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Take Good Care Of YourselfJonah Hex

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It was after a certain legendary bounty hunter who goes by the name of Jonah Hex had rode his horse into a nearby town with his dog and a former prostitue known as Lilah in tow that he had gotten off his horse and drags an unconscious man up to the local sheriff before looking at the town mayor straight in the eye and asked,"So,how much of a reward are you willing to give for this sidewinding snake?",which had made the Mayor unlock and open a strongbox,pull out the exact amount of the bounty that was featured on the wanted poster and handed it to Jonah.

And while he was counting it to make sure that there was not one penny short,the Sheriff had looked at Lilah with curious eyes and asked,"When are you finally going to settle down and give up bounty hunting,Jonah?You know,the job that President Grant had offered is still yours if you want it.",before Jonah had laughed a little bit,placed a gentle hand on the Sheriff's shoulder and said,"I would like to,Frank.But I'm sorry to say that I would only give it when I'm dead."

"I have a feeling that it won't surprise me a single bit.You take good care of yourself,Jonah Hex.And also of the nice philly on that horse of yours.",that was what Frank had said before Jonah had unlocked the chain around the latest bounty's legs and said,"You take care too,Frank.See you around."And after he had tossed the chain aside,Jonah had gotten back on his horse and rode himself and Lilah right out of town with his dog chasing right on after him and towards the setting sun.