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It Was Their Choice

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It was after Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise and Doctor Gillian Taylor had bumped into each other in the headquarters of Starfleet Command that they heard the news about what happened to the one starship that was once known as 'The Great Experiment'.And when it was discovered that Captain Hikaru Sulu and Commander Janice Rand were among the crew of the Excelsior,a strong weight of sadness had appeared on Jim's face and Gillian noticed that he had finally lost a pair of friends who could not be resurrected like a certain Vulcan Starfleet officer whose name happens to be Spock.

"I should've been aboard that ship,Gillian.That way,I would try something to make sure that those mysterious beings know that the Excelsior was on a peaceful mission.",that was what Jim had said with a frown on his face just before an understanding Gillian had placed her hand on his arm and said,"Look,Jim.I know that you feel that you have failed them in some way.But you did not make the choice for them.It was their choice.And besides,both Hikaru and Janice would've wanted you to stay alive anyway."

That was before Jim had looked at Gillian with a smile on his face and a gentle hand on her cheek and said,"You know,Gillian.It really is true that no matter how many times you try to change the clock,there would still be no way of escaping your future no matter how bright or dark it gets to be."And after they had given each other a big hug,both Jim and Gillian had left Starfleet Command Headquarters and taken a nice walk together for the very last time.