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Let Freedom Ring

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Almost the entire base was on the field for the fireworks display. Ernie quickly counted all of his men before he settled on the blanket next to Joan. He leaned in close to her. He inhaled deeply the scents of soap and her light perfume. “Look who’s got a date,” he whispered proudly.

Joan followed his gaze and smiled. “Good for Doberman,” she drawled. “Who’s the girl?”

She was round, plump, and sweet, just like Doberman and the two were smiling shyly at each other. Ernie chuckled. “A shopgirl from town. She asked him out.”

“And he said yes.”

“He blushed and stuttered a yes. Her name’s Elaine.”

Joan leaned back into Ernie’s chest. “Good for Elaine.” She turned her head to nuzzle his neck. “I see all your boys but two.”

Ernie cleared his throat. “I’m afraid that Roc and Hensh have the detail tonight. Just because it’s the 4th of July doesn’t mean we can leave the base deserted.”

Joan pulled back and patted his cheek. She batted her eyelashes. “Sure, Ernie.”

Ernie looked around. “Why are you looking at me like that? They’re disappointed I tell you.”

“Of course, they are.” Joan leaned in close to his ear. “They have more freedom with you than anywhere else. You’re a good man, Ernie.”

Ernie smirked and put an arm around her. “Don’t let that get around. I’ve got a reputation to maintain.”

Joan snuggled closer. “I would never dream of spoiling your conniving image.”

Meanwhile, Steve shoved a chair under the door handle to his and Rocco’s quarters. He turned just in time for Rocco to shove him against the wall, pull his head down, and kiss him hard. He groaned, reveling in the feeling of Rocco’s tongue sweeping through his mouth. He wrapped his arms around Rocco and pulled him closer.

Rocco finally broke the kiss. He pulled away, slowing dragging Steve’s lower lip between his teeth. “God, Steve,” he whispered huskily. “I’ve been waiting for this.”

Steve ran his lips along Rocco’s jaw. “Me, too,” he murmured.

Rocco tilted his head back to give Steve more room. “Been waiting to touch you,” he gasped.

Steve trailed a hand up and down Rocco’s back. “And to be touched.”

They heard the first boom from the distant fireworks. Rocco rested his forehead against Steve’s. He used a light, maddening touch to massage Steve through his pants. “Did you hear that?”

Steve’s eyes slid shut. He groaned. “I can see the fireworks before my eyes.”

Rocco laughed quietly. His breath was warm against Steve’s lips. “Let freedom ring.”