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Horror Haiku

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Horror Haiku     
by Scribe

Craven's Gifts

He is not dead yet.
Krueger is dream stalking still.
Never sleep again.

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Friday the thirteenth
is a day for hockey masks
and bad attitudes.

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Underwater Ballet

She is swimming in
the Black Lagoon, while beneath
the Creature follows.

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Werewolf Prey

Pentagram in palm,
she stumbles through the dark woods,
full moon over head.

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Lightening flashes.
A crudely sewn hand rises.
"It's alive! Alive!"

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My Host

The pale count with the
dark, burning eyes smiles and says
"I never"

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He rises, dripping,
from beneath the dusty floor,
raw meat and evil.

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One by one teens are
killed off. The survivers
go skinnydipping

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Urban Horror

She leaves the bundle
in the alley, her face hard
as the baby cries.