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Night Terrors

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I woke in a cold sweat. I sit up and breathe in deep. Since coming home from the hospital I have yet to make it through a night sleep without having this nightmare.

I'm back at Zoe Kenneth's flat, lying on her bed. My eyes are open and I smell the smoke, and then see the fire start in the room. I can't move. Zoe's lying partially on me, telling me its okay, that our lives will be better; that we will be free of the daemons that are plaguing us.

The fire is gaining, engulfing the room and the bed is smoldering. And soon it's on fire.

I am the last victim and I'm paying now for my sin of telling Will he was wrong. And then the fire touches me.

Shaking my head of remembering the nightmare, I swing my legs over the side of the bed. I know from past experience it will do me no good to try to sleep for now. I pull on a pair of sweat pants and pick up a t-shirt as I head downstairs to the living room.

Turning on a low lamp, I look around the living room trying to figure out what to do at, look at my cell phone, 1 AM in the morning. Maybe something to drink will get my brain to turn off, or at least knackered enough to fall asleep. I open the fridge and pull out a bottle of wine. Grabbing a glass off the counter I go back and sit on the sofa.

I pour myself a glass and sit back trying to shake the images that had woken me. The fire is all consuming. As I think of the fire, my phone rings. Lewis is calling me.

"Sir?" I ask as I answer.

"I was in the area on a call and noticed a light on. Is everything okay?" he asks me.

I wonder if I should just lie and say everything is okay so he can go home to his own bed or should I just, for once, tell him the truth. A moment later I find myself saying, "Rough night sir." I continue to ask him, "Would you like to come in sir?"

"Be there in a moment."

I close the phone. I take a deep breath and wonder what I'm going to say to him. I have no idea.

I open the door before he has a chance to knock. He looks haggard. I wonder if I look just as bad. He goes to the front room. I can't help myself to ask, "A rough night sir?"

He looks at me and answers, " You could say that."

I go back into the kitchen and grab a second glass. When I return he's already sitting on the sofa. I pour him a glass then go see what music I can put on. I find a piece that I find charming to be background noise.

Returning to sit down, Lewis is moving forward for his glass. "What case?" I ask.

"Young lady, no i.d., multiple stab wounds. Recent, just a few hours, no weapon left behind. Hobson should have some more info for me tomorrow."

"Who's helping you?"


I've met him him, new to the office. "Any good?"

"So far, but not a brainiac like you."