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Brooke's Nude Portrait

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It was after a certain professional wrestling superstar known as Terry 'Hulk' Hogan had finally returned home from participating in some World Wrestling Entertainment thing that his own wife Linda had rushed up,given him a big hug and kiss and said,"Welcome home,Sweetie!Did you have a nice trip?"But just as he was about to answer that question,Terry's eyes had turned towards the living room which was where he had spotted a portrait of his daughter Brooke placed on an easel in the middle of the room and noticed that she was totally naked in that painting.

And after he had looked at Linda and pointed at Brooke's nude portrait,Linda had raised up her hands and said,"Look,Terry.Let's not fight over this,okay?I mean,I know that you had told us that Brooke's photoshoot for FHM would only cause damage to her singing career.But you have to understand that one of her friends from school had asked Brooke to help her with an art project and Brooke just didn't have the heart to say 'no'.Besides,Brooke's friend had gotten an A plus for this piece and given it to Brooke as a 'thank you' for her help."

Then,after he had gone into the living room and taken a closer look at Brooke's nude portrait,Terry had taken a deep breath and said,"You know that I'm still going to have a cross to bear over this.",before a relieved Linda had wrapped her arms around her husband,kissed him on the cheek and said,"I know,Terry.And I also know that you would live with it because you love your daughter so very much."That was before Brooke had walked in and said,"Yuck!Get a room,okay?"