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Legal Human Practice

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Feeding Frenzy


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Kuwabara shifted his bag a bit higher to keep it from sliding off his shoulder as he walked home from the bus stop. His mind wandered back and forth, moving from his morning classes at the University to the shady business deal he had made a few days ago. Takahashi Hideki had only been too happy to arrange Harry's legal documents. He'd asked no questions, not about the fact that Kuwabara and his mysterious lover were adopting a foreign child, nor about the money they'd paid him with.

He smirked, Hiei certainly knew how to turn his world upside down, in more ways than one. He still couldn't believe they were going through with it. Adoption was a huge step all by itself, but Hiei was completely committed to making it work. Just hours after bringing Harry-chan home for the first time Hiei had disappeared for a few hours, only to return with more money than Kuwabara had seen in all his nineteen years.

Logically he knew that a regular hiruiseki stone was worth a fortune, as evidenced by Yukina's capture several years ago, and he knew that a red stone was coveted even more. After all, before Hiei, there had never been any other color of stone besides white or pale blue. selling just one tear Hiei had made them set for several human life times. It was mind boggling. With the money they now had, in several accounts in two realms even, there was no reason for him to even go to University to prepare for the work force. They had it made.

However he was no slacker and Hiei understood that, so he was taking classes in the mornings. No reason to turn into a lazy bum just because they were loaded. But now his morning classes were over and he was going home for lunch with his mate and son.

He grinned as their apartment building came into view. He was almost home, well their home for now. Hiei wanted to move, and he didn't blame the fire demon. When they'd first moved in a year ago they hadn't really discussed children. And then they had, off and on, were even on the verge of checking with an agency, which would have been tricky since Hiei didn't have any papers to prove he existed. And then Hiei brought Harry home. Kuwabara never asked exactly where he'd found Harry-chan. Europe, America, Canada...he had no idea, and it didn't matter. Harry was theirs.

And now Hiei wanted to find a house with a yard and a few trees. After all, they could afford it now. It was something they definitely agreed on. Harry needed a safe place to play, away from traffic. There was no need to repeat one of Yusuke's more selfless acts, not that getting hit by a car would kill either of them...but it might traumatize the kid...and the neighbors. Besides, Hiei simply liked the idea of having a bit of nature so close, so they wanted trees. He felt a grin split his face. Hiei wasn't meant to be cooped up; a house with a yard would be perfect.

“Hiei! Harry-chan! I'm home!” His voice rang out as he toed off his shoes in the entry way. The only answer he received was a loud toddler's laugh...and a string of interesting curses from Hiei. Cautiously he peeked around the corner into the kitchen...and covered his mouth, trying to hold his laughter at bay. Hiei was covered in varying colors of an unidentifiable substance. Orange, green and peach mushy polka dots covered his lover, while the same colors were smeared all over Harry-chan's face and arms. Finally he couldn't stop himself and laughed out loud. Harry started at the sudden sound, but once he saw who it was he waved both his arms and made happy baby noises at him.

“You're turning blue Kazuma.” Hiei's tone wasn't amused, nor was he mad...he was simply frustrated. He turned bewildered red eyes to his mate. “How do you get him to eat?”

Kuwabara choked back his laughter and took several breaths before answering. “Maybe he isn't hungry.”

“He needs to eat.” It was said with such frankness that he knew it bothered Hiei that Harry would rather play with the baby food than eat it.

Kuwabara left his bag in the hall and went to Hiei's side, placing a kiss on a clean patch of skin on the demon's cheek. “He'll eat when he's hungry Koi. We have plenty of food. He won't starve.”

Hiei glared at him, but it was a mild glare and he knew he'd touched on an old issue. Hiei knew about starvation, about eating things that not even scavengers would touch. He wanted better for Harry. He smiled at his mate. “Can't blame the kid for throwing the food at you. Have you actually tasted this stuff?”

Hiei snorted and put down the jar of baby food, along with the spoon he'd been using in his attempt at feeding Harry-chan. There were two other half empty jars already on the table. “Unfortunately yes. He has good aim, and seemed to be fairly amused when it hit me.”

Kuwabara chuckled. “So we'll try something else. Come on, lets get you two cleaned up.”

Hiei nodded and gathered up the discarded jars and promptly threw them away while Kuwabara picked Harry up out of his highchair.

“Have you heard from him?” Hiei asked as he reached for Harry. “I'm already covered in slop, and I like the shirt you're wearing.”

He leered at Hiei and gladly handed Harry over to him. “It will be a few more days before he has everything ready. Technology is getting better all the time. It's getting harder to create identities, and more expensive.”

Hiei frowned as he headed toward the bathroom. “Did we have enough?”

Kuwabara snorted as he followed. “More than enough Chibi. We'll have Harry-chan's papers and everything will be fine.”

They entered the bathroom and immediately removed Harry-chan's clothes. He could tell by the look on Hiei's face that the fire apparition wanted to torch them, however he figured he could get the stains out. He placed them in the sink to rinse after they cleaned up Harry. Wordlessly Hiei handed the toddler to him as he stripped down to his shorts before sitting on the stool. Kuwabara smiled and handed the boy back to him before he himself stripped down to his boxers, placing his clothes on the counter.

Hiei held Harry-chan while Kuwabara gently washed the mushed carrots, peas and peaches from their son. Hiei's eyes's met his off and on.


“Sorcerers have a closed society, they are fickle and are as crafty as a fox.”

“You worried someone might come looking for him?”

Hiei nodded. “I told you he was abandoned by a human who reeked of power.”

“The guy who left Harry-chan on a doorstep?”

Again Hiei nodded. “I looked into the couple's minds before I picked him up.” His eyes hardened a bit, but Harry looked up at him and gurgled, which softened them again. “They were his Mother's family, her sister and her husband. They would have treated he is less than he his.”

“Like a dog?”

“Worse. Individuals like us would send them screaming as far into normalcy as they could get themselves.”

“Wow.” He blinked when a thought occurred to him. “Did anyone see you take Harry-chan?” He'd moved from washing the mush from Harry to washing it off Hiei.

“They saw what they wanted to see.” Hiei's smirk told him all he needed to know.

“Gotta love that Jagan of yours.”

Hiei's smirk was short lived as he tilted his face to give him better access with the shower head. “Still, I worry.”

Kuwabara nodded. “My grandfather told me stories of the Wizards when I was little, the kind of power they have...They have a spell Hiei. A curse that kills instantly. It severs the tie between body and soul, with no hope of revival.” He shivered. “That's a scary kind of power.”

“It is. And I did take him illegally.”

“A slip up from your time as a bandit I'm sure.” He grinned at Hiei as he got the last of the peas off. “I'll take care of it.” He frowned when he spotted a clump of mushed carrots on the back of Hiei's neck. How the heck had it gotten there?

Red eyes narrowed at him in suspicion. “What are you planning?”

“Lean forward some so I can this goop off, it's starting to dry.”


He grinned and winked at his mate as he washed the food off. “You'll see.”

Hiei rolled his eyes. “I'm already filled with dread.”

“Watch it Chibi, or I won't tell you the secret.”

“What secret?”

“To feeding Harry-chan.” Kuwabara smirked as he returned the warm water to a squirming and giggling Harry.” Hiei simply gaped at him.

“I thought you said he wasn't hungry.”

“Completely possible.”

Hiei gave him a shadow of a pout. “But you have a technique to get him to eat.”


“What is it?”

“Not gonna be that easy Hiei.”

Hiei tilted his head. “Oh?”

“You'll have to work for it.”

The smoldering gaze Hiei aimed at him warmed him all over and he smirked back at his mate. Hiei nodded. “I accept your challenge.”

Harry giggled again and clapped his hands, letting a burst of magic fill the small room. It caused the water from the shower head to change from warm liquid to...snowflakes.

Kuwabara sighed and turned the faucet off. “We've got to do something about that before we introduce him to everyone.”

Hiei was still watching Harry in wonder. “Agreed.”

Harry just grinned at them, so they smiled back. Raising a magical baby was going to be interesting.