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Lindsey Gets Claimed and A Home

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Lindsey sat on the stage singing his last song before an enthralled audience. He had been in town for about a month making good money using his whiskey soft voice to entrance the people who showed up at the various clubs he performed in. It was time to move on. He had stayed in this town longer than he usually stayed in one place but the tips were great and the people were nice.

When Lindsey had left LA two years ago fleeing Wolfram and Hart because they wanted to kill him for betraying them he had kept running knowing that if they got the chance they would kill him. He had dodged a few assassination attempts and was still here to tell the tale but he wasn't taking any chances.

Of course when he had heard Angel had taken over the law firm he should have felt safe but he didn't. There were a lot of issues that had never been settled between the two of them, he wouldn't have been surprised to have been dragged back to LA by Angel's minions.

While they might have parted on less than hostile terms Lindsey knew that Angel still considered him the enemy, an evil lawyer someone not worthy of redemption or his help.

Lindsey always thought Angel was just an arrogant prick vampire then had always mentally added a sexy arrogant prick vampire but still an arrogant prick.

Lindsey stood up bowing to the audience who gave him a standing ovation, they loved his music. Putting his guitar in its case he went and collected his money. The owner tried to get him to stay longer but he refused though he promised to come back sometime in the future.

Opening the tailgate of his truck he carefully put the guitar case in the back in the special box he had built for it. When he had been worrying about attacks from demons he had it built to withstand most abuse. That guitar was special and he wasn't about to lose it.

Sighing deeply Lindsey rolled his shoulders and went to get behind the wheel ready to drive to the next location which was several hours away. Sighing deeply he couldn't help but wish he had a real home to go to and someone who loved him waiting for his arrival?

As he went to unlock the door he sensed movement behind him, whirling around he started to go into fight mode. However it was too late as an arm came around his waist pulling him in close holding him tightly against a wall of black leather clad muscle.

Lindsey raised his head to yell for help when his eyes fell on his attacker. His mouth fell open in shock as a rag covered his face. Lindsey gagged as he was overwhelmed, his senses sending him spiraling down into darkness.

His last coherent thought was ‘what the hell was Angel doing here?'

Angel held Lindsey tight in his arms until he felt the boy go limp. Quickly glancing around to make sure he had not been seen Angel picked Lindsey up and carried him over to a dark sedan.

Gently he put Lindsey in the passenger seat strapping the seat belt around him then putting the seat in the reclining position so the boy would be more comfortable.

This wasn't about hurting the boy this was just claiming what was rightfully his, he had waited long enough. Lindsey had not come to him so he had come to the he had come for the boy.

In a matter of minutes he had put Lindsey's guitar and belongings into the trunk and back seat of the sedan.

"Sorry Lindsey," Angel whispered as he set the boys truck on fire. Driving down the block he watched as the truck burnt almost to the ground before the fire department got there. The accelerant he had used did its job. Now there was no physical evidence that Lindsey McDonald had ever been in this backwater town.

Angel knew that Lindsey always got paid in cash and never stayed in one place to long. The boy also never gave out his real name. Angel had made it his business once he got control of the law firm to find and keep track of the former lawyer. He told himself it was because Lindsey was evil and needed to be watched for the safety of everyone but he knew he was lying to himself.

Deep down Angel knew it was because he had a deep seeded need to keep an eye on Lindsey...hell he wanted to keep more than an eye on Lindsey, sometimes his hands just itched to be buried in all that glorious hair, or stroking that smooth skin, his fangs ached to be pressed up against Lindsey's throat sucking some of that rich blood and his cock throbbed to buried in that sweet tight ass.

Lindsey McDonald had always been a thorn in Angel's side and since he left he had become Angel's obsession... an obsession that had grown over time until it all but consumed him. It was an obsession that was made of equal parts guilt, lust, possessiveness and yes even love.

Angel would never forget the day he had been going over the files of all the law firms' employees. Lindsey's had still been there, they had not removed it. He had read it like a starving man. Sure he could have gone after the boy as soon as he had left but he wanted Lindsey to have a chance at a normal life, but damn it was hard not hunting the child down.

Angel had felt sick to his stomach when he had read the file. Lindsey had not been lying his childhood had been a nightmarish one. Angel had winced when he had remembered how he had just laughed at Lindsey as though what he had suffered was so much less than anyone else.

Lindsey's parents had both been alcoholics and it had been up to him as the oldest to take care of his younger siblings. Lindsey had only been eight years old when his mother had died in a car crash caused by her drinking. Unfortunately she had taken Lindsey's siblings with her. Lindsey had been in the hospital for a couple months before being released into Conrad McDonald's dubious care. It seemed that Lindsey's father didn't do a very good job of looking after his only surviving child. Lindsey was being treated for something every few months, broken bones, concussions, and bruises just seemed to be the norm for him. Angel also noticed that when the authorities actually attempted to do their job and check on the boy Conrad moved them to another town.

It wasn't until Lindsey was seventeen that he was finally pulled from that hell but unbeknownst to the boy it landed him in another one. Wolfram and Hart stepped in, how they found out about Lindsey and his abusive father was beyond Angel at the time but it was something he sent his investigators to find out about. What Lindsey would never find out was that when Conrad McDonald was located in a small backwater town in Texas Angel went and confronted him about his son. Obviously Lindsey got his intelligence from some other family member because Conrad spouted off about how he had taken money from Wolfram and Hart and basically sold his son to them. Lindsey had no knowledge of the exchange he was just thankful to be away from the parental abuse. When the man had bragged about often he had beaten his son and enjoyed it Angel had snapped, beating him half to death then leaving him to die in a pool of his own blood. It was just a small payback for the small boy who had not been able to defend himself.

Angel could understand why Lindsey fell under their spell for so long. The law firm had saved him from his father, sent him to college and gave him more money than he had ever seen before.

Lindsey was put through college and law school where he graduated at the top of his class then he moved into the law firm as their golden boy...their lawyer of the future.

Angel was amazed that with everything Lindsey had gone through he still had the compassion to help those kids and then leave town because he couldn't stomach what the firm was doing anymore. It was a testament to his humanity and his decency both things that Angel had thrown into his face as things Lindsey didn't understand.

At that moment Angel was determined to make sure Lindsey was okay then as time wore on he was determined to bring the boy back to LA to be with him. Lindsey was an excellent lawyer and they could use him for the side of good. But Angel was honest he wanted Lindsey for himself, in his life and in his bed. He had waited long enough for his prize. However he was not going to delude himself, Lindsey would take some convincing. It wasn't like they had ever been good friends or hell friends at all. Angel lost count of the number of times he had shoved the boy up against the wall wanting nothing more than to throttle the aggravating child. Lindsey had never been afraid just gave him that smirk that clearly said ‘you don't scare me'. It was going to take a lot of talking and action on his part to make Lindsey believe Angel loved him and wanted him not just as a lover but as a mate...but Angel was going to convince the brat no matter how long it took.

Angel drove until he reached a small airstrip where the private plane from Wolfram and Hart waiting for him. It was nice to be boss sometimes.

Moving quickly he picked Lindsey up and secured him in one of the luxurious seats. The pilot grabbed all of Lindsey's belongings and then they took off. The limo had been rented so it was already taken care of.

According to Wesley Lindsey would remain unconscious until well after they had reached their destination. It would give Angel time to relax until the real work began.

For it would take time and patience to bring Lindsey McDonald to his side as an equal partner...of his own free will.

The plane touched down then took off after the passengers and luggage had been unloaded and taken into the house. The sun was just beginning to come up.

Angel carried Lindsey to the master bedroom laying him on the bed. After a brief hesitation he removed the boy's boots, socks, and belt but he left the jeans on undoing the button so the boy would be comfortable.

Then Angel removed Lindsey's shirt gasping as he caught his first glimpse of Lindsey's bare chest. A small golden ring glittered from Lindsey's left nipple beckoning the vampire to come closer. When had that been added to the child? He knew it had not been there when Lindsey had left. Angel had been furious with the lawyer a few days before he left and had pulled him up close, if that ring had been there he would have known.

Angel felt fury rush through him at the thought that maybe a lover had convinced Lindsey to get the ring. The mere fact that anyone had seen Lindsey wearing nothing but that golden ring made him see red, he felt the possessive vampire striving to take over.

Ruthlessly he pushed that side of him down. Rationally he knew that Lindsey had every right to find a lover...but that was in the past. No one would touch Lindsey but him; he would kill anyone who thought they would take the boy from him.

Angel calmed down as he thought it through. Yes he was sure the ring was new because if the ring had been present then Lindsey might not have made it out of the city. Angel loved nipple rings, they turned him on, he loved to play with them and make his partners cry out with the pain/pleasure he gave them. In his mind he pictured Lindsey beneath him arching up as his ass was filled with his weeping cock, the boy crying out as Angel twisted the nipple ring shoving in as deep as he could inside the tight passage forcing the boy over the edge.

Angel sat on the edge of the bed slowly reaching out to gently touch the shimmering ring; it was warm from resting against Lindsey's skin. Angel's pants were uncomfortably tight as he fought to control his emotions, the vision he had just had making him want nothing more than to bury his shaft deep inside his mate. He felt Angelus screaming for Angel to just take what he wanted...what they both wanted. However that was not the way to make Lindsey his mate.

For that was what he was, Lindsey was Angel's mate whether he realized it yet or not.

Reaching down the vampire brushed Lindsey's long hair back liking the fact that the boy had grown his hair longer, it was so soft to the touch.

Angel felt his eyes drifting back to the damn golden ring.

Lindsey was still deeply asleep and not likely to wake up for several more hours, Angel argued with himself that it wouldn't hurt and damn if he didn't need it...selfish as the thought was.

Slowly Angel leaned over the slumbering body; delicately he touched the ring with the tip of his tongue. In just a fraction of a second Angel tugged the ring into his mouth watching avidly as Lindsey's nipple was stretched out. Even drugged Lindsey whimpered at the stimulation tossing his head to the side.

Angel knew he had gone too far but he couldn't help himself. Lindsey was an addiction, an addiction he had abstained from for way to long.

With herculean effort Angel moved away from the tempting body, swiftly covering Lindsey up and walking across the room. It was hard when all he wanted to do was crawl in bed with the boy taking him and making him his.

Looking out the bedroom windows which covered two full walls from floor to ceiling he enjoyed the landscape. Montana was beautiful; he bought this place with Lindsey in mind. Angel had done his research on the former lawyer. Whenever the boy had gone on vacation which was not often he had gone to Montana, away from crowds, away from all the stress.

Angel wanted to give Lindsey his every wish. The ranch had not been cheap but it had been worth it. The old rancher had been anxious to sell as his health had been declining and he wanted to move back East to be closer to his daughter. Angel made sure he paid top dollar for the ranch, not only could he afford it but he really came to like the old guy.

There was the old man's ranch house which Angel turned over to the ranch foreman and his large family. Carl ran the ranch with the help of his three sons. During busy times he hired men from around the area to help out. Carl's wife made sure the house Angel had built for Lindsey was always kept clean. In the last week he had left instructions that it was also to be fully stocked at all times. Angel brought his own supply of blood with him when he came to stay; he kept it in a locked refrigerator downstairs when he was in residence. Since no one had any reason to be down there while he was there it will never be discovered.

Angel had the main house built with Lindsey in mind. In the main room the full windows dominated the room with the spectacular landscape. Mountains dominated the sky their white snow caps glistening in the new morning sun. At the foot of the mountains ran a river with several waterfalls along its path surrounded by trees and fields of wild flowers and tall waving grass. Angel had made sure to set the house apart from the old ranch house and the barns. He didn't want the hustle and bustle of other people to infringe upon his mates privacy.

It was a working ranch in that they ran some cattle and had several horses which he knew Lindsey would love. Angel had figured out the boy was inherently a cowboy...he couldn't wait to see Lindsey in some chaps.

The main house had a large family room that contained comfortable yet classy furniture, a large stone fireplace and even had an indoor fountain in one corner so the soothing sounds of running water could be heard. There was a big screen TV with full entertainment center and surround sound. Along one wall was a large bookcase filled with hardback and paperback books. Angel had done some checking so he knew Lindsey was an avid reader. There were the old classics and some new novels the boy was sure to find something of his liking. Angel had questioned some of Lindsey's former co-workers as to what the boy liked to read. If they managed to give him some insight into what the boy liked they were rewarded. Those who clearly hated Lindsey...well Angel terminated them immediately...permanently terminated them in the most painful way he could think of.

It became clear to all concerned that Lindsey would soon be back at the firm and anyone who crossed him did so knowing they would not live very long. Angel was going to be a ruthless predator to those who harmed his mate...or those who had harmed him in the past.

The kitchen had every appliance and convenience known to man though Angel made sure that Carl's wife Marion had made up enough casseroles and dinners ahead of time in case the child did not want to cook.

There was a large indoor swimming pool and gym. The roof over the swimming pool was retractable so that it became almost an outdoor pool. Angel after all was a vampire and the thought that someone might see Lindsey in swim trunks made him furious. Lindsey was his and his alone, no else would be allowed to gaze upon him when he was half naked. Just off the family room was an office for Lindsey, with a state of the art computer. Along one wall were book shelves filled with law books. There was also a plasma TV on one wall in the office.

The master bedroom suite was on the third level where Lindsey was now sleeping had a king sized bed, a couple of chairs, two dressers, a big screen TV and a walk in closet that would make a Hollywood starlet proud. Angel knew Lindsey's sizes and had made sure it was filled with anything the boy would want right down to his boxer briefs and socks. Right off the master bedroom was the master bath with a Jacuzzi tub and large shower. Angel had made sure both were quite large enough for two people to have some fun, he did have his plans for the future. The bathroom was done in dark green and gold marble.

What was really sweet about the master bedroom was the fact that there was a balcony facing the majestic mountain range and a hot tub had been put in. It had cost a pretty penny to get the special reinforcements for it but Angel figured it had been well worth it.

On the 2nd floor or middle level were two more bedrooms just as nice but not quite as opulent as the master bedroom. Lindsey deserved to be treated like a king and Angel was going to make sure that happened.

Smiling Angel reached out and touched the glass; he had made sure the house had the same special glass as the law firm so he could move around freely in the sunlight though it wasn't really necessary since he had the Ring of Amara on his finger. He had destroyed the 1st ring thinking it was the only one but a second ring had been found in the dusty files of Wolfram and Hart, Angel had taken possession of it knowing he would need it one day.

Angel drew the drapes over the windows so that the light would not hurt his boys' eyes when he woke up.

Angel wandered around the house feeling restless until he finally settled down in the family room with a book. He was very anxious for Lindsey to wake up.

Several hours later Angel heard a slight noise in the bedroom, he stayed where he was. Cocking his head to one side he smiled as he heard his mate's heart speed up as the child woke up. Lindsey would find his way down the stairs and then Angel was sure his boy would let all hell break loose.

He was looking forward to it.


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Lindsey quietly moaned as he slowly woke up, he had a slight headache but thankfully that was all.

Blearily he looked around the room wondering where the hell he was when his memory suddenly came back to him. A part of his fuzzy brain processed the fact that his beloved guitar was sitting in the corner of the room which made him feel a bit better but his temper began to simmer.

Fucking Angel had kidnapped him…where the fucking hell was that damn vampire?

Lindsey got to his feet then glanced around the room marveling at its understated elegance. The plasma TV alone was an expensive item. Lindsey marched over to the window and drew back the drapes. As the panoramic view of the mountains came into his vision Lindsey’s mouth dropped open, it was spectacular. The sun glistened off the mountain tops, it was beautiful but where in the hell was he?

He had always loved the mountains, the rugged country, the isolation, deep down he knew he would never be a city boy. It had just been a necessity to live and work in LA.

Lindsey checked out the room amazed to find a closet full of clothes his size. Deciding that if Angel were going to kill him he would already be dead Lindsey grabbed up some clean clothes and went into the bathroom.  He might as well enjoy the amenities while he could.

It had been a while since he had been able to afford new clothes; he had left LA so fast he had not had a lot of money with him. After that he had been afraid that Wolfram and Hart would track his whereabouts even easier if he tried to access his money so he lived off what he could make singing or at odd jobs.

Therefore the damn vampire could just wait until he was ready to hunt him up was his sour thought as he stepped into the shower.

The bathroom was just as awesome as the bedroom so he took his time as he enjoyed a long hot shower. Some of the hotels he had to stay at didn’t have a lot of hot water that was something he truly missed…a hot shower or long hot soak in the tub.

The jeans and denim shirt fit him perfectly. Lindsey left the top two buttons of his shirt undone, rolled up the sleeves on the shirt then took his own sweet time drying his hair. He had allowed it to grow long and it was so thick it took forever to dry unless he used a hair dryer.

Wandering back into the bedroom he pulled on some white socks. Though he dearly would have loved to try on some of the cowboy boots he found in the closet he knew he was better off wearing his own. Cowboy boots needed to be broke in right and if he had to leave in a hurry it would be better if he had his old pair on.

Lindsey went back to the windows and looked again at the magnificent view, he noticed that there was a sliding door so he opened it and went outside.

It was a long way down to the ground but the view was awesome.

On the balcony was a table with a couple of cushy chairs around it. Off to the side was a hot tub that to his eye looked to have all the bells and whistles so it couldn’t have been cheap. Hell it even had a pop up TV and a stereo system in it.

Whatever that damn vampire was up too he was certainly spending a lot of money to have Lindsey at his mercy…which begged the question…why?

Fire flashed through his blue eyes, it was time to get some answers from that damn infuriating vampire.

Lindsey headed out the bedroom door and made his way downstairs. All the while noticing that the whole house was fantastic, obviously no expense had been spared to create this gorgeous place. He had to wonder if Angel owned it or if it belonged to a friend. Lindsey would give anything to have a place like this.

Not bothering to be quiet as he knew perfectly well Angel would have heard him the second he got up not to mention the vampire would have registered his accelerated heart beat Lindsey walked into what he figured was the family room.

Lindsey took a second to admire the room and its own fantastic view of the mountains before turning to glare at Angel who had risen at his entrance.

Angel stood across the room in front of the chair he had been sitting in. Damn but the boy looked good when he was in a snit. Those blue eyes were just snapping and throwing daggers at him.

Lindsey took a deep breath ready to unload on the vampire when Angel shocked himself as he blurted out, “I brought you here because I love you and want to show you how much. I know you don’t believe me but I will convince you that I am telling the truth.”

Dead silence reigned in the room as the two of them just stared at each other.

Lindsey froze in place, stunned at what Angel had just admitted too. Then fury took over as he reached over to the table grabbed up a horse statue and threw it at Angels head.

Angel ducked the statue shattering against the fireplace. Maybe he shouldn’t have just blurted the truth out he thought to himself. Wesley had told him he needed to work on his communication skills specifically tact and when to approach a situation with extreme care. Obviously this was one of those situations he should have approached with extreme care.

Lindsey yelled, “You fucking asshole…who the hell do you think you are? Love me you don’t know the meaning of the word. I certainly wasn’t a fucking saint when I worked for Wolfram and Hart but you treated me like I was shit beneath your shoes…love me. I highly doubt it so what is your real agenda?”

Lindsey turned back around and grabbed up another statue but as he turned to throw it Angel was standing in front of him in his personal space.

Angel gently took the statue and set it down. Lindsey tried to push past him but the vampire easily held the boy in place. Then Angel pulled the struggling brat up tight against his body. Damn but he loved how Lindsey felt pressed so close to him.

Angel remembered that he had planned on taking it slow but that all went out the window when he held Lindsey so close. Lindsey's struggles only inflamed his desire and need not only for his gorgeous body but his blood.

Angel leaned in closer smelling his mate inhaling his scent which only inflamed his desire even more. Lindsey could turn him on faster than anyone he had ever met in his long life. The boy could also anger him faster than anyone he had ever met.

Lindsey was furious, he was so angry he couldn’t even see straight. Then he felt Angel’s hard cock pressed up against him and it scared him to death.

It finally sunk in that he didn’t know where he was, a master vampire had just said he loved him and was holding him tightly.  Vampires were very notorious for their possessive lustful feeling for the ones they profess to love. Possessive…hell vampires were predators who protected their mates at all costs. Some vampires also treated their mates like property the thought only pissed Lindsey off more.

Despite all that Lindsey reared his head back ready to tell Angel off then planned on quickly making his escape but it didn’t work out that way.

As Lindsey opened his mouth he found it covered by Angels, a cool tongue forcing its way into his mouth to map out every inch.

Lindsey was pulled even closer to Angel; the vampire put one big hand on Lindsey’s ass pressing them together as the other hand buried itself in all that glorious hair.

Holding Lindsey’s head still Angel ravaged the sweet mouth, he couldn’t get enough of the boy’s taste.

 Angel sure as hell could kiss was his confused thought as Lindsey let his body melt into Angel’s which made the vampire deepen the kiss and tighten the hold.

Suddenly Lindsey couldn’t get his breath; he felt like he was surrounded by Angel and the vampire wasn’t going to let him go anytime soon.

The former lawyer felt like he was frozen not sure what to do then he felt Angel’s hand move slowly down his denim covered ass the long fingers coming to rest between his legs. In seconds he felt them move trying to get his legs wider while one of Angel’s legs was also trying to do the same thing.

Then it hit Lindsey if Angel were really in love with him then that meant it wasn’t Angel who kidnapped him it was Angelus. Angel couldn’t love anyone or he would turn into the worst vampire ever known to mankind.

Before the vampire could complete the move Lindsey shoved as hard as he could taking Angel by surprise then he brought up his knee and slammed it right between Angel’s legs.

Angel cried out in pain dropping to the ground.

Lindsey didn’t waste any time as he ran out the front door into the sunlight gasping in relief as the bright light covered him in a golden glow.

Thank God now he was safe, the vampire couldn’t come outside the sun would set him on fire.

Lindsey paused on the bottom step of the big porch letting the sun cover him in its protection. A gasp tore out of him when he felt Angel come up behind him wrapping one steel hard arm around his waist.

The fucking vampire was in the sun.

Lindsey froze wondering if this was when he was going to die. Angel brought his arm around Lindsey’s head so the boy could see the Ring of Amara. Angel caught Lindsey’s flinch when his arm came so close to his head. That would have to rectified, he couldn’t have the brat scared of him. That wouldn’t make for a good life or good sex both of which he intended to have with this troublesome child.

Hearing someone talking in the distance Lindsey took a breath to yell for help but Angel covered his mouth with one hand, then lifted him off his feet easily carrying the struggling boy back inside.

Lindsey continued to struggle even though he knew that Angel was so much stronger and faster than he was…it wasn’t in his nature to easily surrender.

Angel carefully tossed Lindsey onto the sofa. As the boy went to lunge to his feet Angel gave him a warning look which made him sit back down.

Picking up a remote from the coffee table Angel pressed a button Lindsey heard all the doors and windows lock down tight. Apparently the place had a very high tech security system, one that kept people in as well as out.

“Now you cannot leave unless I let you,” Angel calmly stated.

“What do really want with me Angelus?” Lindsey demanded but his voice had a slight quiver in it. Lindsey couldn’t help but feel a bit of fear. He had read all about Angelus and knew the torture that he could be expected to face from the vampire.

Angel looked perplexed for a minute at being addressed as Angelus then he sighed. Damn this was one secret he was waiting to tell but he since he had blurted out he was in love with the child then he needed to set Lindsey’s mind at rest.

“Lindsey I am not Angelus. Wesley did some research and finally permanently attached my soul. I told him I was going after you and I wasn’t coming back until you were at my side as my mate. He was not about to let Angelus appear. Despite what you might think he didn’t want you to suffer at the hands of Angelus either,” Angel explained as he sat next to the boy on the sofa.

Lindsey inched away from him but at least didn’t make a run for the door.

“I don’t want to be your fucking consort,” Lindsey angrily replied though a tiny voice reminded him how he had always fancied the vampire. Lindsey sternly told the voice to shut up.

Angel gently smiled, “Yes you do. You might fight it but I felt you start to submit to me. You were enjoying the kiss before you started to panic.”

Lindsey wanted to snap back a smart retort but he just flashed those gorgeous eyes at Angel, crossed his arms and refused to reply at all.

Angel to his credit bit back his laughter, he figured if he laughed then he would be in pain again. Damn but he didn’t remember his future mate having such a temper before…well maybe he did but it had been a while since he had seen Lindsey in action.

What a sweet sight it was despite the pain between his legs. No one could pout like his Lindsey and look so gorgeous doing it while at the same time looking like a petulant toddler.

“I don’t expect you to fall into my arms overnight. We have a lot of baggage to sort through and I know you don’t trust me. I assure you though Lindsey that when we leave here it will be as fully bonded mates. I have no intention of letting you go off alone again, I want…no need to protect and love you. I need to make up for my behavior in the past,” Angel softly stated.

Lindsey was totally shocked again. Angel actually sounded sincere but this still had to be a trick, no way did the vampire want him as a mate, he was just toying with him.

Lindsey gave Angel his best haughty look as he sneered, “Love me. You hate me. I remember how you looked down on me, refused to listen to me. Everyone else was worthy of the great souled vampire’s attention, his willingness to help anyone who needed it, the way you went all the way to save someone’s soul…all except me. Lindsey was different, Lindsey wasn’t worthy, and you made that perfectly clear. Now you have the audacity to say you love has been how long since I left?  What the fuck kinds of drugs are you on?”

Angel felt guilty at the comments but Lindsey was right he had treated the boy like that.

However he just sighed as he calmly replied, “I am taking no drugs. I wanted to drag you back to LA almost from the moment you drove off but I wanted to give you a chance at a normal life. Then…well then when I took over the law firm I read your file, damn it I was dying to learn more about you…I am so sorry Lindsey about what you suffered, I was an unfeeling bastard when I brushed you off. You had done nothing to deserve that. My only excuse is that I had been fighting my attraction to you for so long and couldn’t let you get close. I was trying desperately to keep you at arm’s length. I thought if I made you angry enough, if you hated me enough then you would keep your distance. I can assure you that you are more than worthy, you make me deeply ashamed of the way I treated you.”

Lindsey slowly blinked he began to think he was dreaming and this wasn’t real. He never in a million years would have thought the great Angel would apologize to him.

“You just feel sorry for me and guilty for your comments, that isn’t love,” Lindsey finally commented not willing to believe what the vampire had stated.

Angel smiled gently a look that Lindsey had never seen directed at him before.

“Again I feel sorry for what I put you through. I do feel guilty for my comments and my attitude, but I love you Lindsey McDonald. That will never change.”

Lindsey in a small voice finally said, “I don’t believe you.”

Angel nodded his head he didn’t expect anything else, his boy wasn’t a push over. However Angel heard the longing in Lindsey’s voice. Lindsey wanted to believe that someone loved him; he wanted to belong to someone. The child was starved for affection. However he had been lied to so often in the past he was just too afraid to believe that his luck might be changing for the better.

“I don’t blame you. I will just have to show you. I have turned over the running of Wolfram and Hart to Wesley for now. I told him I would be back when I had you by my side as my mate. I am willing to stay here as it long as it takes to convince you that I am being sincere.”

“So I am your prisoner while you try to woo me,” Lindsey cynically stated.

Angel smiled, “I guess you could say that though it is a beautiful prison. You have the freedom of the whole ranch. There are horses to ride, it is a working ranch…and it is all yours.”

Lindsey just stared to stunned to say anything; he turned and looked out the windows at the gorgeous landscape. He couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that Angel had just said this was all his.

“Yes Lindsey it is all yours. I have not lived 400 years without saving a lot of money despite what I might have said in the past. Besides Wolfram and Hart owed you big time so I used some of their money too. I bought it fair and square from an elderly gentleman who was anxious to sell. I paid him full price, I kept on the foreman Carl Roddings and his family, and he runs the place with his sons. I gave them the ranch house and I had this place built for you. The ranch covers over 550,000 acres and includes part of that mountain range you have been staring at. The ranch is protected by that mountain range on two sides; a river runs through on the south side. The only way in or out easily is by plane or helicopter which is how we got here, or by the only road which is impassable if it rains or snows a lot. The Roddings keep the place well stocked and always have several weeks of supplies on hand in case they cannot get out. They have lived here for a lot of years and know how things run. I think you will like them. The papers proving your ownership are in the other room if you want to check it out.”

Lindsey shut his eyes, taking a deep breath; he really needed to stop reacting to all these shocks that Angel keep sending his way.

“Why would you buy something like this for me?”

“Because I love you and I want you to have whatever you want. You are precious to me Lindsey and I will show you that anytime I can.”

“I want to leave then,” Lindsey said just to see the reaction he would get.

“Sorry, baby but that is the ONE thing I will not give you. I will convince you to stay with me no matter how long it takes and no I have no intention of glamoring you to make you stay.”

“I could just drive away or have one of the sons take me to the nearest town,” Lindsey commented testing his boundaries ignoring the little jolt of pleasure hearing Angel call him baby.

Geez what an idiot he was to even think the vampire actually loved him but it did make him feel good. It had been a lot of years since anyone had even pretended to care about him.

Angel grinned, his boy was nothing if not tenacious but he had felt his future mate’s emotions spike at the endearment. The small amount of blood he had taken from Lindsey years ago let him feel his future mate’s emotions. Not real strong at least not yet.

“Only one road in and out, I could stop you easily. The Roddings like it here, the boys have grown up here, and they are nice people. I have even told them that if it works out I will pay for their kid’s way through college. They also get a sizeable bonus at the end of each quarter determined on how well the ranch produces. However you are the most important person to me and I would hate to have to fire them to keep you with me.”

“You wouldn’t do that. You protect innocents like them,” Lindsey argued sitting up straight.

“I would do anything to keep you here. Make no mistake Lindsey, you try to phone anyone or use the Roddings to escape and they will be fired. By the way they do not know I am a vampire. They do know we are together and that I bought this place for you.”

“You’re serious,” Lindsey whispered watching as Angel nodded his head.

Lindsey sat back his mind whirling; he was well and truly caught. The damn vampire had thought of everything. There was no way he could cost the Roddings their home that just wouldn’t be right.

Lindsey ignored the little voice that was whispering to him. Damn he really truly hated that voice. ‘You don’t really want to leave anyway. You have fancied Angel for years but were too scared to make the first move now he has done that for you. You want him to fuck you, to love you…admit it Lindsey my boy.’

Out loud Lindsey said, “Oh shut the fuck up.”

Angel was startled, “I haven’t said anything, baby. Talking to yourself are you?”

Lindsey blushed as he realized he had talked out loud, great now his mind was going to mush.

Raising his chin Lindsey said, “I will not just give in to you, I am not that easy.”

Angel laughed, “Oh I know you are not easy. In fact I have a feeling you are going to be a high maintenance consort.”

Indignantly Lindsey snapped, “What the hell does that mean?”

Leaning closer Angel ran the back of his fingers down Lindsey cheek causing the boy to gasp at the unexpected contact.

“That means that you need to be lavished with love and care, you need to be told how much I love you several times a day. I want you to be very sure of your place in my life; you are at the heart of it. I know you like nice things and I plan on giving them to you. You deserve only the best in life. I plan on cherishing you forever.”

“I’m not a charity case, Angel,” Lindsey tersely replied.

“I never said you were. I have never taken a consort before so I am trying to do everything the right way,” Angel soothed.

“Whatever,” Lindsey said now sounding like a petulant teenager as he really didn’t know how to handle this new improved Angel.

“How about you go get something to eat, then we can explore the ranch. I think you will be very pleased with your home.”

Lindsey wanted to say no just so he could disagree with the vampire but he really wanted to see everything and he wanted to get his hands on those horses.

Angel stood up, “There is plenty of food in the refrigerator and cabinets. I am sure Milly left some things that just need to be heated up. I will join you in a few minutes.”

Lindsey watched the vampire leave, heaving a sigh of relief when he was left alone.

Thinking about everything that had been said Lindsey couldn’t see a way out of this predicament. He didn’t really believe that Angel truly loved him but the place was beautiful and he would enjoy it while he could.

As he headed for the kitchen Lindsey was deep in thought. If Angel thought he had given up trying to escape then the vampire was in for a shock. However with the nature of their relationship he figured Angel already knew that Lindsey was going to fight him every step of the way.


Chapter Text

Lindsey was amazed at the kitchen. All of the appliances were ultra modern but the cabinets were solid oak and the counter tops were marble. In no time Lindsey had fixed an omelet for himself with a glass of orange juice.

He was wondering where Angel was when the vampire made his appearance in the doorway. Angel had changed clothes, instead of his customary all black attire he had on a pair of blue jeans with a long sleeved cowboy style shirt.

“I never thought I would see you in anything but black. Are you planning on going somewhere?” Lindsey commented not about to tell the arrogant bastard that he looked mighty fine in denim.

“I thought you might like to ride around the ranch. It is too big to see in just one day on horseback but I thought you might enjoy the ride,” Angel said smiling at the confused boy.

Lindsey obviously had no idea how to handle a friendly caring vampire, especially one who was determined to woo him.

Well the child had best get used to it.

“Oh…okay! That sounds great, I haven’t had a chance to ride in a long time,” Lindsey replied starting to get excited at the thought of horseback riding even if it meant having Angel tag along with him.

As they approached the front door Angel pressed the button on the remote unlocking the door. To Lindsey’s shock Angel tossed the remote on the sofa.

“Aren’t you worried that I will take it and run off or sneak out during the night?” Lindsey asked.

“No, you won’t jeopardize the Roddings like that. I trust you to think things through and come to the only logical conclusion…we will be lovers and mates. It is only a matter of when,” Angel smugly commented supremely confident in his ability to make Lindsey see they were perfect for each other.

Lindsey wanted to wipe that look off the vampire face but he just sweetly smiled and walked out the door not making any comment.

Angel stared at the boys back worriedly; it wasn’t like him not to have a smart ass comeback. Now that was a worrisome reaction…damn the incorrigible brat. But damn watching Lindsey walk away gave him an awesome of view of the brat’s nice tight ass. Angel felt his hands itch wanting so bad to reach out and touch but he didn’t dare.

However when they reached the barn Lindsey was in seventh heaven totally forgetting the fact that he was a prisoner…a pampered prisoner but a prisoner nonetheless…as he reveled in the sight of the horses.

Angel introduced him to Carl and the oldest son, Denny. The other two boys were out on the range somewhere. Since it was early spring break they were not in school. Denny was going to a local community college for two years then he wanted to go to a university. With Angel’s help he was going to be able to do that. The other two boys were Devon and David. Devon was a senior in high school and planned on being a veterinarian. David was a sophomore in high school and when not working on the ranch he preferred hanging out with friends, he figured the future would take care of itself.

Carl made small talk then excused himself and his son. They were breaking some horses for sale to another ranch and wanted to finish it that day. Carl promised to show Lindsey the financials on the ranch whenever he wanted to see them.

Lindsey assured the man that he was sure everything was in order and they could look the books over in a few days.

Angel watched as Lindsey ran his hands over the horses, he noticed that the black stallion Sinful kept most of his boy’s attention.

“You can ride him you know, he is yours as are all of them. Sinful is full of energy, mind of his own and has a temper,” Angel offered the information thinking that the horse sounded just like the boy in front of him.

Lindsey hesitated, he wanted to say no, he didn’t want to take anything the vampire had gotten him…he hated Angel…didn’t he?

Suddenly he heard himself say, “I think I will take him for a ride.”

Angel smiled; good it was going well so far. Lindsey was going to do something he enjoyed. Angel would be with him, it was a start.

In just a few minutes the horses were saddled and they set off at a walk getting the feel of the horses.

Lindsey let his head fall back the sun warm on his face as he felt some of the tension that had been a part of him for so long fall away. He wasn’t sure why he felt so relaxed, he should be tense with the vampire by his side.

Maybe it was because Angel had laid it out on the line, what he expected and the fact that he loved Lindsey and was going to have him as his mate. There were no secrets, no lies just the bald truth.

Lindsey had to admit that as an enticement the ranch was very tempting. While growing up he had always dreamed of owning his own place, being the boss. However he never thought it would truly happen especially one as awesome as this one was.

He had always known that one day he and Angel would have to settle things between them; he had just never imagined it would be the vampire who would make the first move…then to claim that Lindsey was going to be his consort…what an idea.

Unfortunately deep down Lindsey was intrigued by Angel’s bold actions. No one had ever gone to these lengths for him before. Of course some people might think getting kidnapped wasn’t a turn on and of course he was pissed off about it, but he had to admit it certainly got his attention. Angel had not hurt him but had given him his own ranch, he had a lot of thinking to do but right now he was just going to go with the flow.

Of course this was what Angel wanted, Lindsey’s undivided attention. And if he couldn’t have that he wanted Lindsey to be thinking about the offer.

Angel watched his boy begin to relax as he easily rode the stallion. Sinful was fully of vinegar as he tossed his head clearly wanting to gallop across the land.

Lindsey laughed as he enjoyed the feel of the powerful horse between his legs, then unbidden came the thought of another powerful creature between his legs.

His mouth dry Lindsey could just see Angel between his legs thrusting deep inside his body taking and taking until Lindsey screamed with the pleasure.

Angel was concerned, Lindsey’s heart beat had sped up and the boy looked flushed. The vampire started to smile when he realized that he was smelling Lindsey’s arousal but he quickly stopped if he smiled he was sure the boy would do something drastic. Lindsey did not like to be embarrassed or put on the spot.

Suddenly Lindsey shouted, “Race you.”

Lindsey and Sinful took off at a gallop leaving Angel behind. Angel quickly sped after his mate his protective instinct in full gear worrying that the child was going to be tossed from the speeding horse.

Lindsey stopped his ride next to the fast flowing river; quickly he tied the horse’s reins to a tree branch.

Turning around he found that Angel was standing behind him. The vampire had not bothered tying his horse which was currently making its way back to the ranch.

Angel took a step forward; Lindsey stepped back only to find his back up against the tree.

Angel put his hands on either side of Lindsey’s head and leaned down until he was looking directly into wide blue eyes.

“You scared the shit out of me,” Angel growled clearly shaken up after watching Lindsey galloping across the land.

Lindsey couldn’t help it, he smiled that cocky shit eating grin of his after all he had not seen the arrogant vampire shook up before.

Reaching up Lindsey curled his hands around Angel’s wrists causing the vampire to look at him in surprise. He was not expecting the boy to voluntarily touch him.

“Tough, you’ve gone out of your way to scare me deliberately how many times so payback is a bitch.”

Angel smiled; he loved his boy’s fire as he watched Lindsey raise his chin in defiance. Damn he should have claimed the brat years ago, he was so stupid at times.

“You hid your fear well, young one. However I don’t plan on allowing you to be hurt, I will protect you no matter what.”

“I won’t let you wrap me in cotton,” Lindsey warned not realizing that with that one comment Angel knew that Lindsey was thinking seriously about their future.

“You won’t be…you will be wrapped in my arms,” Angel replied as he leaned in for a short kiss.

The boy was just too desirable for his own good and certainly too desirable for Angel’s will power.

Lindsey felt the cool lips touch his; sparks seemed to fly through him starting where their lips were locked together.

It didn’t help when Angel’s will power when Lindsey let his hands drop to Angel’s waist as he moaned into the vampire’s mouth.

Angel was immediately hard when he heard that small needy little moan. God this child was such an obsession, now that he finally had him in his control he wanted even more.

Angel yanked Lindsey in closer deepening the kiss his arm a band of steel around the slender waist.

Lindsey pressed closer his strong reaction to the kiss surprising him, he needed this, and he needed to know someone cared if he lived or died. He had survived for too long on his own without anyone really knowing him, sometimes weeks went by without even a friendly pat on the shoulder.

In short Lindsey was starved for affection and that was what Angel was giving him.

Angel put his hand under the tight perfect ass and lifted exhilarated when he felt his mates legs wrap around his waist pressing their groins together.

Lindsey clutched at Angel’s shoulders as cool lips and tongue ravaged his neck but now teeth were nipping at his neck until they reached his pulse point.

Angel sucked deeply feeling the rushing blood beneath his mouth, it would only take a second and he could taste the rich red blood of his mate.

Lindsey was lost in the sensations running through his body. Angel was shocked to feel Lindsey rubbing against him whispering for him to do it but Angel held back.

How he found the will power to do it he would never know but he continue to claim that sweet mouth then calmly walked them into river until they stood waist deep in the cold mountain water.

Angel felt the rush of the water pulling at him but he withstood it well, Lindsey with his human strength would have been pulled off his feet.

Lindsey yelped as the cold water drenched him, he had never been fond of cold water, which was why he preferred hot showers and the lure of the hot tub.

Jerking back Lindsey glowered at Angel. The vampire simply continued to hold him then walked them out of the water.

“What the fuck, Angel?” he hissed as he became aware of the wet cold clothes that clung to him.

Angel pressed a kiss to his mate’s forehead.

“To fast, baby, you are not a one night stand to me. This will be forever for both of us and I won’t have our first time be hard and fast up against a tree. I want you to know I really love you and I will cherish you.”

Lindsey was surprised at the comment even as warmth stole through him. Damn but who would have thought Angel could be so romantic and so thoughtful. Of course he was still wet and cold but Angel was right to stop the moment.

Lindsey sighed, “Fine you are right but I am damned cold right now. I hate to be cold.” With that comment Lindsey shivered as the light breeze slid over his wet skin and clothes.

In a flash Angel was astride Sinful with Lindsey tucked up in front of him. With Angel’s strong arms around him they headed back to the ranch.

Lindsey’s ego made him finally say, “The kiss well…I was in control you know.

Angel smiled knowing that his mate could not see it.

“I know baby,” he calmed stated soothing his mate’s ego.

Frowning Lindsey turned around in the saddle, Angel immediately wiped the smile off his face.

“Are you smiling at something?” he demanded.

“Just enjoying our ride that is all,” Angel stated.

“Fine I just wanted to make sure you weren’t thinking I was about to lose control back there over the kiss,” Lindsey continued blithely ignoring the fact that he had been begging Angel to taste his blood.

Needless to say Angel didn’t bring it up; he didn’t want another knee to the groin if he pissed off his mate.

They arrived back at the ranch just in time to stop Carl from heading out to look for them as Angels horse had made it back to the ranch.

Seeing that they were wet Carl inquired if they had an accident.

“Just tested the water out,” Lindsey replied glaring at the vampire who looked totally innocent.

Carl frowned as he said, “Just be careful Mr. McDonald that river is faster than it looks and ice cold. There are several waterfalls along its path too so it is nothing to mess with.”

Lindsey smiled, “Thanks Carl but please just call me Lindsey.”

“Nope wouldn’t be right. How about I call you Mr. Lindsey?”

Lindsey easily agreed liking this quiet man who was already concerned about a boss he had just met. He could get used to this life.

Angel saw Lindsey shiver again and ushered him back to the house.

“You go upstairs and take a hot shower, and then we can do whatever you want,” Angel suggested.

“Anything?” Lindsey asked his eyes dancing with mirth he couldn’t help teasing a bit.

“Don’t be a brat,” Angel commented. He couldn’t help but wonder who had the upper hand now as he watched Lindsey trudge upstairs.

There had always been sparks between the two of them, Lindsey had known it too. Perhaps the boy was just ready for the inevitable mating between them. Lindsey needed to be loved and he needed someone to care for.

After a half hour and still no Lindsey Angel went upstairs. To his surprise Lindsey was stretched out on his bed sound asleep.

The wet clothes were on the floor in the bathroom; Lindsey was in sweats and heavy socks lying on the bed. Obviously he was exhausted and had succumbed.

Angel tossed a blanket over the sleeping boy smiled as Lindsey curled up on his side pulling the blanket closer.

Angel felt a pang of guilt wondering just how much real sleep Lindsey had gotten over the years. Wolfram and Hart would have made him worry about being so vulnerable by sleeping whether it was while he was working for them or not.

Well Lindsey would get all the rest he needed, Lindsey would get whatever he needed from now on.

But the loving would have to wait…Angel prayed he could wait but damn it was going to be hard not taking what he considered his possession…his mate.


Chapter Text

The next few days passed quietly. Lindsey couldn’t believe how well he slept at night or how nice and attentive Angel was being. Lindsey was not used to being the center of someone’s life. After his mother had died there had been no one who cared enough to watch over him. Even his mother when she was drunk hadn’t given a shit about anyone but at least when she was sober she tried to take care of her kids.

Lindsey lapped up the attention that the vampire was giving him. To his surprise Angel had not tried to get him into bed or aggressively pushed him to commit. It seemed that the vampire had far more patience than he had given him credit for.

Angel was proud of the fact that he didn’t push for more than Lindsey was willing to give him. Angel did try to keep his distance but he couldn’t help the little touches he gave to the boy.

Angel couldn’t help the light touch in the small of Lindsey’s back when they were walking outside, softly brushing the dust off one of Lindsey’s cheeks after they had come back from a long horse ride and the soft kiss he gave the boy every night before he went upstairs to sleep.

Lindsey tried to fight it but he knew that he was falling for the vampire. He also had to admit it wasn’t a long fall. He had desired the vampire for a long time. Despite his earlier anger he had to admit no one had ever treated him so nicely in his life. Lindsey was also honest enough to realize that he was starved for affection, he had done without for so long that he needed it desperately.

However there was a part of Lindsey that still did not believe that Angel truly loved him, that the vampire had something up his sleeve. He had his trust destroyed before and it was hard to trust anyone…especially trust them with his heart.

Lindsey decided one night as they sat in front of the fireplace that it was time for them to talk. It was time to rehash the past and get some things cleared up.

Lindsey curled up in the corner of the sofa with a glass of wine. Angel with his normal glass of blood sat in the middle of the sofa.

Lindsey contemplated his wine then finally asked “Why? I know what you said but I have a hard time believing that you suddenly love me after everything that has gone down between us. It makes no sense. You had no use for me in the past…I…I just need to talk about it. You have been great to me lately but I still wonder why?”

Angel had been hoping that Lindsey would just believe him but he knew how tenacious the boy was. However he knew he was no good at explaining things but he would give it a shot his future was depending on it.

“It wasn’t sudden. I noticed you from the first time I laid eyes on you.  In fact I guess I started falling for you not long after that. In my long life seldom have I come across a human who is as stubborn and arrogant yet hides such a passionate loving heart.”

Lindsey blushed.

“Come on Angel. All those times you threw me around, insulted me that was your idea of what…courting me?” Lindsey chuckled taking a sip of wine.

Angel slightly smiled.

“I admit that when I realized I was attracted to you it pissed me off. I am ashamed to say that I took you at face value at first, and that made me angry. I couldn’t fathom how I could fall for someone I thought was so callous, unfeeling and…”

Lindsey interrupted with a frown on his face, “Fine I get it you thought I was a horrible worthless human being. I know you thought I wasn’t good enough for you to help.”

Angel heard the anger and the self loathing in the boy’s tone of voice.

Angel moved closer to Lindsey, he rested his hand on Lindsey’s knee tightening it slightly when the boy tried to move it away.

“No you are not moving away from me. I said that I am ashamed that I took you at face value. The mask you perfected through the years was very good and you know it. So with your mask and me being rather arrogant and full of ‘I am going to right the wrongs of LA’ I didn’t see how special you truly are. You are far from being unworthy. I was so wrong about you. You have no idea how guilty I felt when I realized what a total ass I had been to you,” Angel said his dark eyes not leaving Lindsey’s face.

Lindsey swallowed heavily looking down then licking his lips, both signs he was very nervous and unsure of himself.

“Special?” came the hesitant voice but Lindsey didn’t look up as he continued to find looking directly at Angel too difficult.

“Very special, now very loved and hopefully beginning to feel much cherished,” Angel sincerely stated.

Silence stretched for a couple of minutes as Lindsey processed what was being said.

“You do understand why it is so hard to believe all this. The fact that you spent so much money buying and building this place then giving it to me is so confusing. There are a lot of bad feelings between us and you certainly didn’t act like you cared about me all those years.”

“No I didn’t act like I cared. I fought against those feelings so hard. You have to realize Lindsey that I have always found it difficult to admit when I care about someone. When I got my soul back I would make attachments to people but then they died, or I had to move on because I never aged. After a while after so many centuries of losing people I just refused to get close to anyone.”

“What about Buffy?” Lindsey asked.

“I will admit that I cared for her, she was fighting the good fight and I wanted to help. But in the end it was never going to work. I needed something more, she was busy being the big bad slayer and…well it just ended. Truthfully I wasn’t as upset as you might think. When I came to LA I was going to remain aloof and not get close to anyone. Cordelia tried to get close but I wouldn’t let her and she eventually left. Wesley has stuck around but he will tell you how I tried to keep him at arm’s length. Gunn took off to parts unknown. Spike…hell I couldn’t get rid of him if I tried. Between you and me it would not surprise me if Wes and Spike don’t hook up. Spike is certainly protective Wesley. Hell they probably stayed with me because it was convenient and they care about each other.”

Lindsey’s eyes were wide as he listened to Angel talk. He never in a million years would have thought Angel would be so open with him. But fuck, the uptight Wesley with the bleached blond Spike, who would have thought that would ever happen.

“Then you entered my life and totally turned it upside down. You have no idea the number of times I wanted nothing more than to make you mine. It didn’t matter if it was over your desk, on the damn couch or up against the wall; I just wanted to bury myself in you. And you…you looked down that cute little nose at me, sparks flying out of those incredible eyes and shot me down without hesitation. The fact that you would stand up to me a vampire was astounding. I could kill you in a second yet you went toe to toe with me. I was impressed. It had been centuries since anyone had infuriated or turned me on so much and so fast. I have never wanted anyone as bad as I wanted you?”

“Why didn’t you tell me? You had plenty of chances.” Lindsey quietly asked hoping the vampire wouldn’t notice that he was turned on by the thought of Angel taking him in his old office. He really hoped that the vampire wouldn’t notice that with his answer it sounded like he would have been amenable to being taken by the vampire.

“Because you scared the shit out of me and I didn’t like the feeling. I don’t like to be scared about anything. After all I was a vampire, you were a mere human why should I be scared of you. You terrified me, I had suppressed my emotions for so long yet you broke right through those barriers. I wanted you so fucking bad, yet I knew that if I finally took what I wanted I would turn into Angelus. I knew that he would come roaring back because deep down I knew I loved you. If Angelus came back you would take the brunt of his nastiness. I had to keep you from getting to close so I insulted you, did everything I could to make you angry enough to stay away. I think at times I actually convinced myself that you were as bad as I told you, you were. Though in the end it didn’t matter I still wanted you, it took you leaving and me getting up the guts to go after you to make me understand that.”

Lindsey was quiet as he contemplated what he had been told.

“Thank you for being so honest with me. I didn’t think you would ever be so open.”

Angel said, “Now I need you to talk to me. I need to know what you think about the past and the future.”

“This…this is really difficult for me. You aren’t the only one who suppresses their emotions. I know you don’t want to hear this…but I did have a shitty childhood. The one time I tried to talk to you, you shot me down. I understand that you were trying to keep your distance and quite frankly that is what I wanted too. Don’t…don’t think that I didn’t want you because I did. I’m not stupid Angel I have not gone through my life without knowing how to tell if someone wants me. I knew you were keeping me at arm’s length but I thought it was because you thought I was so contemptible that you didn’t want to soil your hands with me. Then there was the fact that my life back then was stressful enough without having you in my personal life making it worse. The fact that if Angelus made an appearance was a passing thought because I never thought I would be your perfect love, your perfect moment. I have to be honest these last few days have been some of the best of my life.”

Lindsey paused shutting his eyes then he took a big deep breath. It was time to take the plunge and let the chips fall where they may.

“I guess…ah…what I am saying is that I am willing to give this…this thing with you a shot.”

Angel felt intense joy rush through him. He moved to take Lindsey into his arms but the boy put his hand out to stop him.

“I…I am not ready for…for sex. It…well it has been a really long time for me. I am talking years since having sex and I…I have never had sex with a male whether he was vampire or human.”

Angel’s eyes glinted with lust but combined with that lust was possessiveness, protectiveness and the sheer thrill of knowing he would be the first to show Lindsey the joy of making love with a male. He would take and possess that which no one had touched before.

Angel reached out and took an unresisting Lindsey into his arms.

Lindsey sighed and snuggled in close resting his head beneath Angels chin. This felt so safe, he couldn’t remember the last time he felt safe.

“We don’t need to rush the sex but do you have any objection to kissing, and touching?” Angel whispered running his fingers through Lindsey’s hair.

Lindsey let his hand stroke up and down Angel’s outer thigh.

“No I think that would be fine,” he whispered.

“Good because I don’t think I can wait any longer to truly touch you.”

Suddenly Lindsey was shifted and lying on the floor in front of the fireplace, the thick carpet was like a soft blanket to his skin.

Angel lay next to him leaning his head on his hand as he stared down at his chosen mate.

“I do adore you,” he softly said as he lowered his head to claim those soft perfect lips.


Chapter Text

Lindsey gasped into the kiss allowing Angel’s tongue to slip inside his mouth. Lindsey felt like he was being slowly possessed as Angel continued to control the deep soul reaching kiss.

While Lindsey was concentrating on the intoxicating kiss Angels talented fingers were busy. Lindsey’s shirt had been unbuttoned and pushed to the side baring the young man’s chest. In another few seconds the jeans had been unzipped revealing silk boxers. Angel didn’t slip his mates hardening cock out of the silk yet he didn’t want to startle the boy he was determined to take this slow even if it killed him.

Lindsey realized he had no breath left and Angel wasn’t letting up on the kiss. It was as though the vampire was starving for him and couldn’t get enough.

Lindsey pushed against the broad shoulders until finally Angel rose up but kept his face close to his heart’s desire.

Angel watched as Lindsey gasped for breath, he saw the swollen red lips the dilated beautiful blue eyes with the sinfully long lashes and he saw the look in those eyes.

Lindsey wanted this; lust filled those eyes as well as a bit of fear. A few years ago Angel would have just taken what he desired but he wasn’t about to do that with the one he loved.

With his knees on either side of Lindsey, Angel sat back resting on those knees right above Lindsey’s stomach. Slowly he rocked back until he was sitting on the heels of his feet. He wanted his hands free so he could finally touch that golden ring.

Lindsey rested his hands on Angels thighs swallowing at he tried to gain control of himself. Shit if Angel was able to turn his insides to mush with a kiss what the hell was he going to feel like when the vampire made love to him.

Angel reached out holding his hand above the pierced nipple. Lindsey glanced down shocked to see that he was almost naked.  At some point while he was trying to catch his breath Angel had divested him of the rest of his clothes. Lindsey was only wearing his boxers while Angel was still fully clothed

Damn but Angel was good.

“Now I can finally play. This ring has been driving me crazy since I brought you here”.

Lindsey had to smile. He had seen how Angel had fixated on the glinting gold when he had taken his laps in the swimming pool. Swimming had been something he had enjoyed before he left LA and now he fully intended on taking it back up.

Angel had to smile back, his boy was a brat.

“You knew it drove me crazy. That is why you always made sure to swim when I was around, flaunting it in front of me. Daring me to try something, try to touch it.”

Lindsey just smiled again. That shit eating butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth smile. It used to drive Angel to fury until he realized that it was also turning him on.

Slowly Angel lowered his hand until it rested on top of the warm golden ring. He felt Lindsey’s chest rise and lower with each breath he took. Angel took note that the boy’s heart rate had sped up.

Angel knelt down until he was whispering into Lindsey’s ear; he never removed his hand from that enticing glinting metal with that golden hot skin beneath it.

“There were times I never thought I would have you in my arms like this.”

Lindsey couldn’t help it he had to push, “Well other than the kiss you haven’t really done anything yet.”

Angels eyes widened he growled when he saw the teasing glint in his mate’s eyes.

In seconds he had changed their positions. Angel was kneeling and he had Lindsey straddling his thighs. Angel smiled as he spread his thighs apart thereby forcing Lindsey’s legs to spread further apart.

One hand buried itself in all that glorious hair gently pulling back forcing Lindsey to arch his back. Lindsey grabbed hold of Angel’s shoulders to help steady himself.

Angel’s other hand slipped beneath the elastic band on the boxes, he grasped Lindsey’s cock feeling the dampness on the spongy head.

“Feels like you’re primed and ready my love. You are also at my mercy,” Angel softly growled inwardly smiling as he felt the cock in his hand jerk at his growl.

Taking advantage of Lindsey’s position Angel licked, sucked and lightly bit down his mate’s neck never breaking the skin. That was one thing he would not do unless Lindsey requested it despite how desperately he wanted to taste that sweet blood.

Reaching Lindsey’s nipples he nibbled on the one with the ring as gasps tore out of Lindsey’s mouth. Lindsey let go of Angel’s shoulders to place his hands behind the vampires head holding him in place as he sucked and pulled at the ringed nipple.

“Shit…yeah…damn Angel…” Lindsey murmured. It had been so long since anyone had touched him like this that the pleasure was quickly sending him towards the edge.

Angel let go of Lindsey’s hair, pulling his mates arms behind the small of his back holding them there with one hand.

Lindsey whined when the cool hand left off stroking his cock but it was back in seconds. However now Lindsey had nothing on, the boxers had been torn off.

Lindsey felt a moment of fear shiver through him; he thought they weren’t going to do the deed tonight.

Angel smelled his mates fear. Looking up into vivid blue eyes he whispered, “I promise I am not going to claim you tonight but you are too enticing to me. I have to touch you; the clothes were in the way.”

Finally Lindsey nodded his head, “I trust you Angel.”

Angel placed a kiss over Lindsey’s heart then he put his attention to the nipple he had been ignoring in favor of the one glinting with gold.

Leaning up Angel kissed his mate again, a kiss so hard that it was clear the vampire was slowing marking his territory. He might not be claiming his mate tonight but the boy would smell like him when they were done.

“Leave your hands where they are, I want my hand free to touch you,” Angel hoarsely whispered.

Lindsey was past the point of arguing, the vampire had not stopped his stroking of his cock but every time Lindsey was about to lose it Angel paused pulling the boy back from the edge.

Angel slid his hand down Lindsey’s back, his hand slid by the boy’s hands. Lindsey was being good and leaving his hands in place.

Finally Angel had his hand resting on Lindsey’s tight smooth ass. Carefully he kneaded it then he let his fingers slip down between the two globes to brush up against the tiny puckered hole he would one day claim as his.

Lindsey cried out as Angel pressed up against him, he knew the vampire wanted to take him, claim him as his mate but he knew that wouldn’t happen…Angel had promised.

Angel again lowered his head to again lay claim to that golden ring. Biting down on the cool metal he pulled up stretching the taut nipple as he quickly pumped Lindsey’s cock.

Lindsey felt a scorching fire building in him, pleasure and arousal shot through him filling him completely.

Then Angel let one finger slip inside the hot moist channel pressing down on his lovers prostate.

Lindsey was so far gone he didn’t even tense up when the finger entered him. Angel had made sure it had been coated with enough of Lindsey’s juices to make is slick enough to slide right in.

The effect was immediate, Lindsey screamed Angels name as hot cum covered Angels hand and clothes.

Angel didn’t notice he was too busy watching his mate.

Lindsey was exquisite in his abandonment. His head was thrown back, the hair a tousled cascade, the blue eyes shut as the slim compact body shuddered with the release.

Angel pulled Lindsey close to him cradling the precious human against him. Lindsey laid his head on Angels shoulder his arms resting lightly around the vampire’s waist.

Angel raised his hand and slowly licked off the cum, he wanted to taste everything he could of his mate.

“Damn Angel don’t do that, it is killing me,” Lindsey whispered as he watched the vampire clearly savoring the taste of his cum.

“You taste wonderful…I…I am sorry…I took liberties and…” Angel broke off and Lindsey kissed him.

“It was fine. Truly Angel,” Lindsey replied.

“It didn’t hurt?” Angel asked.

“Granted I have never had anything in that particular…uh…well…place but it didn’t hurt and…” here Lindsey’s voice dropped away as he turned a bright red.

Angel stood up Lindsey in his arms and sat down on the sofa. Thinking that Lindsey might be self conscious as he was naked while Angel was fully clothed, Angel pulled a quilt off the back of the sofa and wrapped his mate up in it.

“What is it Lindsey?” Angel asked as he looked down at his lover. He could only see the top of Lindsey’s head.

Lindsey finally raised his head.

“I’m not good at talking about personal stuff.”

“Did I do something you didn’t like?” Angel demanded.

“NO! I loved it. I just never thought anyone would care enough to give me the attention and pleasure you just did.”

Angel hugged Lindsey closer.

“I will always give you my attention and it will be my pleasure to pleasure you anytime and anyway you want.”

“You didn’t come.” Lindsey pointed out.

“I got immense pleasure out of watching you.”

There was a long silence then Angel said, “Wait, you said you had never had anything in that tight sweet hole of yours.”

Lindsey sat up and glared at Angel, “I am sure I didn’t call it that. I told you I had never had sex with a male.”

Angel felt a surge of possessive, protective love surge through him. He had to force himself to relax when all he wanted was to take the boy right then. Hell who would have thought that at the very least the boy would have had a woman stick her finger in him to provoke the fantastic response he had just gotten.

“Sweetheart it doesn’t need to be a male to do that. If I had known you had never…well I would not have done that.”

Angel was lying but he couldn’t admit that to Lindsey. There had been nothing that would have stopped him from sliding his finger inside that enchanting body.

“I enjoyed it,” Lindsey said.

Angel could tell his lover was getting a little irritated and that swollen lower lip was almost in pouting position. It was time to deflect the incorrigible child.

Angel nuzzled into Lindsey neck pressing a kiss against the pounding artery.

“I am glad. You made me very happy tonight. You are so responsive, you taste so good and this is only the beginning of our life together.”

Lindsey sighed and leaned back into Angel’s embrace.

“I love you Angel.”

“I love you too,” Angel whispered.

The two of them sat for several minutes until Lindsey was asleep. Carefully Angel carried his mate upstairs and laid him on the bed.

Gently he wiped the boy clean being careful of the red swollen nipples particularly the one with the ring. They would be a bit painful tomorrow but he had not been able to stop playing with the ring and he doubted Lindsey would care.

He wished he had marked Lindsey with bites and bruises but he hadn’t wanted their first encounter to be that rough. The few nibbled he had given his mate had not been hard ones.

Angel looked forward to the day when he would completely claim Lindsey as his own and show the world that the boy belonged to him. This was a good start to their life together.


Chapter Text

The next day Lindsey woke up feeling great and over the next week that feeling didn’t change.

Angel continued to treat him with the utmost respect and gentleness. The kisses and touches during the day became more frequent…more lingering. Lindsey even initiated a lot of them.

In the evening the two of them invariably made love in front of the fireplace, in the hot tub and one unseasonable warm night on a blanket in the woods the moon bathing them in white light.

However it never went any further than it had that first night. Angel craved his mate, he wanted to claim and mark that precious body but he waited.

Lindsey just wasn’t ready; he could sense that in his lover. Lindsey was fearful and Angel knew why even if his lover would never come right out and tell him why.

Lindsey still wasn’t sure that Angel loved him as much as he claimed to. The boy couldn’t forget the times that he had come to the vampire for help and been made fun of. There was also the fact that the idea of sex with a master vampire was in itself a scary proposition.

Even after their talk Lindsey had doubts so Angel did the only he could. He stayed close to his mate and tried to show him how much he loved him.

The two lovers did more than just make love.

They rode every day, swam in the pool, took long naps on the sofa with Lindsey wrapped securely in Angels arms. At night they had their beverage of choice in front of the fireplace, on the front porch or even sitting in the hot tub.

Angel fought his desire but it got harder every day.

Finally one afternoon as Lindsey climbed out of the pool; Angel grabbed him up into his arms and carried him to a large lounger. It was soft and big enough for two people.

Lindsey was surprised, generally they only made love in the evening this was new. A quiver of excitement coursed through him as well as some trepidation.

Angel loomed over his mate taking in the accelerated heart rate, the wide blue eyes and the flushed cheeks. As far as he was concerned there no more gorgeous sight on the planet Earth than his mate.

“I need you Lindsey, I need to taste you, and it is driving me crazy. I will give you all the time you need before we take that final step but I need this…please,” Angel begged.

Lindsey licked his lips watching as the vampire tracked the movement of his tongue. He had to be honest he wanted this too, he wasn’t ready for everything just yet but this…yes this he was ready for.

“Oka…” Lindsey got no further as Angel swooped down claiming his mouth, sucking his tongue into the coolness of the vampire’s mouth.

Swiftly Angel stripped his mate of the swimming trunks and then tore his own pair of trunks off.

Lindsey had a brief glimpse of Angel cock, the first glimpse he had gotten. The vampire had taken great care to give his human mate as much pleasure as he could but he had refused to let Lindsey give him any back.

Angel insisted that seeing Lindsey so happy and sated was enough for him. Truth was Angel generously endowed and seeing him naked for the first time had shocked many former lovers. One young man had even tried to leave before satisfying the then Angelus, needless to say he didn’t last long after the merciless vampire was finished with him.

Quickly Angel wrapped around his mate as he deepened the kiss until Lindsey was begging for air.

Angel pulled Lindsey’s arms over his head holding them there with one hand liking the picture his mate made all stretched out. There was still the primitive part that likes the thought of his mate helpless beneath him. Of course if Lindsey wanted up Angel would release him immediately. They had learned though that Lindsey liked being held down.

Gritting his aching teeth he tried not to give in the dark lure of his mate’s neck. The vampire could imagine what it was going to feel like to sink his fangs into his lover’s throat, to drink that precious blood to have Lindsey drink his blood.  Perhaps Lindsey would let him have a small taste.

The sharing of blood would tie them together forever.

Angel couldn’t wait; this was going to be fast he had to at least partially possess his mate. His very nature wouldn’t allow for anything less.

Swiftly Angel grabbed up the sun lotion that was kept near the pool. While it was an indoor pool the roof allowed the sun to come in.  Angel insisted on putting the lotion on Lindsey everyday it gave him an excuse to touch that beautiful body.

Lindsey cried out as the cool lotion was stroked onto his cock, then he felt Angel grab both cocks in his large hand. The friction of the two cocks rubbing against each other was mind blowing.

Angel suckled at his mate’s nipple ring pulling and playing with it. It didn’t only drive the vampire crazy Lindsey was writhing at the sensations rolling through his nerve endings.

Lindsey shuddered as Angel bit into his nipple sharper than he usually did but damn if felt good.

Licking the bright red mark that was sure to bruise, Angel looked into his lovers blue eyes wanting to see just what the boy thought.

Lindsey was staring back at him, his eyes blown wide with lust and desire.

To Angel’s surprise Lindsey turned his head in submission whispering, “Bite me Angel…please. I want you to drink from me.”

No other words were necessary as Angel nuzzled at Lindsey throat…slowly he licked along the artery feeling the blood pulsing just beneath the soft skin.

The vampire nipped at the vein but when Lindsey whimpered he sunk his fangs into the neck. Angel was blown away by the taste of his mate’s blood, it was all Lindsey. It was the best he had ever tasted but Lindsey was his mate so he wasn’t completely shocked.

Sucking deeply he let his mouth fill up with the red nectar before slowly swallowing letting the thick blood roll down his throat.

Just then Lindsey screamed out arching up, Angel felt his lovers cum cover his hand. Then he quickly followed his mate over the edge into ecstasy.

Angel closed the neck wound cat licking his mate clean of blood. Lindsey was languid, compliant beneath him. While he had only taken a pint it could still make humans a bit weak. Angel knew that right at this moment if he wanted too he could roll his mate over and claim him completely; finally he could be buried in that tight ass.

But he didn’t, he was different now, he was totally in love and he would not throw that trust and love back into his mates face. It was hard enough to get Lindsey to completely trust him.

Lindsey smiled up at him with that sweet smile that Angel swore the boy only gave him.

“That…that was mind blowing.”

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Angel demanded pressing a light kiss on the swollen lips.

“No, it stung for a second then it was…was heaven,” Lindsey whispered.

Angel smiled relieved.

“Good, I never want to scare you. You are my life Lindsey never forget that,” Angel said.

When he noticed Lindsey shiver a bit he reached over and grabbed a couple of big fluffy body towels. Quickly he wrapped one around Lindsey then put the other one over them both.

In seconds he had cuddled his lover close to his chest and watched as Lindsey’s blue eyes slid shut and he went to sleep.

Angel pressed light kisses over both eyes then another one on the soft lips.

To his surprise he actually went to sleep. But with Lindsey he found he enjoyed sleeping as long as that gorgeous body was pressed up against his.

When they woke up later Angel insisted that Lindsey eat a big juicy steak with all the fixings to make up for the blood loss.

Lindsey had to smile at the hovering vampire. Who would have thought big bad Angel would be such a mother hen.

The days continued on like they had been but Angel didn’t take any more blood. Despite the fact that Lindsey told him it was okay he refused saying that Lindsey needed to replenish his blood first.

Late one night they were relaxing in front of the TV. The foreman and his family had taken a couple of days off to spend with relatives so Angel and Lindsey had taken care of all the horses. They had just finished watching an episode of True Blood. Angel had laughed at it but quickly sobered when Lindsey had made a comment that Erik was certainly a very hot vampire.

Angel growled his possessive streak kicked in when he heard HIS mate say someone else was hot.

But then Lindsey had laughed leaning up from his position resting against Angel’s chest.

“But not as hot as you lover,” Lindsey had laughed as he had kissed Angel.

The kiss as well as the admission calmed Angel down which Lindsey would have thought was a shame if he had only known it. Angel had been about to toss his lover down and show him just who the hottest vampire was.

Lindsey got up to go into the kitchen to get some more wine when a hooded figure came out of the shadows and grabbed him.

Angel jumped up, turning to face the intruder just as the front door was kicked in.

He was shocked to see more hooded figures come storming through the door. Whirling around Angel saw that Lindsey was being held in front of the figure like a shield, a bony hand was wrapped around his lover’s throat. Skeleton like fingers were resting on the side of his mates throat it was apparent that with one move Lindsey’s throat would be ripped out.

Angel slowly raised his hands his eyes finding Lindsey’s. Lindsey stared back at him, he was shocked at the attack, scared but not terrified. Angel was proud of his mate.

“What do you want? You can have anything just let the boy go,” Angel said.

The demons laughed.

The one holding Lindsey hissed, “Perhaps I want the boy, he is a pretty one. Besides if the great Angelus desires him he must be special.”

Angel thought about lying telling the demons that Lindsey meant nothing to him…he would say anything to save his lover…but he couldn’t do that.

Their relationship was too new, still too fragile he wouldn’t destroy that.

Angel knew that the demons were here for something and he would deliver it if they let Lindsey go.

“He is special to me and understand this if you hurt him I will destroy all of you,” Angel growled.

The demons that had come through the door took a step back as Angel went into game face.

“You give us what we want then you can have the human back.”

“What do you want then?” Angel demanded.

“We want to know where the slayer is…the one they call Buffy. She wronged us and we crave vengeance,” the one holding Lindsey growled back.

Lindsey jolted at the name then he felt uneasiness and true fear run through him. There was no way Angel would give up Buffy. Despite what the vampire had said he knew that Buffy still held a place in Angel’s heart, a heart that Lindsey only recently had taken up residence in… at least he thought he had taken possession of a part of the vampires heart for himself.

Angel saw the emotions run across his mates face. Lindsey still wasn’t sure of his place in Angel’s life; he still expected to be tossed out at some point in the future.

Well those feelings were going to have to stop and they would stop now.

The figure holding Lindsey tightened his grip almost pulling Lindsey off his feet. Lindsey grabbed at the hand but couldn’t budge it as it became more difficult to breathe.

“Answer me vampire or I will rip the human apart.”


Chapter Text

Angel realized that he had hesitated to long as a look of defeat crossed Lindsey’s face. Lindsey fully expected to die so Angel could keep the slayer safe. Lindsey didn’t think he meant more to Angel than the slayer did.

That was unacceptable.

Angel raised his chin and clearly stated, “I have not seen Buffy for several years. My colleague, Spike, stays in touch with a couple of her friends. Spike mentioned to me a couple of months ago that she was in Germany. I believe she was planning on staying there for a while.”

Lindsey was slowly lowered down, the grip on his throat let up so he could breathe.

Taking a deep breath Lindsey stared at the vampire. He couldn’t believe that Angel had just given away Buffy’s location to save his life.

No one had ever put him first before, never in his whole life had that happened.

“Why would she be in Germany?”

“You would have to ask her. I have not spoken to her and have no desire too. The only person I care about is the one you have in your grasp. Unless you want to unleash Angelus you best release him.”

That comment caused the other demons to move even further away from him. All demons had heard of Angelus and no one wanted to meet him.

The figure laughed and shoved Lindsey at Angel. The vampire grabbed his mate and pushed Lindsey behind him. He wanted nothing than to hold Lindsey close to him but he couldn’t do that while the demons were still around posing a threat to his mate.

Angel felt Lindsey press up against him, then the boy slid around to stand by his side.

“Lindsey get behind me, NOW,” Angel ordered.

Lindsey looked up at his vampire lover. Angel was caught by the blue eyes staring at him.

The eyes were filled with love and trust. Angel had passed the final test he had finally proven to his lover that he was not going to leave him, that Lindsey was it for him.

“If you have lied vampire we will be back and this time your mate will die.”

“Go to Germany if she isn’t there call me and I will find out where she is. I will let you know,” Angel hissed his eyes never leaving Lindsey’s.

In seconds the demons were gone.

Angel placed his hand over Lindsey’s cheek smiling as Lindsey leaned into the caress.

“What if they come back?” Lindsey softly asked.

“They won’t. I am going to contact Spike and have them picked up and thrown into the bowels of Wolfram and Hart. I will make an example of them. I want to show every demon what will happen if they touch you. Go upstairs and shower. I want the stench of that animal off of you. I will throw a spell over the property for the night.”

“I can hel...” Lindsey started to speak but cool fingers covered his lips.

“Please baby, go upstairs. The smell of that creature on you is driving me crazy. I will come up to you in a few minutes,” Angel implored.

Lindsey nodded his head. Quickly he kissed Angel on the lips and went upstairs.

After Angel heard the water start running he called Wesley.

Following his friends instructions a spell was weaved around the property keeping all demons out with the exception of Angel and Spike. Angel was not taking a chance on anyone harming his mate.

Angel informed them about the demons and their request for Buffy’s location. The master vampire gave his orders. Angel did not want to be bothered as he would be taking care of his mate.

The shower had stopped several minutes ago so Angel headed upstairs. He wanted to make sure Lindsey was alright the boy might be upset, those demons were not pleasant to be around.

Stalking into the master bedroom Angel stopped in shock.

Lindsey was definetly alright.

Lindsey was lying on the bed naked, the blue satin sheets making a perfect backdrop for his golden body. His skin was still slightly damp from the shower.

Despite his provocative position Angel could easily see that the child was very nervous and perhaps a bit scared. Sure they had made love but they had not taken that final step. It looked like Lindsey was ready now to become his mate in all ways.

Angel took a couple of steps towards the bed his eyes fell on a tube of lube by the bed.

His eyes not leaving the vampires, Lindsey whispered, “I don’t think I got quite all that smell of me. Perhaps you can cover it with another better scent. A scent you would like to smell on me.”

Angel practically ripped his clothes off then dove on the bed shifting around until he was lying on top of Lindsey resting part of his weight on his elbows.

Lindsey groaned as Angel pressed down until their cocks were nestled against each other.

“Are you sure babe? I can wait until you are sure,” Angel asked his tone filled with hope but not wanting to push his mate.

Lindsey raised his hand framing Angel’s face with his hands.

“I am sure. No one has ever put me first before, you just did that? You put my safety ahead of Buffy’s and that meant so much to me.”

Angel leaned in closer kissing his mate deeply.

“I will always put you first. You are the most important person to me; I don’t think I can survive without you.”

Lindsey caught his breath.

“You will have too. I won’t live forever.”

Angel hesitated then his honestly stated, “Wesley has done some tests. He thinks that because I have my soul if I turned you then you will retain yours. That…of course that is if you want to be turned.”

Lindsey replied, “I have never thought about it before other than to fear it would happen. What if Wesley is wrong?”

“Then there is the chip like Spike has. The chip would not allow you to hurt humans. It is up to you babe. I will never force you into anything.”

“I need to think about it. It is a big choice. I’m sorry” Lindsey softly stated dropping his hands to his sides sure that Angel would not want him now.

Angel picked up on what his mate was thinking.

“I will always want you. Whether you choose to become a vampire or not is up to you. It is something that you don’t even have to make a decision on for quite some time.”

Lindsey sighed, “In that case we have more important things to do then.”

Angel heard the teasing tone in his mate’s voice.  Quickly he flipped them so that Lindsey was resting on top of him. Angel placed one hand on Lindsey’s tight ass rubbing circles on it. The other hand he placed behind his mate’s neck.

“Really then I think we need to get to the important things,” Angel lightly growled his eyes turning a light gold as he pulled Lindsey down into a breath stealing kiss.

Lindsey gave the kiss everything he had. He had not missed the hunger in the vampire’s eyes, Angel wanted him and he wanted him bad.

Angel turned again so that Lindsey was lying beneath him.

As the vampire applied himself to kissing and nipping at the tantalizing neck of his mate Lindsey reached under the pillow pulling out the lube he had stashed under their earlier.

By now Angel had reached that gold ring and he wasn’t letting anything stop him.

Lindsey cried out arching his back as Angel teeth grasped the ring pulling it upwards until it seemed it must surely rip through his nipple.

Angel released the ring then began to lick and suckle at the throbbing nub his fingers playing with the other nipple. Transferring his mouth to the other nipple he sharply bit down. The response was immediate; Lindsey whimpered burying his hands in the vampire’s hair rising up trying to push his nipple back into the vampire’s mouth.

Feeling dampness hip Angel glanced between their bodies. Lindsey’s cock was red, swollen and dripping pre cum. Angel grinned at this clear example that his mate loved what he was doing.

Angel stared down at the exquisite human writhing beneath him. So his little boy liked pain at least a little bit of pain. That was nice; they could have a lot of fun with that aspect of loving.

Lindsey was blushing it was apparent that he had never realized that pain could be so erotic. Angel wasn’t about to tease him about it now. This was his mate’s first time and he wanted to make it special.

Angel nuzzled back into Lindsey’s neck leaving a couple of bruises, he wanted his mate marked. He wanted everyone to know the boy belonged to him.

The vampire slipped one knee between Lindsey’s legs spreading them apart so he could have easier access to the treasure that lay hidden.

Lindsey felt his legs being spread despite the kisses and caress’s that were driving him wild with desire.

Quickly he shoved the lube into Angel’s hand. He might not have ever had sex with a male but he knew that there was preparation before he would be ready to take Angel’s rather large cock inside himself.

Angel gently smiled, “Baby we are not ready for that step. I want to touch you, taste you and then make you mine.”

Lindsey blushed cursing the fact that he couldn’t seem to stop doing that.  No one had ever talked so sweet to him or looked at him like he was the most precious person in the world before.

Angel seemed to know what he was thinking.

“I have told you that you are the center of my universe; there will never be anyone in my life but you. I have loved touching you seeing you break apart in my arms but tonight will be very special.”

Lindsey licked his lips as he saw the look of adoration and love on the face of his vampire.

“I love you too Angel. I never want to be with anyone but you.”

Angel smiled then leaned down as he whispered, “That is a good thing. Vampires are possessive and territorial with their mates. I am afraid anyone looking at you wrong will find themselves very dead...permanently dead.”

Lindsey licked his lips again then found Angel swooping down sucking his tongue into his mouth. Angel wrapped one hand behind his humans head holding Lindsey in place as he plundered the sweetness of that mouth.

The other hand was very busy.

Nudging Lindsey’s long legs further apart, Angel’s finger rimed the tight entrance to his mate’s body. Angel had already coated his fingers with the lube. There was something to be said for being around for hundreds of years; you learned a lot of useful things.

Lindsey sighed as he felt one long finger slip inside his tight passage his muscles tightening a bit at the intrusion.  When Angel had slipped his finger in before Lindsey had not even felt it he had been riding high by then. Now though he knew everything that Angel was doing to him.

“It feels different,” he whispered as the vampire finally released his mouth.

“I will make it good for you,” Angel promised pressing another kiss to his mate’s forehead.

“Just relax as much as you can.”

Angel stroked the finger in and out pushing it in as far as it would go but he avoided that special little pleasure gland, he was waiting to teach Lindsey about that particular delight in detail.

Angel continued to kiss his mate taking his attention away from what his finger was doing, his free hand continued to pluck and play with his mates nipples causing the sweetest sounds to leave Lindsey’s mouth.

The vampire knew that while he could distract his mate Lindsey was still going to feel it every time he added a finger and began to breach him.

Angel bit down on the tender skin beneath Lindsey’s ear making Lindsey whimper. At the same time Angel slipped in two fingers twisting them to help stretch the tight passage.

A spark of pain flashed through the boy despite the tenderness that the vampire was showing him.

Angel felt the boy tense up. Lindsey was so fucking tight.

“Baby we can wait, I don’t want to hurt you, I want to love you,” Angel whispered. The master vampire trembled with his need for his mate, he had desired Lindsey for so long, wanted him so badly but he had to give the boy a chance to stop if he needed to. There was no way he was going to begin their life with nothing but pain and fear between them.

Lindsey pushed down on the two fingers inside his ass forcing them in deeper.

“I want this Angel. I know it will hurt the first time, but I want you to damn bad.”

Angel pressed kisses across Lindsey’s face and down his neck whispering word s of love and assurance.

“Then hold on sweetheart, I am going to give you something to remember,” Angel promised.

Angel then claimed Lindsey’s mouth again. Quickly he gripped Lindsey’s leg and brought it up and around his waist so that his mate was opened even further.

Lindsey held his leg in place resting on the cool lower back of the vampire.

Angel shoved his mates other leg further to the side bending is slightly all the while keeping those two fingers sliding in and out that tight ass.

Then Angel added another finger loosening his lover up even more.

Lindsey moaned, he felt so full, it also hurt but he was determined to do this.

Then Angel shifted his fingers slightly dragging them over his prostate.  With an inarticulate scream Lindsey arched up as shards of pleasure sang through his body.

Angel grinned down at his lover as wide blue eyes gazed up at him.

“That baby was your prostate, this time you will remember it when I slide agianst it,” Angel said.

Lindsey whimpered wiggling on the bed trying to get those fingers inside his ass to touch that place again.

“Please…Angel,” Lindsey whined.

Angel obliged ringing another cry out of his lover. By now Lindsey was gripping Angel’s shoulders so tight it was painful. It felt like a love touch to the vampire.

Quickly Angel coated his straining cock with lube and pressed the head against the pulsing hole that was just begging to be breached.

Slowly Angel pushed forward claiming his mate an inch at a time, Lindsey was frantic it hurt but at the same time the pleasure was overcoming any pain he felt.

Angel wanted nothing more than thrust deeply into that tight hot heat but he didn’t dare. He had waited too long for this moment and he wasn’t going to ruin it by becoming an animal.

Lindsey’s ass was burning at the stretch but then Angel’s cock scraped across his prostate and his nerves were singing with pleasure.

Angel was gratified when Lindsey put his other leg around his waist tilting his hips a bit allowing the vampire to slide even deeper into heaven.

Pausing Angel waited until he was sure his lover’s body had adjusted to the cock buried deep inside the delightful body.

Lindsey finally had enough; patience was not one of his virtues.

With blue eyes flashing he hissed, “Get your ass in gear Angel.”

Angel smiled, “Like I have stated before you are an incorrigible brat but you are my brat.”

Lindsey frowned then he smiled as he tightened his inner muscles. He was satisfied when he felt Angel flinch as the vampires cock was suddenly caught in a hot tight vise.

Angel saw the challenge for what it was. Lindsey had always challenged him and now that his mate was feeling a bit more confident that side was again coming out.

Angel pulled out then slid back in rocking them together making sure to hit his mate’s sweet spot every time.

Lindsey gasped, “More, faster…”

Angel was happy to oblige as he pulled all the way out then thrust back inside fast and hard.

Reaching between their bodies he grasped Lindsey cock which was swollen with need and wet with pre cum.

Lindsey again tightened the muscles deep inside him around Angel’s throbbing shaft. He felt like he was being possessed by the vampire, Angel was everywhere.

The vampire was thrusting so deep inside his ass, his hand was stroking his cock and Angel’s body was over and around him. He belonged to the vampire in everyway way he could.

Angel was watching closely he knew when Lindsey was close, then he went into game face.

Lindsey saw the change and turned his head to the side giving his mate permission to feed from him.

As Lindsey’s orgasm took him, his seed spurted out hitting Angel on the chest and stomach. The vampire never noticed as he carefully slid his fangs into his lover’s throat.

Swallowing the sweet rich blood Angel knew he had never tasted anything as sweet as Lindsey’s blood; he would never be able to get enough of it. Each time he tasted his mates blood he rejoiced that they were finally together.

Angel own orgasm had followed close behind Lindsey’s so as he had taken his lovers blood he had also spent his seed deep inside his mate.

Lindsey was claimed inside and out as his mate. No one would dare touch him now. Angel would let Angelus out to play and they would be ripped apart.

Angel licked his lover’s throat closing the wound then his bit into his own wrist.

“Take it, it will bind us tighter together,” he urged Lindsey.

Lindsey was still on a high, he slowly opened his mouth as Angel dripped blood inside.

Then Angel swooped in and devoured the sweet mouth. He was learning that he loved nothing more than to kiss his mate.

Lindsey sighed as he let his legs drop from around Angel’s waist, Angel held him close as he pulled out of his mates body.

Lindsey hissed as he suddenly felt the burn and slight pain from their lovemaking taking control of his body.

Angel was out of bed, into the bathroom and back in a second. Gently and carefully he cleaned Lindsey. With a soft cloth he wiped up the evidence of their lovemaking of f the precious body. Then to Lindsey’s surprise the vampire spread his legs applying a cool lotion to the tender red hole.

Angel wiped himself down then climbed back into bed pulling Lindsey over to rest on top of him.

A blanket was flipped over them both.

“Are you okay baby?” Angel demanded.

Lindsey snuggled in close pressing his head between Angel’s neck and shoulder.

“”I’ve never been better.”

“You will be sore tomorrow, I tried to…”

Lindsey interrupted, “I know I will be sore but it is fine. I will remember how tender you were to me and I love you for it.”

“I will always be tender, I love you so much,” Angel admitted wrapping his arms securely around his lover.

Lindsey yawned then softly said, “Well maybe not all the time, I do like the vampire you know.”

Angel shivered at his mates comment. He remembers how Lindsey liked his nipples bitten and tortured a little. It certainly sounded like his mate might have a bit of a pain kink.

“Lindsey does that mean that you…Lindsey?”

Angel sighed his mate was sound asleep. The brat had made that cryptic comment and then went to sleep.

Angel grinned and tightened his hold. Well there was tomorrow and many days, weeks and years to learn about each other.

Lindsey was his now and that was all that mattered.

Everything else could wait.

Angel shut his eyes and for the first time in a long time he was looking forward to his future. Not as a long lonely road to go alone but as a bright happy love filled future with a mate who would keep him on his toes.

Angel couldn’t be happier.

The End.