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Legal Human Practice

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A Legal Human Practice?
word count:  515
Hiei/Kuwabara or Hieibara if you prefer.


    Kuwabara Kazuma stared into a pair of large innocent green eyes, eyes that stared back at him in wonder, and a little apprehension.  He glanced at Hiei who awkwardly held the baby in his arms.  A baby that was most certainly not Japanese.

    “Why do you have a baby?”

    Hiei's face was as close to a pout as it would ever get.  “You wanted a child.”

    “Yeah, but I said we could adopt...legally.”

    Hiei lifted a brow.  “Is leaving a child on a doorstep a legal human practice?”

    Kuwabara huffed and folded his arms.  “Of course found him on a doorstep?”

    “A human of considerate power left him on the stoop of a mundane human dwelling.  He wore a pointed hat.”


    “A magician, a sorcerer, or whatever the magic users are calling themselves now.”

    Kuwabara looked closer at the little boy, who couldn't be more than a year old, if that.  Gently he placed his hand on top of the child's head and let a bit of his spirit energy touch the boy.  He felt the boy's magic respond cautiously, though friendly enough.  However there was a dark and jagged slash embedded in the kid's soul, it matched the new scar on his forehead.  Someone had wailed on the kid with majorly dark energy, he wondered if Genkai could heal it.

    “What's his name?”

    “Does it matter?  We can give him a new one.”

    Kuwabara leaned forward and kissed Hiei's forehead where his Jagan was warded.  “Names are important and have power Hiei, especially in the west.”

    “Potter, Harry.”

    He eyed his mate, and carefully decided how to handle the situation.  Though Hiei claimed to have brought the child because they had discussed adoption, Kuwabara thought that maybe there was more to it.  He'd found the kid on a doorstep, he was unwanted, abandoned.  Like Hiei.

    And even though Hiei looked uncomfortable holding the kid...his grip on the boy was steady.  He wasn't planning on letting go.  It looked like Harry-chan had already gained an overprotective parent.

    “It will take some doing.  He'll need identification...I know a guy, an old boyfriend of Shizuru's who can take care of things for the right price.”

    “I can sell a tear gem.”


    “Not my Mother' of mine.  My gems are the only red hiruiseki stones.  They are worth more.”

    “It's a lot of responsibility, do you think we're ready?”

    Hiei's eyes were steady when they met his.  “You will not abandon us?”

    “Chibi, I could no more abandon you than I could hurt a cat.”

    Hiei smirked.  “Unless it was a man eating tiger.”

    “Yeah but what are the odds of that happening twice in one lifetime.”

    Hiei smiled and shifted Harry-chan to a more comfortable position.  “Thank you Kazuma.”

    He smiled back and wondered what exactly he'd just gotten himself into...then decided it didn't matter because Hiei had smiled, a real smile that was almost as rare as a red hiruiseki stone.


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Feeding Frenzy


word count: 1691



Kuwabara shifted his bag a bit higher to keep it from sliding off his shoulder as he walked home from the bus stop. His mind wandered back and forth, moving from his morning classes at the University to the shady business deal he had made a few days ago. Takahashi Hideki had only been too happy to arrange Harry's legal documents. He'd asked no questions, not about the fact that Kuwabara and his mysterious lover were adopting a foreign child, nor about the money they'd paid him with.

He smirked, Hiei certainly knew how to turn his world upside down, in more ways than one. He still couldn't believe they were going through with it. Adoption was a huge step all by itself, but Hiei was completely committed to making it work. Just hours after bringing Harry-chan home for the first time Hiei had disappeared for a few hours, only to return with more money than Kuwabara had seen in all his nineteen years.

Logically he knew that a regular hiruiseki stone was worth a fortune, as evidenced by Yukina's capture several years ago, and he knew that a red stone was coveted even more. After all, before Hiei, there had never been any other color of stone besides white or pale blue. selling just one tear Hiei had made them set for several human life times. It was mind boggling. With the money they now had, in several accounts in two realms even, there was no reason for him to even go to University to prepare for the work force. They had it made.

However he was no slacker and Hiei understood that, so he was taking classes in the mornings. No reason to turn into a lazy bum just because they were loaded. But now his morning classes were over and he was going home for lunch with his mate and son.

He grinned as their apartment building came into view. He was almost home, well their home for now. Hiei wanted to move, and he didn't blame the fire demon. When they'd first moved in a year ago they hadn't really discussed children. And then they had, off and on, were even on the verge of checking with an agency, which would have been tricky since Hiei didn't have any papers to prove he existed. And then Hiei brought Harry home. Kuwabara never asked exactly where he'd found Harry-chan. Europe, America, Canada...he had no idea, and it didn't matter. Harry was theirs.

And now Hiei wanted to find a house with a yard and a few trees. After all, they could afford it now. It was something they definitely agreed on. Harry needed a safe place to play, away from traffic. There was no need to repeat one of Yusuke's more selfless acts, not that getting hit by a car would kill either of them...but it might traumatize the kid...and the neighbors. Besides, Hiei simply liked the idea of having a bit of nature so close, so they wanted trees. He felt a grin split his face. Hiei wasn't meant to be cooped up; a house with a yard would be perfect.

“Hiei! Harry-chan! I'm home!” His voice rang out as he toed off his shoes in the entry way. The only answer he received was a loud toddler's laugh...and a string of interesting curses from Hiei. Cautiously he peeked around the corner into the kitchen...and covered his mouth, trying to hold his laughter at bay. Hiei was covered in varying colors of an unidentifiable substance. Orange, green and peach mushy polka dots covered his lover, while the same colors were smeared all over Harry-chan's face and arms. Finally he couldn't stop himself and laughed out loud. Harry started at the sudden sound, but once he saw who it was he waved both his arms and made happy baby noises at him.

“You're turning blue Kazuma.” Hiei's tone wasn't amused, nor was he mad...he was simply frustrated. He turned bewildered red eyes to his mate. “How do you get him to eat?”

Kuwabara choked back his laughter and took several breaths before answering. “Maybe he isn't hungry.”

“He needs to eat.” It was said with such frankness that he knew it bothered Hiei that Harry would rather play with the baby food than eat it.

Kuwabara left his bag in the hall and went to Hiei's side, placing a kiss on a clean patch of skin on the demon's cheek. “He'll eat when he's hungry Koi. We have plenty of food. He won't starve.”

Hiei glared at him, but it was a mild glare and he knew he'd touched on an old issue. Hiei knew about starvation, about eating things that not even scavengers would touch. He wanted better for Harry. He smiled at his mate. “Can't blame the kid for throwing the food at you. Have you actually tasted this stuff?”

Hiei snorted and put down the jar of baby food, along with the spoon he'd been using in his attempt at feeding Harry-chan. There were two other half empty jars already on the table. “Unfortunately yes. He has good aim, and seemed to be fairly amused when it hit me.”

Kuwabara chuckled. “So we'll try something else. Come on, lets get you two cleaned up.”

Hiei nodded and gathered up the discarded jars and promptly threw them away while Kuwabara picked Harry up out of his highchair.

“Have you heard from him?” Hiei asked as he reached for Harry. “I'm already covered in slop, and I like the shirt you're wearing.”

He leered at Hiei and gladly handed Harry over to him. “It will be a few more days before he has everything ready. Technology is getting better all the time. It's getting harder to create identities, and more expensive.”

Hiei frowned as he headed toward the bathroom. “Did we have enough?”

Kuwabara snorted as he followed. “More than enough Chibi. We'll have Harry-chan's papers and everything will be fine.”

They entered the bathroom and immediately removed Harry-chan's clothes. He could tell by the look on Hiei's face that the fire apparition wanted to torch them, however he figured he could get the stains out. He placed them in the sink to rinse after they cleaned up Harry. Wordlessly Hiei handed the toddler to him as he stripped down to his shorts before sitting on the stool. Kuwabara smiled and handed the boy back to him before he himself stripped down to his boxers, placing his clothes on the counter.

Hiei held Harry-chan while Kuwabara gently washed the mushed carrots, peas and peaches from their son. Hiei's eyes's met his off and on.


“Sorcerers have a closed society, they are fickle and are as crafty as a fox.”

“You worried someone might come looking for him?”

Hiei nodded. “I told you he was abandoned by a human who reeked of power.”

“The guy who left Harry-chan on a doorstep?”

Again Hiei nodded. “I looked into the couple's minds before I picked him up.” His eyes hardened a bit, but Harry looked up at him and gurgled, which softened them again. “They were his Mother's family, her sister and her husband. They would have treated he is less than he his.”

“Like a dog?”

“Worse. Individuals like us would send them screaming as far into normalcy as they could get themselves.”

“Wow.” He blinked when a thought occurred to him. “Did anyone see you take Harry-chan?” He'd moved from washing the mush from Harry to washing it off Hiei.

“They saw what they wanted to see.” Hiei's smirk told him all he needed to know.

“Gotta love that Jagan of yours.”

Hiei's smirk was short lived as he tilted his face to give him better access with the shower head. “Still, I worry.”

Kuwabara nodded. “My grandfather told me stories of the Wizards when I was little, the kind of power they have...They have a spell Hiei. A curse that kills instantly. It severs the tie between body and soul, with no hope of revival.” He shivered. “That's a scary kind of power.”

“It is. And I did take him illegally.”

“A slip up from your time as a bandit I'm sure.” He grinned at Hiei as he got the last of the peas off. “I'll take care of it.” He frowned when he spotted a clump of mushed carrots on the back of Hiei's neck. How the heck had it gotten there?

Red eyes narrowed at him in suspicion. “What are you planning?”

“Lean forward some so I can this goop off, it's starting to dry.”


He grinned and winked at his mate as he washed the food off. “You'll see.”

Hiei rolled his eyes. “I'm already filled with dread.”

“Watch it Chibi, or I won't tell you the secret.”

“What secret?”

“To feeding Harry-chan.” Kuwabara smirked as he returned the warm water to a squirming and giggling Harry.” Hiei simply gaped at him.

“I thought you said he wasn't hungry.”

“Completely possible.”

Hiei gave him a shadow of a pout. “But you have a technique to get him to eat.”


“What is it?”

“Not gonna be that easy Hiei.”

Hiei tilted his head. “Oh?”

“You'll have to work for it.”

The smoldering gaze Hiei aimed at him warmed him all over and he smirked back at his mate. Hiei nodded. “I accept your challenge.”

Harry giggled again and clapped his hands, letting a burst of magic fill the small room. It caused the water from the shower head to change from warm liquid to...snowflakes.

Kuwabara sighed and turned the faucet off. “We've got to do something about that before we introduce him to everyone.”

Hiei was still watching Harry in wonder. “Agreed.”

Harry just grinned at them, so they smiled back. Raising a magical baby was going to be interesting.


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No Heroics


word count: 621



Hiei smiled as he wiped away the drool that had collected on Harry's chin. The child had been amusing himself by blowing saliva bubbles throughout the story. “And while your Otou-san's ploy was effective and gave Yusuke the push he needed to defeat Toguro, it could have also sent the detective into such a state that could would have doomed us all.” He gazed into Harry's deep green eyes. Sometimes, such as now, it seemed as if Harry could understand him perfectly, it was amazing. “So we agree. You will not shorten my lifespan with heroic attempts, or faking your death?” Harry's serious gaze vanished and was replaced with a smile. An impish smile. That did not bode well. Hiei sighed. “You're going to be a self-sacrificing fool aren't you?” He reached over to brush the wild dark hair away from the boy's forehead. Harry laughed and patted at his hand. “Then I am relieved that demon's do not suffer heart attacks.”

“It would probably help if you didn't give him ideas with those stories.” He felt Kazuma's warmth along his back, his large hands settled on his shoulders. Hiei looked up into the face above him.

“You don't approve?”

“Of stories in general?”

“Of the ones I tell him.”

“Not really. Think about it, we really don't want him pulling stupid stuff that could get him killed. Letting him grow up with stories of our exploits is just asking for trouble.”

Hiei shrugged. “He needs to know.”

Kazuma frowned at him. “Know what?”

“What kind of man you are.”

The smile he received was soft and Kazuma leaned further down to whisper against his lips. “And what kind of man am I?”

“A courageous fool with a golden heart. The only being in three realms who is allowed to hold mine in his hands.” He smirked and nipped gently at Kazuma's lips. “Well, now there are two.”

The redhead snorted and pulled back a bit. “If I didn't know you as well as I do...that would have sounded really weird. Holding your heart in my hands?”

“You're capable of guarding it.”

“Me and Harry?”

“Yes. Both of you.”

They both looked at the small boy, but Harry had fallen asleep. Kazuma knelt beside the chair Hiei sat in and they watched their son sleep in his toddler bed. “I got the papers.”

Hiei nodded. “Then we are the parents of Kuwabara Hari?”

“Yep, and I gave Takahashi another job.”

“Oh?” He looked down at Kazuma with a raised brow.

“In a few days you'll have your own papers.”

He pondered that for a moment. It wasn't something he has thought necessary before...before he'd brought Harry...Hari home. But Human laws were many and complex, having an identity would make things easier. “And my name?”

Dark serious eyes met his. “Kuwabara Hiei.”

“You would go so far as to accept me into your clan, officially?”

Kazuma shifted until he could lay his head comfortably in Hiei's lap. “Chibi, I've accepted you in every way. We can't get married, not according to my society. But making you part of the clan, what's left of it, is...It feels right. And we'll need every advantage we can get.”

“Does this have anything to do with your plans concerning the Wizards?”


“Then I trust you to take care of it.”

He felt Kazuma sigh in relief as the younger male slipped his arms around his waist. “Thanks Hiei.”

Kuwabara Hari slept on, without a care in the world as his parents stood guard.


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Wake the Baby and Die


word count: 1109

Hiei/Kuwabara or Hieibara if you prefer.


Kuwabara Kazuma was not having a good day. He was cranky, exhausted and was at the point where he just might sell his soul for an hour's sleep uninterrupted. Hari had kept them up for three nights in a row, crying and red-faced. After the second night they'd taken him to a doctor...not an experience he wanted to repeat, ever. Hiei tended to scare the other patients.

The doctor, who evidently was used to dealing with new parents, had smiled at them, keeping his tone gentle while they quietly panicked. It was colic, and easily treated. He'd suggested changing Hari's diet, which they had already been doing, slowly. No one really liked wearing the baby food. He'd also suggested a few herbal teas tried and proven by many mothers.

So that night had been better, Hari-chan hadn't been as fussy, but Hiei had kept watch all night, just in case. And so did he, there was no point in going to bed without Hiei, he had trouble sleeping when the fire demon wasn't with him. So they spent the night watching their son looking at real estate ads in hopes of finding a home that suited them.

Luckily his professors were somewhat understanding of his haggard appearance the last couple of days. Most of them had children and told him it would get better and not to panic at every little cough his son made. Honestly, he was just glad he managed to stay awake all through his classes.

And now he was home again. Hiei was dozing, curled around a sleeping Hari in their bed the last time he checked. And he had plans to join them as soon as he had finished cleaning the kitchen. Lunch hadn't been very messy, but Hari still managed to get some of his food on the floor.

He'd just put the last dish in the drain rack when he felt Shizuru's aura. A feeling of dread washed over him and he grabbed the dish towel and headed to the door, drying his hands as he went. He opened the door just in time, Shizuru had raised her foot, ready to kick it in.



“What's this I hear about you making illegal deals?” She pushed passed him, toeing her shoes off and stomping into the living room, only to fling herself onto the sofa. “Well?”

He sighed and closed the door before joining her, tossing the dish towel on a side table. “I wondered when you were going to show up.”

“I'm waiting little brother.”

He sat across from her in a soft chair. “Things got complicated a few weeks ago.”


He ignored the sarcasm in her voice. “We needed identification papers. So I went to Takahashi.”

“Takahashi is scum.”

“He's your ex, you would know that better than me.” She glared at him. “Besides, when it comes to this kind of thing he's pretty reliable scum.”

“You're hiding something, and you look like shit.”

He sat back and gave her a tired smile. “You haven't figured it out yet?”

“I can't see everything.” She shifted and brought a cigarette to her lips.

“No smoking inside Shizuru.”

“And why not?”

He smirked at her. “We're trying to be more health conscious.”

She put the unlit cigarette away and continue to glare at him. “Cut the crap Kazuma. What are you and Hiei into?” Her voice was louder than necessary and suddenly Hiei was in the room, a soft snarl leaving his throat.

“Woman keep your voice down.”

“Nice to see you too. Did I wake you?”

“No. But if you wake the baby I will make Kazuma an only child.”

Her jaw dropped and she turned wide eyes to Kuwabara. “Baby?”

He grinned at her, enjoying her shock, it wasn't often he got to catch her off guard. “Care to see your nephew?”

“Nephew? You adopted?”


She looked at Hiei was still scowling at her. “Why would you need fake papers...oh hell. Where did the kid come from?”

Kuwabara shrugged. “No idea. He was left on a doorstep. Hiei found him and brought him home.”

She snorted and shook her head. “You're both insane. Can I see him?”

Hiei folded his arms. “Just don't wake him up.” He turned and left the room, and they followed him to the master bedroom.

Shizuru's eyes softened when she saw the little boy curled around Eikichi. She went to the bed and sat down, careful not to jar either occupant. She reached out to touch his hair, and gasped. Her eyes widened in horror and she looked up to meet their eyes. “Kazuma.”

He grimaced. “We're going to take him to Genkai soon.”

She nodded. “That slash on his soul is troubling...but...”

Hiei growled softly and Kuwabara pulled his mate to him. “What is it Sis?”

“A possible future. The kid would have had a rough time of it if he wasn't here. He still might if he's taken away.”

Kuwabara nodded. He had figured as much. “I wanted to talk to you about that. Hiei, lay back down for a while.” Hiei nodded, stifling a yawn before settling on the bed and curling back around baby and feline.

Kuwabara led his sister back to the kitchen and when they were seated at the table, each with a cup of tea Shizuru waved her hand in impatience. “Well?”

“Hari-chan is a wizard, or he will be. I'm worried about the authorities in his country, where ever it is, finding him.”

She looked at him carefully. “Grandfather removed our status among the wizards for a reason. Are you sure you want to go back into that society?”

“If I want to keep Hari, binding him to the clan is the only way.”

“You're the head of the family Kazuma. You don't need my approval.”

“Shizuru, you're the oldest. I wanted your opinion, my decision will effect you...and our cousins.”

She sipped at her tea, a thoughtful expression on her calm face. “And Hiei?”

He grinned at her. “He's agreed to join the clan.”

She nodded and gave him just a hint of a smile. “It could be fun. It'll certainly shake those snobs up a bit.”

Kuwabara lifted his cup to hers. “To the Kuwabara Clan, may we keep the snotty Wizards on their toes.”

Their glasses clinked and they drank their tea, each wondering just what was in store for their clan when they rejoined Tokyo's Magical Society.


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word count: 869

Hiei/Kuwabara or Hieibara if you prefer. XD


Genkai had few regrets in her life, however her decision to not have children was not one of them. Especially since she'd ended up with kids anyway. Yusuke and his friends were all the family she needed. Or so she thought.

She'd never expected Kuwabara to drop such a bombshell. Yusuke was always the one who left her world shaken like an earthquake. But one look into those big green eyes and that baby smile and she knew they were doomed. No kid had a right to be that cute.

“Obaa-san?” Kuwabara was giving her a worried look, she'd been silent for too long.

“Do I even want to know where you got a kid?”

The young man shrugged from where he sat beside Hiei. “Hiei didn't say and I didn't ask.”

She turned her gaze on the demon, who held baby Hari in his lap. “Can't do anything simple can you?”

Hiei frowned at her. “Will you examine him or not?” The rudeness earned him a nudge from his mate.

“Behave.” Kuwabara muttered. Hiei snorted in response, but his glare did lessen. Kuwabara started again. “We don't know much about Wizards so I wanted another opinion on what happened to Hari-chan. There's a mark on his soul that worries me. Would you please take a look at it?”

Genkai felt her eyes widen. Wizards tended to get a bit crazy when one of their children went missing. “You stole a magical family's brat? That was a very stupid thing to do.”

Hiei looked into her eyes with something that she had only seen a few times in her life. “He was abandoned. Left to humans that would have abused him. He was not wanted by them.” The rage that burned in his gaze was honest and dark. She flicked her own eyes to Kuwabara, the young man was gently rubbing soothing circles on his mate's arm.

However Kuwabara nodded at her. “I don't know much about their magic Genkai, but I know that to keep Hari the clan will have to rejoin their society.”

She sighed. “I remember the uproar it caused in their ranks when the Kuwabara clan left Tokyo's Magical Society. It was a great embarrassment that such a strong family turned it's back on their way of life.” She met his eyes. “When you go back, do not beg, do not let them see you flinch. The Kuwabara clan is not what it once was.” At her words Kuwabara snickered.

“You're wrong about that.”


“My dad had two sisters, and several cousins, all of them were girls so they don't bare the name. But they are part of the clan.” He grinned. “One of my cousins is the Priestess at the Higurashi Shrine.”

Hiei looked perturbed at that. “I'm going to have to meet her and the others, aren't I?”

Kuwabara did not look apologetic. “Yep.”

She snorted. “Fine. I'll look at the brat.” She held her hand out toward Hari who blinked back at her curiously before reaching out to her with a baby smile. When his magic touched her awareness she gasped at what she saw and felt. Someone had tried to kill the kid with death magic, that damn killing curse the Wizards had invented, and the kid was still alive. Bu that mark on his had to go. “Hiei, you'll need to use your Jagan and black fire on the mark. It cannot remain there.”

“What is it?” There was real fear in Kuwabara's voice.

“A soul fragment left behind by the one who tried to kill the boy. If you leave it alone it would leave the kid vulnerable to outside influence over long distances. Perhaps even mind control.”


Hiei's eyes had narrowed her words and he handed their son to Kuwabara and unwrapped his Jagan. The implanted eye glowed eerily and Hari whimpered. However Kuwabara's reiki surrounded him in a gentle blanket, soon accompanied with a layer of Hiei's youki, the energy signatures of both men calmed the kid down and Genkai watched in fascination as the taint on Hari was burned away in an instant by a black flame that dissipated almost as soon as it appeared. Hari jerked, gave a single cry and then shook himself as if startled before reaching for Hiei and crawling into the demon's lap and falling asleep. The Jagan no longer glowed, in fact it, along with Hiei's true eyes, gazed at the boy fondly.

Kuwabara snorted, though his face was filled with relief. “That was easy.”

Genkai rolled her eyes. “Only because the damage was new, fresh so to speak. If it had been left alone it would have become a permanent fixture.”

“Thanks ba-san...Can we count on your support when I make it official?”

“What? Your re-entry to Wizard Society?”



Hiei smirked at her over the sleeping Hari's head. “With a grandmother like you, who would dare oppose us?”

Genkai blinked at him before chuckling. “Flatterer.” She nodded at Kuwabara. “Count me in.”


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Kuwabara Clan: The Kinomoto Family
word count: 1759


Kazuma watched the family in the front yard of a modest two story home. A young mother played with her children on the front steps under the kind eyes of her husband and an older couple who watched from the doorway of the house. The young mother held her little girl, who looked to be Hari's age in her lap on the steps, while her son, who looked around seven or eight, held up a brightly colored leaf that had fallen from a nearby tree for the toddler to inspect.

The faint scent of food was on the breeze; no doubt coming from the window that was just slightly open to allow fresh air into the house, as it was mild for December. And the food...meant they were in time for lunch.

Hiei stood to his right with Hari balanced on his hip; which was one of Hari's favorite places to be actually. Hiei glanced at him. “These are your relatives?”

Kazuma nodded, “Some of them. My dad had two sisters, one older and the other younger. Aiko, his older sister, married Kinomoto Isamu.”

“They are the older couple on the porch.”

“Yeah. The younger man is their son, Fujitaka. The woman sitting on the steps is his wife Nadeshiko. The kids are theirs, Toya and Sakura.”

“Your aunt, Aiko… she has magic.”

“She was a teenager when Gramps pulled the family out. I don't know if she ever finished her training.”

Hiei gave a brief hn. “Look again. Her aura is polished. She's been trained.”

He ruffled Hari's hair a bit as he looked at his aunt again, concentrating on her aura. Hiei was right; it had a finished look to it, almost like a varnish or natural shine. “Aiko is really good at hiding her magic.”

As he said that Aiko looked up from watching her family and met his eyes. “Kazuma! Don't just stand there! The food is getting cold!”

“Coming!” He called back as he guided Hiei into the yard.

“She knew we were here the entire time.”

“Well we do kind of stand out, no matter where we go.” He grinned at his lover, who rolled his eyes, but did give him a little smirk in return.

As they approached the family the little girl looked up at them and upon seeing Hari waved her arms about and babbled in greeting. Hari, at first surprised by her actions, hesitated for only a second before waving back and babbling just as merrily. The girl's mother giggled as she too waved at Hari. The young boy beside her glared at them instead.

“Is this normal behavior?” Hiei asked him.

Kazuma shrugged. “The only baby I've spent a lot of time with is Hari-chan, so I don't know. Toya always glares at strangers when he meets them.”

Isamu chuckled. “It’s perfectly normal behavior for happy children to greet one another like that.”

Aiko grinned and reached for one of Hari's hands shaking it gently up and down. “Kazuma, he's adorable. What's his name?”


She continued to smile and met Hiei's eyes. “And who's this handsome young man.” She blinked and looked closer at the stranger who only came up to her nephew's shoulder. “'re actually much older than our Kazuma aren't you?”

Hiei nodded. “I am Hiei...Kuwabara Hiei.” There was almost a pouty defiance to the demon's words. However Aiko nodded and bowed a bit.

“It is nice to meet you Kuwabara Hiei. Our Kazuma has chosen such a handsome lover.” She giggled when both of them blushed.

Isamu shook his head. “You can tease them later Aiko, let the poor boys eat first.”

“Ah, you never let me have any fun these days.” She winked at her husband before ushering them inside. “Come on in, lunch is ready, we can get reacquainted over our meal.”

Aiko and Isamu ushered them inside, the others following behind, they quickly toed their shoes off and slipped on guest slippers before they followed their noses to the food that was staying warm in the kitchen.

“Hiei-san,” The young man smiled as he brought a second toddler chair into view, setting it up beside the one his wife was placing their daughter in. “Hari-kun can sit here beside Sakura-chan.”

Hiei nodded and placed Hari in the chair, all the while Hari and Sakura babbled at one another and patted each other’s hands. Hiei shook his head in wonder and settled beside their son while Kazuma chose a chair on Hiei's other side. They watched as Aiko and Isamu placed the food on the table before everyone settled in their chairs.

Aiko tilted her head slightly to look at her nephew. “What was it you wanted to speak with us about Kazuma?”

“Something very important Aiko, it has a lot to do with our adopting Hari.”

“Aiko, love. Let’s eat first, and then we can talk while Toya looks after the little ones.” Isamu suggested, before shooting a glance at his grandson. “That will be alright, won't it Toya? And why are you glaring at Hiei-san?”

Toya flicked his eyes away from Hiei for just a moment. “He's not human.”

Aiko sighed. “Still, you shouldn't stare.”

Kazuma gave Toya his kindest smile, but made sure his voice broke no argument from his much younger relative. “Hiei is a demon and he is my mate. He is family and of no threat to you or your sister.”

Toya looked thoughtful for a moment. “You promise?”

“You have my word.”

Another moment of thoughtful silence passed by before Toya looked at Hiei and nodded. “Okay.”

Fujitaka gave his son a grateful smile. “Thank you for being so accepting Toya-kun.” Toya simply nodded and began eating.

The topics of conversation while they ate stayed light, mostly concentrating on the weather, and Fujitaka's change of career from teaching high school students to university students. When they were done Hiei, Toya, and the two younger children were ushered into the living room where they could keep the toddlers occupied. Toya was still reluctant to trust Hiei, until Hari promptly broke the ice with his baby grin, which showed off all five of his baby teeth. The result was a laughing Toya and smirking Hiei. After that brief scene Kazuma left them to it and rejoined the others in the kitchen.

He offered to help Aiko and Nadeshiko with the dishes, but backed down when Aiko insisted that he enjoy his coffee and relax. Kazuma was wise in the ways of Kuwabara women from growing up with Shizuru so he let her have her way.

As Aiko put away the last of the dishes she and Nadeshiko rejoined the men at the table. “Now. What is on your mind nephew?”

Kazuma took a breath to steady himself. “I would like to have your support when I re-enter our clan.”

Nadeshiko blinked and gave her husband a confused look. “Re-enter?”

Fujitaka nodded. “Grandfather became disgusted with the prejudices that existed among the Wizards. So he removed the Kuwabara Clan from their world.”

Nadeshiko gave him wide eyes before turning to look at Kazuma. “It must have been lonely to leave everything he knew behind. Ne, Kazuma-kun, why would you want to go back if your grandfather thought it was so horrible?”

Aiko glanced toward the living room where Hiei could be seen with both Sakura and Hari in his lap as Toya talked with him, a serious expression on his young face. “It’s because of Hari-chan, isn't it?”

“Yes. He was abandoned by a Wizard to blood relatives who would have hurt him. Hiei found him and brought him home.”

Isamu's jaw dropped in surprise, though whether it was because someone could abandon a child or Hiei's actions he wasn't sure. Isamu gathered himself together enough to ask a question. “Where did he find Hari?”

Kazuma shrugged. “I never asked. There is a high possibility that his birth parents are dead. The scar on his forehead is the result of very dark magic. Someone embedded a fragment of their soul into him...after they failed to kill him with a curse.”

Fujitaka's eyes were drawn to the group in the living room, his gaze worried. “Will he be alright?”

“Yeah. Once we knew what it was Hiei removed it; under Genkai's watchful eye of course.” Kazuma smirked a bit when he saw his aunt's eyes widen when he mentioned Genkai. “Aiko-san. Will you support my decision? Will you come back with me to that world? Will all of you join me?”

Isamu looked from his wife back to Kazuma. “Why is it important for all of us to join?”

Aiko put her hand on Isamu's, “A united front.” She met Kazuma's eyes. “You're fully adopting Hari.”

He nodded. “To keep him, legally he has to be bound to our clan. To do that the clan has to go back.”

Aiko looked at her husband and Isamu smiled at her. “I know you missed that world, so much that you left Japan to complete your schooling when your father left it.”

Kazuma blinked at his uncle's words. “Huh. We thought your magic felt refined.”

Aiko nodded in acknowledgment before looking at her son. “Fujitaka?”

Fujitaka smiled at her. “I'm no Wizard.”

“No, but you are an Empath.”

Fujitaka gave a thoughtful nod to his mother as he watched Toya, who now had Hari in his lap, while Hiei held Sakura. “Kaasan,” He looked at Aiko, his face very serious. “Toya can sense and see spirits. And Sakura...she has magic. Doesn't she?”

Aiko nodded. “Yes.”

He took Nadeshiko's hand. “Nadeshiko-san?”

Nadeshiko smiled and gestured to the group in the living room. “Sakura-chan and Toya-chan already adore Hari-chan and Hiei-kun. I'm alright with it.” They shared a smile with one another before nodding at Aiko.

Aiko outright beamed at them and shared her eagerness with her nephew. “We will support your endeavor Kazuma.”

Kazuma let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

Aiko nodded. “Now, what have you been up to these past few years? How did you meet Hiei-san...and how do you know Genkai-sama?”

He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Eheh...well...”


Chapter Text

Kuwabara Clan: Kino Makoto


Hiei gazed at the spread Kazuma had set up on the ground, a picnic was not a new experience for him, in fact when he had first started courting his mate picnics were a favorite activity. This was however, the first time they'd had a picnic at the University where Kazuma attended his morning classes. This was also the first time they'd ever had a picnic in December. Their chosen activity had gained them more than one odd look; despite the mild weather it was still cool. Luckily he was fire demon and their entire square of picnic cloth was bathed in the warmth of his body.

“Is there a reason you seem to want to talk to your clan members around food? Or to use me as a portable furnace?” Hiei asked, as it was something that he had wondered about.

Kazuma simply smiled at him. “You're the one that turned up the heat; I never suggested that you should. Also, family and friends like to eat at gatherings Hiei.”

“I didn't want Hari to be cold.” He snorted, he had indeed raised his body-heat to keep them all warm, and it had mostly been a subconscious action. “I would not call four of us a gathering...and we rarely shared meals with Kurama and Yusuke back then.”

“That was because we were too busy training and fighting for our lives...and the two of us were too busy arguing.”

Hiei nodded fondly at the memory. “You have always been very every situation.” He smirked at the light blush his comment caused, and continued to smirk even as Kazuma smacked the back of his head, much to Hari's amusement. “If you continue to hit me Hari will learn bad habits.”

“You're evil you know that.”

“So you've told me.” He relented though, as much fun as their banter was. “Is there another reason for the food? Or our location?”

“Food puts people at ease, you rarely give someone bad news over a meal. And Makoto is a student here, we're lucky she has a long lunch break between her classes and her part-time job. This is the only time that's convenient for her to meet us.”

“What does she look like?” Again there was that smile, the smile that Kazuma gave him when there was a secret to be found out. He respected his mate so he never pried the information from Kazuma's mind, but that smile irritated him sometimes. And no matter what his lover said, it did not make him pout. “Kazuma.”

“You'll know her when you see her.”

“Humor me.”

“You're no fun today.” He winked. “Makoto is a pretty brunette; she'll probably be wearing a long skirt or jeans. She's just a bit taller than Shizuru.”

With that basic description Hiei started scanning the students coming and going from the main building. Kazuma was right...he knew who she was on sight. Even if he hadn't known she was part of the clan, there was no way to miss her. She strode over the manicured lawn of the university with ease. Her long steps were graceful and not at all awkward. Her rich brown hair was in a high ponytail and she did indeed wear a long skirt that seemed to flow like water around her.

However, as she drew closer his jagan flared and he saw flashes of the same girl in his mind. In some scenes she wore a uniform and fought with creatures that could have been demons. In others she wore a dark green gown, a scepter in her hand as she held court in a large hall. The images faded and he looked at the young woman who stood only a step away from their picnic cloth. She held up a hand and looked puzzled as she felt the pocket of warm air around them. Their eyes locked and hers narrowed as her body shifted, readying for an oncoming attack.


Kazuma rolled his eyes. “It’s okay. Hiei is friendly enough.” She nodded and relaxed her stance before slipping off her shoes and settling on the cloth across from them, the spread of food acting as a rather obvious barrier; a barrier that Hari discarded as he crawled from Kazuma's lap, through the basket of rolls, and onto the young woman's lap.

She looked at Hari in surprise for a moment, and then looked up at them. “You gonna tell me what's going on?”

Kazuma nodded. “In a while...Mako-chan? Did your parents talk about the clan's position before Grandpa Akira removed us from the Wizard's world?”

“Mmm, sometimes, but Mama was the youngest and hadn't been at her academy very long when that happened.”

“Did she miss it?”

“Some, I think. Why?”

“We need to go back to that world.”


“The boy in your lap is our,” Kazuma motioned to himself and Hiei, “adopted son. To keep him we have to go back. The clan needs to be recognized.”

She nodded in understanding. “And you can't have a clan without members...but Kazuma-ni...How long have you been with a demon?”

“For a few years now. We met when I was fourteen.” He smiled at Hiei. “We waited until I was seventeen before we...bonded. Mostly I think Hiei was just waiting for me to grow up.”

Makoto grinned suddenly. “Eh?” Then she looked at Hiei. “Did you get impatient Hiei-san?”

Kazuma's jaw dropped for a second. “Oi!”

Hiei in turn smirked at his mate. “I like this one. She knows you well.”

Makoto giggled at Kazuma's scowl, hugging Hari to her as she spoke. “So what do you need me to do?”

“We just need your support Mako-chan.”

“Then you have it.”

Hiei nodded in acknowledgment. “Thank you.”

Kazuma reached for a plate and handed it to his cousin. “Now, how are your classes going?”


Chapter Text

Kuwabara Clan: The Higurashi Family
word count: 1535


Hiei looked up the hill at the remaining steps as they walked up them, thankful that Hari was sleeping, as the long walk would have bored the toddler. “Impressive.”

Kazuma took them in as well but shook his head. “I guess to the locals they are, but after walking up the steps to Genkai's these seem pretty ordinary.”

“This is where the Priestess lives? I'm assuming there is a shrine at the top of these stairs.”

He nodded in affirmation. “Yeah, Kagome lives here with her mother, Suzume; her grandfather, Satoshi; little brother, Souta and her...adopted son....Shippo.”

Hiei gave him a mild look of surprise. “She's younger than you.”

“Yep, she’ll be starting her last year of high school next month.”

“Hmm. Why did you pause when you mentioned her son? Have I stumbled upon a family secret, other than a penchant for unusual names?”

Kazuma gave him a little smirk. “Nah, nothing like that. It’s just that it’s not an official human adoption.”

“Her son is a demon.”

“A young fire fox.”

“How did she come across him? Foxes are notoriously protective of their kits.”

“Huh, I didn't know that. There was a portal to the warring states era, five hundred years in the past, on the property. I think she closed it last year though when a wish was made on the Jewel of Four Souls. She was somehow able to bring Shippo with her, though she's not sure how.”

Hiei stopped and looked up at him. “She is the Priestess from the legend?”

Kazuma reached over and tugged on his arm just a bit to get him moving again. “One of them.” He started moving again, chuckling as he walked. Kazuma gave him a curious look. “What?”

“I did not realize that I was marrying into such a powerful family.” Hiei blinked at the narrowed eyes that his mate aimed at him. “What?”

“Does it matter how powerful we are?”

“As far as our relationship? No. But for Hari's sake, the more power we have, the better.”

“Good answer and Kurama thought it would be hard to train you.”

“Did he? Am I housebroken now?”

Kazuma paused and put a finger under his mate's chin. “I would never make you change Hiei.”

“Of course not. I changed on my own so that I could keep you, and Hari.”

They shared a smile and topped the stairs...just as a male voice yelled out “Demon be gone!” And then several paper talismans were thrown at them...most of them sticking to Hiei.

Hiei froze, glared at the old man, and carefully lit the talismans on fire with his youki...Hari never stirred. Kazuma kept a hand on his lover's arm and sighed, almost as if he were embarrassed.

“Oi! Ossan! The only reason Hiei didn't maim you is because he's holding Hari-chan!”

The short (he was not much taller than Genkai) and portly elder stepped back from them in surprise, his face contorted into a mask of disbelief. “My spells! They should have worked!” He took a step back in worry as they continued to approach him. “What manner of creature are you—Ow! What was that for?” He turned to a raven-haired beauty that had come up behind him with a broom, the same broom that she'd just whapped him with.

“Grandpa, I told you not to do that. Your spells don't work. Besides, this demon is Kazuma-ni's mate.” The young woman handed him the broom. “Try to stay out of trouble for a while.” She gave him an exasperated look.

The old man looked a little sheepish and gave them an apologetic bow. “Guess I got a little carried away. We just hardly ever get demons here these days.”

Kazuma rolled his eyes. “Hiei, this is Higurashi Satoshi, his wife was my grandfather's sister Hana. Satoshi, this is my mate, Hiei, and our son Hari-chan.”

Satoshi bowed again and introduced his granddaughter Kagome to Hiei before leading them back to the house. Kagome walked with them as they followed the old man. “I'm sorry about that.”

Hiei watched the old man warily. “He was surprised...I suppose.”

Kagome snorted. “He does that to just about everybody that comes here actually. At least on their first visit. The tourists think its funny, to an extent.”

A woman was preparing a tray of tea and snacks when they entered the house. “Please make yourselves comfortable in the sitting room Kazuma. I'll be there in a moment.”

“Thank you for your hospitality Suzume-san.”

Kagome led them to the sitting room where they settled on the floor around a low table and then she promptly held out her arms to Hiei, much to Kazuma's amusement.


“Let me see him.”

“It’s okay Hiei.”

He gave her a glare and ignored Kazuma for the moment, his grasp on Hari tightened just a bit, causing Hari to stir and open his eyes. “Why?”

Two youths entered the room, one a human boy between the ages of 9-10, the other a younger fox kit. The kit froze, eyes locked on Hiei and shivered. “Mama?”

“It’s okay Shippo-chan. This is Hiei-san, Kazuma-ni's mate.”

The kit gave a small bow, as did the other boy, and settled beside the girl, keeping her between himself and Hiei. So the girl was definitely the priestess.

“We can trust her Hiei.” Kazuma settled his arm around Hiei's waist.

Taking a chance he gently handed Hari to Kagome. She did the usual female oddity of cooing at the child and waggling her fingers at him and tickling him. Hari laughed and tugged at her hair in retaliation. Then Kagome placed her fingertips to the lighting shaped scar on Hari's forehead, there was a soft pink glow...and she removed her hand again. She smiled. “If you had brought him here sooner I could have done more for the scar, but it’s less noticeable now.” She handed him back to Hiei. She had indeed healed the scar, enough that it was almost gone.

Kazuma nodded. “Thanks, it’s just been a little hectic. Hari-chan's appearance into our lives was kinda sudden. We haven't even introduced him to our friends yet.”

Hiei smirked. “Can you imagine how Yusuke will react?”

“I try not to think about that.”

The other boy, who introduced himself as Souta, snickered and started up a rather generic conversation. Hiei wondered at a human's need to fill the silence with words that said nothing at all. The conversation continued even as Suzume brought in the tea. As she served them Kagome broke a cookie into smaller pieces before handing them to Hari before sipping at her own tea.

Suzume settled herself and took a bracing sip. “So Kazuma, what is it you wanted to talk about?”

He took a steadying breath. “How would you feel about rejoining the Wizard society?”

She looked thoughtful, gazing into her tea for a moment before replying steadily. “I wouldn't mind it.” Suzume lifted her eyes to his. “Is there a reason you want to rejoin it?”

He gestured to Hari, still in Hiei's lap. “Hari-chan is from their world. I don't know which country...”

“England.” Hiei murmured, almost absently. “I found him in England when he was abandoned to those...people.”

Kazuma smiled at his mate in reassurance. “England then. We have had an identity created for him but to give the adoption some legality...we need to go back.”

Suzume was staring at Hari in shock, probably because of the comment Hiei had made. “So that you can bind him to the clan.” She nodded. “It’s alright with me, though the decision should be Kagome's. She has the most power in our family unit.

Kagome gave her mother a sort of wide-eyed expression before looking at Kazuma. He smiled gently. “Kagome?”

She bit her lip. “Can I make a request?”


“I'd like to create an identity for Shippo, like you did for Hari-chan and...make him my son officially...and a part of the clan.”

Hiei looked at her, Kazuma wasn't sure if his mate was surprised or suspicious. “Are those your only conditions Priestess?”

Her eyes sharpened a bit and Kazuma wondered if he needed to dive for cover. “Shippo has been my son since I was fifteen. I want him to be safe and taken care of; he has already lost his birth parents.” Her outburst made Hiei smirk.

Kazuma rolled his eyes. “That's not going to be an issue. I'll take care of it.”

The fire left her eyes and she sighed in relief. The other males in the room sighed and relaxed in obvious relief. She smiled at them. “Thank you.”

Hiei nodded; amusement in his red eyes. “You'll join us then.”

“Of course. Hiei-ni.”

Hiei gave her a sort of shocked look and Kazuma pulled him closer with a chuckle. “Thanks Gome-chan.”


Chapter Text

Kuwabara Clan: America
Word count: 438


Kuwabara Seiji opened his mailbox, expecting the usual bills. He was not expecting an envelope from Japan addressed to him, as his brother Akira had passed on many years ago. He took it inside, ignored his wife's curious green gaze, still in shock, and opened the envelope. A picture fell out.

Seiji picked up the photo, a simple muggle family portrait. The family was...a little unusual. The tallest figure was a young man of at least partial Japanese decent, and had the classic aristocratic Kuwabara cheekbones. The second man, who only came to the other's shoulder, had an unusual starburst pattern in his hair...and inhuman red eyes. In the...demon's arms was a baby...a toddler actually. One that was most certainly not Japanese. He placed the photo down and pulled out the letter.


My name is Kuwabara Kazuma. My father was Kuwabara Toshiro, and my grandfather was your older brother Kuwabara Akira. The reason I'm writing to you is one of great importance. The members of the clan in Japan are in agreement. We are going back to the society that Akira turned his back on. Hopefully things have changed in the clan's absence.
Normally I wouldn't care about the rules of some stuck up society. But my mate and I have adopted a child from a foreign magical society and to make it legal and to keep him we have to rejoin that world.
I know you took your family to America to join the society there and you did so with Akira's blessing. I just wanted you to know we were going back and that you're welcome to visit. I know my cousins are curious about the rest of our clan. As am I. We would all like to get to know you.

Kuwabara Kazuma
Head of the Kuwabara Clan

Seiji stared at the photo again...mate? His great nephew was indeed mated to a demon. Akira would have been shocked...and proud.

His wife, Emiko, approached him, her voice soft and concerned. “Darling?” Without a word he handed her the letter. When she finished reading it she gasped. “Oh my. What will you do?”

“Our home is here...but it would be nice to see what sort of clan the Kuwabara's have become.”

Emiko smiled at him before looking at the photo on his desk. However when she picked it up to examine it closer...she frowned. “Seiji...this child. Look at his forehead.”

He nodded. “I saw the scar...though it is very faint. Only very dark magic could have left such a mark.” He grinned at her. “Things just got very interesting.”


Chapter Text

Word count: 990


Yusuke and Keiko were preparing to close up shop. Her parents had already turned in for the night. And so far all Yusuke had done this evening was grumble about the absence of his best friend.

“All I'm saying is that something is going on. Kuwabara hasn't been around like he used to.”

Keiko sighed, again. “You're being ridiculous. Kuwabara and Hiei probably just like to spend their time together. Married couples do that.” She gave him a pointed look.

“What's that supposed to mean? We spend time together...We go to the movies, we eat out. I cook for you, you cook for me. We go dancing.” He smirked and whispered in her ear. “We stay in.”

Keiko smiled and gave his cheek a quick peck of a kiss. “That's my point. Maybe they're doing all the things we do.”

He made a face. “I didn't need that image in my head.”

She smacked his shoulder, hard. “What were you thinking?”

“Oi! Relax, nothing like that. I was thinking of Hiei...dancing.” He laughed just as the door slid open, signaling the arrival of a last minute customer.

Keiko called out a greeting and smirked at Yusuke. “Kuwabara-kun, Hiei-kun.”

Yusuke's widened a bit comically and he turned to face the new arrivals...and stared. “Why do you have a kid? How is that possible?” Keiko slapped the back of his head. “Ow! Hey, you said they were probably doing everything that we did. So my conclusion was a little off.” This time Kuwabara smacked him...well it was more of a punch, but there was no malice behind it. “Damn it! Ow!”

Hiei smirked. “It would seem yours requires more training.”

Keiko sighed regretfully and more than a little dramatically. “I don't think he'll ever be fit for important company. It’s amazing that he was able to hold off a war in the Makai with his complete lack of diplomacy or manners.” She smiled at her husband as she said it. “Please have a seat. Yusuke get a chair for...” She looked at them in question.

Hiei answered, shifting the toddler in his grasp. “Hari.”

She smiled. “Hari-chan then.”

Yusuke rolled his eyes but brought out a toddler chair with a tray for the kid and set it beside the table Kuwabara was already settled at. “What's the kid like to eat?”

Kuwabara smirked. “So far, anything but baby food.”

Hiei let out a mildly amused snort at the response as he placed Hari in the chair and fastened him in.

Keiko, with a thoughtful look, reached behind the counter and pulled out a box of dry cereal. “Have you tried these? A lot of young mothers swear by them, that American mothers are geniuses for using them.”

Kuwabara looked at the box skeptically. “Cheerios?”

She shrugged. “See if he likes them.” She poured a few into a bowl and placed it in front of the little boy.

Hari looked at the adults; a little cautiously which made Yusuke wonder...and then a few of the cheerios started to float. One went right into Hari's mouth. The kid chewed it, swallowed and the reached for another with his hand.

Yusuke looked at his best friend. “You have some serious explaining to do.”

Kuwabara sighed. “Yeah. I know, but you got to understand Urameshi. That power Hari-chan has complicates things. We've had to deal with some stuff.”

Hiei watched Hari carefully as he added. “We still have much to do.”

Keiko settled at the table beside Hiei. “Like what?”

Hiei flicked his eyes to her in amusement. “Make his adoption legal.”

Yusuke gaped for a second. “ took him?”

Hiei shrugged, though Yusuke gulped at the glare sent his way. “He was abandoned.”

“Yeah...okay. I got it. So...what do you need from us?”

At that Hiei smirked. “Perceptive.”

Keiko nodded, pride in her eyes, though they were teasing as well. “Yusuke has his moments.”

Yusuke leaned against the counter and folded his arms. “Everybody picks on me.”

Kuwabara let out a snicker before looking at his best friend quite seriously. “How would you like to be godparents?”

Yusuke blinked, caught Keiko's eyes and saw she was as surprised as him. He looked closely at Kuwabara. “Us? Really?”

Keiko smile, her eyes a bit teary. “We'd be honored.” She gave him a look. “Wouldn't we, Yusuke?”

Gulp. “Yeah. We expecting trouble?”

Hiei snorted but it was Kuwabara who waved the question away and answered. “You have to ask a question like that? With our record for finding trouble?”

“Good point.” Yusuke blinked. “He doesn't do that in public does he?”

They all looked at Hari, who was picking cheerios out of the air and munching on them happily. The bowl was empty.

Hiei smiled fondly at the boy. “Luckily no.”

Keiko cooed. “He's adorable.” She shot another look at Yusuke. “And when we have a baby I'd like to offer the two of you the same position.”

Yusuke froze. “Say what?”

Hiei nodded. “It would be an honor.”


Kuwabara clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Don't worry Urameshi. You'll figure it out.”

Yusuke rolled his eyes “Oh...hey...does Kurama know? Botan?”

Kuwabara shook his head. “Not yet, but we should all get together soon.”

Keiko grinned. “A small party would be nice, sort of a welcome to our family party for Hari-chan.”

Yusuke nodded. “Sure, we'll even host it for you so you won't have to deal with the clean up.”

Hari laughed and a cheerio went zipping toward Yusuke's head. He caught it easily. Kid's got good aim.”

Kuwabara started laughing, almost hysterically while Hiei merely sighed. “You have no idea.”