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So Should We?

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So Should We?
by  Rick

Remy sprawled himself along the creme coloured, plush couch in the den of the Xavier Mansion. Xavier left a year prior and Emma and Scott had taken over, almost fully, the Mansion's workings which freed up Logan's time schedule. Since they had more time to be together, Remy had picked up some Home&Garden magazines as well as a few parenting books while surveiling a known -old- Magneto associate. After spending all day in the bookstore, across from where his target sat, enjoying a coffee at a cafe. He lingered impatiently on the pages, waiting for Logan to get off of the phone with a new student's parent and mused about a house with a big backyard and the possibility of a dog.

Hanging up the phone, sighing and folding his hands on his desk, the same desk he received from Xavier and now tomorrow, would be handing over to Emma, Logan's attention caught a second sigh as he remembered he was not alone. He raised an eyebrow and bit the side of his cheek as he could guess what was to come next. "What?"

"So, should we?"

Logan leaned forward, waiting for whatever came next. "Should we what?"

Remy sat up and turned around to face Logan and the sunlight that peeked in from the window Logan has his back to. "Buy a house." Still clutching the Home&Garden, Remy stood up and strolled over to Logan's chair, turned and sat across Logan's lap and reopening the magazine to a saved page. "Look at that backyard! De gruesome twosome can have de mansion but, we can have a house with a backyard and a benji named Polka Dot!" He smiled brightly as he looked from the picture to Logan's straight face.

"Polka Dot?" Logan seemed uncertain about the name choice for a prospective family dog. "Last night you were saying you wanted a family. Now, you just want a dog and backyard?" He sat in the high-backed chair and stared at Remy's adoring smile.

"Well, yeah, I want a family, too. But, what good is a family if we don't have a home and a backyard with a dirty, old dog to go with it?" Remy crinkled his nose teasingly at the man he loved.

Logan closed his eyes in thought and then opened them as the office door opened to receive Emma. He stared coolly at the woman as if waiting for her to say something that meant she had been listening to their personal conversation from outside the door, with telepathy. "Somethin' I can do for you, Ms. Frost?"

Emma smiled pleasantly at Logan and his current situation, with Remy on his lap flipping through the magazine instead of paying notice to their unexpected guest. "I just came to see if you were through with the report cards and assessment tests, for tomorrow's graduation announcement."

With a firm smile and a quick point to the top left corner of his desk, Logan nodded. "Gettin' the last few scored right now. Anything else?" He hadn't bothered to nudge Remy to get up, nor had he made any other move other than to sit back and quirk a cocky grin at the scene he knew was eating at her. Since he had become administrator, he had gotten used to wearing polo shirts and khaki pants but, today, he went against the grain and wore his styled boot cut jeans with red plaid flannel shirt.

"Good." Emma smiled back and turned to leave but was stopped by Logan's next statement.

Logan had noticed that Remy refused to pay any attention to their guest and he made no secret about his dislike for her, but he made the announcement anyway, shocking both in the process, "And then, Remy and I are moving out."

Emma gave no facial expression but the reaction Remy gave was priceless. Dropping his jaw and turning to look at Logan, a smile formed widely on his lips and he waited until he heard the door close behind Emma before dropping the magazine and throwing his arms around Logan in response.

"First the house, then the kid and dog. Okay?"

Remy finished the tight hug and pulled back to answer. "Okay."

"But," Logan held up a conditional finger, "a different name than 'Polka Dot.' Deal?"

Remy deflated, teasingly. "Deal."