegedly to oversee the Judiciary and to ensure that innocent people are not sent to prison.  I was informed by Lord Azkaban that you have over seen two other incidents of an innocent person being sent to Azkaban.” Amelia replied angrily.

Fudge sat back and enjoyed the sight, he was no fan of Dumbledore so enjoyed him being knocked down several pegs.

“Amelia, I will not allow you to besmirch my name with baseless accusations.”  Albus said angrily.  “I demand to know who the Director is referring to” Antonio Zabini shouted.  “Fifty years ago the Chamber of Secrets was opened at Hogwarts in which a first year was killed, at the time Albus Dumbledore was the Transfiguration Professor but also Chief Warlock, he allowed Rubeus Hagrid to be sent to Azkaban and was expelled from Hogwarts.  Then the last time the chamber was opened Minister Fudge went to Hogwarts along with Lucius Malfoy who is not employed in any capacity by the Ministry to announce to the Headmaster that Hagrid was being sent to prison so that the minister could be seen to be doing something.  Be in no doubt the Azkaban Military are calling for war because of the betrayal of the Ministry.”

Lucius was furious, how could this hag know of these things.  The morning session was more painful for the Minister and Dumbledore than have a root canal.  During the lunch recess Sirius met Amelia in her office with Harry who had spoken to the Deputy Headmistress about claiming his seat.

As Dumbledore called the afternoon session to order Sirius and Harry arrived, “What is that child doing here?”  Umbridge demanded.  “Mr Potter, you should not be away from school without permission, you will return immediately.”

“Actually, Chief Warlock, you don’t have the power to send me back to Hogwarts.”  Harry replied.  “I am the Headmaster that gives me the right and I won't be spoken to in that manner.”  Dumbledore replied angrily.

“At the moment you are acting as the Chief Warlock not the Headmaster, in any event I have the permission of the Deputy Headmistress and my Guardian Lord Azkaban to assume my family seat.  Now I may be a child by age, I have never been allowed to be one.  When I was young the Ministry treated me as a trophy, the moment the Minister decided to cover up my Godfathers innocence any trust I had in the Ministry was destroyed.  This ring on my finger signifies that I am Lord Potter, now I accept that I am too young and too inexperienced to take my seat, not to mention the problems I have with Death Munchers trying to kill me.”  Sirius smirked when he saw the furious look on the elder Malfoy’s face.

“As is my right as Lord Potter I will appoint a proxy to assume my seat on the Wizengamot and also the Board of Governors, especially after the events at Hogwarts since I started there as a little firstie.”

Antonio Zabini would have to have words with his son, the little rascal had failed to tell his father about the new Harry Potter when Blaise had told his father of his friendship.

“Until I choose otherwise I appoint Remus John Lupin as proxy.” Harry announced.  “How dare you try and have that filth on the Wizengamot.”  Umbridge said angrily.  Everyone looked on in shock as Harries aura flared angrily.  Dumbledore was shocked, he had often used his own aura to show his power, but he had never seen someone so young with such power.  “You hag, if it wasn’t for the fact that we are in this chamber I would wipe the floor with you, make sure you never make that comment again in my presence.”  “How dare you Potter speak to a respected member of the Ministry like that” Fudge shouted.

“Minister, you have already cost the Ministry 1,000,000 Galleons for what you did to my Godfather, you have risked war with the Grey Mages with your illegal actions then in yet another breach of the treaty you tried to force Lord Azkaban to accept your toady as Ambassador, haven’t you done enough damage?”  Before the Minister could retort Sirius walked forward.  “Now that my innocence has been proven.  I too will be ensuring that the name of Black is restored.  So I therefore appoint my cousin, the only one to support me Andromeda Tonks Nee Black.”

“How dare you dishonour my wife by having a blood traitor take the Black seat.”  Lucius shouted venomously.  “Watch yourself deatheater, my innocence was proven in open court, yours was in the bottom of a sack of galleons, I dare you to bare your arms.”  “ORDER ORDER” Dumbledore shouted.  As much as he hated seeing his power challenged, Dumbledore knew that he had no option than to allow the proxies to take their seats.

Antonio would definitely have to have words with his son.  He would soon have his chance at the forthcoming Board meeting at Hogwarts.

Chapter Text

After returning to Hogwarts Harry gave a huge sigh of relief as he would now relax without having to bother with the Wizengamot and the Governors.  At least on Azkaban he had a council to help him.  When he was not in class he would been relaxing with his friends or helping the younger years.

Harry and his friends along with the Champions were sitting in the room of requirement.  Hogwarts had created a portal from the Gryffindor dorm room to the room of requirement, as Michael Avery shared a room with Draco it was decided that the portal would be in one of the unused classrooms in the dungeons.  “How is the potion going Scarhead?” Draco asked using his old nickname for Harry.

“It is going well I think, you will be able to talk to the brewers next week if you want.”  Harry replied.  Now that Hogwarts recognised Harry as the heir she had helped him whenever he needed it showing him the many secret passageways around the castle, all of the portraits were charmed that whilst they would keep the headmaster informed of what happened around the castle, their loyalty was first and foremost to Harry as the last surviving heir.

Dumbledore was growing increasingly frustrated as his inability to find out what Harry had been doing, he was well aware of Harry being a descendant of Gryffindor, he just did not know he was the heir.  Harry had the annoying habit of being able to move around the castle without the headmaster’s knowledge.  Whilst Harry and his friends were relaxing and planning their summers the Board of Governors would be meeting.

Arriving early Antonio went in search of his son, rather than go with Draco to the room of requirement he stayed in the common room reading.  “FATHER” Blaise called out when he saw his father arrive.  “Let us walk.” The Zabini Patriarch said.  Once they were outside Antonio ruffled his son’s heir, “I have a bone to pick with you.  Was there a reason you did not let me know that Mr Potter would be making an appearance?”

“Well, I wanted to make sure you were kept on your toes and make sure age wasn’t creeping up.”  Blaise said mischievously.  “Why you little...”  Blaise’s father said.  “Now tell me what has been happening?”  Apart from telling his father that Harry was Lord Azkaban, Blaise told his father what he had learnt.  “It seems that you are more like me than you brother.” Antonio said playfully, “If you would let Mr Potter know, I will speak to his representative.”

Blaise and his father walked around the lake as they caught up on what each other had been doing.  So as to give Theo and Draco an excuse for not going home Antonio said that he would take Blaise and his dorm mates with him to visit the family in Italy.  Lucius agreed as it appeared that the Zabini family were finally coming off of the fence.  Gryffindor tower looked on in amusement as Colin and Dennis appeared to have over dosed on sugar as they raced around the tower getting ready to go to the Charmed Isle.

Ron looked at his best friend, Harry was up to something, Ron smiled as he saw the gleam in Harries eyes. Ulric would be arriving after dinner to collect everyone who was publicly going to Azkaban Island with Harry.  Dumbledore had not listened to what he had been told at the trial as he continued to try and enter into an alliance between the order.  He had never been treated with such disrespect. The school was in the middle of dinner when Ulric arrived, as he walked past he nodded to Harry who was still grinning.  “Good day Headmaster.”  Ulric said politely.  “I have come early at the request of my Lord Azkaban.”  Severus glared at Harry who had arrived, “Return to your seat Potter, let the adults speak.”

Ulric was furious, with a swipe of his hand the sound of a resounding slap was heard across the hall as he magically struck Severus who stood and drew his wand.  “You will never speak to Mr Potter in that tone in my presence, now lower your wand before you have an accident.”

“That is ENOUGH” Dumbledore said angrily, “I will not have you come to my school and assault my staff.”  Ulric shook his head, “Firstly Headmaster it has never been and will never be your school, you are simply a caretaker until a surviving heir to the founders is discovered, however I am disappointed that you allow your staff to treat your charges with such disrespect,  Mr Potter is here as what I have to say relates to him.”

There was no doubt how angry the headmaster was at the public rebuke, “Then let us goes to my office and speaks in private.”  “I am afraid not, what I have to say relates to the entire school.  During Mr Potter’s second year he along with Mr Weasley entered the Chamber of Secrets after the DADA Professor you hired attempted to flee the castle, whilst in the chamber Mr Potter fought and killed a fully grown Basilisk.”  The staff sat in shock as several students gasped at the news, Harry and Ron both put their hand on Ginny’s shoulder.

“Lord Ulric, do you mean to tell me that a Basilisk was roaming this school?” Minerva demanded.  “Indeed My Lady, the same basilisk that killed a student over fifty years ago, now as you are aware Basilisk parts are extremely valuable.”

“Indeed, I will arrange for it's harvesting and the proceeds will help Hogwarts.”  The headmaster said greedily.

“You are mistaken Headmaster, by right of conquest the basilisk and it's parts are the property of Mr Potter.”  Ulric said as he handed a parchment to Professor McGonagall.

To:           Lord Harry James Potter of the Most Ancient and Nobel House of Potter

From:    Axegrinder, Account Manager of the Most Ancient and Nobel House of Potter

As you have instructed, the Basilisk slain at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was estimated to be 1200 years old.  Both the body and shed skin have been harvested with several items placed in your private vault.  The skin raised a total of 500,000 Galleons whilst the body fetched 1.5 Million Galleons.  The follow drafts have been issued as you requested:

Ginny Weasley: 150,000 Galleons, to be held in trust until she comes of age

Ronald Weasley: 150,000 Galleons, to be held in trust until she comes of age

Justin Finch-Fletchley: 150,000 Galleons, to be held in trust until she comes of age

Colin Creevy: 150,000 Galleons, to be held in trust until she comes of age

Penelope Clearwater: 150,000 Galleons,

Hermione Granger: 150,000 Galleons, to be held in trust until she comes of age

Argus Filch: 150,000 Galleons,

Rubeus Hagrid: 150,000 Galleons.

Gringotts await your instruction for the distribution of the remaining funds.


May your gold flow and your enemies die painfully


The Headmaster held out his hand to his Deputy who smiled at the impudent child.  “Very well Mr Potter.”  Harry took the envelopes from Ulric who turned to face the student population.  “As several of the student population suffered due to the lack or protection they were provided when the Basilisk was released, the envelopes Mr Potter is handing out is a bankers draft for 150,000 Galleons for everyone who suffered or participated in fighting the beast.” Ulric announced.

The hall was sitting in quiet shock as Harry walked to each person who had been petrified.  “I know how important Mrs Norris is to you Mr Filch.” Harry said as he handed the grizzly old caretaker.  As he reached the Gryffindor table he smiled at Ron and Ginny, “I will explain in the coach”, he said.  Hermione glared at him, “How dare you treat Professor Dumbledore like that, you had no right to steal those parts, they belong to Hogwarts.”

Harry was determined not to lose his temper, “Before you put your big mouth into gear I suggest you put your brain into gear, I had every right, but if you don’t want the money then fine.”  Harry turned and returned to the head table.  “Professor McGonagall, as Sir Nick is a Ghost of Hogwarts I have a draft for 150,000 Galleons.”

Before his head of house could reply the headmaster interrupted. “Mr Potter, if you would give me the draft I will ensure it is used correctly.” “As I was saying Professor McGonagall”  Harry said completely ignoring the Headmaster, “So that the entire school can benefit, I have arranged for each House’s Quidditch to get brand new kit, all the school brooms will be replaced with Nimbus 2001’s, the remainder of the funds are to be placed in vault, Gringotts will only allow you access.”  Dumbledore was furious as he stood and left the great hall.  “That is most gracious of you Mr Potter; I will ensure that the funds are used correctly, now be off with you and enjoy your Holiday.”

Harry led all his friends out to the waiting coach.  Harry stopped Ron and Ginny from getting in the coach.  “You both need to choose someone to oversee the vault for you, until you’re of age Gringotts won't allow you full access.  But they are expecting you to buy a brand new set of school things.”  Ron hugged his friend, “Harry, your friendship is all the reward I need.”

“I know Ron, but let’s go as I don’t think the rest can copy with Dennis and Colin.”  Harry said playfully.   Harry still found it so exciting when he saw what Magic could do as he entered the inside of the carriage which had expanded.

Ginny chatting excitedly with Ron, “It’s a shame we have to leave the island early to go shopping; I can't wait to go the Diagon Alley.”  Ron said.  “You don’t have to” Harry said, “You do know that there is a whole city around Azkaban Castle, they do have shops there you know.”  Harry said.  Ron punched his friends arm.

Whilst the coach travelled the same way as the Knight Bus it was far more comfortable, it was an hour’s ride from Hogwarts to the ferry to the island, on the way they stopped to pick up the Slytherin friends.  Once the coach was on the ferry Ulric got out to speak to the ferrymen.  Everyone had been sworn to secrecy about Harry being the Lord of Azkaban, the sight of so many friends who would willingly swear an oath moved Harry.

“My Lord, may I speak with you?” Ulric said having seen the excited ferrymen.  “My Lord, the ferrymen are keen to see you, it would seem that there is also a crowd waiting to greet you.”  Since finding out that he was the Lord of Azkaban Harry had slowly began to change his outlook, rather than wanting to take advantage of his fame, to them Harry was all of their dreams of a life free of Ministry interference, not to mention the new lease of life that had taken over the Charmed Isles.  Harry got out of the carriage to meet the journeyman.  Harry was shocked at the deep emotions the ferrymen had written all over their face.

As the ferry got nearer to the island Harry could hear the cheering.  Draco walked up to Harry, “Remember Harry, to them you are the symbol of everything they care for, you are their hope, they don’t care about the Boy Who Lived, to them you are their Lord, their guide and protector.”

Harry knew that everything Draco had said was true; he was still uncomfortable with all the attention.  As they passed through the fog Harry saw a large crowd waiting.  He was thankful that he had changed into the dress robes of the Azkaban Lord.  “Ulric, would you have the coach take everyone up to the castle, I am going to walk.”  Harry said.  He was surprised to see a tear on Ulric’s cheek.  “With pleasure, thank you and welcome home.”  The Ancient Grey Mage said as he walked back to the coach.

Ron got out of the carriage and walked up with Harry and Draco.  Harry was thankful he had sat down with Draco, for all his faults Draco was the perfect teacher in how the Lord of Azkaban should act.  When Harry saw the emotion in the faces of people waiting to greet him he had no doubt that he had made the right choice in accepting the Lordship.  It was late evening by the time Harry crossed the drawbridge to Azkaban castle, normally it would have taken ten minutes in the carriage, however he had taken Harry three hours to make.  Harry was quiet as he was led to his private apartment.

Sirius could see that Harry was a whirlwind of emotion.  He left Remus in front of the fire with another huge tome.  “Pup” Sirius called as he knocked on Harries bedroom door.  Harry looked up. “I am so so proud of you Harry, you were great today, if James was here his head would have exploded with pride and Lilly would be balling her eyes out.”  Harry smiled as he slowly relaxed as he opened up to Sirius.  Sirius put his arm around his godson’s shoulder and pulled him into a hug.  “Thank you Siri, I needed that.”

Chapter Text

Breakfast was loud and boisterous affair.  Draco grabbed some breakfast before disappearing with the Potion Brewers who were working on the Wolfsbane potion.  Viktor had gone with his friend to look around the city to find somewhere to live.  The girls had gone off with Bill to visit the sanctuary whilst Ulric had arranged a tour of the castle for Colin and Dennis.

High in the dark mountains, the inhabitants could feel the presence of the dark soul, they left their mountain to destroy the threat to their Lord and Island.

“My Lord, it is time to assume the wards.” Gregory said to Harry.  Seamus and Ron were the only others left at the breakfast table and had insisted that they go with their friend.  As soon as they left the private apartments two guards followed the groups deep into the bowels of the castle where the ward stones were set.

Seamus and Ron looked on in shock at the strange sight as bolts of lightning appeared inside a room with no windows. “AARRRGGGGHHHH” Harry cried out in pain.  As the wards began to accept him the presence of the Dark Lord’s soul fragment began to fight with the wards.  Harry fell to his knees.  Ron tried to rush forward to help his friend but was stopped by Gregory.  “Get the hell out of my way.”  Ron said angrily as the trademark Weasley temper began to show.  “You are hurting Harry now get out of my way.”

Normally if anyone had spoken to Gregory that he would have removed their limbs one by one, however he was pleased that the two young men would dare to challenge him so that they could protect their friend and Lord of Azkaban.  “Do you know exactly who I am?”  “I don’t give a flying fuck, move now.”  Seamus said venomously as both he and Ron drew their wands.  Gregory held up his hand to stop the guards.  They could not believe two teenagers were challenging a Grand Battle Master.

The wraiths appeared in the ward room and explained how they could help their Lord.  Because of the darkness of the soul several other wraiths appeared.  Gregory grew increasingly concerned; the only way that a soul fragment would be within his Lord was because it was a Horcrux.  After the fragment was destroyed Harry was taken back to his apartment to rest.

He did not wake until lunch time, by which time news of Seamus and Ron’s challenge to the Lord Marshal has spread throughout the entire garrison of the castle.  Ulric walked to the apartments with a beaming smile.  As he entered he saw the young warriors bombarding  Harry with questions to make sure he was ok, “If you two don’t shut up I will hex your balls off and tell Gregory to lock you in the dungeons.”

Ulric laughed loudly, “I am pleased to see that there are no lasting effects my Lord, the Lord Marshal is beside himself, he has said the wards have never been stronger.”  Harry waved Ulric over.  “What did I miss whilst I was out?”  Harry asked.  “Well My Lord, it seems that your two friends here managed to challenge a Grand Battle Master.”  Harry looked at Ron and Seamus in shock.

“My Lord, allow me to explain, you held a remnant of Riddles soul, you were in fact a living Horcrux, the wards fought with the darkness, your pain was seen by those in the room, when the Lord Marshal stopped your friends from helping you, if they had, then they would have died.”

“Harry” Ron said worriedly, “I didn’t mean to offend anyone, but I hated seeing you in pain, I am really sorry.”  “You misunderstand me Mr Weasley, the Lord Marshal is extremely impressed with you both, I have known Gregory for close on seventy years, he has never spoken so highly of main Landers, news of your exploits have spread around the Garrison, you both have quite a following amongst the troops.  Harry couldn’t hold back his laughter at the look on Seamus and Ron’s face.

“Ron, you do know Bill is going to kill you when he finds out.”  Harry said breathlessly.  Looking at his red haired friend and crazy Irish boy Harry felt his heart swell at the thought of what they risked for him.  After a quick lunch Harry left to have a meeting with Kingsley and Gregory.  Ron and Seamus were going to go into the courtyard to do some flying.  Ron began to look nervous as every soldier they passed snapped to attention saluting them.

“My Lord, you have some very protective friends, it was a surprise to see two fifteen year olds challenge me.” Gregory said with a smile.  Kinglsey raised an eyebrow in confusion.  “This morning I took control of the wards, as you know I had a link to Riddle, it turns out I was a living Horcrux, when the wards fought it I was in some pain, Ron and Seamus challenged Gregory here a Grand Battle Master when he wouldn’t let them help.”  Kinglsey laughed.

“After what we have found out it is good to laugh.”  Kingsley said.  “From what we have gathered from Lestrange it would appear that excluding you there are six.  “How the hell did you get anything from that nut job?” Harry asked.  “My Lord , the Grey Mages are far more adept at the mind arts, they were able to clear away the madness to the real memories.”  “If a Horcrux holds part of his soul then I think I have already destroyed one when I destroyed the diary.”  Harry said as he retold the events of the chamber of secrets.  Both older wizards sat in shock when they heard what had happened.  “Then my Lord, you have destroyed two so far, it would appear that there is one at Hogwarts, namely Ravenclaw’s Diadem, Riddle had a fixation with the founders and placed part of his soul in object’s owned by them.  Lestrange was tasked with storing Hufflepuff’s Cup, it would seem your Godfathers younger brother stole one of the items, Slytherin’s locket.”

“Can the wraiths destroy the soul pieces without damaging the items?”  Harry asked in concern.  Gregory explained that it would be possible.  Before continuing the discussion Harry sent for Sirius and a representative from Gringotts.    Once everyone had arrived Harry explained what they had found out. “HOW DARE that vile creature keep something so foul within Gringotts, I must speak to Chief Ragnok Lord Azkaban” Axegrinder said furiously.  “Before you go” Sirius called out, “After we emptied Grimmauld Place everything was boxed up and put into the Black Vault, could you check there as well?”

Axegrinder rushed back to Gringotts bank.  As soon as the Goblin Chief heard the news he ordered every vault in Gringotts searched in case anyone else had hidden other dark items.  Keen to ensure that the dark items were destroyed Ragnok travelled with Axegrinder to Azkaban castle.  “These items belong at Hogwarts, when I assume the title of Lord Gryffindor I want to give each item to it's respective house, Godrics sword is already at Hogwarts.”  Harry could see that the Goblins appeared angry when he mentioned the sword asking the Chief Goblin about the item.

“Lord Potter, there is a tradition within the Goblin Nation that when a wizard with Goblin artefacts die, then the item should be passed to the craftsman, as there are no descendants of Ragnuk the First still alive I will gift the sword to you.”

Harry thanked the ancient Goblin for his generosity, as the discussions went on into the afternoon Dobby brought  some refreshments as his Harry Potter planned how to fight the death eaters.

By dinner time the Goblins had returned to Gringotts, everyone had arrived back at the castle except Ron and Seamus.  Although Harry knew nothing bad would happen to them on Azkaban Island he was still worried for his friends.  Gregory went to see if he could find them as Harry would be visiting the werewolf town.

Harry didn’t have to wait long as Gregory returned laughing, “Do not fret my Lord, several of your soldiers met your friends earlier and wanted to thank them for challenging me to protect you, it would seem several of your soldiers wished to induct them into their regiment as thanks.”

Harry was pleased for his friend; he just wished Ron would see in himself what Harry saw.  As Harry was sitting in his coach on his way to the Werewolf town he sat back and saw how animated Draco was.  Ulric had not told Harry the celebrations the town’s folk had planned.  As soon as the carriage door opened the townsfolk began to cheer.  As Draco and Harry stepped out of the coach they saw the large banners hanging from the Town hall, each banning had the face of Draco and Harry on it.

Harry felt so proud with himself having made so many people happy.  Draco was close to being overcome with emotion. With one simple selfless act the young Malfoy had adulation than his father could ever dream of.  As the evening progressed Harry looked over at a blushing Draco who was standing very closely to a young man in an Azkaban Military uniform.  For the first time in his life the adulation of the werewolf community did not bother Harry.

The following morning Dobby made sure that there was plenty of hangover cure ready for his Harry Potter and friends.  Remus ran from the room as he was overcome with raucous laughter when Harry had Sirius put in the stocks for being deliberately loud.

Ginny looked at her favourite big brother Bill and was pleased that he was attracted to Fleur and that she obviously felt the same.  Gabrielle acted around Bill exactly how Ginny used to when she was so young.  Since arriving on the island Ginny looked around at her friends.  Her eyes fell on Harry Potter, the boy she used to dream of every night.  After what happened with the cursed diary her crush turned into the same love she had for her brothers, especially when he stopped Ron flying off the deep end every time she spent time with Dean.

Across the channel from Azkaban Island Charlie was visiting the family home.  He was surprised not to see his mother rushing around the house.  He glanced at his father who looked ashen, “DAD” Charlie cried out.  “What’s wrong?”

Arthur looked at his son, “I am just tired Charlie.  You mother was stung by a Billywig while she was in the garden, she is staying in St Mungo’s.”  His mother’s illness still did not explain the look on his father’s face.  Due to the amount of injuries the dragon handlers received several of them had trained at field healers.  Casting a quick diagnostic spell Charlie gasped when he found that his father had potion poising, he wondered how his father could have been poisoned with Amortentia; the amount in his father’s blood stream would mean that he had been given the potion for a long time. 

“Dad, what the hell has been going on, why the hell do you have Amortentia in your blood?”  Charlie demanded.  “Dad, why are you crying?”

“Charlie, I never knew about the Amortentia, you mother went to St Mungo’s on Saturday, since Monday my feelings for her have changed.”  Charlie hugged his father, “Oh Dad, I need to get Bill.”

“No Charlie, he is on leave, he doesn’t get that much.”  Arthur said.  Charlie smiled, “Dad, there is no way in hell am I going to face a pissed off Bill.”  Charlie walked over to the fireplace and called Bills work, he used the password Bill had given him when he became the team leader for the curse breakers. 

Bill didn’t want to worry Ron and Ginny so simply told them that he had been called back to Gringotts.  Bill rushed through the kitchen door sitting down on the sofa so he could hear what had been happening.  Bill’s anger began to grow as his father told him about his change in feelings, as he spoke to his sons Arthur began to remember how he had never particularly close to Molly after leaving Hogwarts.

In the hope of relaxing his father Bill got up to go into the kitchen.  After years of curse breaking Bill had developed a skill of detecting wards, he was surprised that there was a ward on a false panel in one of the kitchen cupboards.  Before tacking the ward he returned to tell his father and brother in case something happened.

The three Weasley men went back into the kitchen, “Dad, this has mum’s signature on it.”  Bill announced, it did not take Bill long to break through the wards to finder several vials of Amortentia.  “Dad, we need to call a family meeting, the others need to know.”  Charlie announced.  All Arthur could say was “Why did she do this?”

Chapter Text

Bill promised to return as soon as he could as he went back to Azkaban Castle to get the rest of his family.  When he arrived he looked on as his adopted brother Harry Potter and his little sister was teasing Ron about his drinking.  “RON WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH A TATOO?” Bill shouted.  Ron spun round trying to hide the Azkaban Infantry Regimental badge. 

Bill ruffled his brother’s hair, “Well Ron, that is something no other Weasley has done.”  Harry saw the look on Bill’s face as he tried to hide his anger.  “Bill what’s wrong, what has happened?”  Harry asked.  Hearing the tone in Harries voice everyone stopped what they were saying.  Bill was thankful it was only his family in the room.

“I am sorry but I need you to come back to the Burrow.”  Bill announced.  “What is it, is dad ok?”  Ginny demanded.  “I will be honest with you...Harry where are you going?”  Bill said.  “Well its Weasley family business.”

“Get your ass back here this minute Harry James Potter.”  Ginny ordered, “You are a Weasley in all but name and hair colour.”  Harry returned to his seat shy fully.

Bill took a deep breath before telling everyone what had happened.  “I can't believe it.” Ginny cried.  Harry quickly summoned Ulric.  “I have to go to the mainland for an emergency, can you let the others know they can stay until Sunday as planned then arrange for them to get back if I don’t return.”  Harry explained why he was going.  “My Lord, might I suggest you take an Azkaban healer with you.”

After a healer was summoned the coach sped along the road to the Ferry.  Along with the healer four guards would also go as well.

As soon as the coach arrived at the Burrow the guards went about securing the property as the healer was rushed in.  The only Weasley not present was Percy.  “Now listen everyone, I have to contact Percy, I don’t want ANY of you to start any arguments, we need to stand together for dad.”

Percy approached the door to his former home apprehensively, “Dad, what’s wrong?” Percy asked worriedly as he saw how ill his father looked.  Ron stood back as his tactical mind worked overtime.  “Bill, I think you should check each of us.” Ron said worriedly, testing each of the Weasley’s Bill was somewhat relieved when no one else showed any signs of potion poisoning or being cursed.  His relief was short lived however when he found Percy had been cursed.  Bill was ready to kill, he found his younger brother had a anger and distrusting charm placed on him.  After the last one was removed Percy collapsed on the floor.

When Percy woke up he looked up into his father’s yes and sobbed, “Dad I am so sorry for what I said.”  Arthur rushed forward wrapping his son in his arms.

Arthur looked around tearfully at his children, both birth ones and the Harry who he had come to think of as another son, “I cannot stay with your mother now, I cannot stay here.”  Arthur announced.  “Molly can have the house back.” 

“What do you mean dad?” Ron asked “The Burrow was the dowry when we got married.  “Well you are all welcome to stay at the Castle.” Harry announced.  All the Weasley’s who had visited Azkaban Island told their father what they had been up to.  After packing up their personal belongings the Weasley’s all got into Harries coach.  Until Arthur had the chance to go to Gringotts to finish his divorce he had sent a message to Gringotts to seal the family vault.

As Harry was on his way back to Azkaban Dobby was in deep conversation with his mate Winky, “Harry Potter Sir will helps.”  Dobby stated to Winky who sat hopefully after hearing what had happened to her father.

The two house elves sensed as soon as their master had returned.  Bill took his father to the apartment he had been staying in as Ron went with Harry to get a snack, “Harry Potter Sirs, Dobby needs to ask something.”  Harry turned to his hyper friend, “Go ahead Dobby.”

The house elf explained how Winky’s father was being sold at the elf Market in London.  “Hey Harry, you know Granger refused the money from the Basilisk, why don’t we use that money to buy all the free elves?”  Harry laughed at the look on Ron’s face.  “How many free elves are we talking about here Dobby?”  Harry asked.  “There be hundred and six free elves, they be dying if they not bonded.”

“Come with me Dobby.”  Harry said as he returned to his apartment and summoned Ulric.  “Thank you for coming Ulric.”  Harry said politely as he explained about the house elves, “My Lord, the castle has no need for house elves to work here, however there is nothing to stop them all binding to you, the islands could benefit from their skills, there is a shortage of several roles within the isles, we would have in years past relied on immigration, however there is too much animosity against the mainlanders, this would help alleviate the problem.”

Harry rested on his bed drifting off to sleep, he had thoroughly enjoyed his holiday on the Islands, the only sad point of the half term holiday was what Molly had done to Arthur, Harry could not understand why she would do such a horrible thing to someone so kind.  As he thought of the Weasley’s he smiled at the thought of his best friend who was sleeping heavily after a farewell party that had been thrown by the soldiers he had become friends with. 

Although Harry had the responsibility of being the ruler of a small nation, he felt far at ease and free on the islands than he did at Hogwarts.

Breakfast the following day was a boisterous affair as the friends chatted happily about all the things they had seen and done.  Harry looked at Colin and Dennis, he didn’t think they could get any more hyper, however he had been wrong as they now had the only photographs of Azkaban Island and Castle.  Ulric had persuaded Harry to allow the Quibbler to write a story about the Islands, Luna’s father readily agreed to use some of Colin’s photograph.

Harry was looking forward to the end of the school year so he could return, even though there was his formal investiture celebration as Lord Azkaban. 

Before leaving he had one of the artisans make a photo album of pictures taken by Colin for his head of house, the person who introduced him to Quidditch.  After lengthy discussions with Ulric and Gregory Harry was going to tell his head of house his true title, Ulric had explained that unless Harry wished to become Headmaster when he assumed the title of Lord Gryffindor then he should talk to the teachers he could trust.  There was no doubt in Neville’s mind that they could trust Professor Sprout.

In anticipation of the Headmasters snooping all of the Gryffindor boys in Harries dorm had returned with new Trunks, Seamus and Ron now the proud owners of Military issue trunks which had been filled with new supplies by their regimental friends.  As soon as their new friends had heard that Ron wanted to go shopping for new things he was dragged around Azkaban City, thanks to all the discounts his friends had got him Ron still had a large sum to put into Gringotts.  Growing up Ron dreamed of having money, however he had finally learned the lesson his dad and elder Brother Bill had been trying to tell him.  Rather than rushing out spending all of the money Harry had given him from the sale of the Basilisk he had only got a new wand, broom and some clothes.  The long chats he had had with some of the Grizzly old soldiers had taught him a great deal, they had spent most of their adult life in service to the people of Azkaban rather than seek glory and medals the honour of serving being more than enough reward.

The look of pride in Bill’s eyes was worth more than all the gold in Gringotts.

Chapter Text

“My Lord”, the red haired woman said.  “What have I told you Granddaughter?”  The imposing figure asked.  “Sorry, Hades.”  That is better the God of the Underworld replied.

Hades waved his hand to summon Lily and James Potter, “The time of the Celestial Equinox approaches, the barrier between the worlds will be at its weakest, after the recent battle in America with those up starts who call themselves the powers that be we are not going to allow our descendants to be used again.  As you know young Harry is my descendant through the Evans line, however the universe must be balanced, which means as you are both tied to young Harry, only one of you will be able to become caporal again, the other must remain as a spirit.”

Lily looked at the desolate eyes of her husband, “James, I know how much you love me, but I remember how your eyes would shine brightly whenever baby Harry came into the room, not to mention the fact that you ended your relationship with Sirius.”  James wrapped his wife in his arms and kissed her cheek.  “We will visit young Harry on the night of his birthday, I have spoken to King Hephaestus, he has agreed to bring Harry and his friends through the portal, as they will be in Asphodel you will both be caporal.

At Hogwarts Harry and his friends settled back into their routine Viktor was excited at his move to the Island, he had made arrangements to rent an apartment for himself and Andre.

After her talk with Harry, Minerva sat down with the photograph album with a glass of single malt on the table.  It would seem that young Mr Potter had inherited his mothers saving people thing.  Whilst she disapproved of Mr Weasley’s tattoo, she was proud of the bravery his displayed along with Mr Finnegan, she has spent the evening discussing the new turn of events with her closest friends Pomona, Filius Flitwick and Poppy Pomfrey, they remained unaware of their impending invitation to the investiture.

After her discharge from St Mungo’s Molly had tried to go back to the Burrow but had been unable to get back in, she had also been refused access to the family vault as well.  After calling on the help of the Headmaster who too had been unable to breach the wards at the Borrow they had both returned to Grimmauld place.  There was an order meeting scheduled for that week where Dumbledore would talk to Arthur.

Despite Remus and Sirius showing their independence Dumbledore could not risk the loss of their usefulness, the manipulative wizard was completely unaware of the developments within the werewolf community as his only contact was Remus.

Since Harries return from Azkaban Island he had been showing a far more mature and independent streak, the headmaster fumed at the interference of Lord Azkaban.  How dare the upstart Lord not show him the respect he was due, he had found out far more about the Islands from that rag The Quibbler than the archivist of the Wizengamot.  That insufferable brat Creevy was had made a fortune with his blasted pictures.  Thinking himself to be alone in his office the headmaster sat down to think on all that he knew about Azkaban and Harry Potter, the loyalty the portraits had was first and foremost to a true heir rather than the headmaster, Harry had instructed Hogwarts who in turn passed the message to the rest of the castle that Harries knowledge of his blood status was to be kept a secret and that if any of the portraits were asked they were to tell the headmaster that Harry was still ignorant. 

Dumbledore sat and thought about how little he knew about what Potter had been up to, with the schism between the golden trio greater than ever, he had lost his most valuable spy, if the portraits had not still been informing him of the goings on he would have suspected them of hiding Potter.  Potter must be stopped from claiming his birthright as the Heir to Gryffindor, if he did so Dumbledore would lose the power and prestige that came with the position of Headmaster, he was well aware of Potters Ancestry; his plans had nearly become unrevealed when Fawkes had taken that blasted hat and sword down to the chamber.  To make matter worse Molly was now bleating about some such nonsense. 

Whilst he knew that she had been slipping Arthur potions for years, Dumbledore had the luxury of complete deniability as no one knew that he was aware of what had been going on.

After hiding the parchment with all his notes in his desk Dumbledore went down to the meeting of the board of Governors.  It was no secret of the breech between Dumbledore and his once devout followers, the death eaters on the board had been instructed by the dark lord to help ferment the split of the light side, completely unaware of exactly how far Dumbledore had strayed.

With that fool Black and Lupin now sitting on the board, Dumbledore’s sway had been diminished, despite Malfoy being thrown off the board he had used his gold to get himself reappointed.  It was clear after the events of the tournament that Diggory was now in Potters camp along with the old windbag Longbottom, of the twelve members of the board, he knew that he had at least five members who would not defer to him on the light side, whilst Malfoy had two other deatheaters on the board, of the remaining four, three were squarely on Dumbledore’s side, the last Antonio Zabini had always been neutral, the headmaster was completely unaware that he was squarely behind Potter.

After Dumbledore had updated the board of the progress of the tournament the floor was opened up to the other members, Remus stood, “If it would please the Chairman, I wish to table a motion.”  Antonio was well aware of what the motion was, “You have the floor Governor Lupin.”

“Hogwarts reputation is world renowned; however both the Ministry and Hogwarts records show that those graduating from this school do so with lower comparable grades with the top performing magical schools.”  “I must protest the education at Hogwarts is of the highest standard.” Dumbledore said angrily.  “ORDER ORDER, Headmaster, you have been here long enough to know the procedures of this meeting, sit down and shut up.”  The Elder Zabini said, “Explain yourself Governor Lupin” he continued.

“The records show that a hundred years ago Hogwarts was in the top five performing schools in the world, we are now based upon grades slipped considerable, and the evidence clearly shows that we have slipped down to ninth place.  The perfect example is Potions, in the last ten years the number of graduates qualified to start mastery training has dropped to an average of 4 a year as opposed to 35 in my graduating year.”

The pureblood were furious when the loss of prestige was laid bare, the offence only increased when it was a damn werewolf who broke the bad news.

“For obvious reasons I have worked in both the muggle and magical world, Muggle schools are regularly inspected with reports made directly to the Governors of each school, at the moment we have a teacher who spends her entire lessons telling impressionable children how they are going to die in the most gruesome means, we have another professor who sends his students to sleep in every lesson by droning on about the Goblin rebellion, then we have a professor who sabotages students work, victimises and bullies them. Two of these pupils are in familes with seats on this board.  Then we have DADA, whilst I fully agree that I have never sat my mastery as the Ministry prohibit me, I have the knowledge to pass, including myself the School has only had two credible DADA Professors in the past four years.  We are running the risk of becoming a laughing stock.  Two things concern me as I have only recently taken up the proxy for the Potter family, first is if the Board were aware of this and if so why was it allowed, if not, why were they not.”  For many years the only opponents to the Headmaster had been the death eaters, now there were light wizards daring to question him.  Before the Headmaster could retort Augusta stood and waited to be allowed to speak. 

“Governor Lupin, who are these children?”  She demanded, whilst she was a stern guardian to Neville she could not stand anyone who would treat children in the way.  “Fellow members, there are two that I am aware have been specifically target, Harry Potter and I am afraid Neville Longbottom.”  “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF ALLOWING THIS!”, Augusta shouted at the headmaster, “If I find you have known of this I will have your head you old fool.”

After order was restored Dumbledore tried to limit the damage, “Whilst there has been trouble in the past in filling vacant posts, the current staff have my full support.  I stand by our record as the premier magical school.”

Amos turned to Remus, “What was the motion you wished to make?”  Lucius had often questioned Snape’s actions as his downright animosity put his potion as a spy at risk if his actions were ever brought into the open; he had now been proven right.  “I wish to make a motion that every lesson be independently inspected and that the children he spoken to about their experiences, however any allegation of comment they make must be confirmed with proof, I further propose the inspection report back to this board by the end of term to determine if any replacements need to be found.”  Antonio looked around the chamber, “We have a motion on the floor, do we have a second?”

Amos stood, “I second the motion.”  No amount of blustering from the Headmaster would sway the board, Dumbledore lost the vote with 8 members supporting Lupin’s plan.

As soon as the meeting was over Lucius rushed to report back to his master.  Voldemort sat and waited impatiently for Malfoy to report back, the Dark Lord was keen to see how the dynamic of the board had changed with Black and Lupin now on the board and how it could be twisted to his advantage.  “Come forward Lucius.”

“My Lord, the breach was larger than we expected, Lupin openly challenged the old fool, he called into question Dumbledore’s ability, there will now be inspections of all the professors with a view to replace any who are found lacking...Master Snape is one who is at risk.”

Voldemort was furious; Snape’s petty tantrums would cost him dearly.  Voldemort had been aware of Snape’s feelings towards the younger Potter and Longbottom, Malfoy had been kept informed of the goings on in the potions class from his son and in an act of self preservation he had no problem in informing the dark lord of Snape’s actions.

“You have done well Lucius to have kept me informed, you also chose correctly in agreeing to this motion, Dumbledore’s days at Hogwarts may well be coming to a close and if agreeing with that vile creature is the cost, it is a cost worth paying.”  The elder Malfoy sighed in relief.

The Elder Malfoy did not have to wait long before Severus arrived. “Tell me Severus, who is your master?”  Voldemort asked dangerously, “You my Lord?”  Severus replied trying to think of anything he had done to anger the Dark Lord.

“Because or your immature stupidity your place as my spy at Hogwarts is in danger... CRUCIO” Voldemort shouted as the potions master writhed on the floor in agony.

By the time Severus had left the Dark Lord’s hideout his hatred of Potter was consuming him.  The following day the Gryffindor’s had potions, despite all the baiting.  Harry just looked at the supposed Professor and shook his head in disappointment.  Even Draco was surprised at the venom from his Head of House.  Harry knew that there were guards in the room; however they have been given strict instructions not to intervene unless ordered or if Harry was ambushed.

Chapter Text

Snape was growing increasingly angrier as Harry kept quiet.  Snape knew how much the Headmaster wanted to know what Potter had been up so, so the deatheater Professor had no problem in using Legilimency, however his attempt failed due to Harries Protection as he fell back in pain. “I will have your head for attacking a Professor Potter.” Snape roared.  “I think not Professor; you are the one who has committed a capital offence.”  Harry stood and walked out of the Potion Lab followed by every other Gryffindor.  News swept through Hogwarts as Harry made his way to talk to his head of house.  For many years she had raised her concerns and objections to the headmaster about Snape’s behaviour, whilst she appreciated that as a spy he needed to show some level of bias she objected to the extent.

“Ten Points to Gryffindor Mr Potter for controlling your temper.”  The Prim Professor said, “I am sorry it has come to this, whilst Potions is a mandatory subject, there is nothing to stop you from having a private tutor that particular section of the Hogwarts Charter has been kept quiet as the school did not want large numbers of private tutors.”

Harry had one of the guards go back to the island to tell Gregory who would reprise his role Lord Azkaban.  Gregory swept up the centre of the great hall flanked by Azkaban guards as whispers spread around the hall, “That's Lord Azkaban” could be heard at all four tables. 

“You continue to risk my wrath Dumbledore.”  Gregory said tersely, “I am within my rights to have your pet put to death for attacking my ward.”

To save face Dumbledore led the person he believed to be Lord Azkaban.  Harry followed Gregory up to the headmaster’s office along with his head of house.  “Lord Azkaban, I am sure this is a misunderstanding, Mr Potter has a long history with Professor Snape.”

“Do not treat me as a fool, any person who would act as your Deatheater does not deserve the title of Professor.”  Gregory said angrily, “I do not know from where you get your information Lord Azkaban, but Severus Snape is a trusted member of staff I can assure you he is not a deatheater.”

“I am not one of your sheep Dumbledore, this is your finally warning, you will keep that animal aware from Harry, if I find that he turns his attention to the friends of Harry in an attempt to get to him I will have his head.  Under the Hogwarts Charter I will be providing a private Potions tutor for Harry and any other child who wishes to be taught by a Professional... Come Harry we have much to discuss.”

As Gregory and Harry left Minerva rounded on the headmaster.  The rest of the day was spent with the headmaster trying to ensure that as few children as possible took up Lord Azkaban’s offer however he had little success.  The only students to remain in potions were Slytherin’s.  Voldemort was incandescent with rage; however he would not have time to exact his anger upon Snape.

Rather than leave things to the last minute, Minerva began her endeavours to find a replacement Potions Professor, her first choice was Severus’s predecessor, Horace Slughorn.  Once Azkaban had left Dumbledore went in search of the Potions Professor who he rounded on.

The headmaster was the last to arrive at Grimmauld Place for the order meeting, whilst Sirius had given the house to be used as Order Headquarters, he had removed every last Black heirloom from the house, Dumbledore had seen several books he liked the look of however he had never had the opportunity to “borrow” them.

“It is good to see you all here for another order meeting.”  Dumbledore said with false cheer. Before he could say anything else Molly Weasley swept into the room furiously, “ARTHUR WEASLEY what is the meaning of refusing me entry to my vault?” 

Arthur frowned at his soon to be ex-wife, “Molly, I do not wish to discuss family matters in public.”  “I do not care what you wish.”  She replied venomously.  Bill and Charlie both put their hand on their fathers shoulder in support.  “That is exactly the problem, as you seem so intent in airing our dirty laundry in public, I know all about you plying me with potion.  Here is your formal notice of the dissolution of our marriage, you can keep the Burrow as I will never set foot in it again, as is my right as Head of the Weasley family I will assume custody of our children.”


“Now Arthur, I am sure this is a misunderstanding, as a member of the Wizengamot, I...” The headmaster said, however he was interrupted by Charlie, “As a member of the Wizengamot you will mind your own business, this is a Weasley FAMILY matter, now can we get on with why we are here.”

Dumbledore took a deep breath to control his temper, “I will not be spoken to in that manner.”  “This is not the time or place for this, the Weasley family affairs are nothing to do with the order.” Kinglsey said.

“Quite right Kinglsey” Dumbledore said trying to regain control, “Now Bill I understand you spent time on Azkaban Island, what can you tell us about it?”

“It is an island.”  Bill replied.  Kingsley bit his lip to stop himself from laughing. “That is not what I meant and you know it Mr Weasley, I am the Leader of the Order and you will show me respect and tell me what I wish to know.”  Dumbledore said tersely. “What was the composition of his forces, did you see signs of dark magic?”  Dumbledore demanded.  Bill just sat back down, “As Head of the Wizengamot I demand you tell me.”

“Let me get this clear Albus, as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot you are ordering me to commit acts of espionage and risk war with the Azkaban islands, because if you are I will go straight to Director Bones.”  “ENOUGH” Dumbledore shouted letting his power flare.  “We are getting nowhere; it is obvious that some must consider where their loyalties lie.  Now Sirius, I must ask you again to return the books to the library so that the order may make use of them.”

For the third time Dumbledore was faced with someone opening challenging him. “No, the books and items in this house that I have removed belong to me and my family.  I don’t know what has happened but the Order seems to be doing nothing of any use in the war, there has been increased deatheater activity but what have we done about it, I no longer see any point to remaining in the order.  You can continue to use the house, however I won't be here.”  Sirius replied as he placed his order medallion on the table followed by the Weasley males.”  Before he could be questioned anymore Dumbledore apperated back to Hogwarts.

With the help of Hogwarts the champions used every spare moment to practice for the final task.  The headmaster had taken to ignoring Harry instead choosing to sneak around the castle trying to catch where Harry was vanishing to, however he had no idea that he was sitting on the Beauxbatons carriage.  Fleur had reassured Harry that Madame Maxime would keep his secret.  “Fleur speaks very highly of you Lord Azkaban.”  The headmistress said, “Harry please” Harry said as he sipped his tea.  Thanks to the Azkaban Intelligence Harry had been told of the increasing dark activity in several European Cities.  “I thank you for the information Mr Potter, the wards at our school are strong, but I appreciate your offer of assistance, I wish that you had no need to make it.”

“I have spoken to my Lord Marshal and he has said that if ever you have need just let us know, of the three European schools Hogwarts and Beauxbatons are the only ones not infested is darkness.”

On the Charmed Isles preparations were being made for Harries investiture as Lord Azkaban.  Ulric would be arriving for the final task and would deliver the personal invitations.  Harry knew that once the investiture was over he could no longer keep it quiet that he was in fact the new Grey Lord.

When Harry had told his friends who was going to be invited Seamus laughed at the thought of Hagrid never wanting to leave the sanctuary, especially as it was now the home of Buckbeak he had began to recover from being kept at Grimmauld place.

Life at the Ministry was growing increasingly more unpleasant for Arthur with all the busy bodies all whispering about his divorce; the only respite was in his office in the company of Perkins.  Taking a deep breath Arthur called Perkins into his office.  “Take a seat; I am sure you have heard the news Perkins...” Arthur said referring to his divorce, “I am not staying here, Fudge is an absolute fool, we both know that despite everything we do people simply laugh at us, over the half term break my young Ron went to stay with Harry at Azkaban Castle, Lord Azkaban offered me a job, I would like you to come with me my old friend.”  In all the years that Perkins at worked at the Ministry, Arthur was the first boss he actually liked and respected.

“What would I do?”  Perkins asked.  “That is up to you, but first you must swear an oath not to tell anyone what I am about to tell you.”  Arthur said seriously.  After Perkins swore the oath he explained.  “I will be Lord Azkaban’s Ambassador, if you agree we can go and see him tonight after work.”  Knowing how much Fudge hated the Misuse office Perkins didn’t trust him to close the office completely.  “Why the hell not Arthur, I am with you.”

With only a week to go before the final task the excitement in the castle was increasing, the friends continued to meet in secret so as to keep everyone unaware of the true loyalties of Draco, Theo and Viktor.  Since the start of the tournament the four champions and their friends had become a close nit group, some had got even closer as Fleur and Bill had started dating.  Hermione had slowly started to do as Harry had said by not interfering in his affairs.

Dumbledore sat furiously in his seat as Chief Warlock, after decades of carefully laid plans everything was beginning to unravel, no one know what was best for the Wizarding World better than Albus Dumbledore.  The Potter and Black Proxies now controlled a large voting bloc in the Wizengamot and they were using their power to overturn several laws that he had managed to get passed.  The most annoying of which was the underage use of magic restrictions.

“Members of the Wizengamot, are we to assume that honoured members of this body cannot be trusted to control their own children, I am the first to say that children should not be allowed unrestricted use of magic, however it is absurd to place such unreasonable restrictions, it has been claimed that if the restriction is lifted that disreputable elements of our society will take advantage of this,  I cannot believe any member believes that the disreputable elements of our society haven’t already disregarded the restriction.  Despite what the esteemed Minister has been saying there are Dark elements in our society, Britain was made a laughing stock at the recent World Cup, we must take every opportunity to ensure that our children are prepared.”

Andromeda know full well that the deatheaters had charms on their houses to hide magic cast by their children so they did not care about the restriction, however she had no problem taking advantage of their dislike for Dumbledore.

After the vote was cast Andromeda smirked at Dumbledore after the vote had been cast overturning the foolish law that Dumbledore had brought in.  With a frown he called out, “Is there any further business before this meeting is adjourned?”

Amelia stood, “Indeed there is, the Chancellor to Lord Azkaban wishes to address the Wizengamot under the terms of our treaty.”  The shocking news caused a stir as it took several moments for the chamber to quiet down.

Ulric was called forward.  He bowed his head forward in respect for the position of Chief Warlock and not the person who currently held the position.

“I thank the members of the Wizengamot for this audience, despite the actions of the Ministry My Lord Azkaban wished only friendly relations with Magic Britain, under the terms of our treaty My Lord will appoint an ambassador to act as his representative, as a result of attempts by the Minister of Magic to try and usurp the rights of My Lord the Ambassador will be my Lords representative to the Wizengamot and not the Ministry.”

“This is preposterous.”  Fudge shouted.  “Whilst it is Lord Azkaban’s right to appoint an Ambassador that does not excuse your disrespect to the Minister.”  Dumbledore said concededly.

Ignoring Dumbledore Ulric turned to the witches and wizards, “At the moment Magical Britain is on the brink of War, the Ministry has broken the treaty by its illegal actions and your Chief Warlock has attempted to commit acts of espionage against the people of the Grey Isles.”

“WHAT IN THE HEAVENS does he mean by this Dumbledore?”  Augusta shouted.  “Lady Longbottom, I will allow My Lords Ambassador’s to explain.”

Pandemonium erupted when Arthur entered the chamber, “Allow me to introduce The Ambassador of the Grey Isles, Arthur Weasley, he represents My Lord in all things, any slur or attack on Ambassador Weasley is an attack upon my Lord and will be met by all deliberate force.”

Amelia had been made aware of Dumbledore’s attempt at getting the Weasley’s to spy on Azkaban. “As you may be aware my children are close friends with Harry Potter, when he recently spent the half term holiday with his guardian His Grace My Lord Azkaban, Long may he rule.  An invitation was extended to several members of my family; upon our return Albus Dumbledore risked war by demanding my son’s spy upon My Lord by providing secret information about him.”  Ulric stepped forward.  “My Lord has tasked me with delivering a message, the treaty is close to being in abeyance, if there is one more act of espionage or attack then the treaty will be dissolved and there will be war.”

“YOU ABSOLUTE FOOL DUMBLEDORE. What gives you the right?” One of the Neutral members shouted angrily at a pale Albus Dumbledore.  No matter how much he tried Dumbledore was unable spin his actions.  Amelia saw her chance, “You may be for now the Chief Warlock, however that role does not give you any right to risk the lives of everyone in magical Britain, you have no authority to spy on anyone.  Members of the Wizengamot, as you know my Department has been working with the Azkaban Military, I can tell you now having seen a fraction of their forces we would have no hope of surviving a war with Azkaban.”  One of the Pro Dark supporters stood up, “As Dumbledore has such disregard for the well being of our citizens, I demand his removal.”

Dumbledore sat back down as more of his power disintegrated, with the votes of the pro dark forces members and those supporting Potter Dumbledore knew that he would be removed as Chief Warlock.  The Wizarding World woke up to the shocking headlines.

Chapter Text

With the final task approaching Harry began to settle down to sleep, wrapping himself in his dressing gown he set off for the kitchens for a snack, with his pocket full of snacks Harry used the map to make his way up to the room of requirement, Hogwarts now kept the room ready for Harry and his friends who were the only ones who would be able to find the room. He was surprised to see Draco sinning in a large arm chair.  “Hello Drake, you having trouble sleeping as well?”  Harry asked.

Draco look up, “You could say that.”  Hogwarts created two large mugs of steaming hot chocolate, “I just got a letter from Anthony.”  Draco said.  “Is that the guy we met at the werewolf village?”  Harry asked as he sat in the chair opposite Draco.  He noticed the blush in Draco’s cheeks.

“I should hex you Harry” Draco said playfully, “You have turned my whole world upside down.”  “Oi” Harry cried out, “What have I done now?”

Draco smiled, “Since you helped me get my head out of my ass my outlook has changed, especially after meeting Tony.”

Putting his mug of chocolate down Harry looked at Draco, “I am really glad you two are getting on.”  “Don’t laugh Harry, but he was my first kiss.” Draco said shyly.  “I won't laugh Draco and I won't breath a word, it feels strange doesn’t it?”  Harry said.

Draco raised an eyebrow, “Don’t tell me Ron finally did it then?”  It was plain to all of the friends that the feelings between Harry and Ron were stronger than that of friends.  “In fact it was all Seamus’s fault, we were stupid enough to play truth or dare, mind you Ron didn’t need much encouragement.”  The two friends chuckled at their hyper Irish classmate.

“Harry...Can I live on Azkaban?”  Draco asked.  Harry looked startled at the strange request, “Of course you can, but what about your father?”

“As far as I am concerned he can rot, if I am lucky he will get himself killed, you know he was involved with that incident at the World Cup, if he goes to prison or gets killed then I can take over as Head of the House, I can have my mum take my seat, he has never hit her but he has been a real bastard to her.” Draco said with conviction.

The two friends spent the night chatting before the chairs they were sitting on magically grew into the length of a single bed, both friends stood up and placed their hand on the stone wall, “Thank you my lady.”  They both said.  Since Hogwarts had been working her magic the friends found she was far more helpful when they showed their gratitude.

As the final task was on Thursday, classes had been cancelled for the week as the anticipation built up.  Ulric would be arriving on.  Draco was unaware that Anthony would be one of the guards.

Draco did his best to hide his smile when he saw Anthony march into the great hall behind Ulric who walked up to the head table, “My Lord Azkaban expresses his regrets but he cannot attend the final task, he is detained by affairs of state.”  Not wanting to miss an opportunity Dumbledore smiled, “Nothing serious I hope.”  In a dismissive tone Ulric replies, “Nothing that concerns a mere headmaster.”  Dumbledore fumed at the public rebuke.

“By My Lords command I am pleased to deliver invitations to the investiture.”  Ulric said as he handed an envelope to Professors McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout, Madame Pomfrey looked shock as she was handed an envelope.  “My Lord Azkaban is aware of the copious amount of time you have spent caring for his ward and wishes to thank you my lady.”  Ulric said kindly,  “Hagrid, young Mr Potter was most insistent that you be his personal guest.”  Hagrid took out a garish hankie to wipe his eyes, “He be a good lad.”  Hagrid said tearfully.  Ulric began to turn when the headmaster coughed, “Will my invitation be following?”

With the look on Ulric’s face it was clear for all to see the raw power, “The Oceans will dry up before you step foot on the Charmed Isles as a guest.”  Ulric said to the merriment of Slytherin House who loved to see the old fool knocked off his high horse.  Snape sat glaring dangerously at the Potter Brat, each of the other heads of house received an invitation but him, the public humiliation only tipped the unstable wizard even further into his obsession.  After excusing himself Ulric returned to the extended coach.  Harry smiled into his goblet when he saw Draco sneak out. 

Snape threw his napkin down on the table and stood abruptly as he stalked towards the Gryffindor Table, Harry and all his friends drew their wands and held them under the table.

“You absolute brat Potter thinking you are above your better.”  Snape drew his wand, before he could finish the incantation he was felled by several Azkaban Guards, several students screamed as they rushed out of the way.

“That was totally unnecessary to attack Professor Snape in that fashion.” Dumbledore said disapprovingly.  “You DARE to rebuke me you old fool, it is your job to protect your students and yet you allow that piece of waste to abuse and bully your students, he attempts to publicly curse one of your students and you attempt to protect him.  He will be taken Azkaban to face my Lords wrath, if memory serves me correctly you interfered in his trial last time.  Come Mr Potter I have several messages from My Lord.”  Ulric turned to two guards, “Take this piece of waste back to the castle and inform the Lord Marshal what has happened and inform the Ambassador.”

Neville looked on happily as his most hated Professor was finally being held accountable for his behaviour, the quiet Gryffindor so Hermione building up to start ranting, no doubt at Harry.  “Hermione mind your own business, Snape is getting nothing more than he deserves, if you try and defend him your are sick in the head.”

Several Slytherin’s rushed out to let their parents know what had happened.  It was a nervous Lucius who approached after hearing the news from several lowly death eaters. Forgive my intrusion my Lord.  I have just had word from Hogwarts, Snape ignored your commands My Lord, he attempted to attack the Potter brat in front of Azkaban’s Chancellor, my information is that Snape was barely breathing after they finished, they have taken him to Azkaban Island.”

Voldemort waved his hand dismissively, “It is of no consequence, Snape was becoming a liability with his juvenile vendetta, now go and ensure everything is ready for the ritual.”

By the time that Dumbledore had arrived into his office Amelia arrived with several Auror’s. “What in the heavens is going on Dumbledore?” She demanded.  “Do not waste my time with your lies and smoke screen, did Snape attempt to curse Potter in the great hall, Yes or No?”  Amelia sighed in frustration at the Headmaster’s blustering, “Kingsley, please go and ask for a representative to come here.”

Kinglsey arrived in the Headmasters office with Ulric, “It is a pleasure to see you again Amelia, I take it you wish to participate in the interrogation?” Ulric asked completely ignoring the Headmaster.  Kinglsey bit his lip to stop himself smiling when Amelia blushed at the friendly greeting; he had not missed how his boss and Ulric had become closer.  He just managed to miss a stinging hex Amelia threw at him in her office when Ulric had asked her out to dinner.

“Amelia, you cannot allow this; Severus is a trusted member of my staff you cannot allow him to be abducted in this way.”

“Be QUIET” Amelia said furiously.  “For years you have been told of the complaints about Snape and his teaching, you were at the meeting of the board, we do not know how many possible Potions Masters we have lost, if the price of preventing the Azkaban Army from storming Hogwarts to get to him is an unpleasant interrogation then so be it.”

“Is this how it is to be now Amelia, Lord Azkaban says jump and you say how high?”  Dumbledore asked petulantly.  “Dumbledore, if I could be bothered I would reach across your desk and slap you.  Any guardian would be well within their ancient rights to kill Snape for trying to cast such a curse on their ward.  Rather than killing him Lord Azkaban is going to wring every last bit of intelligence out of him, I do not care what you say, he is a Deatheater and I am sick and tired of them escaping justice, now if you would excuse me I wish to see my niece whilst I am here.”

“Before you go Amelia,” Ulric said, “Lord Azkaban would like to invite you to his investiture.”

Rather than sit in the VIP stands overlooking the maze with a preening Minister if Magic Ulric chose to sit with Arthur and the Weasley family.  Before they entered the maze the four champions wished each other luck.  The rest of the spectators were sitting high up in the Quidditch stands, as the three male champions made their own way to the centre of the Maze Fleur began to battle Devils Snare. 

Viktor, Cedric and Harry all reached the centre of the maze to see the Goblet of Fire on a pedestal, “On three my friends.”  Viktor announced as the three friends ran forwards each touching the goblet at the same time.  Fleur cried out as she saw the Goblet turn into a portkey as her friends vanished.  Reaching up Fleur sent up red sparks as the agreed sign of danger. The walls of the maze quickly fell away as help rushed forward.  Ulric was furious when he heard the news, “You pair of incompetent brain dead assholes” He roared using a phrase he had heard Seamus use, “Is this your idea of safety.”  He turned to one of the guard, “Quickly return to Azkaban, alert the Lord Marshal, until Lord Potter returns I want him to mobilize the army...Be warned Fudge, if anything happens to Lord Potter and his friends you can consider Magic Britain to be at war.”

Within moments a full company of Azkaban soldiers appeared. “My Lord Chancellor, we are yours to command.”  Although Ulric was a diplomat, he was no less lethal having graduated from the Azkaban Military Academy.  A soldier each grasped Sirius’s and Remus’s arm taking them to wherever Harry was.  When they arrived in the graveyard they saw Harry and Viktor standing over the prone body of Cedric sheltering him.  “QUCIK” Sirius cried out, “Attack anyone in those black robes.”  Remus glanced round and saw the Lestrange brothers and charged forward to get revenge for their attack on the Longbottom’s.  Seeing the direction Remus was running in Sirius went to help his friend.

Of the twelve deatheaters at the graveyard three escaped along with the spirit of Voldemort.  Once the battle was over Sirius and Remus pulled Harry to and fro as they each wanted to hug him and make sure he was ok.  Ulric stood panting, he was too old for battling of the remaining deatheaters, four had been killed, Sirius and Remus had each killed one of the brothers.  The remaining deatheaters were knocked out.

Despite the blustering from the Minister Amelia had taken charge directing trustworthy Auror’s, she was slightly taken aback when a squad of Azkaban soldiers arrived with the commander saluting Amelia, “Compliments of My Lord Azkaban, we are yours to command.”

Finally all the pieces began to fall into place for the Headmaster, Harry Potter must be Lord Azkaban, but how was that possible, the headmaster knew full well that Potter was the last heir of Gryffindor and could claim to be the heir of Slytherin by right of conquest.  In an effort to make himself look important he tried to involve himself in taking control of the incident, however Arthur was having none of it.

“Albus, you are not needed; you have already proven your usefulness by allowing the kidnapping of three Champions, now leave us be.”  Dumbledore allowed his power to flare slightly in an effort to intimidate Arthur; however the Captain of the detachment snapped his fingers summoning four soldiers.  Before the headmaster ended up getting himself killed Amelia turned to him.  “Albus, stop your grandstanding, you job is to see to the welfare of ALL of your students, not to interfere in Auror business, now do I need to have Auror’s escort you back?”

“DIRECTOR” Kingsley called out as he came running forward, “We have captured a deatheater in the castle.”  “Oh by the heavens I am getting tired of this Dumbledore.” Amelia cried out as she stormed up to the castle to the dungeon where the unknown deatheater had been kept.  There were two Azkaban Soldiers on guard outside.

Chapter Text

Before entering she turned to her most trusted Auror, “Kingsley, before we go in explain what has happened.”

“As you know our intelligence was that there may be a plot and that there may be a deatheater in the castle.  Just after the champions entered the maze I noticed who I thought to be Alastor Moody, we followed him back to the castle, I saw him take a drink from his hip flask, however it was pollyjuice, the Azkaban guards confirmed that the person bore the dark mark as their detectors are better than ours.  Seeing an opportunity to score points Fudge rounded on the headmaster, “You loosing the plot Dumbledore, how many Deatheaters does this make now that you have hired, poor show, the Ministry will be playing extra attention when this mess is cleared up.

By the time they entered the dungeon they saw the form of Barty Crouch Junior.  “No, it can't be.” Fudge cried out as he saw the rabid deatheater struggle against his bonds.  The Captain of the Azkaban Soldiers was furious, “WHAT IN THE HELLS IS THIS, he was supposed to be dead, can you imbeciles not do anything right, it is a good thing My Lord took back control of the Prison.”

“Now see here, I will not be spoken to like that, he will be taken back to the Ministry for interrogation.” Fudge blustered.  There was no doubt in Amelia’s mind that the Captain could quite easily wipe the floor with Fudge and that she could be seriously injured if not killed trying to protect the foolish minister.

“You are welcome to try and take him; he was sentenced to life in Azkaban, as an escapee he is now in the custody of My Lord.”

“Bones do something; you are head of the Auror’s.”  Fudge demanded.  Amelia looked incredulously at the Minister.  “Fudge, until now I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you had at least a few brain cells.  Lord Azkaban can call upon AT LEAST ten thousand troops, the Auror Corp including the reserves is just over two thousands, besides there is less chance of his deatheater friends helping him.”

The Captain sneered at the stupid wizard standing before him.  “Director, with your leave we will return to the prison, we will wait for your representative before we start the interrogation. By the Chancellors command these two guards will remain with you.” Amelia elbowed Kingsley when he sniggered.

As Harry was catching his breath reinforcements arrived led by Gregory who rushed over to his Lord, “My Lord are you hurt?”  Harry looked dup tiredly, “No real harm done, take all of the bodies back to the island, how the hell am I going to tell Draco and Theo their fathers are DEAD.” Harry cried out.

Sirius and Remus each put their arm around Harries shoulders reassuringly, “Pup” Sirius said, “Leave me to deal with that.  From the look on Gregory’s face he has more news.”

Harry looked at his Lord Marshal.  Who explained the events at the Castle, “I know you wish to return to Hogwarts, but My Lord, the Isles are on the brink of War, we could not control the spread of news of your abduction, I would ask you first to speak to your people to calm them otherwise hostilities may break out.”

Harry rubbed his hands over his face as he stood up, “My People mean more to me than Hogwarts at the moment, Sirius can you let the important people know I am ok.”

Harry left with Gregory and the four guards who had refused to leave his side.  When Harry arrived back at Azkaban Castle he could hear the huge crowd gathered outside the gatehouse which had been sealed.  Gregory took him to the top of the gatehouse.  As soon as the crowd saw Harry the deafening cheers erupted.  Harry held up his arms to silence the crowd, “Thank you my dear friends, As you can see, I am alive and kicking, I thank you for your desire to help me and my friends, now I have to go back to Hogwarts to crack some heads, however upon my return to the islands we will have a week of celebrations.”  It still took Harries breath away at the sheer devotion and adulation the islanders had for him.  Before Harry could go back to Hogwarts Gregory insisted that he be fully checked over.  Harry could see the concern in everyone’s faces so agreed.

As soon as Sirius and Remus arrived Fudge and Dumbledore began to shout questions at them. “SHUT UP” Sirius roared, “Despite the fact neither of you bothered to ask, yes the three boys are safe, they are currently being checked out, now Amelia, may I have a word?”  Amelia nodded her head and left the room with Sirius.  Fudge attempted to follow but had his way blocked.

Sirius informed Amelia of what had happened. The Witch closed her eyes and thanked the heavens that Harry was ok, not only because she was worried about him, but also the fact that she knew that if he had been killed Magical Britain would have been destroyed.

With Fudge and Dumbledore sidelined in the headmaster’s office they began to do something neither of them would have expected, they began to plot together, more from the skill of the Headmaster at manipulation than skill of the Minister. 

Remus went to find Neville to tell him about the Lestrange brothers whilst Sirius sat down with Draco and Theo in the room of requirements.

“Our fathers were involved weren’t they?” Theo asked despondently.  Sirius nodded his head slowly before retelling the events of the grave yard.

“There is no easier way of telling you, but your fathers are dead.”  Sirius said matter of factly.  Draco was the first to recover from the news, “May his ashes rot in hell, I need to make sure my mother is ok in case the survivors go after her.” Draco said worriedly.  Theo was far quieter, for years he had wanted to be free from his father, but did he want him dead.

The door to the room opened as Seamus approached his boyfriend.  Draco looked at his friend hoping that he would be ok; the younger Malfoy had been planning for this day for a long time knowing that his father would either be killed or end up in Azkaban prison.

By the time Viktor and Cedric had been check over they returned to Hogwarts under heavy guard.  The following day even the Daily Prophet was demanding answers from the Ministry as the Quibbler was filled with scoop after scoop.

Tri Wizard Champions kidnapped by Deatheaters

The Quibbler can exclusively reveal that the Tri Wizard tournament nearly ended in tragedy when three champions were kidnapped  by death eaters intent on casting dark evil rituals to resurrect You Know Who.  Cedric Diggory, son of Amos Diggory, Department Head at the Ministry had this to say.

“Viktor Harry and I all reached the goblet at the same time, it had been turned into a portkey when we arrived we were surrounded by people in Death Eater robes and masks, we held them off as long as we could, I was knocked out but Harry stood over me to protect me whilst we waited for help. The the sight of Azkaban Soldiers is enough to fill anyone with fear, but to me they were the greatest sight.”

In further shocking events Barty Crouch Junior, devout follower of You know Who found masquerading as Alastor Moody. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore refused to comment on the fact that there had been a second confirmed deatheater teaching at Hogwarts.

Confidential sources can also reveal that Minister Fudge attempted War with Azkaban when he ordered the Auror’s to take the disgraced deatheater into custody after he had been detained by Guards assigned by Lord Azkaban to work with Director Bones and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Rather than informing their followers the Prophet was filled with an editorial about the threat Lord Azkaban posed to Magical Britain.

Chapter Text

Harry hadn’t returned to Hogwarts until Lunchtime after the final task, as soon as Cedric saw him he stood and started to clap his hands, Minerva looked on at her little cubs as they roared loudly.  As soon as Harry had reached the common room the entire house was waiting to hear what had happened.  Cedric had received a similar response; however Viktor had not been so welcomed by the other Durmstrang students.

Before going to bed Harry met with everyone in the room of requirements.  The three male champions agreed that the winnings would be split four ways.  “Viktor... what is wrong?”  Harry asked his friend.  “I do not think Andrei and I can wait until the end of term, would you consider granting us sanctuary?”  Viktor asked hopefully.

“Of course I will, I will do anything I can, why don’t you both go back to the island and I can get some guards to get all your stuff.  A single tear rolled down Viktor’s cheek at the thought of escaping the threats, “Thank you so much Harry.”  Andrei said.  Harry called some guards get all of his friends belongings.

Since the final task Harry had taken to spending as much time as he could in Gryffindor tower away from the rest of the school so was unaware of the furore in the great hall until Ron came rushing in, “Harry you better read this” Ron said as he handed over that mornings Daily Prophet.

The Boy Who Lived named as Lord Azkaban

In a shocking revelation the Daily Prophet can reveal that Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived is the new Lord Azkaban.

The Wizarding World was shocked at the news or a new Lord Azkaban several months ago, since his return the Azkaban Government have been frosty refusing several overtures from the Ministry of Magic.

In a unilateral move the Azkaban Army seized control of Azkaban Prison.

Un named sources at the Ministry of Magic estimate that the Azkaban Army now number around 10,000 Grey Mages...

Harry didn’t bother reading the rest of the article as it was simply typical of the Daily Prophet to fill their articles with Ministry approved opinions.

Seamus turned to Harry after skimming the article, “Hey Harry, if you are going to be the new Dark Lord, can I be one of your henchmen?”

Harry smiled thankfully at his mad Irish friend for lightening the mood.  The following day the Prophet had egg on their face after the special pull out from the Quibbler which was filled with several of Colin’s photographs.

Although it was a Hogsmead weekend Harry took the opportunity to go to Azkaban to meet with the council.  Draco was up early as he was due to meet his mother in the village, thanks to Harry Draco didn’t have to worry about his mother’s safety as Harry had assigned guards to follow his mother.

“It is good to see you again mother.” Draco said kingly to his mother, “Hello my little Dragon.” Narcissa replied as she kissed her son’s cheek.  Draco spent the morning telling his mother about his visit to Azkaban and that Harry had invited them both.  Across the pub a reporter from the Daily Prophet sat in wait for the scoop of his career as he watched the two blondes.

As soon as Draco stood the reporter pounds, “How does it feel to know Harry Potter was involved in the death of your father?”  The pub hushed.  Narcissa stepped forward and put her hand on Draco’s shoulder.

“I will say this once and only once, The Malfoy family are a proud and Ancient house, a Malfoy bows to no one, a tradition my father was negligent in following, the death of my father was through non one’s fault but his own for his illegal actions.  My father was a rabid animal, Harry Potter simply did the humane thing and put him down, I have a great deal of work to do to repair the Malfoy name.  One of the first things is to stop all funding and donations to the Ministry, as with all citizens we pay our taxes to fund the Ministry and as the largest shareholder of the prophet as well...”  Draco left the threat unsaid.

As he made his way back to the castle as his Mother went to the Ministry.  “Thank you for seeing me Director.” Narcissa said.

“I am well aware of your dislike for Lucius, whilst it may be too late for you to get your hands on my husband, Draco as Head of the Malfoy family would like to invite you to the Manor to take all the dark objects my late husband has hidden.”  Amelia controlled her face, whilst the elder Malfoy may now be dead, there would be a gold mine at Malfoy Manor.

Once all the dark objects were removed Narcissa would prepare for the move to Azkaban, perhaps she would get to meet the person who made her dear son blush every time his name was mentioned.

The following day Dumbledore sat in the Ministers office, “Dumbledore, we have to do something, the Malfoy boy is costing the Ministry thousands of galleons, and we must take steps to protect the Malfoy estate.”  Dumbledore would relish the opportunity to get his hands on several items the elder Malfoy was rumoured to have hidden; the manipulative headmaster saw an opportunity.  “Young Mr Malfoy is not the only problem Cornelius... there is Mr Potter as well.”

“That damn Potter boy...How could you not know about the Azkaban nonsense?” the Minister demanded.  “Now Minister, even Lily didn’t know about her heritage, whilst we cannot get control of Azkaban, we may be able to get control of the Potter estate...Potter is also the heir to a far more important family...He is the heir to the Gryffindor estate as well.”

The Minister nearly dropped his cup of tea at the shocking news, as the Minister and Headmaster conspired they slowly dug themselves deeper and deeper into their own destruction as they were watched by one of Gregory’s most experienced spies.

Once the spy reported back Gregory pinched the bridge of his nose at the utter stupidity of the Minister of Magic.  Gregory went in search of his old friend Ulric before going to Hogwarts to see Harry. Rather than disturb his Lord, Gregory appeared in the Chamber of Secrets which had been renovated after the Basilisk remains had been rendered.  Sensing a new arrival Hogwarts sent one of the House Elves to the chamber, with a pop the elf went to let Harry know Gregory needed to see him and Draco.

As ever Ron had come with Harry whilst Blaise had followed his friend down to the chamber.  At Harries request Hogwarts had created a secret passage from both Draco and Harries dorm room down to the chamber.

“Thank you for seeing me My Lord, as you know we have been keeping an eye on the Minister and Headmaster, it would seem that young Lord Malfoy has put the cat amongst the pigeons as the muggles would say, the Minister displeased at the loss of his funds, he is conspiring with the Headmaster to claim the Malfoy Estate as you are a minor, along with the estate of Potter and Gryffindor.”  Gregory held up his hand to forestall the angry shouts.

“The title of Lord within Magical Britain is a gift from the British Crown, over the centuries there have been Squibs in the Royal family, the only person who can remove a title is the Queen.  They are planning a law that would require the Lord of any family to be of age and that you must live in Magical Britain, by living on the Island the Minister wishes to take control of your estates.  My Lord, I would suggest that Ulric makes contact with the Privy Council.  Whilst the Ministry and Wizengamot have a level of independence, they rule at the Crowns pleasure, by pushing the law the Minister could well be committing Treason by trying to take powers from the Crown.”

Blaise laughed at his friend preening in front of the mirror are he prepared to go to the Wizengamot, the blond Slytherin could not believe that he had been invited to Buckingham Palace, whilst the majority of purebloods looked down on Squibs and muggle born the same could not be said for the Royal family.  Draco was the first Malfoy to have met the Royal family in over three centuries, in such a short time Draco had brought more prestige to the Malfoy name than his late father during his entire life. Draco and Harry had made sure that they appeared completely unaware of the Minister’s and Dumbledore’s schemes.

Once the reply had been received from the Palace, Draco and Harry had gone to see Professor McGonagall as a curtsey they asked for her permission to leave school grounds.  The blond Slytherin was still getting used to trusting the prim Deputy Headmistress; he chalked it up to another strange twist to his new independent life.

Draco and Harry would shadow jump to Kingsley’s office at the ministry so as to avoid being seen.  Harry met Draco in Professor McGonagall’s office, both dressed in their formal robes.  “I must say you both look dashing on those robes; I trust you will not cause too much trouble today.”  The Head of Gryffindor said mischievously.

Chapter Text

As they made their way to the Ministry the Wizengamot was in heated argument, many of the members who were friendly with Harry saw the Minister’s attempt for what it was, however they were unaware of the shocking announcement that would soon be made.

Mid way through his blustering the door banged open as Draco and Harry strode in.  “What is the meaning of this, I must insist you return to school at ONCE.”  Dumbledore said.  Harry let Draco go first, “You have already been removed as Chief Warlock due to your illegal actions do not compound your actions.”  Draco said snidely.  Harry bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself laughing as Draco continued.

“I demand to know why my Guardian was not informed of this session or that of Lord Potter.”  “Now see here boy” Fudge said, full of bravery now that Lucius was dead.  “HOW DARE YOU” Draco roared, “Unlike Lord Potter who is constrained by diplomatic matters I am not and have no problem challenging you to a duel Minister, I would warn you though that I have spent years being taught by my late father.”  “ORDER ORDER” the ancient witch who had been voted the new head of the Wizengamot after Dumbledore’s ousting shouted.

“Members of the Wizengamot, I come before you today to challenge the attempt of the Minister to commit treason.”  Draco waited for order to be regained.  “Lord Malfoy that is a serious charge you have levied, by what evidence do you make this claim?”  The Witch asked.

“Honoured members several Millennia ago the Wizards Council was created by warrant from the English Crown as the King was a squib.  The Wizengamot rules at the Crowns pleasure, the ennobled houses in our society received their titles as gifts from the Crown.  By his actions the Minister has risked the Wizengamot being dissolved and its members stripped of their titles.”

“What nonsense are you on about.” Fudge demanded as he saw the young Malfoy brat take out a folded piece of parchment.

“When Lord Potter and I became aware of the Ministers attempt to steal from two Great Houses, Lord Azkaban who is also a cousin of the current Queen contacted Buckingham Palace, following discussions I was commanded by Her Majesty to read this to the Wizengamot.

Order in Council

Dated this the 25th Day of July in the year Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Five

Be it known that the Wizengamot of Great Britain is constituted along with the Ministry of Magic as successor to the Wizards Council to rule in the name of the Crown to rule the magical subjects of the Crown of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Two fifths of the members being elected by popular vote, the remaining member, being members whose service to the crown has been recognised by acts of ennoblement.  The said titles being gifts of the crown and subject to the Crown’s pleasure.

The Crown is concerned and displeased to learn of acts by members of the Wizengamot and Ministry of Magic to usurp the rights and powers of the crown in the attempts to deprived our favoured cousins of their rightful title.

Any such act shall be viewed as an act of treason against the crown; it is the duty of the Wizengamot to ensure that the Ministry of Magic rules by right of law.  Let it be known that if the attempt continues the body known as the Wizengamot and Ministry shall be dissolved, any person committing such acts of treason shall upon conviction be punished by ancient law and suffer the punishment of death.  Those ennobled members of the Wizengamot who fail to discharge their duty to the crown shall be stripped of their title and lands forfeit to the crown.

Elizabeth R

Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith

Draco smirked at the sight of the furious Minister.  “May no mistake the Malfoy gravy train to the Ministry is over.  You can rest assured Minister I won't be donating a single Knut towards your re-election.”

Harry stepped forward.  “When I entered the magical world at eleven after my Kidnap I was excited about magic.  I have been used because of what happened to me when I was a child who sought to take advantage of my name and family, the time has now passed, I will not stand any more attempts.  Now those of you with intelligence are aware of how much I hate fame, however fate doesn’t seem to care, I am aware that I have responsibilities, I will live up to them, however do not think I am anyone’s pawn.  The Wizengamot’s function is to ensure that the Magical Government abide by the law, I am disappointed that the Wizengamot allowed this pathetic attempt by the Ministry, my family have earnt their seat on this body by their actions and not their money.  The fact that there is none present that has allied themselves with my family shows what contempt our ancient traditions means.  Now I am not expecting everyone to become best friends, however if there is another attempt on my family name or the continued disregard for our laws, then I petition the crown to dissolve the Wizengamot and remove every last knut of my families money from Britain, I am sure I do not need to explain the consequences of that.”

As the angry shouts began Draco and Harry left the chamber to return to Hogwarts.  After the shambles of the Wizengamot session Dumbledore had given both Draco and Harry a wide berth. Minerva sat back on her seat at the head table and thought how Harry and Draco had turned both the Wizarding World and school on their head she looked on proudly as Harry and Draco sat arguing over Quidditch.

With the death of that Vile Lucius Malfoy, Minerva saw Draco start to grow into a man; it was a bitter moment as the elderly witch how her precious children had to grow up far more than they should at their age.

There had been remarkable little fallout within Slytherin House, there had been a remarkable improvement in the behaviour since Horace had returned, there were still dark elements within Slytherin however they were in the minority, it would seem that many simply wanted a chance to follow someone they had faith in as they did in Draco Malfoy.

Harry was glad that after the hectic week he had had with tournament and with the Wizengamot, he was glad that he had two days in which he planned to do as little as possible apart from reading the updates from Ulric about life on the Island.  There werewolf villages were thriving with the new arrivals.  As he thought of the werewolf village Harry smiled broadly as he thought about Remus who had started to date Sirius’s cousin and had moved to the village.  Viktor and Andrei were enjoying themselves at the Azkaban military academy.

It was during breakfast on the last day of school that Harries carriage arrived, as Ulric got out he bowed his head respectfully to Harry, now that the news had broke of Harry being Lord Azkaban there was no need to keep up the pretence.  Ulric walked up the centre of the great hall flanked by Azkaban Guards.  “Good Day Headmaster.”  Ulric said politely “By My Lords command I have come to escort the honoured guests to My Lords investiture.”  Draco and the Slytherin’s all smirked at the public slight against the old fool.

Colin rushed up to Harry, “Harry, can I take some pictures of your coach with some of the first years?”   Harry smiled, “Sure Colin, but ask the guards first before you take pictures of them.”

In the Dungeons Draco was harassing his dorm mates to get ready as he was keen to meet Tony again, Blaise and Theo were deliberately taking their time.  Ulric turned to Professor McGonagall, “Fair Maiden, if you would allow me to escort you to the carriage.”

Harry bit his lip to stop himself laughing at the blush on his Professors face.  Ulric had brought two carriages to take everyone to the Island, that way Harries friends could unwind.  As everyone had got into the carriage Harry saw the look of longing on Dennis and Colin’s face as he walked over.

“Hey Colin, are you packed?”  Harry asked.  When Colin didn’t answer Harry continued, “Well you need to hurry up to catch the coach, your parents will be waiting for you on the island.  A wide grin spread across the Gryffindor’s young face as he rushed off to get his brother.  They didn’t have to wait long for Colin and Dennis to arrive.

“We can hardly have a ceremony without the photographer now Colin can we?”  Harry asked kindly.  Once everyone had got into their coaches Harry and Ulric walked to the coach that the Professors had got into.

As the coaches sat off Dumbledore stood in the clock tower frowning as he was left behind.

Chapter Text

Harry turned to his guests, “Thank you all for coming.”  Professor Sprout asked the question everyone else did.  “Why was the Headmaster not invited Lord Azkaban?”  Harry smiled and held up his hand, “Please none of you must call me that, you are guests in my home, Harry is fine.”

“Mr Potter it is not appropriate to refer you in such a way.”  Professor McGonagall announced.  “If you cannot call me Harry Mr Potter will be fine.”

Harry sat down and told the trusted Professors why he disliked the Headmaster.  All but Professor McGonagall were horrified at what they learnt.

By the time they had reached the ferry Harry had returned to his friend’s carriage to change into his Azkaban Robes.  As soon as the carriage reached the ferry got out to the cheers of the ferrymen.  The professors looked out of the carriage windows as the cheers grew louder and louder.  As Professor McGonagall a tear rolled down her cheek as she looked on proudly as Harry spoke to as many people as he could.

As the carriages made their way slowly the Professors looked on with pride. As soon as they reached the shored Draco jumped out of the carriage as soon as he saw Tony waiting for him.  There were parties in every village on the Charmed isles long into the night.  Ron and Seamus had been dragged off to the soldiers mess.

Harry had arranged for each Professor to have a range of books in their room.  The following morning the dining room in Harries private apartment was full of guests.  Arthur shook his head indulgently when Bill had told him how late Ron had got back.  Miner raised her eyebrow.

“Minerva” Arthur said, “Ron has lived his life in the shadows of his brothers all his life, I trust him not to go over the top, but he is so proud that he has been accepted by the Regiment, he and Seamus are the only mainlanders to ever in the history of Azkaban to have been accepted like this, not to mention his grades have improved considerable.”

“Indeed it is true; the increase in his grades had been most welcome.”  Minerva replied.  “Good morning everyone” Harry said cheerfully, “I hope the books were all to your liking.”

Minerva smiled, “That was most gracious of you Mr Potter, the titles were truly staggering.”  “That's ok Professor, as there is a day before the ceremony arrangements have been made to take you sight seeing, you may not know that one of the Islands is a creature sanctuary...Do not worry Hagrid, you can leave for the sanctuary after breakfast, the Beast master is expecting you, Professor Sprout, if you would like to go as well, Neville has reassured me that there are lots of surprises there, I bow to his knowledge, compared to him my knowledge is as much as a firstie.”  Everyone laughed.

“Where are Remus and Sirius this morning?” Minerva asked.  “Oh Sirius is staying with Remus and Tonks.”  Harry explained about the werewolf settlements, “Mr Potter, I am in no doubt that that you parents would be so very proud.”  Poppy said.  Harry smiled, “I like to think so, if you would all excuse me there are some last minute preparations, Arthur could I ask you to see to my guests for me?”

“Certainly Harry, leave it to me.”  Arthur replied as Harry got up and left the room.  Charlie left with Hagrid and Professor Sprout, since finding the heard of Dragons on the Island Charlie had all but moved to the island.  As Arthur led Minerva and Poppy down to the court yard he turned to them both, “Do not be surprised at the reverence with which you are treated.”

“What do you mean Arthur?” Poppy asked, “It is no secret that you Minerva are Harries favourite Professor and you Poppy have spent years caring for Harry and healing him.  Minerva went quiet truly touched that Harry held her in such high regard.  Filius was in his element as the Military Academy was in the middle of a duelling tournament.

As they walked down the steps to the main door Gregory walked towards them “Good Day to you Arthur and who are these two delightful young ladies?”

Poppy giggled as Minerva blushed, “Good Day to you Gregory, Gregory, allow me to introduce Professor Minerva McGonagall and Poppy Pomfrey.  Ladies this rogue is Gregory, Lord Marshal of Azkaban and Commander of the Azkaban forces.

Gregory bowed his head, “It is with my heartfelt thanks to you both for the care you have given My Lord.” Gregory spent the day with Arthur as he escorted Poppy and Minerva, it had not gone unnoticed by Poppy how her dear friend blushed nearly the entire day as Gregory flirted with her, Poppy nudged Arthur in the ribs and nodded her head towards Gregory and Minerva who were walking slightly ahead of them.

By dinner time Seamus and Ron had recovered, Minerva looked on at how relaxed the Slytherin students looked and how accepted they were, Minerva was truly shocked when Arthur had explained that the person who had not left Draco’s side all evening was a werewolf, it was no shock to see that Charlie and Hagrid was missing.

“SIRIUS BLACK, REMUS LUPIN what are you planning?”  Minerva demanded, “I know that look.”  Everyone laughed as Remus and Sirius looked like naughty First Years.

Sirius turned to his dearest friend and blushing cousin.  Sirius stood up and tapped his knife against his goblet, “Can I please have your attention, as Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, it is with immense pride that I announce the engagement of my little cousin to the only man on this world I would trust to look after her, ladies and gentlemen raise your glass in celebration to the engagement of my cousin Tonks and Remus Lupin.”

The room erupted into cheers at the news.  A tear rolled down Minerva’s face, finally after so many years of struggle Remus had finally found some happiness.  After dinner Harry went into his study with Arthur to discuss the details of the ceremony, Harry laughed when Arthur told him about Gregory and Minerva.

That evening as she was returning to her apartment Poppy heard Minerva’s name mentioned, “I am sure I do not need to remind you Gregory that Professor McGonagall means a great deal to me, anyone who hurts or harms her will find themselves in the deepest depths of the Prison.”

“Indeed My Lord, it is fully understood...”  Gregory replied.  Poppy smiled broadly as she went to see Minerva.

“What has put that smile on your face Poppy?” Minerva asked.  “It would seem that Arthur somewhat understated Potters view of you, I have just heard him tell that handsome Gregory fellow that if anyone was to hurt or harm you then he will send them to the deepest depths of the prison.”

Minerva thought at the truly remarkable change in Harry, with the power he held he could have easily become a despot, however he was far more concerned about the well being of others.

The following morning Minerva was surprised to see young Mr Weasley and Finnegan enter the room in full Azkaban Military Uniform.  As soon as Theo saw Seamus he stalked over, “You look so fucking hot in that Finnegan.” Theo said lustily. As soon as Kingsley arrived he made his way over to Sirius and Remus.  Sirius howled with laughter when Kinglsey told them about Ulric and Amelia as they entered the room.  “If you think that is surprising Kinglsey” Arthur said, “It would seem that Gregory is smitten with Minerva.”

The four friends looked on “I wonder if Minerva and Amelia know exactly how powerful those two are?”  Remus asked no one in particular.

Chapter Text

After a light breakfast Ulric led everyone down to the Great hall, the size was staggering as it was twice the size of the great hall.

Ulric turned to the guests, “My Lord has commanded that you all sit up front in the family section.  Ron was bursting with pride as he watched Harry swear the oath, when Harry had finished the hall erupted into cheers.

Harry had made sure that the hall was filled with a wide section of the Azkaban community.  After a lay in after the investiture party Gregory arrived to take Minerva on a tour of the Islands as Ulric had done with Amelia.

Harry had also started to become closer to Ron, the two friends had spent the evening together chatting about their lives and future, Ron was emphatic that he would remain by Harries side, they had ended the night with a kiss.  As Harry got into bed he drifted off to sleep with a beaming smile on his face.

As Harry fell asleep he found himself standing in a green meadow, in front of him a plume of black smoke began to grow, as it diminished a handsome man in his middle thirties with brown hair dressed in leather armour.

“Do not fear young Harry, my name is Hades.”  The figure said smiling.  “We have much to discuss, you my dear boy are one of my descendants through your mother, and it is from me that the Azkaban family descends.”

The figure led to Harry to a dark foreboding castle, “Do not be fooled, the Elysium Palace looks a lot better on the inside.”  The figure said jovially.

Hades led Harry into a study and sat down, “Normally the barriers between our worlds are stronger, however as you are of my blood I can cross the barriers, I am aware of the trials you face young Harry, to help you I have spoken to my nephew Hephaestus, King of the Gods, he has agreed that a portal can be opened to allow you and your closest friends to train here.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I cannot leave the Islands, I have only just returned.”  Harry said.  “I see the Islands have taken a place within your heart, you do not need to worry about that, a year spent here would pass as a day.  I know you will need to speak to your advisors, if it is agreeable I will appear at Midday.”

Harry woke up excited, keen to talk to Gregory and Ulric.  After a quick shower Harry dressed in muggle clothes, it didn’t take long before Dobby appeared to help his Harry Potter.  Harry sent the elf off to find Gregory and Ulric.

“How may we serve you My Lord” they said as they entered the room.  Harry told them of his dream; he knew that it meant more to Gregory and Ulric.

“Blessing be My Lord.” Ulric said, “For centuries My Lord the people of Azkaban have worshipped the old religion, the Grey throne does indeed descended from Lord Hades. The last Lord Azkaban was no fan of the old ways and banned them as the official religion, although there are still temples.”

Harry had got all his friends together ready for Hades arrival, around Harry sat Remus, Sirius, Bill, Charlie, the twins, Ron, Seamus, Dean, Theo, Draco, Tony, Luna and Neville along with Gregory and Ulric.

Harry had refused to explain why he had got them all together.  Everyone readily agreed to the adventure, “I must warn you all that you may come into contact with family and friends who have passed over.”

Harry left Hades to explain to everyone what they would be doing as he went to talk to Gregory and Ulric privately. “Thankfully I will only be gone a day so I shouldn’t miss too much, but I want you to have some fort of jewellery made to allow the professors to return to the Islands, I also want to change the annual petitions, I want to do it monthly, I don’t want to be too distant, now you two behave whilst I am gone and no marriages.”  Gregory and Ulric both laughed, they both thanked the Heavens daily that they had been able to find Harry.  They both recognised that whilst Harry was their ruler, he remained a teenager and was just as mischievous.

“Lord Hades.” Remus began.  “Stop” Hades replied, “Friends and family do not use such titles, you must all get used to the fact that you will meet members of my family, if you refer to Strife with a title he will most likely douse you in ice water.”

With a smirk Bill announced, “I am not so sure this is going to be a good idea.” As he looked at his twin brothers who looked excited at meeting the God of Mischief, “Why do you say that?” Hades asked.

“Well I am not so sure it is a good idea introducing my brothers to the God of Mischief along with Sirius.”  Sirius looked smug as everyone laughed. 

“Sorry Hades.” Remus said worriedly, “You should know that I am a werewolf.”  Hades looked confused, “What is a werewolf?”  He asked as Remus explained about his and Tony’s affliction.

“It is will not be a problem, you and your friends will be safe, you should talk to my son Draco as he is the God of Unnatural Creatures.” 

“I always knew there was a reason for my impeccable standards, after all I am named after a God” Draco said smiling.”

Before leaving Harry sat with his guests from Hogwarts, Ulric had already brought the items with him to allow the Professors to return to the Islands “Don’t worry Hagrid you can go back soon, I just wanted to tell you all that I will be gone for the day, but Arthur, Gregory and Ulric will make sure you are all ok.  I have done a great deal of growing up this past year, since I started Hogwarts you have all treated be fairly, you Hagrid were my very first magical friend, you gave me the greatest gift when you gave me Hedwig, you Professor McGonagall got me hooked on Quidditch, please take these as gifts, they will also allow you to freely return to the Islands, as long as you have them on you, your minds will be safe as I know the Headmaster uses Legilimency without people knowing.”

Minerva looked furious, “How do you know this?” “We found out when Snape was interrogated we found out that the two of them do this, I am not sure if you all know but I am the last heir to the founders.”  The Professors looked on in shock.  “I have enough to do ruling Azkaban, as long as the old fool actually does his job I don’t intend to take back Hogwarts, in any event if I did I would hope that you Professor McGonagall would become head.”

“Harry...” Professor McGonagall began, “In his youth Dumbledore was a great man, however after his actions fighting Grindlewald he was put on a high pedestal, I think it is prudent for plans to be made for you to assume control.” Minerva said gravely.  “Is this what you all think?”  The Head of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw both agreed.

“Very well, if you get with Ulric and Gregory they can help make plans.  Oh by the way the items I gave you are also emergency Portkeys back to the castle.”

With the portal opened Hades led everyone back to the Palace, he was greeted by Persephone and Draco.  Everyone looked on in shock at Draco’s wings, “Everyone, this is my dear wife Persephone and my son Draco.”

The God of Unnatural Creatures looked thoughtful as he was told about Tony and Remus being werewolves, “MMmm, after the banquet we can discuss this more.”

As the afternoon more and more of Hades’s family began to appear.  Areas turned to Ron and Seamus, “When we found out that Harry was descended from Hades I kept an eye on you all, you two certainly have the heart of a warrior.”  Whilst Seamus and Ron blushed they puffed out their chest proudly.

“Whilst everyone was chatting Persephone led Hades out of the room, “It is decided dear, it will be James, Regulus and Willowmena Lovegood.” 

That evening after dinner was over Hades called Harry, Sirius and Luna into his study, “As you know I am King of the Underworld, every hundred years three souls are allowed to return to the living, the balance of the world will not allow more than three, when it was decided that you would all be coming here to train I sought out the souls of those you love in my domain.  Sirius, your younger brother Regulus was a very brave person, when he saw the error of his ways he tried to destroy one of the soul fragments and was killed in the process” Hades waved his hand towards the closed door which slowly opened to reveal Lilly and James Potter, Luna’s mother and Regulus,  Luna and Harry were openly crying as they rushed forward into the waiting arms of their mothers.

“Wait a minute” Sirius said, “You mentioned three souls.”  Lily smiled at Sirius, “You seem to have got smarter with age” she said playfully.  “Hades is correct about three souls, I have never been in any doubt that James loves me, but from the moment Harry was born there was never any doubt that the most precious thing in James’s world was Harry, I will return as a spirit, but my boys need each other.”

The rest of the visitors were overjoyed at the new arrivals, Ron blushed bright red when Lily kissed his cheek to thank him for being such a great friend. 

The training lasted eight hours a day and was a mixture of Magical and physical training, Tony and Remus along with the younger Draco would often go off to work on a cure for the Werewolves.  Bill had been correct about the trouble his brothers would get up to with Strife, in the middle of dinner Bill saw Strife hand what looked like a Canary Cream to Cupid, and the room was filled by the deep sound of Ares laughing as his son turned into a Canary.

It had been six months since their arrival, Harry sat with his parents on the balcony overlooking the Elysium fields, “Hades, if I am descended from you does that mean I am going to become more different?” Harry asked worriedly

“Not quite my dear boy.”  Hades replied, “so far you training has been working on the knowledge you already have, but the time you return you will have the knowledge of a fully trained wizard of the late 1700’s over time the wizarding world has for sometime dumbed down what a seventh year in your time would know, it would have been fourth year material in the 1700’s.   You already have more than enough power and responsibility for someone of your age, to give you more would be too much of a temptation, however your family have one gift from my blood line, as you know I am the King of the Underworld with Control over Death, the Killing curse will not work on anyone of my line.”

“Then what happened that night, whenever I see a Dementor I see the green light?”  Harry asked.  “Whilst I will not allow any of you to see that night, I went to the Halls of time, Riddle did indeed use the curse on James, he tried to use the curse on Lily but it did not work, when the killing burse did not work he used an ancient dark curse.  I am afraid you will not be able to become an animagus.”

Harry and his parent spent the evening chatting about how the training was going. “Mum...Dad, there is something I need to tell you...”  Harry said nervously

James put his arm around Harries shoulder, “Do not fret Harry, we both know you care very deeply for Ron, it does not matter in the Magical World if two men or two women love each other.”  Lily sat next to Harry and kissed his cheek.

After talking to his parents about his feelings for Ron, Harry went in search of the youngest Weasley.  Harry led Ron out onto the balcony of his room.  “Ron...I need to tell you something...I hope we can still be friends.”

“Harry, what the hell you on about, nothing is going to stop us being friends.” Ron replied emphatically as Harry lent forward and pressed his lips to Ron’s.  Ron pressed his lips towards his best friend as their arms slowly crept around each other.

It was no shock to anyone when Harry entered the dining room with Ron holding hands.  The cheers were interrupted as the blond Draco rushed in the room “WE DID IT” he shouted as he was followed more sedately by Remus and Tony.

Hades walked into the room with his son. “Indeed a cure has been found.” Hades explained, “Whilst it would be simple for Draco to remove the curse, it would not be possible for him to go to Azkaban Island and cure everyone by hand, Draco and his young namesake has created a new potion, there are two versions, the initial treatment will turn the person into an enhanced Animagus, whereas an animagus only has the ability of the animal in their animal form, the new person will enhance the persons senses and stamina in their human form and allow them to turn into a wolf, if they continue the treatment they will be cured completely.”

Both Tony and Remus chose to accept that the wolf was part of them and chose not to take the full cure.

“Speaking of being an animagus, is there any way of finding out if any of us are?” Dean asked hopefully.  The God of Unnatural creatures smiled, “Indeed it is, if not I can make someone one.  Squeezing Tony’s hand under the table Draco spoke up, “Could you give me a wolf animagus?”  His Godly namesake replied, “I can try, but it all depends on your inner spirit.”

After dinner the God of Unnatural Creatures found himself surrounded by Ron, his blond counterpart, Neville, Luna, Dean, Seamus, Cedric, Viktor  and Charlie.  Harry stood with his dad, “I am sorry you can't be an animagus Harry.”  “That's all right dad... It is so strange saying that.”  James put his arm around Harries shoulder, “I know son.” James replied.

As each person stood in front of the God of Unnatural Creatures he put his hands on the side of the persons head as he looked into their soul.

“”Dad” Harry said, “What are we going to do when we get back with the three of you being alive?” “Well Harry, tell them the truth, well a bit of the truth, and simply say that you went through the rite of Persephone.”  Harry thought on his father’s word’s, “If things get out of hand, would you be the proxy for the House of Gryffindor for me, I would have asked Remus, but I want him to take over Gryffindor House and the DADA role?”

James pulled Harry closer into a hug, “Of Course I will Harry, When I get back I need to reclaim my seat on the Wizengamot anyway.”  As the two Potters chatting Draco finished checking everyone’s spirit animal.

Once their animals had been announced Remus spoke to the younger Draco, “It would seem that destiny has had a hand, wolves are extremely loyal and protective of their mates.

Whilst Draco’s form was a wolf, Neville’s was a Badger, Ron was a large Bengal Tiger, Luna was a Tawny Owl, Dean’s was a Jaguar, Seamus and Theo were a pair of Leopards, Cedric turned into a Falcom whilst Viktor was a Brown Bear, everyone gasped in shock as it was announced that Charlie’s form was a Norwegian Ridgeback, Ron rushed over and hugged his brother who’s face was split by a wide grin.

The remainder of the year training flew by for everyone, the only disagreement being Sirius and his constant apologising to James and Lily.  As Lily was a descendant of Hades she could do magic and turned Sirius into a woman for a week, after a week without his man bits Sirius learnt his lesson quickly.

Chapter Text

Several Romances had developed during the year spent in Asphodel, Ron and Harry had announced their relationship, Neville and Luna had become closer, the shocking relationship was Charlie and Regulus.

A large banquet was planned for the last day in Asphodel before everyone returned to their own time. As everyone was preparing for the banquet Hades called all of the Weasley brothers into his study, “Thank you all for coming, before you all came here for the training I spent a great deal of time in the halls of time looking at Harries Life, you young Ron, the first day you met Harry you offered him your friendship and later shared your family, you Fred and George along with the young warrior rescued Harry when he had bars on his windows and also gave Harry your friendship, you Bill and Charlie accepted Harry as another younger brother.  To me family is the most important thing in creation, whilst you did not ask for any reward, I will offer you all one gift, step forward Ron.”

Hades gave Ron the gift of Parseltongue, “You two trouble makers have filled the palace with laughter, despite what you pretend and show the others I know that you also have a sharp mind and that you wish to open up a joke shop, my gift to you both is the knowledge of a Mastery in Charms, use it wisely, whilst laughter is important you must show caution not to cross the line to become a bully, to you Charlie I gift the ability to speak to Draconis, I give you the ability to speak Draconis, to you Bill my gift is Magical Sight.”

Charlie and Bill were the most shocked of all; the ability to speak Draconis was stuff of legend, the last person with Magical Sight had died over seven hundred years ago.  That evening Harry and Ron would talk to each other in Parseltongue whilst looking at Sirius and laughing.  As the evening progressed Sirius narrowed his eyes at the pair as Lily sat chuckling with James.

As everyone prepared to leave Hades approached Harry and his family, “Your are of my blood Harry, that makes you precious to me, remember you are not invincible and you are not alone, I know your destiny is to face Riddle, but you must not dishonour your family and friends who wish to aid you, always remember that you are stronger united than you are alone, if you bring back the old ways you will always be able to contact me, now go in peace and with my blessing.”

Harry and his friends appeared in the throne room, in preparation Gregory had had the room sealed.  “You are looking very well My Lord” Ulric said happily now that his Lord had returned.  Arthur and Ginny hugged the Weasley boys in return, when they told their father what had happened he began to cry, “Boys, I am so very very proud of you all.”

The Professors were enthralled as everyone told them of their exploits, “What in the heavens were you thinking!” Arthur cried out when he heard how the twins had got Cupid with a canary cream.

“Don’t worry Dad” Bill said, “It was all Strife’s fault, you should have seen Ares I thought he was going to piss himself laughing.” “MR WEASLEY” Professor McGonagall cried out. “You Mr Potter and Weasley, I do not expect you to be whispering in Parseltongue in class.” The Transfiguration Professor decreed.

The following day as everyone was relaxing Harry went with Draco and Remus to the Werewolf town, as ever Ron was going with him, the carriage arrived at the town hall.  “My Lord” Alfred said, “If I had known I would have prepared for your arrival.”

“Do not worry my friend; you have enough to do to put on a show.”  Harry replied, “Alfred, can you summon the council as I have some news for the Werewolf community.”  Harry said as he walked towards Alfred’s office.  Knowing that their Lord had summoned them the councillors rushed towards the town hall.  Once the last Councillor had arrived Harry went into the council chamber.

“It is always a pleasure to come before you, you all know of Remus Lupin, together along with Draco Malfoy and Anthony McGee a development has been made to the Wolfsbane potion.”  There were gasps around the hall.  “A cure has been found” Harry announced.  He held up his arms to silence the chamber, “The new potion will be made available to all citizens, I will pass you on to Remus who will explain more.”

The chamber erupted into cheering and applause as Remus walked up to the podium to explain the two options available.

Everyone settled into life on the island, the entire Weasley family had now renounced their British citizenship and therefore under the protection of Azkaban.  Harry was walking through the castle when he saw Ulric and Amelia walking into the castle gardens with Amelia’s hand on Ulric’s hand.

“Ah just the two people I needed to talk to, I do hope I am not interrupting your date?”  Harry said with a grin.  Amelia blushed as she replied, “I see the cheek did not skip a generation, at least with your father I had some blackmail material to keep him quiet.”

“Ohhh do tell Director.” Harry said, “As a Lady I won't go into details, I was the Head girl during your fathers sixth year, I caught him and Sirius in a closet together, despite the excuses it is hard to explain being found on your knees in front of your best friend whose trousers and shorts were around his ankles.”

Harry was howling with laughter, he was so going to remind his father and Sirius, he wondered if his mum knew.  Wiping the tears away Harry continued, “Director, I need to talk to you about some recent changes, shall we sit over by the oak tree, it is too nice a day to stay inside.”

Ulric already knew what Harry wanted to say so was not concerned, “Director” Harry began, “You will not know this, but the Grey Throne is descended from Lord Hades, several days ago a portal was opened between Asphodel and here, I along with the Weasley brothers, Seamus, Dean, Neville, Luna and Draco, Sirius and Remus.  Whilst there we were able to perfect the Wolfsbane to the point that we now have a cure, it is being made available to my citizens, after speaking to the Mayor and of course Remus, I will make it available for any captured werewolves who have deliberately turned another, it has been suggested that the cure be forced upon them to stop the threat.”

“Harry, it is truly remarkable, you have had to grow up far too soon, I agree with your proposal.” Amelia replied.  Harry explained what had happened during their time away.  “As the Weasley brothers are no longer citizens the Ministry has no right for force them to register, the same applies for all the others except Neville as he is the Heir to the Longbottom family.”

“I can simply classify his registration as a State Secret, it will be known only to me and Kingsley, now I know that glint, what else have you been up to?”  Amelia demanded jovially.

“Amelia, what do you know about the Rite of Persephone?” Harry asked.  “It is a rite in the old religion, Persephone was Queen of the Underworld, the Rite was devised to allow worthy souls to return to the World of the living, the last recorded rite was six hundred years ago...You have done it.”  Amelia stated.

“Indeed, Hades is my Great God knows how many Grandfather, he was the one who told us about the rite.”  “Does this mean your parents...?”  Amelia interrupted.

“Not quite” Harry explained, “Only three souls can be returned, but only one soul can be returned to a living person, my father returned with me, Luna’s mother returned and Regulus returned with Sirius.”  Amelia sat quietly with her jaw dropped as Harry explained about Regulus and his change of heart .

Amelia sat quietly when Harry had finished taking in the shocking news.  “It is not unheard off, just extremely rare.  We just need three members of the Wizengamot to witness them swearing an oath that they were brought back using the rite and not Necromancy and also witnessed by myself. I trust you know of three members, Sirius cannot be one as it is his brother who has come back.”

“That should not be a problem, Draco really trusts Blaise and his father, Blaise would have gone with us but there was a big family meeting, Neville’s Gran and Cedric’s Dad would agree, where does this meeting need to happen?”

“It does not matter” Amelia replied, “That's good Cedric and Neville wanted to show off what they had learnt, when we planned the trip Blaise wasn’t too keen, he is more of a strategist and politician so a year training in combat wasn’t really his thing, can you also classify Apparition Licences as well?”

“You are lucky I like you Potter.” Amelia said playfully.  Harry had sent his personal coach to collect the elder Longbottom, Diggory and Lovegood as well as Blaise and his father. As the carriage arrived it was met by Harry, Draco, Luna and Cedric, the new arrivals looked around at the formidable castle, as with every other person in Magical Britain the only pictures of the Island were those that Colin had taken, since returning from Asphodel Luna had been working with Colin to write several articles about life on the Islands, however they would not mention the Werewolf towns or the creatures living in the Sanctuary.

Luna rushed forward to Hug her father as she took him off to break the news, Harry smiled, happy that he could have done something for his friend, “Thank you all for coming, firstly when in private you must all call be Harry, now if you would all follow me.”

As Harry led them into his apartment The Elder Zabini looked on as guard after guard snapped to attention. “I am pleased that you all accepted my invitation, there is too much to discuss publicly, so I think it better if we for the rest of the day you avail yourself of the castle, Neville, Cedric and Draco know their way down to the town if you wish to explore, if you all agree I would like you to come to a meeting tomorrow with my Lord Marshal of the Army as well as my Chancellor, Director Bones and Professor McGonagall will also be there, if I can be of any help just call one of the elves.”

Neville led his gran to the apartment he was staying in, “It is good to see you again Gran.”  Neville said warmly.  “It is a bitter sweet meeting Neville, I had hoped to shield you from the darkness as it has cost our family too much, but I was wrong, I can see that you and Harry are as close as your fathers were.”  Neville could see the tears on his grandmothers cheeks.  He walked over, after a year training in which the Mighty God of War took an active part Neville had become far more confident.  He walked over and hugged his grandmother.  As she put her arms around her grandson she noticed the change in his stature.  “Neville, what has happened?”

“Sit down Gran...I don’t mean to offend you but I need you to swear an oath not to repeat what I am going to tell you to anyone else that does not already know.”  Augusta saw the conviction in Neville’s eyes and freely swore the oath.  “Thank you Gran, it starts with Harry being Lord Azkaban, he got the title from his mother’s side of the family, the Lords of Azkaban are descended from Hades God of the Underworld.  After his investiture a portal was opened by Hades, he took us all to Asphodel to train, whilst we spent a year there only a day passed here, Ares himself trained me.”

Neville explained to his shocked Grandmother the training they had done.  He knew that his Grandmother would know what the Rite of Persephone was, “Hades told Harry about the Rite of Persephone, when we returned we came back with James Potter, Regulus Black and Luna’s mum.”  Neville could see the concern at the mention of Regulus.  “He was bullied into joining when he was young, when he found out what being a deatheater meant he tried to leave.  He stole one of the Horcruxes that Riddle made.”  Neville then had to explain who Riddle was.

“Gran, apart from my wanting to see you, Harry needs your help, to have the three recognised he needs three members of the Wizengamot to witness their oath.”  “Of course Neville Dear, the Potters and Longbottom’s have stood side by side in battle for over five hundred years.”

“Thank you Gran, however what concerns me is the safety of mum and dad, once it becomes public that our family support Harry I do not trust the Minister or the Headmaster to use them to get to me to get to Harry.”

After listening to Neville’s concern Augusta sat in shock, this was no longer the young Naive Grandson, before her stood a Man.  “What do you suggest?”

“I think they should be taken out of St Mungo’s, when I was in Asphodel Ares introduced me to his brother Apollo God of Healing, he said that he would see if he could help them, there is a Temple of Apollo a few hours’ drive from here, if we bring my parents to the Island we can take them to the temple, Apollo showed me how to summon him.”  Neville saw the look of hope in his Grandmothers eyes.  “If it would help my dear Frank and Alice I think it is a wonderful idea.”

“If it doesn’t work Harry has said that they can be brought to the Hospital here and cared for, you would be given free access to the Islands as I have.”

Draco and Cedric were having similar conversations in their own apartments.  The following morning after breakfast Harry introduced Gregory and Ulric to the new guests.  “As you all know Arthur is my Ambassador to the Wizengamot and not the Ministry, you three along with Sirius are the only members of the Wizengamot that are currently allowed on the Islands and the only ones my Government will deal with.”  After a cordial meeting James, Regulus and Willomenia swore the oath that they were brought back using the Rite of Persephone.

Draco had dragged his best friend off to meet Tony whilst Ulric spent his time in meetings with Amelia and the Wizengamot members, a week after their arrival the guests were treated to a demonstration of what Cedric, Neville, Draco and their friends had learnt.  Amos and his wife looked on in shock as they saw what their son was capable of, August looked on full of pride.

Chapter Text

Neville led his Gran to Harries study and knocked on the door.  Harry turned to the door and stood, “Hi Nev, Madam Longbottom.”  “Harry, my Gran and I have been talking, we would like to take you up on the offer, however things have changed slightly.” Neville announced as he explained what he had planned with Apollo “THAT'S WICKED” Harry cried out when Neville explained about his planned trip to the Temple.  “DOBBY” Harry called out.  “How can Dobby help Bestest Wizard?”  “Dobby, can you find Gregory and ask him to come here if he is not busy please.”  Harry replied before the elf vanished.

Whilst he waited Harry chatted with Neville and his Grandmother about their stay on the Island, “You are also free to stay on the islands or move here if you want.”  Before the Longbottom’s could answer Gregory arrived.  August looked on at the shocking site of Lillie’s son.  “Gregory I want a detachment of guards to go with Neville and his Gran in my personal coach to get Neville’s parents from St Mungo’s, the guards have permission to do whatever is necessary to make sure the Longbottom’s are safe.  Neville once you are all settled here you can take one of the other coaches to the Temple.”

Thankfully the guards had not had to use force to protect the Longbottom’s.  Harry had moved Neville into an apartment high in the Keep overlooking the valley below as the view would be good for his parents.  Harry sat in his private apartments in Ron’s arms with James sitting in a chair as they watched a Muggle TV, “Oh yer James” Ron said, “I forgot to ask you did you spit or swallow when you sucked Sirius off in the closet at Hogwarts.”  James had just taken a mouthful of beer which he spat out over his trousers, “How the hell do you know that?”  James said after he got his coughing under control.  Before Ron could answer Lily arrived, Lily laughed when Ron told her, “Harry” Lily said, “You need to understand Wizard custom, it is very common for wizards to go with each other as they don’t have to worry about unwanted children, James and Sirius were quite the hot couple at Hogwarts, they always refused to let us view their memories in a pensive.”  Lily looked unrepentedly at her husband who was blushing furiously.

There was a great celebration in the castle when Frank and Alice returned from Apollo’s Temple.  Harry had given orders that all of the old temples were to be restored.  Until they had caught up on the last fifteen years they would stay in Neville’s apartment in the Keep, James Sirius and Remus were overjoyed at seeing their friends again and had vowed to help them as James also had a great deal to catch up on.

Rather than get new wands from Olivanders which would have meant the Ministry finding out, James, Regulus, Wimmomena went to the Master Wand Maker in Azkaban Town, everyone returning to Hogwarts would also be getting a second wand.  Whilst Remus could not leave Asphodel he had struck up a close friendship with Joxer the God of Judgement who had given him a cart full of magical ingredients for potions and wand making for him to take back, the cart had been magical, the inside was four times as big as it appeared from the outside.  Once they returned to Azkaban Castle the contents of the cart had been added to Harries store.

Lily floated into the room as James and Sirius were chatting about the upcoming Wizengamot where James would reclaim his seat,  “Ahh just the two trouble makers I am looking for.”  Lily said smiling, “We didn’t do it” Sirius replied with a guilty look on his face.

“Not yet you haven’t” Lily replied, “I need you both to be serious and don’t mention that stupid joke.  All through my time at Hogwarts I knew how much you both cared for each other and that you stopped your relationship when James started going out with me, you Sirius put my own feelings before your own, you never once resented me for being with James, I cannot express how much I love you for that, now I do not want you both to live and die alone, I just want you to know that you have my blessing to continue.”

“Lils, I cannot believe you, first you agree to stay a spirit and now this, what about your happiness?” James asked tearfully. “James, I am happy and content to see my dear Harry happy and now the two of you, I was never in any doubt about your love for me James or your love for our family Sirius, now come along today Harry is hearing petitions.”

Harry had ordered that a seat be placed either side of his throne so that his Dad and Remus could help advise him as he had told them that he wants them to make sure that he doesn’t let the power get to him.

Over in Romania Charlie had returned to the reserve with Reg who wanted to see what Charlie did.  The Dragon Handlers did not care for politics, all they were bothered about was their Dragons, however their view would soon change.  Charlie went to see the Head Dragon Handler, Homer Rosenberg, “Good to have you back Weasley”, the old Wizard said.”

“It's good to be back boss, thank you for letting Reg come and see what we do, I have some important news.”  After getting his boss to swear an oath of secrecy Charlie explained his new animagus and Draconis ability.  Homer sat in shock as his excitement grew at the news.  He quickly called a meeting of all of the handlers.

“Stop your moaning, the news I have to tell you is a great benefit to us and our work” Homer said to the twenty assembled Witches and Wizards, there is a darkness prevailing over Europe, growing each day, the reservation of the Dragons is our life passion, I must ask each of you to swear an oath of secrecy.”  The Head Handler announced.  After the last oath was sworn one of the handlers raised their hand, “I have been approached several times when I have gone into the village about helping the Dark Forces.  “Thank you for telling me, please see me after we have finished, now we need more room so let’s go outside.”

“Weasley, you’re up.” Homer announced, there was cheers when Charlie turned into his Dragon form, as he changed back everyone rushed forward full of questions.

Charlie held up his hands, “Let me speak first, I know most of you are clueless about goings on in the outside World, but I am sure you all know my little brothers best friend Harry Potter, he is now Lord Azkaban.”  “Is it true...the legends of the sanctuary?”  One of the handlers cried out.  “Yes it is, I spent a lot of time there, they have a heard of dragons living there, as thanks for my support to Harry I was gifted with the animagus form, the other gift was the ability to speak Draconis, I have spoken to Homer, he wants to me to visit each heard, then yes I will he starting Draconis classes.”  The handler’s erupted into cheers as Charlie was picked up and lifted in the air as Regulus and Homer were laughing.  The handlers slowly went back to work as Homer took Charlie off to tour the reserve.

The first dragon Charlie saw was Norbert, “Hello Norbert” Charlie said in Draconis, “You are a speaker...why have you not spoken before?” Norbert said suspiciously.  Charlie explained what had happened, Norbert looked at Regulus and sniffed, “You have brought your mate, tell him he has nothing to fear.” Charlie pulled Regulus forward.  “I will be visiting the other herds now that I am a speaker to see how we can make things better, is there anything you want?”

“Yes, I want to see the big hairy two leg who hatched me, I miss him.” Norbert announced, “I promise to tell Hagrid to visit, is there anything else?”  Charlie asked, “Yes, Dragons can sense Darkness, several dark two leg’s have been encroaching on herd lands, several got too close to the young.”

Charlie turned to Homer to tell him, “I better tell Harry about this, the Deatheaters are obviously trying to get control of the Dragons.  Regulus went to let Harry know what had happened.

“Thanks for telling  me Reg, I need to go to Beauxbatons anyway, if can bring Hagrid with me, I will bring Gregory as well to see what help we can give.”

Harry took a quick trip to the Sanctuary Island to get Hagrid, “Ahh little Norbert” Hagrid said as Harry explained.  “Here is the Coach Hagrid lets go.”

The first trip was to speak to Madame Maxime. “It is good to see you again Lord Potter.” The headmistress said as Fleur led Harry into her office.  “It is good to see you as well Madame, I have come to talk about the help for your school.”

“I thank you, I am in a quandary, whilst I know that we will need help in defending ourselves, I am concerned at having soldiers at the school with my students, I am afraid they will surcome to temptation.”  The Headmistress said.

“Madam Maxime” Gregory said, “I can appreciate your concern for your students, you have nothing to fear, My Lords Law are quite clear and are known to every citizen of Azkaban, if any soldier stationed here was to harm any of your students the punishment is absolute, it is Death.  We do not have female only units in our army, however I will do my best to have as many female guard as we can, they will also be commanded by a Witch.  With My Lords permission I will have her visit to start the preparations as the dark forces are becoming more open.”

After reassuring the Headmistress Harry left as the female commander arrived.  As soon as Harry got out of the coach at the Reserve Homer rushed forward shaking his hand, “Thank you so so much” He said eagerly.  Harry could see how impatient Hagrid was so asked if he could go and see Norbert whilst he and Gregory met with Homer.

“Charlie is as close to me as anyone could wish for a brother, I know of his love for Dragons, one I share as I am also a Draconis speaker.”

After an excited discussion Homer took Harry for a tour.  Norbert recognised Harry’s scent and greeted him kindly.  After hearing of the encroachments Harry looked at Gregory knowingly.  Gregory simply nodded his head.

Norbert, I now have an army, if I was to send some of my soldiers here would you help explain to the other herds that they are here to help protect them?”  Harry asked.  After Norbert agreed Harry turned to Homer and Charlie.  “I can send a company of a hundred guards to help protect the reserve, Norbert has agreed to help explain to the other herds as they will need to get used to the scent of the guards, if ever the reserve is attacked the guards can help defend the reserve until reinforcements can be sent.”

That evening there was a great party in the reserve after Charlie, Harry and Norbert had gone to the other herds as Charlie took every opportunity to turn into his Dragon form.

The day had finally arrived where Frank and James would announce their return to the Wizengamot, they would shadow jump to Amelia’s office to avoid the security desk in the foyer.  Harries coach would be waiting to take them back to the Island. 

Sirius had already arrived for the start of the meeting of the Wizengamot and was already bored with all the blustering; the only thing stopping him from falling asleep was Remus who was sitting next to him representing the Potter family. Dumbledore sat in the third row with a petulant look on his face due to the amount of power he had lost, the Witch who had been appointed the new Head of the Wizengamot was no fan of Dumbledore’s, “Director Bones, you were a guest at Lord Azkaban’s investiture, what can you tell the Wizengamot of the relations with Azkaban?”

Amelia stood, “Madam Chair, I am pleased to announce that relations are improving.  We have gained considerable intelligence on Deatheater Activity, intelligence my department has been given free access to, and there is a major development that I must raise, the Old Religion has continued on the Charmed Isles, Lord Azkaban has recently performed the Rite of Persephone, following which three souls have returned, their oath was witnessed by myself, Lord Zabini, Diggory and Lady Longbottom.”  “What souls have returned Director Bones?” Grizelda Marchbanks asked, “The souls of Willomenia Lovegood, James Potter and Regulus Black.”

“BUT he was a Deatheater”  One of Dumbledore’s supporters cried out, “He was far less of a Deatheater than Severus Snape who was allowed over ten years access to innocent children and Lucius Malfoy who was allowed unrestricted access to the Ministry, in any event I witnessed his interrogation under truth serum, he has committed no crimes against Magical Britain.”

“But why did Potter only bring his father back?”  Fudge cried out.  “It is simple, Lord Azkaban wanted to do something for the people he cares about, not to mention that the balance of Gaia only allows one soul to be returned to a person.  As many of you will no doubt be aware Alice and Frank Longbottom were removed from St Mungo’s under the care of Lady Longbottom, after extensive treatment it fills me with great pleasure to announce that Alice and Frank Longbottom have made a full recovery, I therefore call upon Lord James Potter and Lord Frank Longbottom to retake their seats amongst us.”

As James and Frank entered the chamber all the Pro light and Neutral members cheered as they all remembers the service James and Frank had given to society.  Fudge and Dumbledore clapped politely although they were seething inside, with the return of two Hero’s of the last War several of the Neutral members came off of the fence.  With a sickly smile Fudge turned to Frank, “it is good to see you back with us, I look forward to continuing to work with you after your years of service to the Ministry.”

“Do not bank on it Fudge, I know exactly what you have been up to, and I have no intention of being your trophy.” Frank replied.  In his most grandfatherly voice Dumbledore spoke up, “It is indeed it is great to see you back with us Frank after these many years, I am sure you wish to visit Olivander.” 

Frank had no intention of going to Olivander as he knew that it he got a wand from the wand maker then the Ministry would be able to find out what wand he had or give them the opportunity to place charms on the wand.

“I have no need, the Master Wand Maker of Azkaban has been more than helpful.”  Frank replied.  “But Frank, it is tradition that the Head of a Great family has always gone to Olivanders.”  Dumbledore said.

“I am well aware Dumbledore that Olivander is a friend of yours and keeps you informed of who goes into his shop.  I may have trusted you last time, but not now.”  The dark supporters looked on with glee.

The reminder of the summer holiday flew by for everyone.  Harry had kept in regular contact with Professor McGonagall who was concerned that a replacement for the DADA post had not been found and that the Headmaster would often meet with the Minister.  That in itself raised concerns as it was common knowledge that they did not get on.

A week before the start of the new school year it was discovered why they had been meeting.  Minerva was sitting in Harries study on Azkaban when Gregory arrived, “Forgive the interruption My Lord, but I have news of Dumbledore.”  Harry waved him forward.

“My Lord I have had agents monitor the Minister and Headmaster, they both know that you are the Heir to Gryffindor, however the Headmaster has made a request that the Minister appoint the DADA Professor.”  “But they cannot do that.” Minerva cried out, “As the heir of Gryffindor is known the Headmaster must go to him first and foremost, the Minister has no right to appoint a member of staff.”  Minerva explained.

“Professor, what the Minister and Headmaster cannot do seems to not concern them, I have spoken to my dad, it seems we will have to put your plan into action sooner than I had wanted.  I have an idea Professor; now that the Horcruxes have been destroyed I want to gift the founder items to each house, ever since I started Hogwarts the Headmaster has done nothing than encourage the divisions between the houses, we all know the other houses have had Deatheaters in them.”

“I think it is a commendable idea, now are you ready for the new term?”  Minerva asked as she chatted with Harry

The trip to Hogwarts was a loud affair as everyone chatted about what they had done over the summer holiday, once they arrived back at the castle their trunks were taken up to their room,  Dobby and Wink had returned with Harry to Hogwarts, the two now bonded elf’s announced that they would look after their Harry Potter and his friends.  Before leaving the island Harry had made sure that everyone’s trunk had been charmed to prevent anyone going through it, all except Ron and Seamus’s, they had been given trunks by their regiment friends that were issued to the troops, their trunks were now bursting with all the souvenirs they had got from Azkaban.  Ron’s now housed his new modern Muggle wardrobe that he had got after a trip with Bill and Fleur to Muggle London.  The trunk also housed Ron’s new broom.

As Harry entered the great hall Dumbledore and the Minister looked suspiciously at him as Harry had not publicly claimed the Gryffindor seat in the Wizengamot, although he had claimed his title at Gringotts.  The Minister and that hag Umbridge were sitting at the head table, to the side were wizarding reporters.  After Dumbledore’s welcome speech the Minister stepped forward.

“The Ministry for too long has allowed poor standards in some of the teachers here at Hogwarts, however the Headmaster and I have decided that it is important that you are taught subjects that are relevant to your role in society, therefore I am pleased to announced the appointment of Delores Umbridge as the High Inquisitor and DADA Professor.”

The hall erupted into whispers at the news.  Draco looked over to the Gryffindor table with a smirk at the fireworks that were about to go off.  Harry tapped his wand to his robs as the Gryffindor family crest appeared.  As he stood the hall hushed as he walked forward.

“Minister, by what right to you presume to interfere in Hogwarts, you know full well that Hogwarts is independent of the Ministry.”  Harry demanded loudly

Delores glared venomously, “How dare you, you impudent child, what right do you have to question your betters?” 

Harry held up his hand to reveal the Gryffindor family ring, “This gives me the right.”  The sword of Gryffindor appeared in his hand as Harry stood over the great crest engraved in the floor in front of the headmaster’s chair.

“I Harry James Potter hereby claim ownership of Hogwarts by right of birth heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Gryffindor and my right of Conquest the Most Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin.”  Harry took the sword and thrust it into the middle of the crest as the hall was filled with the sound of thunder.  Dumbledore cried out angrily as he felt the loss of the wards.  Umbridge fell to the floor screaming clutching her arm.

Two guards appeared from the shadows behind the Minister to grab hold of Umbridge pulled her sleeve up to reveal the Dark Mark. “Yet again Minister you have consorted with Death Eaters, you are unfit to lead out society, as a Death Eater she is a declared enemy of Azkaban and therefore now Hogwarts, Guards take her back to the prison.”

“Potter I will not allow...” The headmaster cried out, “I do not care what you will allow, you knew full well that I was the Heir to Gryffindor, but you conspired with the Minister to have yet ANOTHER Deatheater let loose in the castle, that is three now that we know of that you have allowed here, as Lord Gryffindor I now own and control this castle, for crimes against Thomas Marvolo Riddle, myself and Hogwarts I order your immediate arrest, take him to Azkaban Prison.”  As Dumbledore was taken away Draco and his friends stood as did Harries friends in the other houses stood and started to clap followed by the Heads of House.

Harry walked up to podium as the sound of camera flashes filled the hall.  “Firstly Hogwarts will forever remain a school and sanctuary for any who wish it, if anyone thinks I am going to take over Hogwarts then you are as bright as a troll.”  The sound of sniggering could be heard from the Slytherin table.  I have been aware of the former Headmaster and Death Eater supporter of a Minister conspire against Hogwarts.”  Fudge began to bluster that blasted boy was destroying him and the papers were lapping it up.  “Fudge, leave, you are not wanted at Hogwarts.”

The minister grasped his bowler hat and stormed out of the hall followed by his loyal Auror’s.  Seamus put his fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly as the Gryffindor table led the applause.  Harry held up his arms to silence everyone.  “Hogwarts was founded by the four greatest Witches and Wizards of their time, each founder brought qualities to the school that they all felt was important.  Those of you who spout your rubbish that all those in Slytherin are Dark Wizards, I would say this, you have obviously been hit in the head one too many times with a bludger.  There have been Death Eaters in each of the four Houses, one of the supposed Hero’s of the last War was a Gryffindor and yet was not only a Death Eater but the person who betrayed my parents.  Slytherin are not all Dark, Hufflepuff’s are not duffers, Ravenclaw’s are not know it all and Gryffindor are not dumb Quidditch nuts.”

Minerva looked on proudly as her young lion roared, when Harry had told her of the founder artefacts she had promised not to tell the other Heads of House.

“Now Colin I know you have your camera so can you come up here please.”  Harry said as he looked at the blushing blond who walked up towards.  Harry lent forward and whispered in Colin’s ear as he saw the jealousy in the eyes of the reporters. “I am going to give a gift to each of the houses; I want you to take the pictures.”  Colin beamed a smile at Harry, “You can count on me.”  Harry smiled, “I never doubted that.

“When I was abducted during the Tri Wizard Tournament I was lucky to stand next to a very brave person, he fought and supported me when many would have fled, Cedric Diggory of Hufflepuff house, please come forward.”  As Cedric stood and walked forward his housemates cheered loudly.  Two guards came forward carrying a large trunck containing three glass cases.  “As an Heir to the Godric Gryffindor I have discovered that I have come into ownership of several items I wish to gift, To Hufflepuff house I gift the cup of their Founder.”

The Hall hushed as Harry handed the glass case to Cedric’s shaking hands. “Luna Lovegood please come forward, you have tempered your thirst for knowledge with your kindness to other showing the best of Ravenclaw House, step forward and Receive Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem.”  Harry turned to his own House, “Neville Longbottom, come forward.  You have stood by me through many of my trials; accept on behalf of your house the sword of Gryffindor.  Neville walked confidently to the front of the hall.

“Lastly we come to Slytherin House, founded by the greatest Potions Master of all time and House to the Great Merlin of Blessed Memory, the Greatest Sorcerer of all time.  When I came to Hogwarts as an ickle firstie the Sorting Hat wanted to place me in Slytherin.”  Harry smiled at the shocked look on Draco’s face.  Slytherin valued, Cunning, Resourcefulness, determination, skills that have proven invaluable to me this past year with all the extra titles I have acquired, Draco Malfoy please step forward.”  There was no doubt in Draco’s aristocratic upbringing as he walked confidently, his nervousness hidden from all.  “You are one of the bravest people I know, you have become the first Citizen of Magical Britain to have been given the Freedom of an Azkaban town, step forward on behalf of you House and receive Salazar Slytherin’s locket.”

Draco took the glass case and held it up for his house to see, forgetting all decorum the House of Snakes cheered.

“To prevent the misuse of the items they are encased in unbreakable glass charmed so that they cannot be opened by anyone other than the true heir to each house and the Headmistress.  They will be displayed in the common room of each House.”  Cedric, Luna, Neville and Draco walked back to their tables, before the hall descended in mayhem Professor McGonagall stood, “To celebrate classes are cancelled for the next three days. Professor Sprout, Slug horn and Flitwick rushed down to their house tables to look at the precious artefacts.  “Harry I am so proud, look at their faces.” Minerva announced as she looked down.

After dinner Minerva had finally pried Professor’s Sprout, Flitwick and Slughorn from their common rooms for a meeting, they were using the staff room for their meeting along with Harry and James.

“Please if you could all sit quietly we have lots to discuss.”  Minerva announced.  “This past year we have all had our concerns about Albus and his neglect of Hogwarts, I know Poppy has been asking him for an increase in the infirmary budget, he has refused to restart the duelling club and refused to extend the green houses.  As you all know I along with Poppy, Pomona and Filius visited Azkaban Island, whilst there I met with Mr Potter and his advisors to form a contingency plan in case something like this happened.  Now before you all start asking questions I would like Mr Potter to explain.”

“Despite the attempts on my life in this castle, it has felt like my home since my first year.  As I have now claimed the Gryffindor name Hogwarts will no longer have a board of Governors, I am pleased and relieved that Professor McGonagall has agreed to take over as Headmistress, as have agreed that any decision taken by the Head can be over turned by the unanimous vote of the Heads of House, as I am far too young to be involved in running Hogwarts, my father will look after things for me, if there is a dispute between the Heads and Professor McGonagall then my dad will have the final decision.   Now I know that the reason the lessons have not been updated is because of the former Headmaster, over the next month you all needed to provide Professor McGonagall with new lesson plans to make sure we are the best school in the World, what is now taught in seventh year would have been fourth year material several hundred years ago.  Now the hiring and firing of Professors is down to Professor McGonagall, the only one I would have fired is sitting in a deep hole in Azkaban.”

“Thank you Mr Potter.” The Headmistress said, “Firstly Mr Potter is to be treated as any other student, anyone trying to incur favour by treating him differently will be fired.”  Minerva stated, “Now as Headmistress I refuse to give up teaching, however my classes will be shared with Alice Longbottom, Cuthbert, it is time for a change, whilst Hogwarts will remain your home, we cannot allow students to use your class as an excuse for a nap, I know that you have asked Albus to find a replacement, Frank Longbottom is from an Ancient House who has been taught by his mother, he will take over.”

“Thank you Minerva, it is time I rested.”  The Ghost said as he drifted off.  “Now as Headmistress I cannot remain Head of Gryffindor, I am sure you will agree that Remus Lupin will make an excellent Head of House, not to mention DADA Professor.”

That evening notices appeared in every common room.

To all students, due to my elevation as Headmistress the following changes have been made to the Senior Staff.

Headmistress/Transfiguration year 6 & 7: Professor McGonagall

Deputy Headmaster/Charms/Head of Ravenclaw: Professor Flitwick

Head of Slytherin, Professor Slughorn

Head of Hufflepuff: Professor Sprout

Head of Gryffindor/DADA: Professor Lupin

Transfiguration Year 1-5: Professor Alice Longbottom

History of Magic: Professor Frank Longbottom

All classes will resume on Monday Morning.

Professor M McGonagall


Chapter Text

With the announcement that Potter had the Founder Artefacts The Dark Lord knew that his precious Horcruxes were lost, he would need time to build up his forces to ensure he had enough to crush Potter into dust, whilst he knew that he was in control of Durmstrang, with control of Beauxbatons he would be able to extract the Veela Allure. The Dark Lord had sixty deatheaters, more than enough to take control of Beauxbatons.  Unknown to the Dark Lord, dark magic detectors had been placed all around the school.  As soon as someone with the Dark Mark passed them the alarm would sound at the school.

Harry was flying over the Quidditch pitch with the Gryffindor team when a guard appeared trying to get Harries attention who flew down to the ground, “My Lord, Death Eaters are approaching Beauxbatons, they number around sixty.”  The guard announced.

“Send another detachment to the school along with the reserve just in case, crush them.”  Harry commanded, he pledged to help protect the school and that is exactly what he intended to do, “If Riddle isn’t with them try and take the Death Eater in charge alive so we can find him.”

The Guarded saluted Harry “As you command My Lord.”  “Harry.”  Ron said, “I think it's time, the only Horcrux left is the snake, we know the Death Eaters don’t stand a chance against the Azkaban Guard.”  Harry knew that his friend was right; they lost all interest in Quidditch and returned to the castle.  As soon as they returned to the castle Ron sent Dobby to tell the Headmistress what had happened.

As the deatheaters approached Beauxbatons the second detachment of guards circled around them putting up anti apparation wards, once they were in place the guards attacked.  Inside the school the Headmistress had activated the wards and locked down the school as the battle raged outside.

As everyone at Hogwarts was on their way down to dinner Gregory arrived with the news, “My Lord, we were victorious, we have captured Amycus Carrow My Lord, and we have located Riddle.”

Harry went to the Headmistress’s office to tell her the news, he was soon joined by his Dad, Sirius and Remus, as ever Ron and Neville had gone with him.  “Mr Potter, you must do what you think it best, but you cannot continue with this added stress.”

“My Lord” Gregory said, “We have used the magic in the death eaters mark to trace it back, I have guards ready.”

As everyone left her office in what she hoped was the final battle a tear rolled down Minerva’s cheek as she awaited their return.

As soon as everyone arrived the remaining death eaters began to cast the killing curse at anyone that moved. “It is time to end this Tom.”  Harry announced as he began to duel Voldemort.  As he was duelling the dark lord Nagini crept around the two powerful wizards as they duelled.  Next to Neville the Sword of Gryffindor appeared.  Seeing the foul snake approach his friend Neville roared as he rushed forward swinging the sword as he severed the snake’s head.  As his last Horcrux was destroyed Voldemort staggered backwards giving Harry the opportunity he needed as he cast the fatal spell to end the war once and for all.

With Voldemort dead Harry turned to Gregory, “Make sure every last dark object is taken back to the island to be destroyed, I am returning to the Island, Dad will you explain to Professor McGonagall.”  Harry asked, “No Harry, we are going back with you, one of the guards can.”

Once Harry had left Gregory set about carrying out Harries ordered as he went to Hogwarts.  He knocked on the Headmistresses door.  “My Dear, Mr Potter and his friends have returned to the Island, they are all alive and well.”

Minerva sagged in relief at the news.  Picking up her wand Minerva pointed her wand to her neck as she cast the Sonorous charm, “Would all staff and student go to the great hall immediately.” Minerva said.

As she arrived in the hall she could hear the chatter as everyone tried to guess why they had all been called. “If I can have your attention, several hours ago there was an attack on Beauxbatons by Deatheaters, they were met by formidable defences by the school and units of the Azkaban Army, following which another battle has occurred at Little Haggelton in England, You Know Who has finally been destroyed by Mr Potter, Weasley and Longbottom, the War is over.”  She sat down as the hall erupted into loud cheers, “They are all well and have returned to Azkaban Island to recuperate, classes are cancelled for three days to celebrate and for you to give the good news to your families.

As the news spread around Magical Britain celebrations broke out.  Harry and his friend returned to Hogwarts the following day to a Hero’s Welcome.

With the death or capture of the remaining death eaters Fudge lost even more of his powerbase as Amelia rounded up the pureblood fanatics.  Fudge found himself sitting in a cell in the Ministry.  By the end of his trial his vault had been emptied as restitution as he went off to spend the rest of his life in a cell on Azkaban Island, he would never see Harry again.  In a shock to many Kinglsey put himself forward in the election being voted in as the new Minister.  Relations with the Charmed islands continued to become closer and closer.

After his removal as Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore lost the last vestiges of his fame as he disappeared into obscurity, during his rare visited to Diagon Alley he was simply ignored, he was no longer venerated, his name meant nothing to Magical Britain.