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The Link

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                                                    The Link         

                                                      By Crow  


 The twin 6 year old boys sat huddled on the old wooden crate their mother had put them on, clutching to each other for comfort. Remy and Ezra sat watching their mother and the strangers with large frightened eyes but unable to hear what was being said across the large dark desolate old warehouse.


  They didn’t dare move in fear of angering mother.


   The boys were not mirror twins though they looked very much alike if you went only by their facial features alone. They were both beautiful little boys. Both boys were redheads, Ezra only slightly more brownish-red than Remy. Both had very similar facial features and looks but that is where the similarities ended, on the outside anyway. Remy was the taller of the two, all lanky long limbs and skinny as a rail. Ezra was small and compact yet still very thin himself.


  Ezra had startling jade green eyes like the clearest jewels. Remy, he had eyes that had people crossing themselves and whispering prayers as they kept as far from the child as possible. Remy’s eyes were red on black, demon eyes, many called them.


 Little Ezra looked completely, normally human, but he wasn’t. Besides Remy’s eyes both boys had other ‘Talents’. They both had ‘Charm’ and ‘glamour’ in varying degrees and both boys were empathic. Remy had the ability to charge objects through skin-to-skin/object touch. Ezra was telekinetic; he had the ability to move items of a limited weight with his mind. Neither child understood their abilities just that they had to use them how mother said when she said, otherwise mother got mad at them and they got put in the closet with no food, and possibly, depending on how mad she was more bruises then they already had.


 They always tried very hard to do as they were told by their mother, so now they sat very quietly on the crate not moving or causing any attention to be moved brought to themselves as mother talked with the strange people. 




 Then mother was finished talking with the strangers and was walking towards them. She stopped and motioned them to come to her and the boys released each other and scrambled down from the crate, then holding hands for continued support, the two children quickly walked to their mother’s side.


 Maude Standish looked down at the two boys with a stern look on her face. “Remy, I’ve made a great deal with these people and they are going to take you in. You will do as they say from now on. Ezra it is time for us to go, unfortunately they can’t afford to take you both. So, I must continue to be burdened with you.” She sighed dramatically. “The burden I must bare for being stupid enough to let you two little freaks be born in the first place.”


  She grabbed the smaller boy’s arm and started to pull him away from Remy, as one of the strangers moved forward to take Remy’s other arm.


  The two children had clung tighter and tighter to each other as the words their mother spoke sank in and fear and terror overwhelmed them. The boys’ having each other was the only good thing in their short young lives and now that was being taken away from them as well.


 As the adults tried to separate them they held onto each other as tightly as their thin little arms could. Their tears streamed from their faces as stronger bodies forced them apart and picked them up and carried them from the other’s sight, the mental cries and screams for their missing brother lasted long after their voices were stolen by the fierce emotions raging through their little bodies and as the distance between them grew an element of their ‘talent’ that neither was able to identify,  grew in place, a very weak and thready string of emotion lingered in their minds simply labeled ‘Remy’ or ‘Ezra’.


 The link never went away, but it never strengthened either. It stayed a tiny little whisper in the back of their minds always reminding them of what they’ve lost and that the person who meant the world to them was alive somewhere out there.




 Seventeen Years Later


 Remy raced full throttle down the stairs. The young man had just returned to the mansion at six o’clock the night before from being on a two week info gathering mission for the professor in North Carolina.


  He had returned with dreams of being held by his older lover in his mind and all the fun they would have getting reacquainted already planned out, only to find that his lover, Logan, as well as the professor and most of the other X-Men had flown off to Denver to rescue a small group of mutants the professor had ‘seen’ were in danger.


 Remy had made the best of it and had some good food and then crashed in the room he’d only recently begun sharing with the older mutant, in the hopes of recovering from his exhausting trip before his lover returned.


  The thin young man had slept like the dead until around three in the morning and then had woken, taken a shower and then made his way to the kitchen to have something to eat and then returned directly back to bed to sleep until just a few minutes ago when something had wakened him.


 He’d gone out to the hall and spotted Bobbie only to be told that the others had just returned. And now, at eleven in the morning he came to an abrupt stop at the bottom of the stairs and listened and was once again moving quickly through the halls towards the sound of voices coming from the professor’s office.


  He bolted around the corner and through the door already talking before he registered that they had guests. “Logan, you home! Remy got home and you not here! Merde’!”


 Remy stumbled to a halt at noticing the full room.


  Logan leaned against the sideboard between the two bookcases to Remy’s right, the professor was behind his desk, Scott behind him perched on the cabinet against that wall and Hank and Jean were by the windows sitting in a few of the chairs along the wall there. In the center of the room stood seven new people, which had mostly turned to face him as he entered. All men as far as Remy could see, although the smallest of the group could be female, it was hard to tell with the hooded cloak hiding every single inch of skin from sight.


 Remy ducked his head as the professor cleared his throat in the startled silence.  “Sorry professor, Remy not know there be guests.” Logan walked over and gently rubbed a hand up and down Remy’s back.


 There was a small gasp from the cloaked figure, and then a shaky but defiantly male voice spoke softly as the small man stepped out of the arms of the tall blonde man holding him close and stepped closer to Remy. “Re… Remy?!?”


 Small hands lowered the cloak’s hood and it was Remy’s turn to gasp. Remy’s red on black eyes locked onto jade eyes and couldn’t turn from them. Suddenly the little thread that lived in the back of two minds throbbed blaringly into full vibrant life.  Remy stepped away from Logan and closer to the small man standing before him. “Ezra!”


 All in the room watched in astonished awe as the two young men suddenly started moving and practically flew to each other and embraced so tightly that several in the room feared the bruises that would come from grasping hands and binding arms.


 Everyone and everything in the room disappeared for the two young men as the twin brothers reconnected after far too long apart. Two damaged and fragile souls had the largest and most wounding parts of their hearts healed as nothing else had ever been able to heal them, with a simple hug from the brother they had been torn from years earlier was now doing.


 The End… for now.