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Harry Potter and the Lost Heritage

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With the announcement that Potter had the Founder Artefacts The Dark Lord knew that his precious Horcruxes were lost, he would need time to build up his forces to ensure he had enough to crush Potter into dust, whilst he knew that he was in control of Durmstrang, with control of Beauxbatons he would be able to extract the Veela Allure. The Dark Lord had sixty deatheaters, more than enough to take control of Beauxbatons.  Unknown to the Dark Lord, dark magic detectors had been placed all around the school.  As soon as someone with the Dark Mark passed them the alarm would sound at the school.

Harry was flying over the Quidditch pitch with the Gryffindor team when a guard appeared trying to get Harries attention who flew down to the ground, “My Lord, Death Eaters are approaching Beauxbatons, they number around sixty.”  The guard announced.

“Send another detachment to the school along with the reserve just in case, crush them.”  Harry commanded, he pledged to help protect the school and that is exactly what he intended to do, “If Riddle isn’t with them try and take the Death Eater in charge alive so we can find him.”

The Guarded saluted Harry “As you command My Lord.”  “Harry.”  Ron said, “I think it's time, the only Horcrux left is the snake, we know the Death Eaters don’t stand a chance against the Azkaban Guard.”  Harry knew that his friend was right; they lost all interest in Quidditch and returned to the castle.  As soon as they returned to the castle Ron sent Dobby to tell the Headmistress what had happened.

As the deatheaters approached Beauxbatons the second detachment of guards circled around them putting up anti apparation wards, once they were in place the guards attacked.  Inside the school the Headmistress had activated the wards and locked down the school as the battle raged outside.

As everyone at Hogwarts was on their way down to dinner Gregory arrived with the news, “My Lord, we were victorious, we have captured Amycus Carrow My Lord, and we have located Riddle.”

Harry went to the Headmistress’s office to tell her the news, he was soon joined by his Dad, Sirius and Remus, as ever Ron and Neville had gone with him.  “Mr Potter, you must do what you think it best, but you cannot continue with this added stress.”

“My Lord” Gregory said, “We have used the magic in the death eaters mark to trace it back, I have guards ready.”

As everyone left her office in what she hoped was the final battle a tear rolled down Minerva’s cheek as she awaited their return.

As soon as everyone arrived the remaining death eaters began to cast the killing curse at anyone that moved. “It is time to end this Tom.”  Harry announced as he began to duel Voldemort.  As he was duelling the dark lord Nagini crept around the two powerful wizards as they duelled.  Next to Neville the Sword of Gryffindor appeared.  Seeing the foul snake approach his friend Neville roared as he rushed forward swinging the sword as he severed the snake’s head.  As his last Horcrux was destroyed Voldemort staggered backwards giving Harry the opportunity he needed as he cast the fatal spell to end the war once and for all.

With Voldemort dead Harry turned to Gregory, “Make sure every last dark object is taken back to the island to be destroyed, I am returning to the Island, Dad will you explain to Professor McGonagall.”  Harry asked, “No Harry, we are going back with you, one of the guards can.”

Once Harry had left Gregory set about carrying out Harries ordered as he went to Hogwarts.  He knocked on the Headmistresses door.  “My Dear, Mr Potter and his friends have returned to the Island, they are all alive and well.”

Minerva sagged in relief at the news.  Picking up her wand Minerva pointed her wand to her neck as she cast the Sonorous charm, “Would all staff and student go to the great hall immediately.” Minerva said.

As she arrived in the hall she could hear the chatter as everyone tried to guess why they had all been called. “If I can have your attention, several hours ago there was an attack on Beauxbatons by Deatheaters, they were met by formidable defences by the school and units of the Azkaban Army, following which another battle has occurred at Little Haggelton in England, You Know Who has finally been destroyed by Mr Potter, Weasley and Longbottom, the War is over.”  She sat down as the hall erupted into loud cheers, “They are all well and have returned to Azkaban Island to recuperate, classes are cancelled for three days to celebrate and for you to give the good news to your families.

As the news spread around Magical Britain celebrations broke out.  Harry and his friend returned to Hogwarts the following day to a Hero’s Welcome.

With the death or capture of the remaining death eaters Fudge lost even more of his powerbase as Amelia rounded up the pureblood fanatics.  Fudge found himself sitting in a cell in the Ministry.  By the end of his trial his vault had been emptied as restitution as he went off to spend the rest of his life in a cell on Azkaban Island, he would never see Harry again.  In a shock to many Kinglsey put himself forward in the election being voted in as the new Minister.  Relations with the Charmed islands continued to become closer and closer.

After his removal as Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore lost the last vestiges of his fame as he disappeared into obscurity, during his rare visited to Diagon Alley he was simply ignored, he was no longer venerated, his name meant nothing to Magical Britain.