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Breathe Into Me

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Breathe Into Me
by SisterWine

The sun peeked high, through big, fluffy white clouds on an azure canvas. The afternoon was cool with a light breeze that wafted through the tall, green grass, rolling it in a wave of dark emerald on the rising hill. Tall, elegant trees swayed, behind them, and lulled them with their steady rhythmic crackle of fresh green leaves.

Lying on their backs, perpendicular to each other, they stared up at the slowly moving bundles of lazy cotton and relaxed into their evening. Logan lay on the bottom, his left arm folded behind his head as his stomach cushioned Remy's head. With the trees swooshing to his left and the gentle waves of the vast lake, to his right, he found himself sighing in peace and closed his eyes to maximize his listening to the earth music. His white T-shirt felt almost wet from the plush green grass, beneath him and his loose-fitting jeans were almost hot from the heat of the warm Spring sun.

Remy had been dozing for a good 10 minutes before feeling Logan shift slowly. "Do you remember doing dis when you were a chile?" His voice was soft but startled him by the sound of the different tone they had been listening to. His tan cargo shorts rustled softly as he brought his left up to place his foot flat on the grass. He had taken off his shirt awhile ago and placed it beside him, along with their shoes. His eyes stayed shut behind his dark sunglasses, yet the brightness of the sun had managed to make colourful shapes behind his eyelids.

"Nope." Logan's voice was gruff but spoken softly as he tried not to disturb the sounds of the wind. "I don't remember much of anything, from back then. You?" He blinked up at a passing heart-shaped cloud that changed shape as it floated by.

Remy thought for a minute. He was quiet, with a smile spreading on his face. "Well, we didn't have grass dat I could lay in so, I climbed up, onto de roof and watched de clouds go by or de stars twinkle in de night sky. Would stay dere for hours, sometimes all night." He laughed slightly to himself as he thought back to one of the last night's he had stayed on the roof all night. "Papa was frantic dat I stayed on de roof all night. It was rainin' off and on an' he looked everywhere for me. Henri saw my shoe, from de ground so, he climbed up to get me down. Got one Hell of a whoopin' dat day."

Logan smiled a bit, trying to picture Remy sleeping, curled on his side, on the roof, during a rainstorm. "Guess he was pretty upset, huh?"

"Yeah," Remy nodded. "But, didn' get sick or nuthin'." He took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air, as well as Logan's Ivory soap scent.

"How old were you?"

Remy thought. "Oh, about 12 or so." The top of the three-storey antebellum had been his favourite hangout, during childhood. His family rarely bothered him up there and he could serve as a lookout for opposing forces. "Had my first kiss up dere, too."

Logan raised an eyebrow. "Really, huh? When was that?"

"I was 15, she was 13. She had a crush on me an' one evenin' when we were lookin' at de stars, waitin' for dat comet, ya know? I was helpin' her look t'rough de telescope, she brought. We got a little too close an' smack! I almost suffocated." A smirk planted itself on his face as he could see the neighbour girl leaning in, hair in braids and her big, hazel eyes blinking coyly at him. Remy opened his eyes and blinked up at the fading afternoon sun into evening. A deep breath and a small hum before he turned his head to look over at Logan's peaceful face.

Logan's eyes continued to stare up, at the passing clouds, until Remy's serene face blocked his view. "What's the matter?"

"Nothin'. I just like lookin' at you." Remy smiled and winked before leaning over and kissing Logan's soft, pink lips.

Their lips smacked softly as the initial surprise cleared from Logan. He raised his right hand up to run his finger through soft auburn strands. The kiss lasted longer than Logan could remember a kiss lasting. Remy tasted sweet, like strawberry jam on a buttered roll. His lips parted and a soft, warm tongue slipped in, massaging his. He sighed into Remy's mouth as the younger man shifted to lay atop him, almost hugging him close. Logan's arms moved to wrap around Remy's warm body.

Breaking the kiss, Remy placed his lips next to Logan's left ear and whispered softly, "Respirer dans moi et je vous aimerai à jamais, mon amour. (Breathe into me and I will love you forever, my love)"

Logan smiled and whispered back, "Je t'aime, Gumbo."