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A Day at the Movies

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Frank was certain that the movie theater security guards had no idea just how close they’d come to a swift and painful execution. He had to concentrate on not wincing when he saw Vicky sitting stiff with her arms folded across her chest. She glared at him, a challenge in her ice cold blue eyes. He deliberately didn’t notice that her lipstick was smudged.

Frank quickly averted his gaze and saw Ivan leaning against the wall next to her, simply smirking. He noted that the buttons to Ivan’s shirt were misaligned with the holes, giving the normally dapper man a disheveled appearance. Ivan just arched his eyebrows and smirked wider.

Frank sighed. //At least one of them can find humor in this.//

Frank took a deep breath and turned to the security guard who looked like he was in charge. He was the only one looking at him instead of watching Ivan and Vicky in horrid fascination. “Your manager said I could take them home.”

The guard nodded. “And they’re not allowed back until they learn how to act. This is a family theater.”

Frank saw Vicky’s eyes flash. She opened her mouth but stepped he between them. “I understand that.”

Ivan took Vicky’s arm and helped her to stand. She seethed in anger, her whole body tense, but she didn’t shake him off. With a haughty shake of her head, she grabbed his arm and pulled him out.

Frank waited until they were out in the hall. He leaned in close to the guard and lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “FYI it’s a miracle that you’re alive.”

The guard’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“Just a friendly piece of advice. If you ever see her again, run away.”

“You can’t be serious.”

Frank just shrugged and left. He hurried to catch up to Ivan and Vicky. He kept well out of Vicky’s reach. “Thanks for practicing clemency.”

“Family theater,” Vicky scoffed. “I’ve never been so insulted. We were being perfectly discreet.”

Ivan chuckled. “Really, Bunny?”

“One of those rent-a-cops called me grandma.”

“I believe he said hot grandma,” Ivan added helpfully.

“I almost killed him with a straw,” Vicky replied in deadly earnest.

Frank winced and went ahead to open the door to the outside. He lowered his voice. “Why were you two making out in the middle of Kung Fu Panda 2 anyway?”

Vicky just shot him another death look while Ivan laughed and answered, “In our defense, we were the only ones in the balcony. All the children were down below.”

Frank cracked a smile. “That’s really not a good defense.”

Vicky smiled but it was more reminiscent of Jaws than June Cleaver. Frank visibly gulped and she smiled wider. “I suggest you keep any further comments to yourself, Frank. My clemency will only extend so far.”