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Thor And The Two Masked Bank Robber

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It was a nice day in New York, as Thor, using his hammer to fly, was patrolling the city. He was hoping for a quiet night. For the last few nights, the bad guys were doing their best to keep him busy. He just has a long day healing people as Donald Blake. Now he just want to get a good night rest. Then, there was an explosion nearby. He looked around to see if any of his fellow Avengers were around. He was the only one in the sky. So he flew toward the source of the explosion.

"We has just gotten a lot of money with this bank job," said the first masked bank robber. He wore a black mask over his head.

"Let's hope that none of the superheroes of this city heard that sound," said a blue masked figure. They were both males behind those masks. They were unaware of Thor flying toward them.

"Stop or I will make you stop," warned Thor. The two masked robber turned to looked at Thor.

"We can't let him stop us," said the blue masked figure. The black masked figure got out his gun. The blue masked figure did the same. They aimed at him and shot their gun. Bullets came out of their guns. Thor used his hammer to make the bullets fell down to the ground harmlessly. Soon, their guns were empty. They dropped their guns and ran as fast as they can. It didn't do them any good. Soon, Thor was in front of them. They looked at Thor. They knew that there is no way that they are going to get pass him. So they did the only thing they could do. They gave up and surrendered to him. Soon, the police was putting these two guys in a police wagon on their way to jail.

"You know that if it wasn't for Thor, we would be chasing these guys," said the first police officer.

"I guess that we have a lot to be thankful that he and the other Avengers are here to help us," agreed the second police officer. They looked up to see Thor flying away after a good night work. The end, for now.