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I Do Not Want To Be A PepperToo

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It was on the last day of November that Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper had decided to go to the store and get some snacks for the annual holiday party that the two roommates had planned to throw in their apartment and asked their neighbor Penny to go with them.

While the three friends were roaming around the store and looking for the perfect snacks for the party,Penny had turned towards the soft drink aisle and said,"Hey,Guys!Let's get some Doctor Pepper!",only to have Sheldon look at Penny and ask,"You want us to get that?"

"Sure,Sheldon!I'm a Pepper!You're a Pepper!He's a Pepper!She's a Pepper!Don't you wanna be a Pepper,too?",that was what Penny sang while placing a two litter bottle of the drink inside the cart,only to have Sheldon say,"No!I do not want to be Pepper,too!"

And after he had placed the bootle back on the shelf,Sheldon had turned around and said,"As a matter of fact,I do not wish to be someone who wishes to come into contact with the germs and diseases that are obviously swimming around inside those very bottles even as we speak!Now if you were to excuse me,I shall go find us a package of tasty rice cakes!"

And as soon as Sheldon was out of sight and Penny had looked around the store for something,Leonard had tapped on her shoulder and said,"You're looking for the exit sign.Are you?"

And after Penny had let out a sigh and nodded her head in response,Leonard asked,"Mind if I join you?",before they had walked right over to the nearest exit and left Sheldon to roam in the store by himself.