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8-Meet Me in the Brooke

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I wasn't a fan of school. Despite my "supernatural intellectual book smarts " I still like almost any other white kid or lazy black of my race hated going to school. Its where most this stupid drama and oh "she fucked him yesterday "and "shes pregnant OMG! " bullshit. It was also where I could never forget the endless amounts of shit I was given by mean girls and the so call "popular "girls. As if I gave a damn what some stupid hoe had to say about me. I liked my curves, nappy hair and skin. And even if I didn't, or whether I looked like Beyonce I knew I didn't want no boyfriend. Its not that I thought they were gross or anything, I just wasn't cut out to date. I could hardly stand my best friend Fronze who like me was probally getting out of bed and heading for the shower. Lucky for him he didn't have to fight to bitches for hot water but I did. Hollyn and Harlem would wake up at 5:30 I heard them planning it all out last night. I however didn't have to be at school until 7:30 which meant I could sleep in an extra 30 minutes if I was lucky. I saw no point in getting up that early, I had no makeup routine and it only took me 15 minutes to get dressed.
As I pictured the twins were still asleep and I had successfully took my shower. With nothing but a rob on I grunted at the ugly uniforms we were forced to wear.
They weren't the plaid with blazers kind, they were a choice of a white, yellow, black or green polo shirt or a khaki or black bottom of your choice. No problem for me, I chose to only wear white and black shirts cause the shade of green they told us about looked like gayne green and the yellow looked like puss. Ofcourse I didn't wear pants. I already knew in my choice of rebellment I would be as out of dress code as I could get. I carried the student code of conduct book just in case.
I slid on a brown undershirt, white polo not buttoning any buttons, a khaki skirt and black tights. I had gotten a perm a week ago so I just brushed my hair. I liked it in my face and I put a black silk tie headbands on with these golden hoops in my ears. I only applied some mascara and saved the lipgloss for after breakfust.
"Look at Her "I heard my cousins coo as I walked down the stairs with my black hoodie half way zipped up. I rolled my eyes.
They went to private highschool while I went to Willow way Freshmen campus. They got yo wear what they wanted. Lucky.
I made my way to the kitchen. I had even got my own box of cearal for once, cocoa puffs because they were cheap and I liked chocolate. I grabbed it but Hollyn firmly placed her hand on the box.
"Cmon I just want some cearal "I said calmly. "You need to learn to skip, those first day jitters make you sick with a full stomach "she said taking it back from me. I shrugged. "So? "I took it back. Before I knew it we were fighting over a box of cearal. "Hollyn! I just want some food! "I hysterically said. I was on the ground grabbing the box with all my might. I never knew she was so strong. "I'm trying to help you! "She grunted dragging me forward. "I dont need help! "I hysterically yelled. "Yes you do, cuz! "She gave it a tug. "Why cant we all just get along! "
BOOM! it ripped open and cearal went everywhere.
I quickly stood up. Age cearal all in her outfit and freshly curled hair. I looked at my pretend watch on my arm. "Oh look its 7:00 "I uneasily said before rushing out the front door with my backpack.