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Talkin' Ta The Man In The Moon

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It was on a clear night of March 28th that a concerned Jed Clampett had stepped out of his Beverly Hills mansion and noticed that his daughter Elly May was standing next to the pool and staring at the moon with the look of sadness on her face which had made Jed walk over to Elly and ask,"What'cha doin' out here,Elly?"That was when she had let out a sigh and answered,"Ah'm just talkin' ta the Man in the Moon 'bout the gift Ah didn't get this year.",before Jed had given his beloved daughter a little hug and said,"Oooohhhh,Elly.I had plumb told ya that your ma ain't be comin' back ta us."

And after she had turned her eyes toward her father and said,"Ya are right,Pa.'Tis a dumb wish anyway.Oh,and Ah am sorry 'bout what Ah had done ta Jethro.",Jed had became curious enough to look at Elly May straight in the eyes and asked,"Wot did'cha do ta him,Elly May?",which had made her lower her head in shame and answered,"Well,Pa.When he came out here,Ah told him 'bout my birthday wish.And when he laughed his fool head off over wot Ah had told him,Ah was so mad that Ah had gone and pushed him right into the cement pond."

That had made Jed turn towards the mansion and said,"Ah was wonderin' how that boy had gotten himself all wet without there bein' any talk of rain tonight.",before he had given Elly May a small kiss on the cheek and said,"Oh,well.Happy Birthday,Elly May.",and she had smiled,given Jed a big loving hug and said,"Thank ya kindly,Pa.Nice thing ta say."