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Legal Human Practice

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Word count: 990


Yusuke and Keiko were preparing to close up shop. Her parents had already turned in for the night. And so far all Yusuke had done this evening was grumble about the absence of his best friend.

“All I'm saying is that something is going on. Kuwabara hasn't been around like he used to.”

Keiko sighed, again. “You're being ridiculous. Kuwabara and Hiei probably just like to spend their time together. Married couples do that.” She gave him a pointed look.

“What's that supposed to mean? We spend time together...We go to the movies, we eat out. I cook for you, you cook for me. We go dancing.” He smirked and whispered in her ear. “We stay in.”

Keiko smiled and gave his cheek a quick peck of a kiss. “That's my point. Maybe they're doing all the things we do.”

He made a face. “I didn't need that image in my head.”

She smacked his shoulder, hard. “What were you thinking?”

“Oi! Relax, nothing like that. I was thinking of Hiei...dancing.” He laughed just as the door slid open, signaling the arrival of a last minute customer.

Keiko called out a greeting and smirked at Yusuke. “Kuwabara-kun, Hiei-kun.”

Yusuke's widened a bit comically and he turned to face the new arrivals...and stared. “Why do you have a kid? How is that possible?” Keiko slapped the back of his head. “Ow! Hey, you said they were probably doing everything that we did. So my conclusion was a little off.” This time Kuwabara smacked him...well it was more of a punch, but there was no malice behind it. “Damn it! Ow!”

Hiei smirked. “It would seem yours requires more training.”

Keiko sighed regretfully and more than a little dramatically. “I don't think he'll ever be fit for important company. It’s amazing that he was able to hold off a war in the Makai with his complete lack of diplomacy or manners.” She smiled at her husband as she said it. “Please have a seat. Yusuke get a chair for...” She looked at them in question.

Hiei answered, shifting the toddler in his grasp. “Hari.”

She smiled. “Hari-chan then.”

Yusuke rolled his eyes but brought out a toddler chair with a tray for the kid and set it beside the table Kuwabara was already settled at. “What's the kid like to eat?”

Kuwabara smirked. “So far, anything but baby food.”

Hiei let out a mildly amused snort at the response as he placed Hari in the chair and fastened him in.

Keiko, with a thoughtful look, reached behind the counter and pulled out a box of dry cereal. “Have you tried these? A lot of young mothers swear by them, that American mothers are geniuses for using them.”

Kuwabara looked at the box skeptically. “Cheerios?”

She shrugged. “See if he likes them.” She poured a few into a bowl and placed it in front of the little boy.

Hari looked at the adults; a little cautiously which made Yusuke wonder...and then a few of the cheerios started to float. One went right into Hari's mouth. The kid chewed it, swallowed and the reached for another with his hand.

Yusuke looked at his best friend. “You have some serious explaining to do.”

Kuwabara sighed. “Yeah. I know, but you got to understand Urameshi. That power Hari-chan has complicates things. We've had to deal with some stuff.”

Hiei watched Hari carefully as he added. “We still have much to do.”

Keiko settled at the table beside Hiei. “Like what?”

Hiei flicked his eyes to her in amusement. “Make his adoption legal.”

Yusuke gaped for a second. “ took him?”

Hiei shrugged, though Yusuke gulped at the glare sent his way. “He was abandoned.”

“Yeah...okay. I got it. So...what do you need from us?”

At that Hiei smirked. “Perceptive.”

Keiko nodded, pride in her eyes, though they were teasing as well. “Yusuke has his moments.”

Yusuke leaned against the counter and folded his arms. “Everybody picks on me.”

Kuwabara let out a snicker before looking at his best friend quite seriously. “How would you like to be godparents?”

Yusuke blinked, caught Keiko's eyes and saw she was as surprised as him. He looked closely at Kuwabara. “Us? Really?”

Keiko smile, her eyes a bit teary. “We'd be honored.” She gave him a look. “Wouldn't we, Yusuke?”

Gulp. “Yeah. We expecting trouble?”

Hiei snorted but it was Kuwabara who waved the question away and answered. “You have to ask a question like that? With our record for finding trouble?”

“Good point.” Yusuke blinked. “He doesn't do that in public does he?”

They all looked at Hari, who was picking cheerios out of the air and munching on them happily. The bowl was empty.

Hiei smiled fondly at the boy. “Luckily no.”

Keiko cooed. “He's adorable.” She shot another look at Yusuke. “And when we have a baby I'd like to offer the two of you the same position.”

Yusuke froze. “Say what?”

Hiei nodded. “It would be an honor.”


Kuwabara clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Don't worry Urameshi. You'll figure it out.”

Yusuke rolled his eyes “Oh...hey...does Kurama know? Botan?”

Kuwabara shook his head. “Not yet, but we should all get together soon.”

Keiko grinned. “A small party would be nice, sort of a welcome to our family party for Hari-chan.”

Yusuke nodded. “Sure, we'll even host it for you so you won't have to deal with the clean up.”

Hari laughed and a cheerio went zipping toward Yusuke's head. He caught it easily. Kid's got good aim.”

Kuwabara started laughing, almost hysterically while Hiei merely sighed. “You have no idea.”