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For His Birthday

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As soon as a talented young man named Chris Cole had walked into the Seattle apartment that he happens to be sharing with his one ladylove Emily Poule and plop himself down on the living room sofa,a smiling Emily had sat herself down next to Chris,handed a wonderfully wrapped gift over to him and said,"Happy Birthday,Chris!Go ahead!Open it!",only to have Chris hand the gift back to Emily and say,"I'm sorry,Emily.I really don't think that I should have it after what had gone through while I was being 'Izzy' and with Steel Dragon."

"Chris,it really was not your fault!It's just that the whole heavy metal rocker lifestyle had became way too much for you to handle at the time,that's all!",that was what Emily had said before she had handed the gift back to Chris and added,"Please open it."And after he had let out a sigh and said 'okay' to Emily,Chris had opened the gift that she had handed to him and allowed his eyes to light up with such delightful glee over the fact that she had decided to give him a new watch for his birthday.

And after Chris had looked at Emily with a big smile on his face and asked,"Why do I feel like I should jump up and kiss you right now?",only to have Emily plop herself on his lap,look at him straight in the eyes and say,"Allow me to save you the trouble,Mister Stud!",before she had wrapped her arms around Chris and planted one hell of a great kiss on his lips.That was before Chris had asked,"Want to go to bed?",and Emily had nodded her head and said,"Yeah!"