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Untitled 'Just A Thought' piece

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Untitled 'Just A Thought' Piece
by Court

Jubilee didn't really want to be spending her time in front of a computer screen, especially chatting with these people. But she had nothing better to do since her vacation was ruined. As she sat waiting for the chatroom to load she began to brood.

"What a great way to spend a Friday night" she thought to herself.

She expected to come to the mansion to spend time with Wolvie. Maybe spend his money at the mall, catch a few movies, maybe even just talk. But instead she gets "Sorry kiddo, I have plans tonight, maybe tomorrow".

"Plans?" she whispers "When has he ever had plans?"

She knew what it was, what started the "plans" but it made her angry just thinking about it. He was out with him. She used to consider him a friend, liked having him around, if for anything to look at, but now she wanted him gone.

"Gumbo of all people! Why him!" she almost screamed.

She was woke from her brooding by the beep of the computer telling her the page was loaded.

"At least I have someone to take my anger out on" she thought as she typed in her login name, "DieMutieDie".

She actually hated talking to these people more then she hated the Cajun, but it was her assignment for the week. She knew that Cyke only gave her the job of talking in the FOH chatroom because he lacked the "lingo of chat", as he put it. But at least he was giving her something to do now instead of watching the mansion like he normally did. She took a deep breath and started to read what was going on.

~Enter user "DieMutieDie"~
<SexyGrl5> Hey DMD
<FOHldr5> Welcome back DIE
<DieMutieDie> Hi all, wuts ^ tonight?
<mutieh8r138> We are talking about how muties should be killed on sight!
<FOHldr5> Believe me, if we had our way expecting mothers would be tested and mutants would be aborted
<SexyGrl5> You said it! That is a great idea.
<DieMutieDie> Yea! At least hurt them when they are young, teaches them they will never be stronger then us!

Jubilee hated being any part of this, but she had to put up a front, try to get close to someone and get some information. She had been chatting closely with "FOHldr5" the past few nights and could tell he was beginning to trust her as much as he could trust a stranger in a chatroom. He had even told her how to get onto some passworded sites and about where the next public
meeting was gonna be. She was hoping he would give her enough info to make Cyke happy so she could stop chatting with these idiots. Suddenly a window pops up on the screen.

~FOHldr5 request chat with DieMutieDie~

Jubilee pushes the accept button and enters private chat

<FOHldr5> Hello Die
<DieMutieDie> Hey, happy to see ya on tonight, thought I might have missed ya
<FOHldr5> I just had to complement you on your last comment, like the way you think
<DieMutieDie> Thanx, its the truth
<FOHldr5> I uploaded a file to that website I gave you last night that you might be interested in
<DieMutieDie> Really? Cool I will check it out
<FOHldr5> Great, tell me what you think, I must take off tonight, see you tomorrow?
<DieMutieDie> Sure thing, l8rs
~FOHldr5 has exited chat~

After another hour of saying things she would normally hit someone for saying she said her goodbyes and typed in the address for the website she was given the night before. Entering in the password the page appears, and sure enough there is was a new link on the page titled "Little Mutie Gets It <AVI>"

"What the hell is this" she whispers and begins the download.

After sitting there for what seems like eternity the file download is complete. Something in her gut says that she doesn't want to see this, just to delete it or hand it over to Cyke to suffer through, but the curiosity gets the best of her. She pushes play. The video starts and at first there is nothing but static and a date in the corner "Sept 28 1988". Soon enough a graining footage begins. It was obviously filmed by amateurs, very drunk amateurs, with an older home video camera.

"Great! Footage of FOHldr5's trip to the Rockys" Jubilee jokes, trying to rid herself of the feeling that this is not gonna be pretty.

After the first few seconds of static and jumping the camera is circling what seems to be a cheap motel room. The camera finally settles in a corner of the room where 2 guys are sitting at a small table talking. The shorter balding man stands and walks out of view swearing about the camera as he leaves. The taller young man slurs "Where is Jimmy with the beer damn it?"

Suddenly the camera blurs with movement as a loud noise of a door slams. Before the camera has time to focus again from the sudden movement a deep voice is heard saying "Look what I found on the beer run boys" The camera is slowly zoomed in on what seems to be a young boy, no more then eight, been pushed into the middle of the room. Laughter and slurs are heard from all sides of the room as the cameraman makes his way towards the pale boy on the floor. Suddenly the cameraman's hand comes into view and pulls the boys chin up to bring him eye to eye with the camera lens and he says "Looks like we are gonna have fun with a mutie freak tonight"

Jubilee pushes pause on the video without even thinking. She stares into the eyes on the screen. She has seen them before, never that full of fear, but she has seen them.

"Oh no, it can't can't be Remy" is all she can whisper.