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I Don't Like This Place

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Well,it's bound to happen to us sooner or later.You get a new job that happens to be in some other town and you have to pack up your family and move yourselves to that town in order for you to keep that job.And let me tell you right now that the family of CIA Agent Stan Smith was no exception because his bosses had assigned him to a new post in some other town and he had to move himself and his family to that town because Stan is like any other CIA agent who has no choice but to do what the bosses say.

Anyway,while the rest of the Smith family were busy getting themselves settled into their new house,Stan's wife Francine had taken a peek into the bedroom of her teenage daughter Hayley and noticed that she was staring outside the window with a depressed look on her face."What's wrong,Hayley?Don't you like our new house?",that was what Francine had asked Hayley before she had turned towards her parents and said,"That's just it,Mom!I don't like this place!I want to go home!",only to have Stan shrug his shoulders and say,"But you are home!"

"What Dad is trying to say is that since we had to move because of his new job,we have no choice but to try to make the best of it.Okay?",that was what Francine had asked before Hayley had seen something that had made her smile and say,"On second thought,Mom.You're right.I should make the best of it.I'm going for a walk.See you later."But that was before they had looked out the window and saw her talking to a blonde teen male stud.