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Title Doomed
Author Wereleopard58
Rating PG
Word Count 255
Prompt: Make Up 040 Doomed
Pairing (if any) Firefly/Battlestar Galactica Xover

Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Firefly or BSG

Admiral Adama stared at the group before him, his mouth open and shock written all over his features.


Earth had been doomed by humanity, the way the used and abused her. After all of this long journey, a hope of finding there home was now lost to them.

What were they going to do now?

"Thank you Captain Reynolds for telling us." Admiral Adama said sadness written across his features.

"Lost, afraid. Traveled so far and now have no home. So much pain." River whispered as she glided across to the man in front of her, raised her hand to his face, and slowly stroked it. "You are not alone, not any longer. We are many good and bad. You can find you own place, one to call home. You are trust worthy."

Adama looked at the others confused, not moving away from that gentle touch and trust from this waif of a girl.

"The Alliance, experimented on her." Simon moved forward and placed a hand on his sister's shoulder.

River smiled serenely and moved backwards, the Admiral smiling back at without realizing what he was actually doing. The young man's words sunk in.

"They experimented on her?"

"Crazy, crazy River. Brains of mush, sees too much, sees what she shouldn't."

Adama's heart hurt at what this little lady must have been through, he wanted to protect her from the pain and deep down he knew that he wasn't going to let anyone else hurt her. This part of the galaxy had new protectors.

The End