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Harry Potter and the Lost Heritage

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The tears rolled from the haunted eyes. Unlike the rest of the castle who were celebrating the completion of the second task of the Tri Wizard Tournament, one resident of Hogwarts had little to celebrate.

Seamus clutched Theo Nott’s hand as he dragged his boyfriend up to the Astronomy tower for some alone time.  They had both been hiding their relationship from their respective friends, worried about how their friends would react.  As soon as they reached the top of the Astronomy tower Seamus pulled Theo into a tight embrace and captured his lips, they were disturbed by the sound of crying.

Following the sounds of the crying Seamus found his dorm mate, Ron Weasley.  “Ron...” Seamus said tentatively, “What’s up mate, want me to get Harry?”  Ron shook his head.

“I have caused Harry enough pain being a bastard, why Seamus... why was I the thing Harry would miss most?” Ron begged.  Many people under estimated Seamus, they did not appreciate exactly how sharp his mind was. 

After the second task Ron had spent every waking moment looking at his behaviour.  Ever since he had met Harry that fateful day at King Cross, Harry had offered him unquestioning friendship.  It seemed that the only person who had a problem with Ron being poor was Ron.  Ron though about the look on Harries face every time he had visited the Burrow.  Ron knew full well what Harries life was like outside of Hogwarts and yet Ron took everything for granted.  Everything Bill had tried to teach his younger brother now began to make sense.

After the first task Harry had opened up to his dorm mates after Seamus had asked Harry why the Death Eaters were always after him.  He had told them everything that had happened since starting Hogwarts, the tears in Harries eyes was unmistakable when Seamus, Dean, Neville and Ron all swore that they would stand with him.

After telling Seamus what had been bothering Ron finally noticed who was with Seamus, “Knott.”  Ron said guardedly. “Unlike my other housemates I believe it to be rude to refer to people by their family name, my friends call me Theo.” The Slytherin said as he held out his hand.  Ron looked at the hand in front of him.  Ron knew all to well that Deatheaters didn’t just come from Slytherin.  He also remember the pain in Bill’s eyes as his big brother had tried to explain that there was also good people in Slytherin and that his first girlfriend had been from Slytherin and that they planned to live together after Hogwarts, however she had been killed by her father when he had found out about the relationship.  Seamus smiled when Ron reached out his hand.

After Seamus and Theo had told Ron how they had met Ron stood up.  “It's time I grew a pair and talked to Harry, have fun.” He said with a smile.  “We will mate.” Seamus shouted back.

Rather than go back to the tower a thought occurred, “DOBBY” he called out, with a pop the elf appeared, “How can Dobby be helping Harry Potters Wheezy?”  Ron snorted at what Dobby had called him, “Dobby I need you to ask Harry to meet me in the room of requirement please.”

Nodding his head vigorously the elf replied, “Dobby does this for Harry Potters Wheezy.” With a pop the elf vanished. 

As Ron walked past the room of requirement Ron thought of a room where he could talk to his best friend.  Opening the door Ron saw a comfortable room with a roaring fire, in front of the fire was a plush rug with comfortable looking sofa.  Ron didn’t have to wait long for a worried looking Harry to arrive.

Ron couldn’t hold back anymore, he opened up his feelings hoping that Harry would stop being his friend.

By the time Ron had finished he was pacing anxiously.  Harry got out of his seat and walked over to his friend, standing on front he put his hands on Ron’s shoulders.  “Ronald Weasley, what you have given me is more precious than every piece of gold in Gringotts, no one is perfect Ron, despite what is going on outside of Hogwarts we are only teenagers, we screw up.”

Harry pulled Ron into a hug.  It was to very relieved friends that returned to the common room.  A week after getting caught by Ron, Seamus decided to tell his friends.  Harry looked suspiciously at Ron who was not ranting about Slytherin.  “How come you’re so quiet?” Harry asked,

“Well as you explained there are deatheaters from other houses, we know that Riddle is not really dead, until he is we need as many allies as we can get.”  Ron said nonchalantly.  “Besides Theo is the only one who can challenge me at Chess.”

Dean had no problem accepting his best friend’s choice, Seamus never doubted Dean’s friendship.   After Sirius heard what Ron had said to Harry, Sirius decided to thank the youngest Weasley, it was a good thing that his Birthday was only a week away.  Harry had also told Sirius to see if his contacts could get his present for Ron as well.

Harry was sitting in the Shrieking Shack, “How much do you want to spend Harry?” Sirius asked his Godson.  “I don’t have a clue, I don’t even know how much is on my vault.” Harry replied

Sirius looked shocked, “How the hell can you not know, you have your trust vault and the family vault as well, don’t Gringotts Statements?”  Harry shook his head, “No, I have never got a statement.”  Sirius’s anger began to grow, “I bet that old fool is blocking it.”

“Harry, I know allot of people think Dumbledore is perfect, I don’t fully trust him.  He knows I am innocent but has never tried to call for a trial, even in my absence ever since you caught that rat.” Sirius and his Godson spent the afternoon examining exactly how much the headmaster had interfered in both of their lives.

“Pup, I will go to Gringotts, as I was never convicted the Goblins won't accept what the Ministry say, once I am inside the bank I will be safe as the Ministry have no powers inside the bank.”  After saying goodbye Harry returned to the tower to discuss with his friends what has been said. 

“To be honest, I completely agree with Sirius.” Neville announced, “I find it creepy how much notice the headmaster shows you Harry, my Gran can't stand him.”

The dorm room had become a far more enjoyable environment since the five friends had decided to trust each other.  To everyone enjoyment and hilarity Seamus kissed Harry soundly when Harry said he would let Seamus use the map.  Harry stood shocked with his eyes a wide a dinner plates as his friends were rolling around laughing.

Theo would have to thank Potter next time he saw him for letter them use the map, Seamus was glad to have the map when he nearly bumped into the headmaster, Seamus was surprised to see Hermione out of the tower standing with the Headmaster.  Seamus quickly his in the shadows behind one of the large tapestries.

“Miss Granger, what do you have to report, as Mr Potter spends so much time out of the castle I rely on you to keep me informed, whilst in the castle I can rely on the Portraits to keep me informed of what is going on.”

Hermione looked guilty as she replied, “He spends most of his time with his dorm mates, and he is hardly ever in the tower, they have been reading a book that Bill sent Ron, I only caught the title, it's The Debrett’s Guide to Magical Britain” The Headmaster frowned, he did not want Potter to delve into his family, it was vital that he remained ignorant so that Dumbledore could mould Harry into a role model that the Purebloods would accept once the Dark Lord was dead. “You must keep me informed, if you have the opportunity bring the book to me.”

Seamus waited for the Headmaster to leave before he rushed back to the tower. As he entered the common room he saw Harry getting slaughtered in a game of chess with Ron.  Harry looked up, he was surprised at the angry look on Seamus’s face. “Harry we need to talk upstairs.”  Seamus announced as he nodded to the other dorm mates, once they were in the dorm room Seamus handed the map back.

“Guys we have a problem.” Seamus began as he explained what he had heard.  Harry looked devastated at the thought that his so called friend had betrayed him.  Ron however was not that surprised, truth be told, if it wasn’t for Harry he wouldn’t had been friends with her.  “Harry” Neville began, “I am not surprised, she is fanatical about her adulation for teachers, despite how much a bastard Snape is to me, she still defends him when I say how bad a teacher he is, the younger years can't stand her.”

Ron looked at his best friend, “Harry, you are the only reason I am friendly to her, I know I can bunk off home work at times, but she does my head in bossing me around, I have had to stop Ginny hitting her more than once, don’t forget she nicked you firebolt, there is no way she could have got in here without the help of a Professor.”  For the rest of the evening the friends didn’t leave their dorm room. 

With the help of his friends running interference Harry snuck out of the castle the day before Ron’s birthday to meet Sirius in the shack who was waiting with a portkey he had brought from the Goblins.  After Sirius had explained how Harry had never received any of his statements the Goblins almost declared war on Dumbledore who had been receiving them.

Sirius laughed as Harry landed in a heap, “Hello Axegrinder, this is my Godson.”  The goblin turned to his old friend, “Greeting you mangy mutt.”  Harry looked on in shock.  “Harry, Axegrinder has been a friend of mine since I ran away, he is in charge of the accounts for the Black family.

“May your gold flow freely and your enemies die painfully” Harry said to the Goblin in the traditional greeting.  Harry was thankful he had read Ron’s book before coming.  Sirius ruffled Harries hair as he smiled proudly.

“And yours too Mr Potter, it would seem your Godfather may have been telling the truth, however I have some grave news.”  Sirius and Harry took a seat.  “After your Godfathers visit I spoke to my boss, you must understand that to Goblins whilst we may be viewed as greedy, we despise dishonesty, since the loss of your parents Dumbledore had a new account manager appointed, it would seem he charmed the Goblin in charge of the assignments, normally Goblins are immune from most wizarding magic, however the Goblin he charmed was very old and was more susceptible, he died not long after your parents.  The Goblin that was appointed has been feeding information to Dumbledore; he has been arrested and will be executed.”

Harries emotions were still raw from Hermione’s betrayal, the pain only grew after hearing what the headmaster had done, they were disturbed by a Goblin who looked hundreds of years old entered the room.

“Chief Ragnok, I am honoured by your presence” Axegrinder said, both Sirius and Harry bowed their head in respect.  “The Goblin nation has wronged you Lord Potter.” The aged Goblin announced.  Harry tried to protest until the Goblin held up his hand. “The Goblin Nation were entrusted to guard your vaults, we betrayed that duty, I have ordered a complete audit of you account, there also needs to be a new account manager appointed.”

A much younger Goblin came into the room with a stack of parchment which he handed to the Senior Goblin who snarled.  “Before we can continue, I will need you to drop some blood on the inheritance parchment.”  Axegrinder handed Harry a jewel encrusted dagger who pricked his finger.  As the blood dropped onto the parchment the page began to fill with scripted writing.


Born: 31 July 1880, Godrics Hollow, Wales

Heir Primus to the Grey Thrown

Lord Azkaban, Grand Duke of Azkaban, Master of the Grey Mages, ruler of the Charmed Isles

Heir Primus to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter

Heir Presumptive to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black

Heir Presumptive to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Gryffindor

Harry dropped the parchment, “Siri, how come I am the Heir to your family?”  Sirius smiled, “When you were born I asked your parents, they agreed and you were designated my heir, but bloody hell Harry, you are Lord Azkaban.”

Ragnok could see the confusion, “Allow me to explain, the Prison on Azkaban is only a small part of the Island, the Island of Azkaban is the biggest of their islands, together they are called the Charmed Islands, the population of the Island have been in seclusion since the death of the last Lord seventy five years ago, the island is inhabited by the Grey Mages, they are a fearsome race, they last went to war with Britain during the reign of King Stephen who was a Squib, King Stephen saved the life of the then Lord Azkaban, the grey mages joined the war, they only fought against wizards, as thanks Stephen gifted the Charmed Isles to Lord Azkaban, in 1723 the Ministry went to war with the Grey Mages, Magical Britain was almost destroyed, the Ministry surrendered, the Grey Mages withdrew to their forces back to the islands, all the demanded was free trade with Britain and that all prisoners convicted were to be sent to the prison.  The fact that your Godfather was sent there is a breach of the treaty, however as the last Lord had died they got away with it.  If you would allow me to notify the Azkaban Council?”  Harry nodded his head.