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Love For an Angel

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"It's disgusting." I could hear my mom 'whisper' as I looked through the shitty music at the diner we got STUCK AT!

"You're right. It is disgusting." my dad agreed talking a little louder than her. 'Geez way to make me feel better dad..'

"Really. How can she go out in public looking like that?" My mom asked both him and herself.

"I don't know. Why don't we just ask her?" dad answered. 'ooh that'll go so well. Better come up with something now.'

"Howard, Don't. You'll embarrass me." she whined, 'Oh embarrass YOU. Right, forgot that's all she thinks about, herself.'

"Audrey, honey? Your mother was wondering if you got dressed this morning with the specific intention of showing your ass off to the entire world?" Dad's question was so nicely put that I HAD to answer as sweetly

"It's because I woke up hoping to get double teamed by a couple of meth head truckers in some bathroom of a desert shit hole. It's good that we got stuck here." he turned around and I went back to looking through the music.

"I feel satisfied with that answer. I really do." I heard him say, 'So do I dad, so do I' I gave up and sat down at a table far away from them.

"I'm being punished for something, I know it." mom commented, I just ignored it and got out my ipod. Then the guy who was working on our car, the waitress and some black dude came in.

"Who is that?" mom asked pissed as the mechanic went in back and talked to bob, the owner.

"What do you want me to do?" dad asked kinda tired of her behavior too.

"Talk to him! Things should have been ready two hours ago." she snapped back at him. If it mattered that much to her she should just talk to him herself.

"Excuse me, is there any news about when our car might be fixed? You said your boy would have us back on the road two hours ago. The rate we're going, we'll be lucky to make it to Scottsdale by Christmas." dad asked, the beginning was almost nice but in her end he ended up sounding like mom. Bob left towards the garage where they had our car, his expression less than happy. A few minutes later I could see them arguing by the gas pumps, then Bob came back in while the other dude went back to the garage.

"He's about this close to wrapping it up." he said pinching his fingers together and went back to hitting the tv, carrying out a conversation with the cook with a hook for a hand.

"Alright baby. This is gonna be it, right here." Bob hit it one more time and a high pitched ringing echoed throughout the room. The screen read 'THIS IS NOT A TEST'.

"Clear as day." Bob announced proudly.

"What the hell is that?" someone asked

"Well, they're testing something." Bob said stupidly as everyone paid more attention to it

"That doesn't look like a test." Charlie commented, probably doubting his IQ level was above 10 like I was.

"Can I just use the phone?" the black dude asked again handing Bob a twenty. He took it and gave him directions still staring at the tv. The sound was actually staring to sound a little unnerving.

"Excuse me, but if this were an actual emergency, wouldn't they be giving us instructions on what to do?" mom actually had a point that time. I think. The cook, Percy checked his radio, all the stations were the same ringing noise. They went on about how it could be an earthquake and I suggested terrorists.

"Oh god!" mom cried overreacting as usual.

"For crying out loud, there's no use speculating!" Bob shouted calming everyone a little.

"I'll just call my brother up in Needles, he'll probably know something." Just then the black dude walked in.

"I don't think so." he stated, Bob asked him what he meant,

"I was just on the phone, the shit cut off in the middle of my conversation. I want my money back." he told him. I nearly laughed at that, no connection to the outside world and he wants his money back? I guess I would too though. Percy intervened again and we were assured again that the car would be fixed in a few minutes. Yea Right. Not too king after an old lady walked in, she looked like one of those grandmas who kept your secrets and made you cookies. Charlie took her order. She leaned over to my parents,

"Hello, I'm Gladys. Gladys Foster." she introduced herself. Mom as usual tried to make herself look like a loving person,

"Oh, hello Gladys, it's so nice to meet you. I'm Sandra. And this is my husband, Howard." Gladys smiled more

"What a nice looking young couple. What brings you up to these parts?" she wanted to know. 'Hm cars a piece of shit BMW and broke down now this dumb ass mechanic isn't doing his job fast enough.' I answered mentally. Mom seemed to get an idea,

"We're on our way to Scottsdale, but our car broke down and we're stuck here until it's fixed." there was a hint of sourness in her voice.

"What a nuisance." Gladys commented airily

"Gladys, the lines seem to be down around here, the phone and the TV and I was just wondering if you might have heard something on your way up, about what's going on?" she asked, 'So that was her idea. Not bad.'

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that, sweetheart. It'll all be over soon." she seemed suddenly a lot less grandma-like with that sentence and I scooted a little uncomfortably in my booth.

"Okay." mom said weirded out. 'Time to ignore her, weird old lady.' I though wishing my ipod wasn't dead. I tried turning it on a few times but no luck.

"What did you just say?" Charlie cried startled,

"I said your fucking baby's gonna burn!" Gladys replied her voice taking on a deeper sound.

"Go to hell, lady." Charlie replied walking away.

"All little babies are gonna burn." ok now she was freaking me out, she seemed so nice before.

"Gladys…" my mom tried only to get interrupted

"Shut up you stupid fucking cunt. All you do is complain, complain, complain!" Gladys's voice at this point could only be classified as demonic yet I had to laugh at how dead on she was about my mom.

"What?" dad said turning towards her further, almost not believing someone would say the truth about his wife.

"What? What?" he repeated dumbly

"Harold, no…" mom 'tried' to get him to calm down. He just stood up and walked over to her

"I don't know who the hell you think you are, but I'd like you to apologize to my…" she overrode him

"You're all going to fucking die!" her eyes turned black and she bit into dad's neck pulling away with a chunk of his bloody flesh and spitting it away. I couldn't believe what was happening in front of me. I was almost too scared to move, until she started climbing to wall onto he ceiling,

"What the fuck, man?" the black guy shouted. I closed my eyes hoping it would all go away.

"Shoot her, Jeep!" Bob yelled as Jeep(the mechanic) now held his gun. His grip was shaky and he squeezed his eyes shut tightly as he prepared to pull the trigger.

"You will never save her." Gladys shouted

"Shoot that bitch!" someone yelled.

"Shoot her!", gunshots rang out but not from Bob's gun. She dropped revealing Kyle with a silver plated WESTERN ARMS 45.

"Somebody help me!" my mom's voice drew my attention over to her and my dad who was slowly bleeding out. Panic rose within me and I rushed over, Kyle right behind me. He knelt down pushing mom's hand on dad's neck, I looked at him incredulously, mom accusingly

"Don't look at me like that. I'm trying to help. Calm down. Keep pressure on his neck. Easy." he ordered. After a moment he removed his scarf bunching it up and pressing it to dad's neck. We moved him to Kyle's truck and everyone but Jeep and Bob piled in. Kyle took off going 80.

"How far is it to the hospital?" he asked barely glancing over his shoulder at us.

"I don't know. 70, maybe 80 miles." Percy responded. He looked doubtful,

"80 miles?" he picked up even more speed. There was something dark down the road getting closer, like a wall of sand.

"What the hell is that?" I asked no one in particular.

"It's clouds, what do you think they are?" Kyle shouted back. We grew closer and I heard something,

"Clouds don't buzz!" flies began streaming in filling up the car, making it hard to breathe. We turned back as soon as Kyle regained control of the car and floored it heading back to the diner. We all ran to get inside incase the flies were following us. Bob stood outside hear what happened. He stopped Percy on his way by asking why we turned back.

"Gonna get my Bible!" was all he said, Bob was confused,

"Somebody's gotta start praying." he reasoned. As soon as I went in I retreated to my corner booth away from everyone and curled up hugging my knees to my chest trying to calm down. They looked over 'Gladys's' body again and wrapped her up in something, dragging her outside. Charlie seemed to see something and ran outside. We looked out the window and saw a LAPD car pulling up. It stopped about 10 feet from Kyle, Bob, and Jeep and someone stepped out, the sun glinted through the window making it hard to see but I saw Bob training his gun on him. 'Idiot's about to shoot a cop. Wow. He may be our only source of information and Bob's about to shoot him, great'. Suddenly the other guy had his gun pressed to Bob's head and everyone tensed. After a while he handed it back and went to the trunk of the car. I figured it was safe since they hadn't shot them. I walked out slowly with mom following me,

"What's happening?" I asked only to have my breath taken away as the stranger brushed passed me.

"Better get back inside." He whispered low and my shoulder tingled where he brushed passed me and I struggled to regain my breath even as I followed him and his suggestion.

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We all rushed to block the doors to the diner with desks and anything heavy we could find before night fell. Once that was done the guys took stations in front of the windows to keep an eye on what was happening outside. I took this chance to get a closer look at the man who is most likely our only chance at survival. I walked a little closer trying to get up the courage to ask him why he was here protecting us when the lights went out.

I just barely held back a girlish scream, cause I’m sure that would just impress him so much. God I love sarcasm. Flashlights flickered on around me and Bob’s centered in on who I gathered was Michael.

“Okay, we locked in here, so what the fuck we doing now?” Kyle asked. Michael looked up, revealing more of the tattoo on his neck that were also on his hands and I wondered how much of his body it encompassed. Bob nodded and lead us over to a ladder and hatch to the roof.

Kyle, Percy, Bob, and Michael all went up on the roof. I glanced at mom who was still taking care of dad.

“Hey mom I’m going to go find a bathroom ok?” she didn’t give any sign that she hear me so I just shrugged and made my way quietly to the latter. I saw Charlie glance at me but she didn’t say anything. I climbed slowly and carefully so as not to make any noise.

I stopped at the top, just peaking my head out of the top.

“Alright, Rambo. You got us up here. You mind telling us what we're fighting?” one of them asked. He ignored it as Percy held up a hand,

“Listen! You hear what I'm hearing?” he asked.

“What the hell is that?”

They listened closer,

“Sounds almost like…” Percy trailed off,

“Ice cream?” Kyle added and shook his head,

“Can't be fucking serious, right?”

Michael looked over his shoulder briefly and his eyes caught mine. He gave me a look that said all too clearly, ‘get back inside.’ then turned his attention back to his gun and began explaining to them how to use them.

“There's a safety switch on the side of your weapon, Push it all the way down. Two clicks.” I heard as I climbed back down wondering how he heard me.

I walked back over to my parents and sat down. Mom looked at me like she used to when I was a kid,

“Audrey. Honey, listen. It's the Ice Cream Man.” I smiled and nodded watching as a German-looking man pretty much crawled out of the truck. He looked pretty normal, almost like he was sleep-walking until he sniffed the air and his head snapped right up to the guys on the roof.

I began to panic again, ‘What if someone gets hurt? What if he crawls up there and gets Michael?! Why am I not up there? I’ve shot that kind of gun before which is more than can be said about half the guys up there!’ Then a few rounds were shot off hitting the now deformed ice cream man and dropping him. He twitched once and someone shot it a couple more times just to be safe.

‘Thank-god!’ as soon as the phrase passed through my mind more lights appeared in the distance, lots and lots of headlight I realized through my dread. The guys on the roof lit them up as soon as they were In range but there were too many. They reached the diner and got out of their cars, slowly advancing. The gunfire that had momentarily stopped started up again and I caught myself rocking back and forth.

Something broke through the window and I couldn’t hold back a scream, nothing happened for a minute and we all raised our heads to look around. Suddenly dad wasn’t there anymore. He was getting dragged out by something I couldn’t even see.

“Howard!” mom screamed and we ran after him. Mom just barely caught him when he was half out the window but something still had a hold of him.

A teen slightly resembling me had him

“See what you made me do, mother?” it yelled and resumed pulling him. Charlie, Jeep and I all helped try to keep him in but something else grabbed Charlie’s arm,

“There you are!” it announced. Out of nowhere Michael came and sliced its hand off freeing Charlie. In our panic we had let go of dad and he went right out the window.

Michel shot up the window to kill whatever was near it as mom went to the door trying to pry it open. Michael caught her as she was removing a chair from the front door.

“Let me go! He's alive! He's out there!” she yelled as he literally carried her under one arm to where we were before.

“He's out there.” she tried again but he just set her down and made her face him,

“He's gone.” he announced simply. She sat down slowly as it sunk in. He then walked over to Charlie who was being helped up by Jeep. She looked up at him giving a small ‘Thanks.’ He didn‘t look too pleased,

“I told you not to do anything brave.”

Kyle, Bob, and Percy came down from the roof,

“We got them running.” Kyle announced proudly then saw mom sobbing hysterically and everyone looking deshelved.

“What happened?” Michael looked over at them,

“Someone needs to be on the roof.” he ordered. Percy volunteered but Bob held him back.

“Hold on. You better start talking.” he told Michael. ‘Yea right. Like you can order him around old man.’ I scoffed mentally.

Michael looked over our remaining weapons and began his explanation,

“The last time God lost faith in man he sent a flood. This time, he sent what you see outside.” Percy wanted to know if this was the apocalypse.

“I'm saying this is an extermination.” he clarified,

“Those things outside are just vessels. They're possessed. The weakest willed are the easiest to turn.”

Kyle looked skeptical,

“Possessed by what? Demons?” The fire in Michaels eyes dimmed a little and though his face remained hard his eyes looked sad,

“No…” he said,

“No, by angels.” Percy who was religious himself protested, saying that angels were supposed to be the good guys.

“Well the truth, I'm afraid, is never that simple.” Michael responded, like he was trying to let him down easy saying that they are but aren’t at the same time.

“Bullshit. I'm not a pastor, but I've never heard of no Ice Cream Man, or old lady eating raw meat, jumping on the ceiling with baby teeth. So I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.” ‘Leave it to Kyle to make a seriously life threatening thing sound humorous.’

It was only quiet for a moment, Jeep looked confused,

“Hold on. How do you know so much about them?” he asked. Michael paused looking at each of us his eyes burning into mine as he got to me and stayed there

“Because until last night, I was on their side.” It took a second for it to register in my mind but when it did I realized, I believed him. ‘I would probably believe him if he said he was an a- wait Michael? The Archangel? Of course.’

Jeep seemed to get it next,

“So you're saying you…” Bob cut him off,

“Yeah, yeah, that's right. Yesterday I was fucking Santa Claus. You know this is crazy, right? I mean...I don't even believe in God.” ‘Well what makes you so high and mighty?’ I wanted to ask him. Actually I wanted yell at him for disrespecting Michael after all he’s done for us, for disrespecting an angel. Michael just looked at him calmly,

“Well that's just fine, Bob, he doesn't believe in you either. He doesn't believe in any of this anymore.”

Percy was taking it the hardest it seemed,

“I knew this day was coming, I just didn't think I'd be around to see it.” he muttered. Bob scoffed,

“Come on, Percy! What are we even talking about this for? Angels, and possessed people. It's not real! It's…” I opened my mouth to shout at him but Percy beat me to it,

“Have you looked outside, Bob? Those people aren't exactly our regular customers!” It seemed to put him in his place and none of us commented further.

I knew I probably wouldn’t like the answer but I had to ask,

“So, are you here to protect us?” Once more those beautiful pained eyes met mine and I wondered why he seemed so sad. He offered a nearly non-existent sympathetic smile,

“No, not you. Her.” he nodded to Charlie and my heart sank terribly. She at least had the decency to look confused and somewhat humbled.

“Me? Why me?” she wanted to know. He glanced down at her swollen belly, eyes full of awe. My heart sank further, ‘Is he the father or does he have something to do with it or what?’ I went through about a million scenarios as to why he was looking at it like that before he said,

“Because your child is the only hope humanity has of survival.” As terrifying as that was it calmed me since he was probably ordered by god to protect it.

That also had a negative side, if he was ordered to protect it then we didn’t really matter. We were still alive just because we were with her. Then again why would we matter to an angel? Bob made it clear he doesn’t believe in god, my parents don’t either, Kyle was convicted of something, Percy has killed people in the war, Jeep well I’m not sure about him, but then me. I have done just about every bad thing I could think of besides major criminal offenses.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Charlie,

“I'm nobody, I'm just a waitress. I don't even own a car.” it was like she was trying to get him to pick someone else. It didn’t seem to phase Michael,

“None of that matters anymore. Either your child lives or mankind dies.” he made it seem so easy yet we were all aware how hard it would be.

“So we're supposed to hold those things off until the baby gets here?” Kyle seemed overwhelmed.

“That's it.” Michael replied assembling some guns and checking the ammo supply.

“I'm only eight months pregnant.” Charlie confessed making me nearly face-palm.

“This shit can't be happening, man.” someone commented, most likely Kyle.

“How are we supposed to survive here for a month?” that was mom.

Michael’s eyes gave me the answer before he said it.

“We won't have to.” Charlie stared at her bulge,

“It's coming soon, isn't it?” He nodded,

“Yes. Listen. I simply don't care what you people believe. And those things outside, they don't care either. They just want the child dead. Now, this first attack was a test of our strength. The next will be a test of our weakness. Now we can sit here and discuss it... Or you can try to help me. But believe me. Something much worse is on the way.” with that he went to resume boarding up the windows.

Everyone went off to do their own thing, Kyle and Percy up to the roof, mom mourning, Bob making steak, Charlie to rest and Jeep to help fix the windows. I opted for that too. I picked a window near the storage closet where Jeep and Michael were working and began boarding it up.

After a while of silence I could hear Jeep’s voice,

“So what did you do? Before you came here.” he asked the angel.

“I was a soldier. A general in His army.” I noted the past tense ‘He WAS in his army? That’s right he said before he had abandoned his post to protect Charlie…’

“What changed? What made you leave?” Jeep asked again. There was no pause or hesitance in his answer,

“I was given an order I didn't believe in. He lost faith. I didn't.” Even with the statement being what it was I didn’t hear any disrespect or ill will towards god or ‘him.’

Jeep seemed to be taking it in,

“How come you still have faith? I mean, seems like everything I have faith in cost me nothing but trouble.” There was difference number one between Jeep and I. The things we believe in cost us trouble but instead of giving it up like I did, he persevered.

Michael sighed like an adult about to explain something to a child. Which very much could be true I mean do angel age?

“When God chose your kind as the object of his love. I was the first in all of heaven to bow down before you.” ‘Well that answers that, guess they don’t.’

“My love, my hope for mankind was no less than his.” My heart beat faster hearing that, mankind included me too right? Included the sinners? For a moment I could swear I felt his eyes on me.

“But I have watched you trample that gift.” ‘There’s always a but…’

His shadow disappeared from my vision,

“I've watched you kill each other over race and greed, and wage war over dust, rubble and words in old books.” Even though I didn’t fit into the waging war group knew I had trampled the gift just as much.

“And yet in the midst of all this darkness I see some people who will not be bowed. I see some people who will not give up.” he seemed to be almost talking specifically about Jeep now but I couldn’t be sure.

“Even when they know all hope is lost.”

He seemed so impassioned, so convinced as he talked of the good points of humanity that even us humans question sometimes.

“Some people, who realize that being lost is so close to being found.” ‘I want to be found! I just want to be able to be myself again!’ I nearly screamed in my head, tears streaming down my face. ‘I never wanted to be bad, I just wanted mom and dad to pay attention to me, to care about what I did.’ I realized then how childish I had been.

What he said next left no doubt he was talking about Jeep specifically,

“I see you, Jeep. Fifteen years old, your mother leaves you, your father withdraws from the world. And you spend the next five years of your young life helping him find his way home.” ‘Even though Jeep had it worse then me he still believes, he still tries to be as good of a person as he can. How does he do it?’

Michael continued without pause,

“You love a woman, who has the child of another, and you love her with no thought of yourself. Even though you know she may never love you the way you love her.” he practically sounded like a saint.

“You, Jeep. You are the reason I still have faith.” he concluded for him.

I knew that Jeep wasn’t the ONLY reason he still had faith but It hurt to know I probably wasn’t one of his reasons. He started walking this way a bit and I realized I was still crying. I tried to stop and wipe them off as quickly as possible but if you looked you could still see that I had cried recently. He paused,

“It's almost time for the next shift.” he told jeep and continued towards his window to finish boarding it.

His was 2 over from mine so I tried to keep my head turned away so he wouldn’t see. Soon the pace of his hammer slowed down a bit and I couldn’t help but to glance over. He seemed to be on autopilot, his eyes cloudy as if he was remembering something. I observed him as I continued to work. Noting every time his expression would change from content, to pained to sad and a handful of other emotions. Though no matter what he was expressing he always looked just as handsome.

‘Ah! What am I saying?? It doesn’t matter if he’s handsome or not! He’s an angel! Angel= off limits for sinner human!’ I chastised myself. My thoughts sobered me considerably and I worked to finish my window double time. Michael seemed to snap out of whatever reverie he was in too because his pace increased then stopped after a while.

He carried his excess boards over to the window next to mine and set them down. He kept walking till he was right next to me and held up the board I’d been having problems keeping up while hammering. Feeling the heat coming from him as his side nearly touched mine I got it secured as quick as I could, still trying to keep him from seeing my face. When I was done he stepped back a bit and looked at me dead on.

“You know,” he said, his eyes not judging at all though from what I’d heard him say to Jeep I’d bet anything he knew all the bad things I’ve done in my life.

“Crying is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you have a reason that you can defend.” He gave me a small smile and rested his hand on my shoulder in a comforting gesture.

It was more kindness than I expected to get as a sinner and I nearly got teary eyes again. Instead I met his gaze whispering a warm,

“Thank you.” He nodded and headed towards the storage closet,

“You should get some rest. Its nearly dawn.” it was a suggestion but I don’t think I could refuse anything he said if I tried so I agreed,

“You probably should too then. There’s someone on the roof and you’ve probably had a longer day then any of us.”

I wasn’t sure if I had assumed too much but he looked tired. He raised a brow,

“Alright. I’ll get some rest as soon as I’m finished with this last window.” he approved. I smiled and said goodnight satisfied with his answer then went to where mom was sleeping and laid down with her. That night I dreamed of Michael and the fate of mankind.









Chapter Text

“Howard?” I heard whispered as I woke up. The blankets shifted around me and I was nearly uncovered. I opened my eyes and saw mom wasn’t there anymore.

“Howard.” I heard again from the open office door. ‘Oh no, there’s a door to the outside in there!’ I realized and ran as fast as I could. Kyle got there seconds before me but mom just bitch-slapped him down to the floor like he was nothing and kept trying to move the desk.

“Mom, what are you doing? Mom, stop!” I yelled trying to hold her back myself.

“Your father is alive!” she yelled frantically trying to get me off her.

“He's not, mom!” I tried again,

“Let go of me!” she pushed me to the floor. Percy rushed in as Kyle and I were getting back up,

“No!” he yelled running after her as she finally got the door open. He chased after her and turned her away just as dad…exploded shielding her from the aftermath as well as the mental scarring. I myself was not so lucky.

He pushed her inside and stayed at the doorway looking blankly at us, Charlie, Jeep, Bob and Michael all showed up then.

“Percy?” Charlie asked; as if on cue Percy collapsed, his ribs exposed from the back apparently from the acid-like liquid dad exploded into..

Michael took charge and the guys tied mom up so she couldn’t try anything again. I got some sleeping pills and a glass of water with a straw. I paused fro a moment staring at the bottle, the images from the last 10 minutes replaying in my head. I heard the door open then close behind me and a hand was once more placed on my shoulder. I knew it was Michael without even having to look.

“I‘m sorry Audrey. You shouldn‘t have had to see all that.” he apologized. I shook my head,

“You don‘t have to apologize, It wasn‘t your fault…it was mine.” he moved to he was next to me leaning on the counter.

“Why would you think that? This in not your fault, it isn‘t anyone‘s. This was the test of our strength. You did amazingly well with the situation you were in.” His words warmed me of the chill I’ve been feeling and I finally gained the courage to meet his amazing grey-green eyes.

“Thanks but I still think I could have done more. Anyway I have to…uh sedate her now…” It was hard saying it, but even harder to break eye contact and leave him, he had this comforting safe vibe that never ceased to make me feel better. I knelt down in front of my mom and did my best to be calming.

“Here. Mom, If you take these you'll feel better.” She sort of nodded barely looking at me and opened her mouth for the pill and water. She swallowed and after a short silence began speaking,

“This is your fault.”

I reeled in shock, I blamed myself but to hear my own mother blaming me for the death of my father was mind-numbingly painful.

“We were only here because of you. We sacrificed everything for you.”

“No. You wanted to go. You said you wanted to go.” I denied it. She looked at me with an unfeeling sneer.

“I loved my house. I loved my life, and you have ruined it. You ruined everything! Everything!” she screamed at me, tears streaming down her face. ‘It’s not true. It’s not true. It’s not true!’ Kyle came up behind me,

“Enough. You're just gonna sit here and torture your daughter?” he asked disbelievingly. Then he switched to a some what softer tone,

“Can you come help me find a station that works?”

I took one last look at my mother before getting up and going to the radio, going station by station to try to find signal. Somewhere in the 104’s I began to hear something. I went a but further and it cleared up.

“Wait! Guys, you gotta take a look at this, I'm hearing something.” I called to them. Michael was the first to look over, then Kyle.

“If you're hear my voice, we're getting the first bits of good news since this Apocalypse began, nearly 48 hours ago. A militia has formed on the outskirts of Las Vegas and has begun to engage those affected. Getting unconfirmed reports of other militias gathering in Death Valley, Zion and Red Ridge National Park.” some guy on the raido said. I couldn’t believe it.

“Red Ridge, that's like an hour from here.” Charlie stated pointing in its general direction. My spirits raised but then I remembered the flies.

“Does that mean we can leave?” I asked trying not to sound too hopeful. Michael looked like he wanted to wince,

“No. We're not going anywhere.” I hung my head not bothering to argue since I knew he wouldn’t change his mind. The others however…

“I don't know about you white boy, but I gotta get out of here.” Kyle said getting up angrily, Michael stared him down and he took his seat again,

“I won't risk being on the move when the baby comes. It's too dangerous.” he reiterated for them.

“Dangerous? What the fuck you mean too dangerous?” Kyle asked again. Michael didn’t even bother answering that time.

“May god give us strength to survive. And have mercy for those who are already lost.” the radio guy said and was gone. Everyone split up to do their things and I took next watch with Kyle, anything to get away from my mother just then, even if it meant facing a zombie-like hoard of possessed people.

He stood next to me as I held the MP5 aiming it at nothing down below.

“So now it’s just…“ I cut him off with a smirk,

“Two clicks. All the way down. I dated a marine last summer. He was kind of a gun freak. My parents hated him.” I confessed still scanning fro any of the possessed.

“I bet they did.” Kyle affirmed. I lowered the gun a bit,

“My mom was right. It is my fault we are here.”

Kyle looked shocked and denied instantly that she meant it,

“It's true. The only reason why we're moving is because of me.” I stopped to wipe away a single angry tear then laughed humorlessly.

“They thought my friends were a bad influence. But I was the bad influence. So really fucked up.” I told him.

He took the gun back and stared out into the darkness for a minute,

“When I was a shorty, the only time my old man ever gave me attention was when I did something bad. So you know what I did, right?” he asked. I could pretty much guess but asked anyway.

“I got really good at being bad.” we both laughed at that,

“Problem is,” he added sobering up,

“when you get older, when you have a family, being bad is not so good.” I could see that, you couldn’t go around robbing banks when you had a baby…

“Thanks Kyle I-” suddenly the lights flickered back on and stayed, making the surrounding area seem darker. Kyle drew me behind him,

“Better go downstairs.” he said. I protested against my better judgment.

“Get downstairs.” he ordered again as I stayed static,

“No. I can handle it.” He handed me a gun ‘just incase’ and told me to get ready. The car that had been slowly approaching stopped and a middle aged man came out filling up the gas tank.

“Wait a minute. Kyle, are they…?“ More lights began heading our way rapidly, cars full of rocker possessed. We realized too late it was a trap and soon the man had been run down and the boy was sitting in the car terrified.

Kyle began shooting into them hoping to pick off a few,

“Don't, you're gonna hit them too!” I yelled pushing his barrel down. Kyle looks at me then jumps off the roof, blasting through the crowd of possessed and grabbing the kid. Something wasn’t right, the boy wasn’t bawling, the possessed hadn’t made any real move on him yet..

I knew what was wrong as soon as the boys lifted his head from Kyle’s neck and revealed black eyes. He tore out Kyle’s throat.

“No! Kyle!” I yelled jumping down after him, intent to get to the little kid but for a different reason than Kyle. I wanted to paint pictures with his blood.

I jumped off the roof a bit more gracefully than my friend had and blasted through the possessed right to the boy. I held the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. I pulled again, and again, still nothing! He grinned and I realized how very screwed I was, I looked around and dashed for the closest shelter, the car. I launched myself in and locked all the doors, not that they would hold for long.

They banged against the glass making cracks in various places. Tears fell down my face freely as I realized that this was the end. Game over. Then I heard gunfire again. Some of the possessed surrounding the car moved and I saw Michael heading my way killing the creatures left and right, like it was a walk in the park. A very dark apocalyptic park filled with zombie-things anyway.

I saw him pick up the gas pump and point the gun at it, it barely clicked in my mind for me to duck before the fire engulfed the car. I saw him approach and scooted over. He broke the glass and offered his hand like he was standing in fire. I took it and he pulled me out quickly before we ran to the door. He pushed me ahead of him and hugged me close as he jumped, just barely making it in in time for Bob and Jeep to close the door on the explosion following us.

He looked me over quickly and stood, helping me up as we took off our coats and Charlie got water to stop our clothes from smoking. I was about to thank Michael for saving me AGAIN when I heard a pitcher shatter, and Charlie scream. His attention was ripped away from me and to Charlie who just kicked away the boy from outside who was not thumb less.

Michael sprang back into action jumping across the counter top and landing in a crouch in front of Charlie. The lights once more go out. He carefully makes his way around, searching. Someone’s flashlight follows bloody hand print trails on the ceiling and everyone stares. Out of no where Bob is grabbed from behind, the boy trying to strangle him but with such small hands and no thumbs its nearly impossible.

Michael grabs the boy and yanks him off, throwing him across the room. Then shoots till it doesn’t move anymore. Michael’s head snaps back over to Charlie even before she leans over with a loud pained groan.

“Its coming.” he whispers in awe. Everyone rushed to get towels and hot water and Michael steered me by the shoulders where Charlie was lying. He gave my shoulders a slight squeeze then pushed me down to sit between her legs.

I look at him incredulously, I didn’t know angels could be sexist!

“Just because I'm a girl does not mean I know how to do this.” I informed him, my voice raising a bit more than usual. He just gave me a calm look and took Charlie’s hands, holding her against his chest.

Jealousy rose within me but I ignored it, ’Come on she IS pregnant after all.’

“Be calm and do exactly as I tell you.” he instructed me like this was a simple thing that can be learned just 123.

“How can you know what to do?” I demanded. He gave me a look, ‘Oh right angel…but still.’

Charlie writhed between us in obvious pain. A great bellowing horn call rent through the air, nearly making me jump out of my skin.

“What the fuck is that?” I asked not bothering to censor myself. His eyes flicked to mine,

“He's coming. We need to hurry now.” he said to Charlie. Once more I doubted his knowledge slightly.

“What do you mean hurry? This isn't exactly something we can hurry.” I protested.

He just leaned his head down to Charlie’s,

“Charlie, I need you to push now. You push like you never pushed before. Pushhhh!” he drew out the word like it would help hurry it along. The horn blew again and I needed to know,

“Michael, who is coming?” He ignored me again for a moment repeating his command to push.

“Come on! That’s good!” I encouraged her as she gave one last push, getting the baby completely out.

“Charlie, you did it! You did it.” I said cleaning the blood off the baby with one of the towels and wrapping it up. I held him out to Charlie who turned her head.

“No, it's okay, your baby is fine. Look.” I assured figuring she may be scared.

When she still didn’t look I was worried.

“It's alright.” Michael told me putting his hand over mine and gently moving the baby further into my arms,

“Give her some time. Audrey.” It was the second time he’s ever said my name and it sent chills down my spine. After another moment or two of looking into his eyes I nodded taking the baby over to my mother who was still tied up. My eyes began to water again and I wiped them as best I could with the baby and slumped down next to my mom, not once lifting my head.

Chapter Text

“He's beautiful.” my mom whispered looking down at the baby boy I held in my hands, the child that was supposed to be being cocooned in his mother’s arms. I looked up at her questioningly, wondering if she was over whatever had gotten into her earlier that made her verbally attack me. She nodded as if reading my mind.

“I remember when you were a baby.” She stated longingly.

“You used to look at me just like that. Just like that.” I didn’t doubt that I did, after all I was a child and had nothing but love for her. Her eyes glazed over with tears.

“Audrey, I'm sorry about what I said to you before. I didn't mean it.” I didn’t believe it but decided to forgive her anyway, she was my mom after all.

“Yeah, I know.” was all I said.

“You're the most precious thing in the world to me.” she seemed different now that I was looking at her properly.

“It's just you and me now.” she added on a slightly creepier note.

“I know.” I mumbled again edging away slightly as she shifter around for a moment. The baby started crying and I could hear the possessed yelling out in discomfort. Apparently the baby had some sort of effect on them. A few moments later the piercing sound of a horn lit through the air again. It was more terrifying this time without Michael near by but that soon changed. He as well as the other guys came in.

“What’s going on?” Bob asked. Michael kept grabbing and loading guns.

“We need to go.” I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with anything more in my life.

“The possessed can't go near the child, but he sent someone who can, someone like me.” he added making me fearful. ‘An angel as powerful as Michael, but against instead of for us. What are we going to do?’

“Like you?” someone questioned confused.

“Gabriel.” he clarified, voice hinting at the pain his eyes held.

“He's come here to do what I wouldn't.” that made me wonder. If Gabriel is being sent to get the child then what was Michael sent here to do?

“You were the one who was supposed to kill the baby?” Jeep accused.

“That's the order you didn't obey?” I remembered the conversation from last night. When Michael told Jeep why he was here.

“We need to go.” he reiterated cocking a gun and ignoring the question.

“What is he talking about?” Charlie asked dumbly, only to be ignored again.

“Go grab whatever weapons we have left.” Michael ordered.

“What are you talking about?” Charlie demanded to know. She was so defensive for someone who wouldn’t so much as look at her baby. The one in question.

“We need to go now.” Michael ordered.

“Tell me!” she shrieked

“Now!” was all that Michael said for a moment before softening slightly.

“The baby. The baby was never meant to be born.” he explained to us. When he spoke next his voice carried hope and determination.

“The future has been unwritten. The child lives.” he looked like he wanted to smile from just that statement. He walked towards Charlie slowly as if trying to calm her yet she was acting as if he’d hurt her. As if he’d hurt the baby.

“And while he does, there's still hope.” he stopped walking forward and Charlie came towards me.

“Audrey!” she cried reaching for the baby. I held him out but my mom stood swiftly and snatched him. In a second Michael’s gun was trained on her head.

“Mom!” I cried in disbelief, anger, and a bit of fear.

“Come, come.” was all she said, beckoning to me from her position in front of the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked her trying not to let my voice crack.

“I heard them say.” she started out insanely,

“They just want the baby. I will give them the baby. Then they'll let us go!” she made it sound so simple but we all knew that if they got the baby all hope for humanity would be lost.

“Give him back to me!” Charlie ordered shakily.

“Why!?” mom seemed honestly surprised.

“You didn't want him in the first place!” her voice was filled with mocking spite.

“Come on, Audrey. Audrey, come with me!” she coaxed trying to get me to join her in her ridiculous plan. I shook my head, tears pouring from my eyes because after just one look at Michael I knew what he was going to do.

“It's just one baby.” she muttered crazily, almost like she was trying to justify it.

“It's just one baby.” The horn blew one last time and the door flew open, white light streaming through it. In that instant Michael shot her, the baby rolling from her arms.

“No!” I cried, not for my mom, but for the baby. Jeep was closer and dived for the baby, catching him just inches from the floor. Suddenly a towering angel in full armor and metal wings appeared in the doorway, swinging a mace at Jeeps head. He rolled out of the way at the last second. Michael turned towards Charlie and I pushing us both towards the door. Jeep scrambled after us and Bob tried to hold the angel, Gabriel, off. We got through the door a split second after a saw his wings cut through Bob’s stomach. He dropped his gun in shock looking down at the wound then back up just in time to be backhanded into the stove by Gabriel.

“NO!” Jeep screamed trying to get to his father but Michael held him back.

“No, Jeep, not now!” he told him then glanced back to us and the child in my arms.

“The child! Get the child out of here!” he commanded.

“What about you?” Jeep questioned.

“Don't be afraid. Find the Prophets. Learn to read the instructions.” his voice was gentler now and I got the feeling I would never see him again.

“Prophets? What Prophets? What instructions?” Jeep questioned desperately but Michael backed away.

“Go!” he ordered again. I couldn’t move as the rest passed me by. My eyes were glued to his and I knew he’d face his death here.

“Audrey. You need to go. Protect the child. Stay alive.” he came back a bit.

“But Michael…” whatever I was going to say was cut off by his embrace.

“I’m sorry Audrey but I must do this. I have to at least give you three time to get away if I can’t defeat him. So go. Go and live. Show god why humans still deserve to live!” I couldn’t disobey. I gave him one last hug and a whispered

“Goodbye. We‘ll be waiting.” before plunging into the night and through the hoards of possessed and to the police cruiser Michael originally came here in. I hopped in the back not bothering to buckle and Jeep drove off full speed. After 20 minutes I heard Charlie cry out,

“Jeep. You arm.” I looked down to see the tattoos that covered Michael now spiraling up Jeep’s arm and spreading. I knew what it meant. Michael was gone.

“The instructions.” he said confidently. Soon I saw a sign that said ‘Red Ridge’

“We’re here!” I informed them. Jeep glanced at the sign.

“Okay. We need to figure out our weapon situation. Hopefully Michael didn't take everything out of the car. Look around.” I hated the fact that he had taken charge, it was like he was trying to replace Michael but I stayed silent and did as he asked.

“I've got a flare gun and a couple of…” just then something landed on the roof. There was a sound of bending metal and the lights were thrown off the car. Gabriel punched his arm through by Jeep’s head but he shot and it threw him back. He caught the edge of the car and crawled his way up to the window towards us.

“Jeep!” I called out. He told me to duck and shot at Gabriel again.

“Audrey, flare gun!” he called to me, I shot it right in the archangel’s face but it bounced off and all around the car, failing to dislodge him. Then next thing I knew there was a large fist coming at me, pain, then stars. When I regained full awareness Gabriel was in the car and reaching into the front seat. I rose and got on his back, trying me best to restrict his airflow with an arm around his neck. I saw what jeep was trying to do as he floored it.

“Jeep! Do it!” I called still hanging on so he couldn’t use his wings to break his fall. Jeep slammed on the breaks sending Gabriel and I through the windshield and the car tumbling out of control. Despite my best efforts I slid from his back to his front, his wings opening slightly from the force and shielding us from most of the damage. We landed a good distance from the car and I had had neither the strength nor the will to open my eyes, or move, or anything.

“Ugh.” I heard after a while and Gabriel, who landed under me, began to move. He seemed to realize I was on top of him because he slid my limp body off and to the ground next to him, then got up. For a moment he stood there unmoving then I heard him speak.

“Forgive me girl. I am just following the will of god. I did not wish to bring this upon any of you.” Unlike the other time I heard him speak his voice was soft, full of regret and sorrow. For the first time I wondered if he really wasn’t that bad of a guy. He was an archangel after all… then he flew away. Leaving me to be consumed with darkness.


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Chapter Text

“Ugh.” Pain that spread all through my body woke me who knows how many hours later. All I knew was that I hurt and Charlie and Jeep were most likely dead already...along with the baby.

“The baby!” the thought of it jolted me out of my half conscious state. I sat up with difficulty and looked around. I could still see the Red Ridge sign in the distance behind me. With whatever will power I had left I stood and stumbled away toward the giant ridge before me. My best guess as to the time was somewhere around dawn. The walk was difficult and long, well it felt terribly long but the thought that they may still be alive, hanging by a thread made my numb muscles work faster.

“Jeep!” I heard Charlie’s voice from on top of the rock structure, then a sickening thud. My eyes widened, ‘He couldn’t have…Gabriel must be here!’ I rushed to the origin of the sound as fast as my beaten and broken body would take me. I reached them just as Gabriel approached Jeep who laid on the ground on his back nearly defenseless. Then I saw the knife,

“No!” my voice was drown out by Gabriel’s almost disbelieving voice,

“Why do you continue to fight? When you know all hope is lost?!” Jeep didn’t back down, in fact he began to get back up as I approached the angel silently from behind hoping to be able to do something to keep him away from Jeep, it was he the child needed after all, not me. There was a sort of grim smile on Jeep’s face that I couldn’t explain, he opened his mouth to spit out blood and uttered,

“Fuck you.” As Gabriel’s knife descended on his I jumped to tackle him but in a burst of light spun of sunshine another figure swooped down on midnight black wings. It was Michael. Gabriel stepped back and flung me off, stilling.

“This can't be. You've disobeyed Him.” his voice wavered like never before and the fear rolled off of him in small waves. Michael’s eyes showed neither malice nor ill-will.

“You gave him what he asked. I gave him what he needed.” he stated simply. Something in the way it rolled off of his tongue made me think he’d said it before but you could never be sure with Michael. In one swift movement his beautifully inscribed sword flashed and Gabriel lie defeated. Truly with his wings back Michael surpassed anything Gabriel could ever hope to become. The golden light around the Archangel dimmed then died, being replaced with rays from the early morning sun. There was a look on his face, one I couldn’t quite place until his gaze shifted upward. It was belonging, the sense of finally being home after long and painful years away. It was a look of contentment that was never there since he arrived at the dinner just 2 days prior. He offered a hand to Jeep who took it and waited till he was steadied before turning to me. I still lay in a shameful pile on the floor where Gabriel had thrown me, too overwhelmed to do much else.

“Audrey. You’re alive.” it was a question as much as confirmation, I nodded anyway. He didn’t bother offering me a hand, knowing I didn’t have the strength to stand at the moment and instead crouched to slid a hand under my knees and another behind my back. After pausing to let me wrap my arms around his neck he straightened. I wasn’t alarmed or uneasy as I usually was when lifted from the ground. I didn’t flinch but just shifted to be closer to him, closer to the warmth the radiated from his body.

“YOU’RE alive is more like it. You died before. I know you did. The tattoos even appeared on Jeep’s skin. Your tattoos. How are you here now?” Even with my present state being what it was I couldn’t help but to ask. He looked down at me a moment with a smile. A real, beautiful smile that could melt the coldest of hearts and reduce a lion to a kitten. Then he winked at me , ME.

“It’s a trade secret. I’ll tell you someday if you’re good.” he joked lightly but the words sunk deep in my heart. ‘I’ll tell you someday.’ Inadvertent or not it was a statement that I’d see him again.

“Well I’ll be waiting, and don’t think I’ll forget Michael.” how many times had I actually said his name aloud? Not even a handful and already it sounded as if I had been saying it for years, it seemed so natural to call to him.

“Oh I don’t believe you will…” he trailed off as his eyes shifted upward, a small look of regret crossing his handsome features for a moment.

“He calls. I’ll take you to Charlie but then I must leave. I can’t say when I’ll be able to return just that I will. You’ll have to take my word for it.” Then his ebony wings expanded nearly blotting out the light and we lifted off the ground. The feeling was nothing less than cataclysmic and a silly grin split my face nearly in half.

“So this is what it’s like to fly? Do you ever just fly around heaven sometimes? Just to fly?” I looked up to him just as he looked down to me. Our faces were literally an inch apart and when he spoke his words tingled my lips and resonated through my whole body.

“At times when things get complicated yes or just to relax really. The gift of flight is nothing short of amazing and we are truly truly thankful to be blessed with it.” his eyes shifted up again as we touched down. He gently set me down in an upright position and I managed to keep myself there.

“This is it Audrey. I hope that soon I’ll be back on earth but until that day please be safe and know that when the time comes there will be a place in heaven for you. Goodbye.” It couldn’t be it, it just couldn’t. Before he could turn I flung my arms around his neck in a hug. He returned the embrace gently for a moment then the next he was gone in a rush of wind and nothing remained. A single tear slid down my face before my words whispered into the wind.

“I’ll be waiting, Michael. Archangel of protection. I’ll be waiting…”