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It's Your Choice

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It was on a Wednesday that a guy whose name happens to be Jonathan Ames had stepped into the office of the editor of Edition magazine named George Christopher,who had turned around and said,"You might as well take a seat for this one,Jon.You really should right now."And after a curious Jonathan had done exactly what his boss and friend had asked him to do,George had looked at Jonathan with pure sadness in his eyes,let out a sigh and said,"Now,Jon.Don't take this the wrong way.It's just that I know full well that you're trying to make it big as a novelist.But if you keep on doing that other job night after night,you will get yourself seriously injured or worse."

That had made Jonathan roll his eyes and say,"Look,George.I already know that.It's just that I have no choice but to keep on doing the private investigator job to pay the bills.",only to have George go over to the minibar,fix himself a strong drink and say,"Okay,Jon.Here's what it all boils down to.Either you give up that P.I. job or force me to kick that butt of yours straight to the unemployment line.It's your choice."

"The choice that truly sucks if you were to ask me!",that was what Jonathan had said to George,who had turned around and allowed himself to say,"The choice is still yours,Jon."And after Jonathan had thought it over,let out sigh and told George that he was giving up the private investigator job,George had smiled,handed a drink to Jonathan and said,"Thanks,Jon.I knew that you won't let your friend down.Now,let's help you get more money."