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A Visit From Los Angeles

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She was at her work desk. She was checking over over her research on the screen on her work desk. Her work and research is all that she has left, since her daughter Anna has imprisoned her at the lowest level of this mothership. Then, she sensed someone behind her. She turned around to see a brown haired woman looking at her.

"Once a researcher, always a researcher," said the brown haired woman. She was wearing red tinted glasses since she was really a hologram from the Los Angeles Mothership.

"What do you want, Dina?" said Diana, calling her holographic guest by her birth name.

"What make you think that I want something from you?" protested Dina.

"You always visit me if you needed something from me. At least, I can count on your siblings giving me regular weekly visits," answered Diana.

"I am surprised that you use my birth name. I was given an Earth name," reminded Dina.

"Since your Earth name is the same as mine, I rather not use it," insulted Diana.

"Have you see what Anna has done lately? Until now, I never doubt Anna's fitness to be mission leader," complained Dina.

"What make you doubt Anna, now?" asked Diana.

"She has released the red sky before we are ready to interbreed with these savages," answered Dina.

"Have she gone out of her mind?" demanded Diana, who was shocked to hear the news.

"Captain John is contacting his tribal queen, in the hope that she might replace Anna as mission leader. I hate to say this but I do not think that Anna is the right choice to be our mission leader. She is endangering our survival. We may have to wipe out these savages, if they decided to go to war against us," answered Dina.

"You know that I am against interbreeding with these humans. My years of research on Earth convince me of that. If we interbreed with them, we might get a generation of people who will act like humans and will give in to their emotions, instead of listening to the advice of their tribal queen," warned Diana

"You have gave me something to think about," admitted Dina. Then she disappeared from Diana's sight.

Back in the hologram room of the Los Angeles Mothership, Dina, also known as Diana, removed her hologram glasses. Her visit to Queen Diana has given her something to think about. She always have doubts about John's skill as a leader. Now, she's having the same doubts about Anna. If Anna needed to be replaced, someone else will have to do it. She wish that it was her, but she knew that she's not ready for the job, yet. The end, for now.