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There's Nothing You Can Do About It

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As soon as Elektra Natchios--daughter of slain businessman Nikolas Natchios--had finished her training,she had walked into her bedroom,looked at the picture of herself holding hands with the blind lawyer that she had fallen in love with--Matt Murdock--and said,"I'm sorry,Matt.I know that taking revenge on someone without knowing all of the facts first is not the smart thing to do and it might get me killed.But what I had just realized is that once you swear to take revenge on someone for killing the one person that you had truly cared for with a full heart,there's nothing you can do about it."

And while she was making sure that the blades of her twin sai were still quite sharp,Elektra had looked at her reflection in one of the blades and said,"Daredevil had murdered my beloved father,Matt!And I hereby swear to God that I'm going to make that red suited butcher pay for what he had done to my father!"That was before she had placed the twin sai inside their holsters,looked at the picture of her deceased father with a single tear running down her cheek and said,"I'm doing it for you,Dad.I'm going make Daredevil pay for taking you away from me!"

And after she had kissed the tips of her fingers and placed them on her father's picture,Elektra had stormed right out of her place of residence and started on her quest to find and kill the Man Without Fear,who--unknown to Elektra--had been framed for the murder of her father by the real killer,a totally crazed hitman who never misses a shot and is known only as Bullseye,who happens to be employed by The Kingpin.