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Legal Human Practice

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A Legal Human Practice?
word count:  515
Hiei/Kuwabara or Hieibara if you prefer.


    Kuwabara Kazuma stared into a pair of large innocent green eyes, eyes that stared back at him in wonder, and a little apprehension.  He glanced at Hiei who awkwardly held the baby in his arms.  A baby that was most certainly not Japanese.

    “Why do you have a baby?”

    Hiei's face was as close to a pout as it would ever get.  “You wanted a child.”

    “Yeah, but I said we could adopt...legally.”

    Hiei lifted a brow.  “Is leaving a child on a doorstep a legal human practice?”

    Kuwabara huffed and folded his arms.  “Of course found him on a doorstep?”

    “A human of considerate power left him on the stoop of a mundane human dwelling.  He wore a pointed hat.”


    “A magician, a sorcerer, or whatever the magic users are calling themselves now.”

    Kuwabara looked closer at the little boy, who couldn't be more than a year old, if that.  Gently he placed his hand on top of the child's head and let a bit of his spirit energy touch the boy.  He felt the boy's magic respond cautiously, though friendly enough.  However there was a dark and jagged slash embedded in the kid's soul, it matched the new scar on his forehead.  Someone had wailed on the kid with majorly dark energy, he wondered if Genkai could heal it.

    “What's his name?”

    “Does it matter?  We can give him a new one.”

    Kuwabara leaned forward and kissed Hiei's forehead where his Jagan was warded.  “Names are important and have power Hiei, especially in the west.”

    “Potter, Harry.”

    He eyed his mate, and carefully decided how to handle the situation.  Though Hiei claimed to have brought the child because they had discussed adoption, Kuwabara thought that maybe there was more to it.  He'd found the kid on a doorstep, he was unwanted, abandoned.  Like Hiei.

    And even though Hiei looked uncomfortable holding the kid...his grip on the boy was steady.  He wasn't planning on letting go.  It looked like Harry-chan had already gained an overprotective parent.

    “It will take some doing.  He'll need identification...I know a guy, an old boyfriend of Shizuru's who can take care of things for the right price.”

    “I can sell a tear gem.”


    “Not my Mother' of mine.  My gems are the only red hiruiseki stones.  They are worth more.”

    “It's a lot of responsibility, do you think we're ready?”

    Hiei's eyes were steady when they met his.  “You will not abandon us?”

    “Chibi, I could no more abandon you than I could hurt a cat.”

    Hiei smirked.  “Unless it was a man eating tiger.”

    “Yeah but what are the odds of that happening twice in one lifetime.”

    Hiei smiled and shifted Harry-chan to a more comfortable position.  “Thank you Kazuma.”

    He smiled back and wondered what exactly he'd just gotten himself into...then decided it didn't matter because Hiei had smiled, a real smile that was almost as rare as a red hiruiseki stone.