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Untitled Tangled Drabble

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Untitled Tangled Drabble
by Pirate Turner


Her lizard still makes him nervous, but sometimes, Flynn likes to imagine what Rapunzel would be like with a tongue like his. He used to love being wrapped in her long, blonde hair and riding on her special swings with her. He still loves having her shaggy, brown hair bounce against and sweep over his body. But there's just something about a tongue . . .

That small piece of pink flesh sliding over his body always grosses him out whenever her lizard touches him, but when the tongue's coming out of her mouth, he's lost. When her mouth touches him, he drowns in her and never wants to be found, but if her tongue could wrap around him . . .

Flynn shudders with delight at the mere thought. It would be his second dream come true if she could have a tongue long enough to surround him, long enough to cover him, to lick him easily from head to foot, but then again, nobody can have all the luck in the world. It would probably take all the remaining luck the world does have to have his second wish granted for, after all, he already has the ultimate dream come true in his wife.

The End