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Out of Her Dreams

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Out of Her Dreams
by Pirate Turner


        "Oh, man!" Chloe wailed. "I'm locked out!" She fell back as Alek suddenly appeared before her in the pouring rain. The mixture of sunlight that was still shining and falling rain glistening on his flesh made him sparkle like a Knight in shining armor.

        "Cover me," he hissed.

        Chloe blinked in surprise. "Huh?" He unsheathed a claw. "Alek! What are you doing?!" Chloe screeched.

        He grinned as he slid a claw into her keyhole. "Getting you out of the rain," he told her, "before your sugar melts."

        Her green eyes were wide and round with amazement as she watched him pick her lock with his claw. She forced down the lump rising in her throat. He was just Alek; he wasn't supposed to be fascinating! "Hurry up," she whispered urgently. "We can't have anybody seeing you!"

        He winked at her. "We can't have the Uniter getting wet, either, now, can we?"

        Heat crawled up her neck to fill her cheeks with its flame as his big, brown eyes gazed up into her emerald orbs. Finally, the door popped open. He stood, stretched leisurely into her vehicle, and extracted her keys. He turned back and dangled them in front of her. "Here," he said, giving her a mock, gallant bow. "I believe this is what my lady seeks."

        Chloe gave him a Look, grabbed her keys, jumped in, and started her car. She was about to pull out when she looked back up at Alek and saw him looking forlornly while rain continued pelting him. "What are you waiting for? Jump in!"

        He grinned and did so, leaping back to his beloved's side where he belonged. Chloe thought of the song Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car. He was in her car, but she'd never admit he filled her dreams!

The End