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A Penny For Your Thoughts

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A creature had allowed itself to lurk around the corridors of Moonbase Alpha unseen by the entire base personnel in spite of the face that it was too small for them to notice.That one creature happens to be known as a bumblebee and after the door of the medical laboratory had opened,the bumblebee had buzzed its way into the room and over to Alpha's chief medical officer Doctor Helena Russell,who had let out a smile and said,"I see that you have decided to try a new form,Maya."

That had made the bumblebee transform itself back into Alpha's resident alien being known as Maya and say,"Well,Commander Koenig did say that I should have a hobby.",before she had noticed that Helena was holding a picture of a beautiful vase in her hand and asked,"Could I have a penny for your thoughts,Helena?"And after she had looked at the picture of the vase and let out a sigh,Helena had placed the picture on her desk and answered,"It was one of my personal possessions that I had no choice but to leave behind on Earth along with the rest of my life."

"I really do sympathize with you,Helena.As a matter of fact,I also feel sorry for everyone trapped here inside Moonbase Alpha.",that was what Maya had said to Helena,who had placed a gentle hand on Maya's shoulder and said,"You don't have to feel sorry for us,Maya.Besides,as long as we are all together,we would never be alone.Don't you agree?"And after she had rolled her eyes and given that question some thought,Maya had looked at Helena,smiled and said,"As a matter of fact,Helena.You're right about that."