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Uncle Phil Could Be Spooky Sometimes

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It was on a warm January afternoon that Ashley Banks had walked into the kitchen of her family's Bel-Air mansion,taken a glass out of a cupboard and filled it with some water.And just as she was about to gulp down the water in that glass,her cousin Will Smith had walked into the kitchen and asked,"Say,Ash?How's that little project of yours coming?",before she had turned around and said,"Coming up with a theme for it was driving me crazy.I had to come down here for a water break."

"Look,Ash.If you need any help with that song,you just let your cousin from West Philadelphia know,okay?",that was what Will had asked Ashley before she had placed her glass of water on the table and said,"Well,Will.I really am afraid of turning around and seeing my dad looking over my shoulder just like he had done whenever I have a school project to do!",which had made an understanding Will place his gentle hand on Ashley's shoulder and say,"Look,Ash.I know that Uncle Phil could be spooky sometimes.It's just that he wants you to know that he'll be there to help."

"I know,Will.It's just that I need you to let him know that I don't need his help anymore.Is that clear enough for you?",that was the question that Ashley had asked Will,who had nodded his head and answered,"Sure,Ash.I'm cool with that."And after she had hugged Will and gone back to her bedroom,Philip Banks had stepped into the kitchen and said,"I really do want to help her,Will.",only to have Will put his hand on Philip's shoulder and say,"I know,Uncle Phil."