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I Used To Love Journey

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Sometimes the best way to make a dream come true is to let it die. Because only when the dream is dead can you stop seeing what you don't have and start seeing what was there in front of you the whole time.

- - - - -

Sitting in a jail cell, Dan Scott let his dreams die when Nathan didn't come. Everything was gone, everything stripped away until he was nothing but a shell of a man who'd lost everything. No sons, no wife, a murdered brother, a niece he'd never know. All of his power was gone, taken away by a gunshot in the hallways of Tree Hill High.

- - - - -

Looking at the baby in his wife's arms, Nathan realized that his dreams never died. They just changed. Basketball and Duke faded out and instead came thoughts of Dan and Deb, the mistakes and misery, the marvelous miracle in Haley's arms and the fervent fear that he wouldn't be able to make the grade.

- - - - - -

Keith had made it possible for Lucas to have new dreams. Basketball was a game, hopes that faded with cardiac myopathy. But reading, writing, literature, it had a hold on his soul just like basketball. And once the blinders were off, once basketball took a back seat, An Unkindness of Ravens was the next best thing, a printed book to hold instead of a ball.

- - - - -

Sometimes letting your dreams die is the only way to realize they never died at all.