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A Choice

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Sometime ago,a badly injured alien being known as Abin Sur had made an emergency landing on Earth and chosen test pilot Hal Jordan to become his replacement in the Green Lantern Corps.And ever since he had put on Abin's ring and uniform,Hal had been able to successfully defend every planet in the universe including Earth from the evil within the darkest reaches of the cosmos.

But that was before the head of Ferris Aircraft and his ladylove Carol Ferris had given Hal a choice of either his love with her or his duties as Earth's Green Lantern which had caused Hal to fly himself over to the sight where Abin Sur had died and think it over.That was before he had taken the ring off,let out a sigh and said,"Sorry to do this to you guys.But I just can't turn a blind eye to what's really important in my life anymore."

And as soon as he had thrown the ring as far as he was able to,Hal had walked over to a road and spotted Carol waiting for him in a car.She had gotten out of that car,ran over to Hal and given him a big hug before she had looked at him with sad eyes and said,"Hal,I really am sorry to force that decision on you!If we could hurry,we might be able to find the ring and...!",only to have Hal place his hand on Carol's cheek and say,"No,Carol.Just leave it.I really don't want to see that ring ever again.Besides,I love too much to lose you now.",before he had planted a deep kiss on Carol's lips and they had gone back to the Ferris Aircraft testing facility.